This is an attempt to create a complete Unread discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01   SWINGSET Swingset K7  
02   ERIK SAHD Right Now You've Always Been Here K7  
03   E-PIES Master Know K7  
04   BOSS RABBIT Eulogy K7 (never released)  
05   YO SCI-FI Yo Sci-Fi K7  
06   NINTENDO Demo K7  
07   KILGORE T Lost His Battle With Hypothermia K7  
08   SWINGSET Swingset K7 (different from #1)  
09   KYLE JACOBSON/NOVEMBER OF 1959 Moderate Hearts Beat Once Per Minute K7  
10   NOVEMBER OF 1959 Love Is A Concept By Which We Measure Our Pain K7  
11   NINTENDO Nintendo 7" Logic Unit/Joshua/Standing Alone With The Village Idiot/I'm Sleeping...Go Away/Rainfall In 1910
12 CHARLIE McALISTER Turn Of The Century Photograph Of K7 Plantation Of Pain/Bog Man/Sinking Ship/Girls In The Big Parade 1917/Secret-Go To Hell/Pale Light/Hair-Wind-Football/Song X #2/Yeah Yeah/Battle Of The Mascots/Yellow Fever/Fried Sandwhich Play
13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Commercial Food Processor LP WILL SIMMONS I Can't Say It Enough Times To Make It Rhyme/BRIGHT EYES Pioneer's Park (August 17th 1997)/NOVEMBER OF 1959 Strawberry Sweater/DISCOMBOBULATED VENTRILOQUIST The Bedside Of His Child Lover/JIM MANIGRASSI Devoted/GEORGE WILLARD He's Not A Billionaire (Anymore)/CALEB FRAID Song #33 (My Sweetheart Keeps Me Going)/MIKE MUSSER Art Bell/SWINGSET Untitled/UNKNOWN The Guy/KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Summerday Castaway/ERIK SAHD Frank Positriano/THE DARK TOWNHOUSE BAND Moonshine/CHRIS CLUNK Hairloss Song/CHARLIE MCALISTER The Story Of Sweet Susie #5/KYLE JACOBSON (1999) We're All Going To Die/ED ROONEY My Brains
14   THE MCCARTHY HEARINGS The Mccarthy Hearings K7 (never released)  
15 NOVEMBER OF 1959 A Boy With A.D.D. And A Box Full Of Love Letters K7 Keep My Stars (Episode 219)/I Am Worth $10,000/I Hit A Pole With My Car To Impress Girls/Narcalepsy And Love/Never Saw The Snow/I've Been Around The Block On Many Occasions/Overdose On Happiness/Ticker Tape Parades/Fight To The Death/Home Made Bombs/Cut Off My Arms/Overdose On Infarred/Back Words Life
16 CHAUCHAT Unhappiness K7 Let The Room Destroy Itself Part One/Let The Room Destroy Itself Part Two/Pinning Part One/Pinning Part Two/Pinning Part Three/Pinning Part Four/The Monotony Of Jesus Christ/Through The Open Eyes Of Observation/One Moment After Passion/Mother Take Me Here To Die/Burning A New Leaf/Letters In Black Ink
17 BUZZSAW World A La Mode K7 Untitled/Untitled
18 NUTRITION FUN/EM DIVITRY What Is Little 7" EM DIVITRY Song #1/Spare Parts/NUTRITION FUN Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay/Disco Party
19 CELESTEVILLE Invisible Tape K7 A Tebleau/Mercury/Try/Cloverleaf 98/Youth For Mondale/Nocturn/Omni/Celesteville/When The Batteries Drain
20 NUTRITION FUN Cold Storage K7 Novelty Tee Shirt/Plasticide/Omnipotence (The Catch)/Sullen/Muzzle/Nothing Ever Ends/Fantasy World/Waste Of Being/Festival At The End Of The World/Pistol/Olympic Hopeful/Ageous Systems/Static Catastrophe/Frutopia
21 WILL SIMMONS Him With His Head In His Hands 7" Happy Birthday Cake For Kevin/One Man To Know/Praying For Pittsburgh/Self-Portrait (Him With His Head In His Hands)/First Glimpse Of The Day/For Vollis Simpson
22 JARBABY Grave Disaster K7 Fruitless Vine/What Love Can Do/Glug Glug/Drop The Bomb (On Me)/She Looks Sad/Sept. 11th/Dearest Darling/Hindsight/Fadeout/Sat. Night/Speak Easier/Death Of E
23   KYLE JACOBSON Monsters & Villains K7+Book (unreleased)  
24   MIKE L I Secretly Can't Stand You K7  
25   BUZZSAW Plato's Tavern K7  
26 EHRLICHMAN Sorry To Hear Your A Goner K7 Doxylamine Succinate/Finding For The Plaintiff/In The Meantime/Fayetteville/Big Break/Several Dances, Same Girl/Waiting/Bad Day For Forest Fires/Old Grudge Song/Tell-Tale Lamp/Easy To Admire Hard To Love/Hey Baby Im A Warm Body
27 JOZRIL DAHL For Sleepless Children's Eyes K7 Symphonys Shadow/I Cant Hit The Notes Right Now/Dear Baby/Song I Wrote Just Today/Imagine A Chrome Ballon For All Its Worth/Cardigan Sweater/Rain Clouds
28 JARBABY Ample Time To Fall K7 Theme From The Accident/Stall/Rescue Ship Sinking/Capsul Catharsis/Tapestry/It Goes On/Pinkslips/Ample Time To Fall
29 CALEB FRAID New Methods Of Coping With The Modern World K7 50-50/Solid Entry/Charity Stripe/Let Me Be Blind/As We Go Up We Go Down/Coke/Turtleshell/Your Roots Are Showing/Le Roi De Jeu De Mots/Drenched In Science/Red Is The Future
30 GIRAFFE Stick Your Neck Out K7 Auto Acks/Aktive Ingredient/The Musik Is Drowning Out The Spirit/Jumper Kables/Konfidence Ecksploding/Getting Lost In The Sewer System/Please Start Loving Me/Stick Your Nek out (Tape Fitting Edit Mix)
31 CHURCH OF GRAVITRON Divorce Tape K7 Untitled/Untitled
32 PARK/A BOY NAMED THOR Six New Ways To Hold Your Girl While Dancing 7" PARK Scout/Like She's Addicted To Pathos/With Rusty Wires/A BOY NAMED THOR The Bear And The Bee/Dance Party USA/Midnight At The Sage
33 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains K7 NUTRITION FUN Quarentine/JARBABY Oh My Friend/YAK BRIGADE Aster/CHARLIE MCALISTER Chubby Bubby/BUZZSAW Ground Pebbles/FRANK PECK Isolationism/BINGO TRAPPERS Hop On Hop On/MIRAH Land Ho!/CHAUCHAT Before Her Eyes/WHIP Once/FERNANDO Are You Ready For The Time Of Your Lifetime?/DAVE DONDERO 20 Years/SUPER XX MAN / ERIC METRONOME Run Like Hell/WILL SIMMONS In Between/A BOY NAMED THOR The Great Debate/MAC DARE My Heart ___ When Im In Love/THE MAYBELLINES Big Wheel/BOYISH CHARMS Rock Song/PARK Silver/PLUNDERSHOP Film Strip Slip
34   MCMS Angels K7 Snow Angels/Snow Angels
35 GANG WIZARD Robert 11/98 And Other Hits K7 -------/Candidates For Seperation/19:19/Intro To Side B/-------/Crazy Persuasion/Robert 11-98/-------
36   PARK Alligator!! CDEP (Reissue of a Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club release)  
