This is an attempt to create a complete Mancini Angel's discography.
See also Lonnie Eugene Methe.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 Fuck Andrew Lloyd Webber (K7 The Seagull Label) All She Needs/Why Are You Content/Better Pop Than Poop/With Your Mental/That Book Would Break The Heart/When It Rains.../I Am Marcello/Battered And Bruised/Limitations?/T.V. Action Theme/On Your Hail/Souped Up, Twisting, Sook-hop/Mancini Angel's Theme/Fuck ALW/Wildly Romatic Buzz Of Self-Esteem/Desert Rat/Limited Image II/Dreams Lay In Mud/Drunken Poet/Nice Guys Need Loving Too/Better Poop Than Pop/Nice Guys Just Die All The Time/Reality Is The Hell You create/I've Made Mistakes Before/Tell Me How I Feel
1996 Variations On The Proud Bird Theme (K7 Sing, Eunuchs!)Sad Guitar/Oh, Catholic Burial/Homage To A Dead Queen/Hymn To An Angel/Untitled/To Chase Some Glory Of God/Fever & Living 1953/If You Love Someone, Cause Them Pain/Christina/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi I/News To Your New Vehicle For Hate!/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi II/Letters From Home/She's Almost In Love/Road To Numbness
2001 Lite Sounds (K7 The Seagull Label) Princess Angela's Theme/As The Calander Disappears/We Used To Read In Bed/Saying Goodbye To Young Love/Some Words Still Linger/The Wildest Strawberries/The Frog and Me/A Contrast In Seasons/Lilac And Beloved/What I Did Today/As I grow Older/Sebastian