L. Eugene Methe

This is an attempt to create a complete L. Eugene Methe discography.
See also Mancini's Angels.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2001 L. E. METHE The Days Of Wine And Proust (K7 The Seagull Label) The Days Of Wine And Proust I/A Strange Visitor/The Ghost Of Bacchus/Combray Revisited/I Descend Into Nightmare/Place-Names/Pedestals And Pillars/Understanding Hurricane You/Beneath The Wheel/The Days Of Wine And Proust II/Quickened Breath
2004 L. EUGENE METHE One Million Birds Making A Frightfull Racket (K7 Unread) Untitled/Untitled
2011 L. EUGENE METHE Calendar Work (LP Grapefruit) Bleak Street/Summer Knowledge/Pale Plums/Learning From Las Vegas/Twisted Roots/Calendar Work/Mudslide Rocking Chair/My Love, My Labor/The Fool And His Rake/Poor Ol' Johnny/Two For The Road/Winter Victory


2009 LONNIE EUGENE METHE Hey Jack (7" Unread) Hey Jack/Nine Clearings/White Lilac Longing/Katherine/Calendar Work/Wounds Of Winter/Auburn Dances
2010 L. EUGENE METHE Sentimental Education (7" Irrelevant Recordings) My Pal Farnam Street/Song For Our Occasion/Twisted Roots/Caroline/New Curtains/Sentimental Education
2013 L. EUGENE METHE Weak Wines (7" Almost Halloween Time Records) Sentimental Spectres/Sparrow Speaks/Semicolon City/Home To Birdsong
2013 L. EUGENE METHE Weak Wines (7" Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Sentimental Spectres/Sparrow Speaks/Semicolon City/Home To Birdsong


2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) LONNIE EUGENE METHE Bleak Street
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Think I Might Be Autistic (K7 Chthonic) L. EUGENE METHE Pale Plums
2011 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door (K7 Unread) L. EUGENE METHE Close Another Door
2012 VARIOUS ARTISTS For Who The Trumpet Blew (K7 Unread) L. EUGENE METHE What Now. Jack?
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) LONNIE METHE Boulevard
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs (K7 Unread) L. EUGENE METHE Reverse Midas
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Public Coffin - 8 x Cassingle E.P. Compilation (8xK7 Unread) L. EUGENE METHE Untitled K7 Untitled/Untitled
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Are All A Flossed Generation: A Flaming Biscuit Records RRRRRevival Compilation (2xK7 Flaming Biscuit Records) L. EUGENE METHE Spin The Candle
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Funeral House: Live Recordings From Junkfest #20 (K7 Unread) Untitled

Other Stuff

1995 MANCINI'S ANGELS Fuck Andrew Lloyd Webber (K7 The Seagull Label) All She Needs/Why Are You Content/Better Pop Than Poop/With Your Mental/That Book Would Break The Heart/When It Rains.../I Am Marcello/Battered And Bruised/Limitations?/T.V. Action Theme/On Your Hail/Souped Up, Twisting, Sook-hop/Mancini Angel's Theme/Fuck ALW/Wildly Romatic Buzz Of Self-Esteem/Desert Rat/Limited Image II/Dreams Lay In Mud/Drunken Poet/Nice Guys Need Loving Too/Better Poop Than Pop/Nice Guys Just Die All The Time/Reality Is The Hell You create/I've Made Mistakes Before/Tell Me How I Feel
1996 MANCINI'S ANGELS Variations On The Proud Bird Theme (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!)Sad Guitar/Oh, Catholic Burial/Homage To A Dead Queen/Hymn To An Angel/Untitled/To Chase Some Glory Of God/Fever & Living 1953/If You Love Someone, Cause Them Pain/Christina/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi I/News To Your New Vehicle For Hate!/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi II/Letters From Home/She's Almost In Love/Road To Numbness
2001 MANCINI'S ANGELS Lite Sounds (K7 The Seagull Label) Princess Angela's Theme/As The Calander Disappears/We Used To Read In Bed/Saying Goodbye To Young Love/Some Words Still Linger/The Wildest Strawberries/The Frog and Me/A Contrast In Seasons/Lilac And Beloved/What I Did Today/As I grow Older/Sebastian
2009 MUSCLES Muscles (K7 Unread) (L. E. Methe is in the list of contributors) Pure Death/"Wounded Military Man/"Burnt Skin/"Burnt Muscle/Sun Stroke/Fatal Mistake #1/Fatal Mistake #2/Wounded Woman/Fatal Mistake #4
2009 DIAMONDHEAD Fickle Woman (K7 Unread) (L. Eugene Methe and R. J. Reynolds) Fickle Woman/Hold Me Upright (Inst.)/South First And Nowhere/Unread Theme/No Recorder/Black Socks/Isnt It Ironic/Kick/Hold Me Upright (Vocal)/Mongrel/Edna/Fickle Wahman/South Philly Style/House Of Love/Toys In The Attic
2011 RAKE KASH Herr Tambourine Mann (LP Chthonic Records/Gertrude Tapes) 69 Questions/Foreign Lands/Magda/Hot Tears/Autumn Crickets/Dear S./An Old Man Goes A Wandering/Herr Tambourhine Mann/1/2/3/4/5/6/7/8/9/10/11/12/13/14
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs (K7 Unread) RAKE KASH Pen Name
2014 RAKE KASH Old Masters (K7 Unread) (L. Eugene Methe, Alex Boardman, Megan Siebe, Chris Deden, Brion Poloncic, Allen Hug) Bronson/Venus/Staircase/Romanesque/Lectric/Endtro
2014 VARIOUS ARTISTS How Did I Get Here: An Unread Records & Tapes (K7 Unread) DIAMONDHEAD Old
2016 RAKE KASH Rake Kash (LP Gertrude Tapes) Stonebreakers/Rittenhouse Square/Year Of The Rabbit/The Wheat Sifters/The Crack-Up/Mirren/The Citize/New Directions
2016 DAS TORPEDOES/RAKE KASH Split (7" Lathe Cut Unread/Gertrude Tapes) DAS TORPEDOES 3 Granovsky Uliea/Morfiy/RAKE KASH Hoskins/Danube Reflections
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tid Bits & Gut Blood (K7 Unread) RAKE KASH Body Double
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) RAKE KASH Zloty
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) RAKE KASH Zloty
2018 CITIZEN ELECTRICAL Archive Spinoffs (LP Gertrude Tapes) 10:19/6:21/4:40/12:22/2:08/6:42
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) CITIZEN ELECTRICAL Seasons Shifting
2019 SIMON JOYNER & FRIENDS Low Fidelities & Infidelities (Demos & Covers) (CD Grapefruit) SIMON JOYNER W/ L. EUGENE METHE Bicycle