37 EDWARD GRAY Put The Clock Back On The Wall K7 For C. G./Just Born/Small Consolations/Nerve/Losing/Gotta/Tomatoes/Hail Anhedonia!/Ill Tell You No/Orb/World/The Cat/Breathing/Wanting/Home
38 GANG WIZARD El Cortez Buy Y' A Drink CD (corelease with Morc Tapes, Blackbean And Placenta, Deathbomb Arc, Dial Records, Ecstatic Peace!, Old Gold, Priapus, Sunship Records and White Tapes)It's Allright (Wonderful)/-----------------/Catch Me Watch Me/Fucking Rosie/I Am A Snarling Ocelot/California/Sending Nine Now/--------
39 A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL Love Songs For The Genuinely Non Excitable K7 Genuinely Non-Excitable/Drift And Die/Furnace/Peril/No Ones Gonna/Good Good Life/Monkey/Crossover/Red Red Red/Post Fuck
40 NOGGIN Listen Not To Vain Works Of Empty Tongue K7 Put Your Ingenuity To Work In Anything Your Doing/God Have Given You One Face, And You Make Yourself Another/Listen Not To Vain Works Of Empty Tongue/You Never Hesitate To Tackle The Most Difficult Problems/Learn To Relax, Avoid Nervous Strain/Someone Of Importance Could Let You Down/You Will Have Gold Pieces By The Bushel
41 NUTRITION FUN Barring Any Future Indescresions K7 Jumbo Shrimp/Big Fucking Loser/Dismantling The Foliage/T-6/Mob Socket/Demon Lover/Im Gonna Miss This Kid/Sound Cannon/A Big Introduction/Lets Stop/Poor Mans Rocket Fuel/Bloody Knuckle Fingers/Chomp Chomp/Hearlding A New Era Of Disgrace/Honest Mistake
42 VARIOUS ARTISTS Assult With Insults K7 KING FROG Fire Engine Park/MATTIN Computer Feedback/CHURCH OF GRAVITRON Untitled/SISTRUM Untitled/A DRAINING TUB VS A GAME OF YAHTZEE Untitled/WILL SIMMONS Ecstacy Of Gold/CHARLIE MCALISTER Gurgling Frog Conveyor-They Are The Reason She Is Gone/MAMMAL Body Beats-Transemold/THE THUNDER PERFECT Untitled/HONEYMUZZLE Oven/ARNOUX Untitled/DECAER PINGA Live Excerpts From Pink Toes/SMACK MUSIC 7 Ladies Fingers/JAMES DAVIS Naturaliste Remix/NUTRITION FUN Comic Book Kid/THE MIKROKNYTES Live From Dcac/A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL More Bored/DAS TORPEDOES Untitled
43 SIMON JOYNER Here Come The Balloons K7 Gasoline/Lost Invitation (A Fragment)/Pirates In The Hole/Disapear From Here/Drink And Crash My Car/Wedding Song/Don't You Take It Too Bad/Shadows And Walls/Wildwood Flower/Enemy Of Man/Match In A Vaccum/Sharing Him/Eggshell/For A Handful Of Depression/Lightbulb And Moth/Bring Down Goliath (Remix)
44 VARIOUS ARTISTS As Yet No Title - Skewed Songwriter K7 NUTRITION FUN Hardcore You/ED GRAY You Have Me At A Disadvantage, Sir/A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL Country/SIMON JOYNER Chlorine/CHAUCHAT Bon Girl/EHRLICHMAN Chronology/DENNIS DRISCOLL Penelope/THE BOYISH CHARMS The Age Of Parity/WILL SIMMONS Only In Your Eyes/THE BRUCES There/NATIONAL DUST Ashes On The Highway/CALEB FRAID Dream Content/BRAD ROSE Chaos Is Beautiful/GEORGE WILLARD Im Still Me/CHARLIE MCALISTER Chineese Dolls/Ping Pong/CELESTEVILLE Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Mail/BRIGHT EYES Meatl Fire Cracker/WHIP Girl With Miracle Hair/WIO Green=Grass
45 CHARLIE McALISTER Bring Me My Own Head K7 Ego Trip/Trip Out/Objects Mysteriosum/I Want To Die/Krafty Beaver/The Matriarchal Chair/Powder Keg/Here Today Gone Tomorrow/Matriarchal Chair #2/Dance Contest/Broke And Rollin/Little Doll/Earthquake/The Fire/Big Drafty Taste/The End/Wasted Intitation/Charelston
46 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Bravo Finder K7 (corelease with Seagull Tapes) Untitled/Untitled
47 CHURCH OF GRAVITRON Female Advances In Aviation K7 Untitled/Untitled
49 NUTRITION FUN/GRAPE SODA You Are Ready To Pour The First Beer K7 NUTRITION FUN Dying With Myself/Baracuss Isnt Human/Feeling Selfish Pit Tombs/Feral Loser/Beating A Grapefruit/Another In A Line Of Current Absences/Without Fingers/A Hold Of Non Grip/Loose Felt Meat/Meat Life/Wrangler Boy/GRAPE SODA Plebian Lullabi/Franky Baby/Death By Arithmatic/Dream Of Frion/Re-Bar/Hello Kitty
50   CHARLIE MCALISTER Clawin With Our Jowls lathe cut/cassette/video/book  
50 CHARLIE McALISTER Clawin With Our Jowls 2xK7 (Corelease with Tar Owl) Sweet Susie/Chattering Jaws-Frog Pump/Space Play/Play #2/Clogged Claws-Gurglin' Jaws/Lasagna/Futile Serum-Dialing Sticks/Journey To The Sun Act I/Partial Lock Jaw/We Robbed A Liquor Store/Spanish Lesson/The Skin Of Their Teeth Makes Coats/Baywatch-Memphis-Iran/The Sack Is in The Bag/Gob Creek Monster/Ice Cream Wrap-Ukelele Dub/Trina/The Fire & The Village/Marcus James/Story Of Tiny/Fried Sandwich Play
51 SISTRUM/METAL TECH/DAS TORPEDOS/ARNOUX Two Weeks Notice K7 ARNOUX Beams Of Cygnus/SISTRUM Sudden Household/DAS TORPEDOS Hoou/METAL TECH Presently/Electric Lamp/Rusted Wires/Drainage Tape
52 WIO A Pig In A Poke K7 Die4you (Part 1)/Kohnepoht/Osmose/One Year Stand/Die4you (Part 2)/Intro/It Wont Help You If I Stay/Your Evil Smile/I Like Your Style/No Mail Today :-(/Nice Present/One Thing.../Personified By You/I Am Impatient/A Pig In A Poke
53 THE KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Highland Stag K7 Lessons In Self Hate/Fast Foward Me/Bastille Day/Intruder Alert Inner Robot/Zombies For Jesus/On The Sails Of Sunken Ship/In Your Guts/Unleash Your Inner Robot/Meat Mice Parade/Intro (To The End)
54   CHAUCHAT Cardboard Projectors CD (was released instead by Digitalis)  
55 VOOST VISZT Hello, Good Evening K7 Why Is There No Feeling?/Keep The Struggle Going/Burn Up This Town/Band Of Bandits-Weve Got Bombs/From Under Tables
56 NUTRITION FUN/ED ROONEY Seriously Dont Make Me Kill You K7 ED ROONEY Twilight/Hindsight/Speaking In Hate/Losing A Cavity/Homeroom 1993/Landlord/Blow Up Your Heart/The Gates Open, Were Going In/Hot Air/Maybe There Isnt Time/Need A Check Up/NUTRITION FUN Dialate And Overwhelm/Comprimise And Poverty/Words And Pictures/Pigtails And Tired Haunts/How To Be A Statue/Oh! And Ah! Places/Where Battles Were Fought/Patterns Of Dismissal
57   THE BRUCES Last Night 7" (never released)  
