Edward Gray

This is an attempt to create a complete Edward Gray discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1992 Some Flying Dolphins That (K7 Sober Cannibal) Right Thing Wrong Reason/We Love You Robert/Waiting For The Alphajerk/Creating Sounds/Definiting ???/Potluck ???/A ???/Sermon/Meedle Manage ???/Wrong/Peppermint/Shutting Up/Waddler/Quarters/Returning Books To The Library/More Weenies Than Buns/Pull The Weeds/????
1992 Roachmill... Through To The Other Side (K7 Sober Cannibal) Drinking Man 1 & 2/Santeria/Shitcanned/Jackercrack/Stopped/Judas Hammer/Sick
    Indirections (K7 Freedom From)* Untitled/Untitled
1993 Campfire Songs Of Dr. Moreau (K7 Sober Cannibal) Power Of Christ/Smoking/Guilty/Grown Up/Pick Up If You're There/Shoes/The Kingdom/Tobacco Buzz/Billy/One Man's Opinion/It Grows Green (My Love)/Story Of Bert's Blanket/The Hairy Snake/Clear Vision/My Heart Is Doing That Funny Thing Again/2 Virgins/Listing Reasons/Secrets
1994 EDWARD GRAY/BOXBOY The Affectionate Monkeys (K7 Squirrel Energy Now) ED GRAY She Smiled Because I Did Not Understand/Daring Rescue In Outer Space/Staring/Imagination/Mr. Pi/Instr./Butterfly/Quiet Night For Love/Basket Case 2/How I'm Dressed And Dizzy's Cheeks/Shadoes/Parenthetical Aside/Therapy/Evelyn/His Future Will Be Fun To Watch/No Answers/BOXBOY Spillway 3 A.M./God's Rules For Teens/Urine My Dream/Krishna's Day-Glo Teeth/Bob Shin Barker/Give My Heart To Dust/Daybreaks/Ed + Starlight/Dead Bird/Hey Song/Yah-Weh 1/Kung-Fu Grip/Lullaby
  Twine (K7 Sober Cannibal) Picardo Ex. 1/Silence/Decent Music/Cigalorette/1st Thing Off Aerosmith Tape/Improv. #3/Improv. #4/Bits/Race With Devil/O--S/Satan Is Real/Where Are My Slippers?/Instr. With Delay/Idea/Uke Freak-Out/Gtr. Drone/Dual Flute Thing/Hello-Cool Some-thing/Delay Guitar-Noise/Improv. #6/Nice Music-Song.Instr./Wayne On Fiddle/Message Fr. Tom/Star Trek Collage/X-Acto Instr./Sirens/3rd Thing On A-Smith Tape/4th Thing On A-Smith Tape/Led Zep Skips/(Five-Pointed Star) (4-Trk)/Stamen
1997 Put The Clock Back On The Wall (K7 Sober Cannibal) For C. G./Just Born/Small Consolations/Nerve/Losing/Gotta/Tomatoes/Hail Anhedonia!/I'll Tell You No/Orb/World/The Cat/Breathing/Wanting/Home
1998 Sore Eyes (CD Super Kick Ass Music) World/Gotta/Fall Improv 4/The Bottom/I Can Show You/Nerve/You're Gonna Miss Her/Small Consolations/Communication Skills/Stargazing/ORB/Tomatoes
2001 Put The Clock Back On The Wall (K7 Unread) (Reissue of the old Sober Cannibal cassette) For C. G./Just Born/Small Consolations/Nerve/Losing/Gotta/Tomatoes/Hail Anhedonia!/Ill Tell You No/Orb/World/The Cat/Breathing/Wanting/Home
2002 Fall Song (LP Global Buddy Records) Fires/Dirty Water/Reverb-Sound On Sound/Oblivia/I Defer/Breathing/Two Signals/I'll Tell You No/Time To Go
2006 ED GRAY/MIRACLES OF GOD Split Cassette (K7 Hot Potato!) MIRACLES OF GOD ???/Faith/Grandpa Hates/???/Too Bad/???/Fire To Burn/Be My Baby/Nightmare (Live)/Teenage Cow (Live)/U Herd 'Em (Live)/These Fucking Guys (Live)/EDWARD GRAY Clock's Spine/Old Old Ways/Hole/Diamonds/FLI/Start Snowing/Wanting/Happy Reverb/Black Candle (Alt. Take)/???/Horrible
2006 The Late Gray Ed Great (CD/LP Hot Potato Records)Baby Bird/Chester/Cwt/You Have Me At A Disadvantage, Sir/Rot Luck (Black Rat Snake)/Hullo Moonglow/Drink/The Brambling Broad Side/Raft
  Live In A Club In Iowa - Smoking Mirror Volume One (CDR Smoking Mirror) Surving You Never/Old Man, City/Hurricane/Time To Go/...Iss And Black Candle/...Iss And Black Candle
2011 The Old Bending River (LP Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited Edition of 104 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Chafe/Samson/Sallow/The Old Saw Blade/Away/Egg Timer Man/Bone/Cold Cold Man


