This is an attempt to create a complete Buzzsaw discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1990 Die Rote Luft (K7 Shrimper) Untitled/Untitled
1991   Kaiser Guillotine Ouzo Delinum (K7 Shrimper) 
1992 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Schnapps Hour (K7 Shrimper)A Warm Up, Brainstorm Of Schnapps/A Remastered Version Of The "Schnapps" Cabaret As It Originally Appeared
1992 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Wine Lover (K7 Shrimper)First Interlude/Second Interlude/Third Interlude/Fourth Interlude/Fifth Interlude/Sixth Interlude/End Of Operetta
1994 BUZZSAW Bankhead And Buzz K7Two In A Boat/The Truth, Miss Angela
1995   The Dr. Pustunich Excursion (2xK7 Shrimper)  
1996 BUZZSAW/JAMIE McALISTER Dr. Maladroit/Voyage Into Fate & Other Tales (K7 Flannel Banjo)BUZZSAW Untitled/JAMIE McALISTER Logs And Dogs/Women Don't Do That/Fields Of Frozen Barracudas/Report From Midatlantic-A Hurricane Without A Name/Premium Suicide In Suburbia/Rest Area By Frank Lloyd Wright/Weerd In A Good Way/Voyage Into Fate: Glum/Paradise Joe
1996 Killer Cassette Vs The Dude (K7 Shrimper)Untitled/Untitled
1997 Death From The Depths (K7 Doormat, TX)Untitled/Untitled
1997 The Paper Race (K7 Flannel Banjo) Can Can/Tales From The Vienna Woods/Millionaires/Toe Down/Tarantelli/Bullfight Song/Irish Washerwoman/The Road To The Isles/Aloha Oe/Peterskaya
1998   The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus (K7 Shrimper) 
1998 BUZZSAW AND THE SHAVINGS The C.J. Dimes Yesterday Store (K7 Doormat, TX)Advertisement/On Sale For You/Gladiators/Louis And Marie/Ironclads/Gettysburg/Appomattox/The Armada Is Coming/Caesar's Will/Attila And Leo/Drive To The Marne/Revolution Troika/White Man's Medicine/The Bill Is Due
1999   American Inquisition (K7 Denise Dawes Von Kizer)  
1999 World A La Mode (K7 Unread) Untitled/Untitled
2000   Reginald Croquet (K7 Other Seed)  
2000   Plato's Tavern (K7 Unread)  
2001   Symphooey! (K7 Doormat, TX)  
2001 BUZZSAW AND C. GOFF III Of Rancor And Rhyme An Operatic Struggle In Language And Sound (K7 Taped Rugs)* (MP3s available for download on
Of Rancor And Rhyme
2002   I'd Shove Buzzy (CDR Taped Rugs)  
2002 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Bravo Finder K7 (Unread/Seagull Tapes) Untitled/Untitled
2002 CHARLIE McALISTER/BUZZSAW Everything's Cool Man-What's For Dinner/No Talent Boom Boom (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) CHARLIE McALISTER Live In Austin TX March 2001/BUZZSAW Live On KUCI Los Angeles 1998
2003   Cease The Release (CD Harsh Reality)  
2003   Reginald Croquet (K7 Seagull)  
2004 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS Expecting Buzzy (K7 Unread) Untitled/Untitled
2004 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Lecture Of Prof Salt (CDR Lonely Whistle)Untitled
2010 BUZZSAW/CHARLIE MCALISTER No Talent Boom-Boom (K7 Unread) BUZZSAW Untitled (Recorded Live On KUCI Irvine, CA 1998)/CHARLIE MCALISTER "Music Sucks" Parade From Austin Convention Center To Performance Place/Get Onstage, Light Propane Stove And Electric Burner Get Sardines Frying Cut Carrots/Set Up Pa System Microphone No Good/Electric Burner Blows Fuse Which Cuts Power To The House Pa System. Anne Threatens To Call The Cops After I Refuse To Get Off Stage./I Continue With The Cooking Sauce And Carrots Anne Says "If You Touch Me I Will Kill You Motherfucker"/Lars Says "Im Out Of This And Everythings Cool Man" Someone In Audience Asks "Whats For Dinner?" I Unplug The Electric Burner/I Threaten To Burn The Audience With The Hot Electric Burner/Anne Says Shes Calling The Cops. Lars Says Never Call The Cops/Instruments Are Tossed Around/Cooking Is Banned/I Smash Up My Pa System On The Concrete Floor/I Get Up In The Rafter And Attempt To Talk With Audience/Darrel Enters With Sparklers/Someone Starts Removing My Equipment From The Stage/Taperecorder Keeps Rolling From Car Parked Just Out Side/Argueing Continues From Inside/I Exit/I Turn To Exit Through The Bay Door And Someone Throws A Punch At My Head From The Side But Misses.....End Of Performance  




1990 VARIOUS ARTISTS Winky Dog A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)* Die Rote Luft
1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Capgun - A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)Helmet
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pawnshop Reverb (K7 Shrimper) Untitled
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stereo Sonic (K7 Instigation)Live, In Person
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Swing Set (A Shrimper Compilation) (7" Shrimper)War Of Poems
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Die Rote Luft
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gift Of Gab! (K7 Flannel Banjo) T.H.U.D AND BUZZSAW Wash Away
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Basement Tape Volume Two: Live Undergroun (CD KSPC) Hello Darlings
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Prisoner Of The Spectacle - A Tribute To Charlie McAlister (K7 Doormat, TX)I Feel Worse
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains (K7 Unread) Ground Pebbles
2001 TURKEY MAKES ME SLEEPY Gobbling Up The Dreams (CDR Taped Rugs)* (MP3s available for download on (Buzzsaw wrote the lyrics) Seduction Of Socrates
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS Machinations (CDR Taped Rugs)* (MP3s available for download on BUZZSAW ABD C. GOFF III 1917 Mutiny/Living With Gerd/Riverboat Rhubarb/Dread Under My Bed/Music Of The Spheres/Talking Of Michelangelo/Goodbye Yellow Brick Road
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS Coo Sticky (CDR Taped Rugs)* (MP3s available for download on BUZZSAW AND C. GOFF III Brainoyed
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Global Loop Madness (2CD Tapegerm)  
2008 GYPSY BLOOD A Mighty Marvel With Multitudes Of Players (CDR Taped Rugs)* (MP3s available for download on (Buzzsaw provides sound loops) Rapid Cat Scan (Setting: Buzzpacer)
2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was (2xK7 Unread, Flannel Banjo and Doormat, TX)