58 CALEB FRAID Up To No Good K7 Axe With Dent/Tumbleweeds-Poor Little Baby/Blood Of The Ladybug/Choose Calcuim/Still In Skin/The Crow On The Cross/Dance Hall Days/High School/Whistling Mother/On My Heels (Band Aids)
59   NATURALISTE Old Haunt K7 (unreleased)  
60   METAL TECH Re:Work K7 (unreleased)  
61 A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL The Battle Of The Black Cloud K7 Your Ghost And The Teenagers Playing Dead/Judges/Midwestern Hollywood/Battle Of The Black Cloud (One)/Rotting Worm Food/Your Head/Its Cold Outside/Better Days To Come/Where Is My Heart?/The Shallow Carpenter/Slope/They Dont Like You
62 CHARLIE McALISTER Creosote LP Lockjaw And Owls/Total Maroon/Sand Me Down/Fiberglass And Lifejackets/Trainwreck/Reefer & Bread/I Am No Longer An Inlet/I Feel Like Wax/Not Frozen/The Sick Girl/Diagram Of Some Time/Nubian
63 THE NORTH SEA Sanctuary K7 Matriarch/Inside Bathurst/Lennox Street Bridge/Carving Shapes In The Wood
64 ELOINE Green Stump K7 10-Key Travelogue/Silent Hula/A Fast Weepy/Lda Is Celluloid, Ldy/Zinc Cross
65 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS Expecting Buzzy K7 Untitled/Untitled
66   EHRLICHMAN Winter Wonderment CDR  
67 VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is A Horse K7 NATURALISTE Concretes (Excerpt)/NUTRITION FUN Falling From Heaven/CHARLIE MCALISTER Blossoms Blume-Blossoms Fall/A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL Equus/CHAUCHAT My Morals/SWINGSET Nothings (Excerpt)/RACHEL LIPSON Building A Mountain/LOVE LETTER BAND My Brave Friend/THE STOVES Lazy/NO ARTIST Miami Mix: Some Guy On The Street Corner, FL/MIKE ALLISON/CHRIS FISCHER Ive Had My Fun/ED ROONEY Lost Myself Blues/NO ARTIST Junk/ED GRAY How It Starts/WILL SIMMONS Cowboy Song/NO ARTIST Miami Mix: Some Guy On The Street Corner, FL/CALEB FRAID Black Eyed Blues/KITTY LITTER ON WED. MORNING Eiffel Towers And Golden Showers/OUTLAW CON BANDANA Slow Swift Boat/KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Horse/PEARL & JOSEPH Ireland Song/THE TECH DARKNESS Oba/NO ARTIST Junk/TIFFANY KOWALSKY 300 Sec. Meditation
68   CHAUCHAT Memory Debt On My Deathbed CDR  
69 ED GRAY Fresh Coat On The Powder Keg 7" Surving You Never/Titan/Old Man, City/...iss & Black Candle/Hurricane/2 Snakes/I Defer To The Expanse Of Your Smile
70 CHAUCHAT The Cough Of A Crane LP Claudia's Deathbed/Slither Boogie/Guenther/Lights-Garbege/Acrobatiz/Sleeping Sickness/Depart/Rack 'Um, Casa Vitali/Carter And Macrae/Piano Fight
71 L. EUGENE METHE One Million Birds Making A Frightfull Racket K7 Untitled/Untitled
72 KYLE JACOBSON Arnt You Going To Kiss Me Goodnight? K7 Sucker Punch/Kingdom Come/Self Defeated/Cyanide Tablet-Bubblegum/Life Lesson/My Eyes Are Sweating/I Love Movie Stars/Alarm Clocks/On The End Of The Block/Robottron/Love Bites/Spare Me A Dime/Do You Recognize Me???/Holding On/Never Spoke Of A Problem/Promises Of Hearts/Man Of Steel/Mayday!!!/Life Support/Cocco Puffs
73 KYLE JACOBSON I Can Make New Friends With You LP Empty Air/Completly Complete/Lie To Yourself/We Are Not Right/Rambler/Close My Eyes/I Cant Break Down Doors/Come Back-Come Back-Come Back/Friends/Constant Rewind/Inside Out/Chains That Bind/Eat Your Flesh/Sun Is Shining On Me Now/Vampire Death Song/Woke Up/Still Born Dreams/-----/Born To Be Dead/Shug Knight
74 ED ROONEY Sweet Nebraska Land K7 Our Time/Your Song-Your Air/Whatever-Mess Up/Old Tomb/Logic-Oct. 11th/Walking/Center Of The World/Intrest-Shallow Water/Saw Dust Brains/The Ending" (I Dont Think This Is Actually A Song. Its Just Empty Space?)/Angry Ghosts-Jessica/Save Our Souls/Definition-Phone Call/Monsters/Births/Bird Calls/Palms And Arms/Sail Out/----/Answering Machines
75   KYLE JACOBSON Lonesome Suburb Kid Blues CDR  
76 SAMUEL LOCKE-WARD Boombox By Bedside K7 Ashes/Robot Boy/I Still Love Somebody/Five A.M. Blood/Unworthy Soul/Heaven/Holy Shit/What Does God Know?/Bad Bad Man/E.Y.K.F./Under The Lord/Sunday/Teetering/No Results/Dont Think Poorly Of Me
77 THE KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Finale K7 Falling Down On Broken Glass - Stick Up At Gun Point - Go To Hell/Sympathy For My Friends/If You Get Drunk - Punch Your Face/Overdose Cure/Beating Leave Me Bloody/Dance Like A Man, Man/So Far Apart/Face Rotten/Gone Heart - See Ya!/Notebooks And Stars??/False Wake Up
78 JOHN THILL Girls Of Meth K7 Vacant Lot Blues/Street Love/Girls Of Meth/We Smoked Speed/The Annelids/Birthdays/The Pill Book
79 KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE/SNOWSTORM/NUTRITION FUN/CHAUCHAT Discontinued K7 KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Do Not Find Me Out/Go Home, Please/Dead Memory Grave/Rocks And Sticks/Life Is Not Over/SNOWSTORM Bury Me In California/Advice/Feeling Failed You/It Doesn't Matter/When I Call Your Name/Unbreakable Girl/NUTRITION FUN Meteor Attack/Dumb Limb/Chicken Shit/Oxygen Tank Vs. Oxygen Tank/it's Okay To Be Bored/CHAUCHAT Pennsylvania Family/Archives And Altars/Diane Graves/Wound Of Discovery
80 KYLE JACOBSON Pregnant With Boredom 3xK7 Digging A Hole For My Condolences/Soar Sun/Pregnant With Boredom/Emily Alcoholic/18 Going On Dreamy/Broken Forcefield/High School Prom Queen Staring Out The Window/What Do You Dream-Oblivion/Little Mermaid Medley/Chris Went Insane/Attack Brave Autobos/I'm A Drag/Sedative/Death On Halloween, I'm Brainless/I'm Not Thinking Again/Life In You/Don't Fade Away/Summer Babe/Star Struck/Super Nicotine Girl/Jackie O Dreamed Of Stars/King Of The Apes/Black Jelly Beans/Contented With Misery/Practice At Insomnia/Friendly Mosquito/Blah Blah.../Waco, TX/Wynona Rider/Waco, TX #2/KKK Took My Baby Away/Destroy! Destroy! Destroy!/Armageddon Mode/Vengeance Will Be Mine/Under A Magnetic Forcefield/Drunken Sailors On Sunken Ships/(1985) Doomsday Devide/Little Mermaid Medley #2/Wet Sock Anthem Against Everyone That Hates Me/A Super Hero Called Nightman/Siesta For Pedro/Lou Barlow Rip Off/I Don't No/(1999) We're All Going To Die/Heavens Gate/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Losing Blood By Choice/Just A Crowd Pleaser/My Addidas )Part 2)/Retarded Since Birth/Kids Who Like Atari/Follow A Shadow/S.O.S./Arms Have Touch/Out Of Focus/Goodbye Brain Damage/My Android Sheep/Week Ends/Shit