2004 Fresh Coat On The Powder Keg (7" Unread) Surving You Never/Titan/Old Man, City/...iss & Black Candle/Hurricane/2 Snakes/I Defer To The Expanse Of Your Smile
2017 Alibi (7" Lathe Cut Unread) Alibi/Ice


  VARIOUS ARTISTS I Can Smell Your Pussy - A Sober Cannibal Compilation (K7 Sober Cannibal) Oct. 23 Yacht Club
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Squirrel Energy Now! (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) Mpls/Friends
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Mysterious Fall Tape (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) Improv. #5/Improv 1+2/Be Happy (Summer's Over)
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Sink A Fleeing Ship (A Squirrel Energy Now! Compilation) (K7 Squirrel Energy Now) Don't/Live Excerpt
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Brains And Pencils A Diy Compilation From Iowa City IA (K7 Trystero Records) Just Born
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Flagfest (K7 Doormat, TX) Small Consolations/Star Gazing
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Prisoner Of The Spectacle - A Tribute To Charlie McAlister (K7 Doormat, TX)Fuck You-Oh!
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS As Yet No Title - Skewed Songwriter (K7 Unread) You Have Me At A Disadvantage, Sir
2004 VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is A Horse (K7 Unread) How It Starts
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) ED GRAY WITH COYOTE BLOOD I.C. Mercy
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Think I Might Be Autistic (K7 Chthonic Records) ED GRAY & COYOTE BLOOD Just Born
2011 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door (K7 Unread) Porched In
2012 VARIOUS ARTISTS For Who The Trumpet Blew (K7 Unread) Old Old Ways
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonely Stars - A Tribute To Texan Artists (CDR Doormat, TX) Dear Betty
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) 9 To 5
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Are All A Flossed Generation: A Flaming Biscuit Records RRRRRevival Compilation (2xK7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Picklejar
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tid Bits & Gut Blood (K7 Unread) ED GRAY Ballad Of John And Exene
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS I E-Mailed You An .mp3 - Kerchingle #5 (K7 Kerchow) ED GRAY Chipper Tailor
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) EDWARD GRAY Haunted Shoes
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) EDWARD GRAY Haunted Shoes


2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Nutstock 3 Aug 14 16 2005 40 Bands 40 Hours 40 Years (DVD Nut Music) Untitled

Other Stuff

  MORE HUNNY 4 THE BEARS More Hunny 4 The Bears (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) Ed Harney Auto Service/If I Got That Jacket I'd Be Happy/Return To Space Precinct/Close Leaf/Boar Smack Spinachfoot/Je Vais A La Plage/Cute White Bunny With Foot-Long Fangs/Elevator Death/The Country Husband/Beets Turnip Snot/Crabmeat Tunnel Syndrome/Killing An Elephant/Buick Me.../Quasi.../March Of The Dimes/Viva Cuba! Viva Nosotros/Rebecca Slayton
1995 NOGGIN/MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Live (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) (More Honey For The Bears is Ed Gray, Randy Ike and Adam Svenson) NOGGIN Untitled/MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Untitled
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Sink A Fleeing Ship (A Squirrel Energy Now! Compilation) (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Live Excerpt
  MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Go Home FBI (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) Sunny Set-Up/For The F.B.I/The Secret History Of Punk Flock/We We We We/Shall Push Out Our
09 MORE HONEY FOR THE BEARS Mail Order Tape Only (K7 Squirrel Energy Now!) (each tape recorded to and for the
customer excuslively)
2006 ED GRAY/MIRACLES OF GOD Split Cassette (K7 Hot Potato!) (Edward Gray plays drums) MIRACLES OF GOD Fire To Burn/Be My Baby
2007 CREEPING CHARLY AND FRIENDS Goodbye, Creeping Charly (K7 Mighty Feeble) Stargazing