81 NUTRITION FUN The Legend K7 Put Some Love On The Hi-Fi/Double Scoth On The Rocks/World War You/Shit For Brains Pt. 3/Ugly All Over/Ninety - Three Million/Its Raining Stupid (Medley)/Comic Book Kid Vs. Perscrition Narcotics/Asbestos/Iron Vacation/Revenge Of The Comic Book Kid/Nail Polish Lie Detector/Fake Skinny White Boy/Bombs In Yards And Broken Hearts/Medicine And Jail/- - - - -/Olive Juice Anyway/No Fun/Boxfan
82 CHARLIE McALISTER Carolina Bi-Product 7" (corelease with Tick Tock Records, Borrowdeer, False Negative and Doormat, TX) Carolina Bi-Product Beachball Boogie/Im Freezing/I Dont Love You Anymore/Memories In The Rain
83 MUSCLES Muscles K7 Pure Death/"Wounded Military Man/"Burnt Skin/"Burnt Muscle/Sun Stroke/Fatal Mistake #1/Fatal Mistake #2/Wounded Woman/Fatal Mistake #4
84 JOHN THILL Broken Freeways K7 The Land Between The Rivers/Petty King/Joker And The Nazis/The Flower Of West Corvina/White Power/Holiday At The Biosphere/Broken Freeways/Slow Rapture/The Pillars Of Old Malibu/The Golden Hills/Dry Year
85 WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS Monthly Money K7 What A Mouth/Rotting Fucking Teeth/Michael Blake/Ten Grand Cash/I Do What I Please/Mister Trent/I Never See The Sun/Dont Call The Law/This Is Not My Home/These Are Not My Bones/I Wish Id Never Known You/Dumped On Valentines Day/Got To Face The Day/Teenage Sex Party/You Make Me Sick/Im Tired Of Everything/John Wayne Gay
86 CHAUCHAT Stunts And Rates K7 ------/Bread Lines/Riding Crop/Infantile State/Words-Feelings/Ivans Phonebill/Two Of Them/------/Forget The Pain/Andreja From Germany/Concubines/Dead Lies/Thanks For The Season/Flashlight To The Sky/------/Money On The Shelf/Lets Get Sick/Haunting The Threshold/Beetles In The Snow/Forgotten Song/------/------
87 RUDY WALTZ The Late Night Saints K7 Wounded Monkey (And The Late Night Saints)/Sunday Morning At The First Church Of Sirius/The Boys In The Band/Hungry Dogs/Turned On/Run To The Sun/Some Old Beat/Beach Blanket Ascension/Oil And Gold/The Stripper/The Fool/The Drunk
88 RAMON SPEED Effulgence And Alacrity 7" Amputee/36,000 Feet/Diet Of Worms/Upstate
89 WILL SIMMONS Rain, Tonight 7" Rain, Tonight/Most Office Theme/Chase Scene/Tiptoed On Tiles/Blue Blonde/Spy Theme/Loose Boots
90 THE KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE You Wanna See A Dead Body? (7" lathe cut) Winter Nights/Pen Pal Antics/There Is No Help For You
91 LONNIE EUGENE METHE Hey Jack 7" Hey Jack/Nine Clearings/White Lilac Longing/Katherine/Calendar Work/Wounds Of Winter/Auburn Dances
92 DIAMONDHEAD Fickle Woman K7 Fickle Woman/Hold Me Upright (Inst.)/South First And Nowhere/Unread Theme/No Recorder/Black Socks/Isnt It Ironic/Kick/Hold Me Upright (Vocal)/Mongrel/Edna/Fickle Wahman/South Philly Style/House Of Love/Toys In The Attic
93 WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS Don't Dowse The House K7 Not Okay/You Live In A City-Throw Up All Night/Happy Birthday To Me/I Hope You Have A Shitty Fucking Birthday/Id Rather Be All Alone/I Hope I Never See You Again/Im Going To Bed/Ricky Scaggs/Fred Rogers-Need To Take A Crap/Bleed All Day/Lets Now Discuss Side 2 Of This Tape/Sometimes I Make Myself Sick/Relax/This Tape Is A Paperweight/Who Am I/Alone Everyday/At Worst Hungover-At Best Dead/Dont Dowse The House
95 SAMUEL LOCKE-WARD Where The Sick Go To Die Nonstop Rawk + Rawl Jukebox Vol. 17 K7 Do It Wrong/Man Me/Lippy (I Dont Want To Be)/18 Candles/No Mean You Get Tossed Around The Room/The Worst/Shh..Hhs/Buyers Remorse At The Gates Of Hell/Bad Intentions/Royal Arms/Making Lemonade/Missed Me/May I Lead You Astray/The Stupid King/Greener Gaze/The Hammer Falls/A Bold New Vision/Pomp + Unfortunate Living
96 BUZZSAW/CHARLIE MCALISTER No Talent Boom-Boom K7 BUZZSAW Untitled (Recorded Live On KUCI Irvine, CA 1998)/CHARLIE MCALISTER "Music Sucks" Parade From Austin Convention Center To Performance Place/Get Onstage, Light Propane Stove And Electric Burner Get Sardines Frying Cut Carrots/Set Up Pa System Microphone No Good/Electric Burner Blows Fuse Which Cuts Power To The House Pa System. Anne Threatens To Call The Cops After I Refuse To Get Off Stage./I Continue With The Cooking Sauce And Carrots Anne Says "If You Touch Me I Will Kill You Motherfucker"/Lars Says "Im Out Of This And Everythings Cool Man" Someone In Audience Asks "Whats For Dinner?" I Unplug The Electric Burner/I Threaten To Burn The Audience With The Hot Electric Burner/Anne Says Shes Calling The Cops. Lars Says Never Call The Cops/Instruments Are Tossed Around/Cooking Is Banned/I Smash Up My Pa System On The Concrete Floor/I Get Up In The Rafter And Attempt To Talk With Audience/Darrel Enters With Sparklers/Someone Starts Removing My Equipment From The Stage/Taperecorder Keeps Rolling From Car Parked Just Out Side/Argueing Continues From Inside/I Exit/I Turn To Exit Through The Bay Door And Someone Throws A Punch At My Head From The Side But Misses.....End Of Performance  
97 NATURALISTE I Prefer The Stairwell, To Sleep, You See 7" Lathe-Cut I Prefer The Stairwell, To Sleep, You See/All The Original Titles
98 THE PRAIRIES Wasted Forever K7 The End/Never Comin Home/Pop Naps/Whipped Dream/USD/Prairie Surfin' (Beach Bone Demo)/Summer/Big Bob's Fish Filets/Rats/Tell Them No/Broken Tambourine
99 ED ROONEY New/Old Standards K7 Give Me A Call/We Are All Gonna Sing!/Swollen Bones/Go For Broke/Beaten Bad/Dead Friend/Hurting-Eggs/Lending Hands/Overcrowded Brains/Serious As Shit/Bone Dry/Fall To Death/My Punctured Other/Easier This Way/Storm-Etc/My Only Mistake/"We Will Kill/Monster Cram!/Song For Andy
100 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred K7 NUTRITION FUN Gun 004/SAM LOCKE-WARD He's An Evil Preacher/KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Duck & Hide & Hike/SNOWSTORM Lying Eyes/CALEB FRAID New Birds (Hill Of Beans)/JOHN THILL Alleyways/ED ROONEY Language/SIMON JOYNER If I Left Tomorrow/CHAUCHAT Burrows-Mines/WHITMAN Best Friends/WELL WATER Resin/JOE TINGLEY Real Eyes/RUDY WALTZ Lame Goat/MEEK RISHI High Wycombe (Excerpt)/SCOTT JACOBSON Steering Hand/FRANKLIN BRUNO Shovel Ready/WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS Big Mouth/CHARLIE McALISTER Stripper On The Beach/JUSTIN O'CONNOR For Fischer/CAR COMMERCIALS The Watertown We Knew/WOODS February Creep/BIRDIE HILLTOP Vampireman/LONNIE EUGENE METHE Bleak Street/ED GRAY WITH COYOTE BLOOD I.C. Mercy/INDIAN LORE Untitled
101 SPIRITUAL RAGS Spiritual Rags LP (Corelease with Grotto) I Tried To Stand Up (But I Could Not Stand)/Granite And Brass/September Said/Winter Light/Second Spring/Angie Says/Madeline/Spiritual Rag/There Are Nine Clearings/Gertrude/Only The Lonely Days/Omaha
103 CHAUCHAT Songs For Scaffolding LP (Corelease with Monotone Tapes) Brave Shield/Practice In The Rubble/At The Through/Stumps (Little House On The)/We're In A Gang/Like A Drum/Amsel/If The Shoe Fits/Estate Two/Dance Me Off A Cliff/Empty Crib
104 CHARLIE MCALISTER Crappie Fishin Package Deal 5 K7+VHS Exploding Tanker Truck/Termites And Frogs/How Do It Feel?/Crappie Fishin'/Consumer Analysis/Consumers From The Lake/Mundane Calculation & Pragmatic Vacancy (Video)/Realms Of Triple-ism (Video)/Crappie Fishin' (Video)/Making The Sandwich (Video)
105 WHITMAN I'll Be Waiting K7 (CD version on Folktale) Death Of Me/States Away/Like Waves/Your Glow/I Miss You Babe/Unfiltered Light/Never Dreamed/In A Moment/The Sound Of You Leaving/Penny In The Middle/Silence
106 JOE KILE So Many Nights K7 So Many Nights/Feeling So Tired/Heat Of Misery/I Heard It When You Called Me/Living On Mars/It Always Leaves Me Feeling Lonely/Balloon/Firey Red/Glass Bulb/You N' Me/Bad Time/Bend And Peel/Takin' Off/Southern Heat/North Brook/Old Tom/C'mon Baby/Amanda/Bldg. 259/Sometimes All The Words Come Out Wrong
108 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door K7 METAL TECH Door Solo-Solo Door/SAM LOCKE-WARD Spinning Wicked Records/CALEB FRAID As One Door Closes, Another One Shuts/ELOINE Hollowcore/WHITMAN Ever Since You Left/FUN Song From A Door/CRANK STURGEON A Door Adore/CHURCH OF GRAVITRON .... ../ED GRAY Porched In/L. EUGENE METHE Close Another Door/DENNIS CALLACI An Awful Lie/MANHORSE 3 THE MEATBAG C'Mon In
109 FÉLICIA ATKINSON Les Bois Rouges K7 Salinger/This Impermanent Gold/All The Roads Are Circular/The Sorcerer/Infant Empire
110 DAVID KENNETH NANCE Let's Argue K7 Letters 1 & 2/Joanie/Who Eats Who Now?/Nebraska Plains/In Her Kingdom/"Leather In The Box/The Manger
111 THE DEBTS Fools... K7 Of False Profits/The Riverside/Sermons And Serpents/Mama/Homebound/Audrey/Bring Down The Hawks/Talking Digital Blues
112 HAPPY JAWBONE FAMILY BAND On The Wrong Side Of The Candy Machine K7 The Sound That Love Makes/Jupiter Funclub (Astronaut Chic (I Got It))/The Ballad Of Malibu (He's An American Gladiator For Those Not In The Know (Not The New Kind, Im Talkin Classic Here))/I Got A Bad Attitude (Sorry)/Omg Gag Me With A Pearl/Where Are My Eyes?/I Hate My Life/2 Much Technicolor Yawn/1 Half Of A Tomato/Fear & Romance Weighed Each Other (Down Home Remix)/Fresh Gash/Booger Event/Muy Tambeen/Don't Be Scared/Mutual Onanism/Smooch City/Thunderbolt Jargon/Candied Ghost/Hatin' The Angels In Big Handfulls (Swamp Remix)/A Lake Made Out Of Your Skin/Welcome To Graveyard Town Population 1:U/That B Part/Wildman !!!/Marry Me (Please)/This Cold Wind, I Didn't Mean 4 It To Be Sooo Cold/Babe Come Lick Me I Look Like Meat Loaf The Dish Not The Singer Well I Guess The Singer Too Stoll Is Dead/Molly Milk O Magnesia/Actually, I Like My Life/Moustache Refrence/Shakeshake That Thang, Glass Robot!!!!!!!/Bam Bam/My Affectionate Eye Disease/Garden Of Eating/I've Been Waitin 4 So Long Even U Look Good/Dinosaur Stamp Affection (I Know It Is)/Live Free & Cry (Baby)/Your Rainbow Guts (Gone Leaky)/I'm Not Gonna Bleed Any Longer Here, 4 Yr Mercy Any Longere Here/New! Waitin 4 So Long/Goodnite (Get Out Of My Head Now (Please))
113 JOE KILE Songs About The Same Old Stories K7 Intro/East Of Texas/Steve & Jackie/Lake Song #2/My Father, John Morestead/Reeling In The Line/Songs About The Same Old Stories/One Day Behind/Other Side Of Town/Wicked Thing/The Train I Ride/Old Man Esparanzo/When I Had You
114 PLACES WE SLEPT Sad, Stoned & Horny LP My Girlfriend Molly/Not A Very Fun Guy/Daddy I$$ues/Pregnant With An Elephant/Sorry Wrong Number (He Blew It)/I Was Born Crying
115 NOAH STERBA AND THE COCKTAILS Chooglin With The Cocktails K7 Dr. Carl Sagan Blues (Ode To A Dog)/She Walked Away/A Dream On August 14th 2010/Communist Radio (Cover By The Eat)/Everything's A Lot Prettier In The Sun/The Riot/Feathered Mush (A Little "Please Do Not Go" And Maybe A Bit Of "Wildthing")/Just Like Tom Thumb's 115th Dream/Insomnia - Parts One And Two
116 THE DEBTS On The Banks Of The Big Muddy K7 Heard This/Simon Says You Suck/Miss You/-------/M-G/Pass/Winter Wears Me Out/Siren Song/Muddy Waters
117 WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS A Hard Row To Hoe K7 Big Mouth/Television/Start Living/-------/-------/Wisdom Teeth/You Speak The Language/-----/It Dosent Take A Scholar/------/------/------/------/------/------/Things Are Looking Up For Me Now/Like You-Not Like Me/So Long/Sleep Without Dreaming/Im Not Saying (Lightfoot)/-----
118 RAZORS/SHIT GOD Razors/Shit God K7 RAZORS Riding On/No Families/Eyes Dont Say/Hope Is A Species/Computers With Guns/SHIT GOD Who Do You Wish Was Here?
119 RAMON SPEED Goodspeed 3xK7 The Gentrification Of A 3-String Guitar/13°/Falling Apart/Trident/God's Work/The Whip/My First Bells/Unarmed/God's Sight/Go (Abridged Version)/New Wave On Record/Pale/Rush Hour/The Tallest Tree In The World/Seam Record/God's Light/The Raft/The Power Of.../God's Breath/The Pepper Song/Malcontent/Comin' Round/Sympathetic Eyes/June/Go (Unabridged Version)/God's Tough/Easter Morning/Beas(t)/Calmer Hands/Sinking/Almost Breathing (Algonquin Re-mix)/Unarmed/Bandage/Boys Don't Cry/The Surprise Of Burning/The Raft/The Cowardly Traveler Pays His Toll/747/Measure It In Feet/Walking On Water/Thinking Of The Bride (Maliseet Re-mix)/The Things That Fall From Yr Face/Vassar/Today Your Love, Tomorrow The World/You've Changed Your Place In This World/Let Us Go Forth Brothers And Sisters
120 CHARLIE MCALISTER AND SINGING SANDBAR Blame It All On God/Picnic At The Dam K7 Blame It All On God/The Reunion/Wiper Motor/Sad But True/Drinking Alter Wine/(You Can) Go To Hell/We Saw The Devil/Major Retrospective/The Sky In November/Picnic At The Dam/Echelons/Gingham & Plad/Going Back To Chatsworth/Peroxcide Child/These Days Will Be Over/We Not Like Chicken Little/Staff Infection
121 NOAH STERBA Racist Love Songs K7 Untitled/Untitled
122 DAVID KENNETH NANCE Lush Bruises Suck Rice And Barley K7 Two Ruined People/Bound To Complain/Hurled/Dokeys/Lights Stay On/Layla's Last Night/Chinese Firecracker/Song For Anna Dewey Greer
123   THE CHEAP SMOKES Lifes A Drag K7  
124 VARIOUS ARTISTS For Who The Trumpet Blew K7 NUTRITION FUN One Month To Live/THE DIRT NAPS Anything Could Happen/ZACH LAGROU Boxes/GEORGE WILLARD Fuck Up My Life/ED ROONEY Master Of Self Hate/WILLIAM WESLEY & THE TINY SOCKETS Breaking My Bones/THE DEBTS House Plant/PUBLIC ACCESS Goodbye/DAVID KENNETH NANCE Im Not Myself/CRACKERS-CHEESE XXXXXXXXXXXXxXX/MIDNIGHTPLUSH Numb In The Summer (Excerpt)/ED GRAY Old Old Ways/RAZORS Few-None/ANTIQUARIUM STAFF BAND Song #4/PLACES WE SLEPT Shine/CALEB FRAID Second Chance/C. MCALISTER The Gal I Love/SIMON JOYNER The Frayed End Of The Rope/CHAUCHAT Blades/L. EUGENE METHE What Now. Jack?/RAMON SPEED Little Teisco/JOE KILE Ive Been In Love With You.../A TOMATO A DAY Back To The Future (Excerpt)
125 SIMON JOYNER A Rag Of Colts - Disgraced Songs 1987-2012 K7 Goodbye To My Loving You (Jackson C. Frank)/Summer Is A Chariot/Please Dont Disturb/May Day, 1941/Dizzys Trumpet/Begging On My Knees Blues/Catherine/When People Lose Thier Color/Papa, They Hung Your Kid Out To Dry/September Said/The Aftermath/Your Record Sounded So Beautiful (When I Was Drunk)/You Take The Train, Ill Take The Bus/Exit Casa De Fantasma/Here Come The Horses/Summer Will Breathe Again
126 RAKE KASH Old Masters K7 Bronson/Venus/Staircase/Romanesque/Lectric/Endtro
128 WILL SIMMONS Second Lines And Second Halfs K7 The Highway/Second Lines And Second Halfs/Transylvania Two-Step/First : I Tricked The Tiger/Deep Hollow/First Rays Of A New Dawn/Sand/A Scene, Etched In A Whalebone/Saucers About To Land/Through The Keyhole/Happy/Breathe/Do The Bustle/Caught In The Wind/Cinco/Ready For Love/The Silhouette/The Jockey Song (Version)/Above The Clouds/October : Fall Color/Mission : Unfathomable/Dust
129 THE DAD The Dad 7" 7 AM/Second Best Friends/Getting Worse
130 VARIOUS ARTISTS How Did I Get Here: An Unread Records & Tapes K7 CHAUCHAT Drifters Grift/NOAH STERBA Mm. Ashbery/RAZORS The Boss: Stingin/JOE KILE Thinking Out Loud/DIAMONDHEAD Old
131 THE DAD An Evening With Dads K7 Downtown/Girls Look Fine/Totally/Michelangelo/Sunburn/Pizza/Fill This Bucket/Tnt/Pleasant Girls/Everywhere/Dandy/Girls Never/Wholly Shit
132 THE DEBTS College Girl (Single) 7" Lathe Cut College Girl (Single)/Cry Havoc
133   CHAUCHAT Trails K7  
134 CHARLIE MCALISTER Impressive Cheese 7" Lathe Cut (Corelease with Spew Geyser) Impressive Cheese/Yanni's Horn
135   I AM THE LAKE OF FIRE I Am The Lake Of Fire K7  
136   SWINGSET Recorded On Four Track K7  
137   HOSSFLESH Evil Takes Many Forms K7  
138   SPEAKERWIRE COLLINS The Boy Said My Names Johnny K7  
139   THE LAZY WRANGLERS The Fantastic Expedition Of Diddle & Sass K7  
141   WILL SIMMONS & THE UPHOLSTERERS Innuendo: The Italian Way K7  
142   GANG WIZARD Purity Confernce K7  
143   ZACH LA GROU The Catbird Seat K7  
144 THE DEBTS Blue Summer K7 Cloudy/New Dawn/Blue Summer/Rock County/Layla/The End/You Taste Good/Anxiety Ride/I Dont Sing/I Wanna Sing
145   SPIRIT DUPLICATOR Corridor Forever K7  
146 FURNITURE HUSCHLE I Am An Industry K7 I Am An Industry/Vanilla Almond Crunch/Children Have A Right/Always A Woman/King Of The Party Walk/Special Effex/Wedding Cake/Vampire/Mummy/Assembled Fun/Little Live Chai/Albeit Briefly/Devil Two/We Won't Survive/On The Couch/Carly Simon Loves A Terrible Man
147 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs K7 NUTRITION FUN Dark Wet Line/CONFUSION Untitled/MIKE ALLISON Often A Bridesmaid, Never A Bride (An Old Ad For Lister)/RAZORS This Time/THE DEBTS Ode To Charolette Smith 1749-1806/CHAUCHAT Sick Chef - To Be Worried About/JOE KILE Couch Song/L. EUGENE METHE Reverse Midas/ED ROONEY Cowards/JOHN THILL Interchanges/SPIRIT DUPLICATOR Corridor Blues/DAVID KENNETH NANCE 110 Blues/GANG WIZARD Red Robin/NATHAN MA Boy Destroyer (Demo)/THE BILLY CROSBYS Muminchanz/ZACH LA GROU You Ain't Goin Nowhere/I AM THE LAKE OF FIRE I Am The Hellhound Blues/CONFUSION PERSISTS ****/RAKE KASH Pen Name/THE DIRTY NAPS Morning Light (Early Evening Demo)/THE DAD ***/SEADRILL From Drill/CHARLIE MCALISTER Wallow-Blue Shadow/METAL TECH No Need Outro
148 DAVID KENNETH NANCE Half Assed For Posterity K7 Figueroa Street Fever/Jennifers Eyes/Second Cigarette Of The Day/Eden/Shakey Mama/Hopes For Jokes/Perpetuas Child/Big Black Car
149 JOHN THILL Ghost Grove K7 Day At Disneyland/Young, Dumb, Drugs/Parking Lot/Sword Of Fire/Interchanges/Loud Birds/In The Valley/Emperor Of A Quarter And A Half/July 4, Riverside/Ghost Grove
154 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door Vol. #2 K7 C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/JUSTIN RHODY Opening And Closing The Doors Of Conception, Mostly Closing/WCKR SPGT I Wanna Be A Door/MWCHINS Port/C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/SPIRIT DUPLICATOR Garage Doors Re-Revisited/RYAN MCKEEVER Error Cycle/CHAUCHAT Praying For A Raid/C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/GLADHANDS Micromanaged/BAD TRAILS Door/CHARLIE MCALISTER Style & Flare/RESTAURNAUT Trading Binkies/ED ROONEY Cassette Door Funeral Dirges
155 WCKR SPGT Top Down K7 Clones/Top Down/California Couple/Damn It, You're Holding Me Back/Chickster
156 LAUNDROMAT God Bless The Laundromat And All Who Wash Within It K7 Tiny Ankles Dance/Joe Boom/Grocery/The Hose Man/Electric/Tom Baxter Seamonster/"A Hand So Small/"Abu Loves You/Landslide/"Turkish/Hansel Regrettal/Summer Squall/Good Title/Heavy
157 PLUNDERSHOP Slum Dunk Silhoutte K7 All Drinkers Are Masochists/Your Kisses Are Whishes, Bitches/China Closet/Get Behind Korea/Elegy For Nick Fletcher/Honeybees/Bells And Bees
158 WHAM-O Confused Over Explosions And Implosions K7 My Cross/Smoking The Astronauts/Romp/Picked/Formula/Cheetah/Blue/In D (Conrad/Faust)/Recital/Holy/Sunny
160 DENNIS CALLACI/THE DEBTS Split LP (Corelease with Shrimper)DENNIS CALLACI Ring For Help/No Me/Blackened Lagoon/Scraps/Fly Paper Amazing Grace/THE DEBTS Epilogue Opening/Circle Dance/Sheltered - Chapters 1 & 2/For Marge And-Or Heaven Calls
162   RAZORS Besides K7 Rummaging Through/East Coast Girl/Singing Pulse/Order Of Things/Remembered You/Snow Day Song/Degrades Me/August Of/Social Fly/Robot Turns On/To Go/California Was/Truth Man/As Pure As/Your Mirror/Like A Newborn King
163   DISCOMBOBULATED VENTRILOQUIST 2009 K7 Sma/Ppop/Llss/We/Giyuns/Trye
165   VARIOUS ARTISTS Funeral House: Live Recordings From Junkfest #20 K7 I AM THE LAKE OF FIRE
166   STAFFERS Good Message, Poor English K7 Whats New/California Squatters/Eaten Alive/From The Attic/Vacation/Getting Thinner/Stop Asking Me If Im On Pills/One Girl To The Next
167   C. FRANK All The Time In The World K7 I Dream Away/Somebody Somewhere/Jaybird/Dontno, Alaska/I'm Sick/Why Is It Me?/Thats What It Implies/All The Time In The World/Wait For It/Right On By Me/Lust
168   NATHANIEL HOIER Nathaniel Hoier K7 Soul Decay/Rain Pouring Down/Time Standing Still/Changing Of The Seasons/Out Of High School/Mercurial Mind
169   MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS His Armies Is Humming K7 Luke (Fetch The Needle Nose Pliers)/That Aquaman/Monster On The Water/You Punched Me In The Belly/42 Empty Seats/Atlanta/A Robot Will Kill You/Solenoid Baby (Thwack!)/Your Van/It's Always Dark In My Car/Lost It But Not/Going To Sweat It/So Cool When Yr Tired/Roadkill/Lint-Trap/Dry/Dreaming Of El Toro/You'll See Little Birdies
170   NOAH STERBA The 12-Bar Blues K7 The 12-Bar Blues/Too Far Gone/Hes All Mine/The New Testament/Lady Madonna Aint My Friend/Black Waters/What Was Left Behind/The Old Yew Tree/Leaves Of Home/Violin Eyes/I Cant Help But Wonder Where I'm Bound
171 FURNITURE THREE Ballad Tsar (I Am The) K7 Turnabout Is Fair Play/Youre Killing Me/Always Love Now (Ridgway Mix)/The Tanner Willaims Incubation Party/Ancient Keepers Of Time/Cross To Bear/Carnal Procurement/Agave Standards/The Horse Aint Alive/Ropes (A Ballad)/Egyptian Yearnings/The Lichening/The Deli Sandwich And The Baking Teen/Ballad Tsar (I Am The)/Always Love Now/Love Go Bad (Dont Let This)/Western Words (Im Using)/South Towne Avenue/Dustbowl Sensibilities
172 WCKR SPGT Stephen Plummer Presents His Favorite Wckr Spgt Songs K7 (Corelease with Car Door Effect) Flinch Mob/The Caring Song/Fortune Came Today/Cream/I Hate You And Your Mom/Where Did I Stop?/Destination Rome/As Time Passes By/Win A Prize/Circle K/Candy Anne/Dragonfly/Francis Mitterand/I Go To Pieces Over You/Indie Fatigue/Marriage At 30,000 Feet/Everybodys Dead (Oh No)/Shes A Wire/Bump/Freud Was Right/International Church Of Pancakes/Eight Track Tapes And Pick Up Sticks/How Did You Meet Them?/Some Folks/Rock Me Gently/I Drink Water Like A Dog
173 VARIOUS ARTISTS Public Coffin - 8 x Cassingle E.P. Compilation 8xK7 NUTRITION FUN An Actual Police K7 Shakin Me Up-Killing Me/Little Animal/Take Your Glasses Off/I'm Afraid/Dead Mans Dirge/Hard Times-
Never Gonna Make It/Endless Riot/Bath Water/Drain Water/Brand New Patterns
RETIREMENT No Fades K7 White Division On Cuming Street/Carmelita/Cant Seem To Make You Mine/When I Saw You Last Night (Pt.
1)/It's 6 O' Clock Somewhere And Ron House Could Really Use A Beer/As Tears Go By/When I Saw You Last Night (Pt. 2)
CHARLIE MCALISTER I'm Taking You For A Ride K7 Dueling Horns-Give Up-Go Home/Years Of Abuse/Hazed #1/Helicopter Ride/Tuff-E-Nuff/Subcontractor
FURNITURE THREE Head First K7 Head First/Truth (Contained)/Money Store/Poor Boy Got No Money
WILL SIMMONS A Brilliant Idea K7 The Bomb/Change Your Heart/Untitled #4/A Brilliant Idea/Dinner At The Den Of Deception/Elegy For Billy
Joel/Untitled #1/Goodbye Song
L. EUGENE METHE Untitled K7 Untitled/Untitled
SIMON JOYNER & THE GHOSTS Salt Across Your Grates K7 The Sirens Sound Like Laughter/Deluge/Paralyzed Man/This Is The Ache I Was Talking About
(Another Midnight Special)/Every Sin Is The Result Of A Collaboration/A Simple Wish/The Sailors They're All
RAMON SPEED The Short Method K7 Long, Cold Winter/A Keeness Of Vision/Your Faultering Step/The Short Method
174 GEORGE WILLARD Lost K7 From One Circus To Another/Helicopter/She's Found A New Bob/Nearsighted Lament/Right Now/Out On The Avenue/The Mental Health Song (Live)/Moms Going To Hell/Take Your Life/Maybe/Tomorrow Means Never/The Sea Is Indifferent/Lonely Devil Blues/Real Estate Lust (Live)/Steakhouse Lament
175   PLUNDERSHOP Lorain Palace K7 Yellowed Submarine/The Sporting Life/Down To The Camp/Nu Grove/The Water Supply/Old Glee Club/Carol Garland/Bunny June
176   JOHN DAVIS We'll Teach Them How To Privatize K7 We'll Teach Them How To Privatize (Extended Play Instrumental Version)
177 CALEB FRAID Make Hay At Nite K7 Mother 1974/My Heart Is A Paved Road/Best Coast Cover/People Are Just/You're Wrong/That's Not Love/Kelley At The Bank/Nice Deal/Root Beer & Hershey Bar/Ain't No Saint/That's No Secret/I Outlived Albert Camus/Blue Moon/I Like Baseball/Come Knocking/You Can Only Control You/Birdy Gulps
178 RESTAURNAUT Satans Leg Hair K7 Intro/Glub Glub/Big Bruise/Party Hole (Pt. 1)/Interlude (Pt.1)/All Curled Up Into Sixes/Interlude (Pt.2)/Buffalo Dream/Empty Houses/Sanctuary/Rat Ship Sei/The Modern World/Families/The Universe Is Expanding/Party Hole (Pt. 2)/Outro/I Didnt Know I Was The Devil
179   MORE GIRLS More Girls K7 Medicine Song/Sebadoh Song/Gloomy Sunday (Billie Holiday)
180   JERK Cassus Belli K7 S'ess Us Eh Lop/Timesess/17717/Telemach/Cleanse Y'se'f (Return Of Bathman)/Je Joue La/El Maves/Twelber Moond/Aiop/Glank/Stinkitty Piggy/The Wrong/I've Strains Eye Trains Iced Rains/Find Kyer/Blueettes/Straims/Don't You Find?/1-2-4/Stummbblinggrv/Cassus Belli
181   GANG WIZARD Now Departing Critter Country K7 A/Atlantic Breach/Challenger/Acquire/C/Drought Gorge/Lengthy Showers Reprise/Just/Mote/B/D/Stark Match/Mining Droid
183   JASON MORPHEW Nobody Knows: Live On WNYU, Aug. 1st 1997 K7 Intro/We're Desperadoes/Two Sparrows In A Hurricane/Someday/The Love You Save/Marry The Moon/Whenever A Teenager Cries/Funny Moon/Nobody Knows/Kisses On My Neck/Keep The Fun Coming/Outro/We Don't Talk Anymore
184   RAZORS Live At The Laboratory K7 Awkward Hits/ Path Is A Dance/Lua De Sangue/Shadow Man/To Suffer/Be Alone/Today/The Vehicle/Loud Love/Questions/World Behind Blues/The Camera/Optimism/He Will Wake/Februaury/When It's Convenient/To Know/Take A Nap Pt. 1/Take A Nap Pt. 2
186   HIP REPLACEMENT Router Space: Smashed Hits 100 K7 Willie The Worm (Cover)/Its Ok At The Windmill/Juice Inc./Quick Squirm/Oppd Bill (Zapped) Kjbhgvf/U Got A Wok???/Zappen In The Brain (Ft. Little Ripple)/Paul Stretch/Tarnado Alley (Bowling League)/Banger 100/Cheese In The Can(T)/Auto Tv Dot Com/Ballad Of Kevin Gardetto (Welcome Home)/Guns Or Bars/Turn It Off/Gun Controlled/Willie Escapes The Whole / No Way To Think I Think / Meat / Super Gloo'd / Cgi (Competitive Growth Indent)
189   JASON MORPHEW Easy Come (Songs Of 2004) K7 Greeting/Easy Come, Easy Go/Something Changed/I Keep Myself/Using You As An Excuse/Extreme Makeover/Think About The Pain/For The Stepsons/I Will Clone Myself For You

Other Stuff

??? RAMON SPEED Public Space 1, Iowa City IA 4/28/2012 DVD Lying On Nails/13°/Diet Of Worms/The Raft/Upstate