This is an attempt to create a complete Whitman discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2004   Hosefeathers (CDR Nightpass) Introducing.../I Remember/Lipstick/Ibisea Avec Un Casse Voler/My Lover Is A Taxidermist/Soweeo/Aliens Exist/Drunken Lullaby/Paoer Snow/Portrait Of The Whitman As A Young Man/Secrets For Show And Tell/The Crowded Conversation/Mouth Full Of Matches/The Sounds Of Cancer/The Shootist/No Po Si/O' Happy Dagger/Little Voice/The Creature Nurketh Lear
2004   WAGON TONGUES/WHITMAN I Sing To The Lord/Before The Sun Sets And Scary Animals Come Out (K7 Folktale) WAGON TONGUES Welcome/Wilderness Sings/Matters Of The Heart/The Lord-The Lite/As The Rain/He Reigns/Goodbye/WHITMAN Sweet To My Soul/Children And Other Garden Creatures/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Clipped Wings/Secrets For Show & Tell/Mytopia/Ibisea Avec Un Casse Voler/Bible Raps
2004   Homeless Harmonies (CDR Folktale) Introduction/Twice Told Tales/Bullshit/Cat Plays Piano/Pee-Wee Herman-Herman/Joliet/Bloody Knuckles/A Good Laugh At The Head/Secrets For Show And Tell/Untitled/Southern (Western) Blues/Holla Holla/As She Waves Goodbye/Die Tonight/The Divine Comedy/Roserita/The Symphonic Double D/Wangster/The Ballad Of The Bastard/Bahooch/One Of Those Days/Piggy Grew Wings/Mullet Babies/Grandpa Are You Dead?
2005   WHITMAN/LONESOME WHISTLE BLOWS Split (K7 Folktale) WHITMAN Born In The Black/Joliet/Jackalope/Happy Talk/Sound Check (Grove Street For Life)/Bell's Palsey/Uh Oh, The Po Po/Claustrophobic In Your Arms/Symphonic dd/Roserita/LONESOME WHISTLE BLOWS White Air/When The Horses Fall, You Gotta Put Them Down/Heart Down Legs/Feathers/St. Paul Ice Castle/Three Bridges
2006 WHITMAN/WATCHING HIM DIE Split (K7 Not Not Fun) WHITMAN The Rise And Fall Of Ken Miller/WATCHING HIM DIE Locked Door/Mule/Rouling
2007   Death's Ship Has A New Captain (K7 Folktale) Death's Ship Has A New Captain Pt. I/Death's Ship Has A New Captain Pt. II
2008 WHITMAN/STELLALUNA Split (K7 Tiny Panda Records) WHITMAN I/II/III/IV/STELLALUNA Goodbye/How Is Your Heart?/On The Beach At Night/Song
2009 White Sunrise (LP Shrimper/Folktale) Sweet Nothings/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Chasing Rabbits/Snow Beasts/Bodies/Tanning In The Sunset/Blood In The Fur/Children And Other Garden Creatures/Dead Horse/The Elephant Song/Clipped Wings/Keep Your Chin Up Kid/Claustrophobic In Your Arms
2009 ANNI ROSSI AND WHITMAN Untitled (10" Folktale/People In A Position To Know) And Now You're Just A Ghost/Boot Camp In Idaho/Glaciers/Val Verde/At The Swimming Pool/The Box Springs/Different Dogs

I'll Be Waiting (K7 Unread/CD Folktale) Death Of Me/States Away/Like Waves/Your Glow/I Miss You Babe/Unfiltered Light/Never Dreamed/In A Moment/The Sound Of You Leaving/Penny In The Middle/Silence
2011 Dog Rose Gall (LP Folktale Records) Texas/Shake/Economy Inn/Exactly What We Wanted/Untitled/Christmas In February/Give Up/Vacant/Wishes And War Paint/For Lisa, 1998
2012 Dust Unsettled: Ten Years Of Whitman (CD Folktale) Here's To Denying Our Existence/So*Cal 2:48/Neon Heaven/All Is Golden/Cure For Riverside/Light Dancing/A Handful Of Happiness/Love Is Kind Of A Dirty Word/I/I Heart LA/Kingsley/Ever Since You Left/Moderate/Wishes & War Paint/Interlude/Under Your Skies/Scorpion
FT062 Against The Dust (3xK7 Folktale) Sweet Nothings/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Chasing Rabbits/Snow Beasts/Bodies/Tanning In The Sunset/Blood In The Fur/Children And Other Garden Creatures/Dead Horse/The Elephant Song/Clipped Wings/Keep Your Chin Up Kid/Claustrophobic In Your Arms/Dog Rose Gall/Shake/Economy Inn/Exactly What We Wanted/Untitled/Christmas In February/Give Up/Vacant/Wishes And War Paint/For Lisa, 1998/Darker Days/Departure/Blister/Portland/Last Summer/Dust/Golden Days/Hope/Dresden
2014 Restoring Darkness (LP Folktale) Darker Days/Departure/Blister/Portland/Last Summer/Dust/Golden Days/Hope/Dresden
2016 Forgettings (K7 Shrimper)Shined Brighter/Die Alone/Howl/Before I Met You/Walking Dead/Teeth In/If I Had A Pony/Weary Eyes


2004 Toyguns & Tomahawks - Quilt Series Vol. 5 (3" CD Nightpass Handmade Records) Zane Greys Alarm Clock/Talking To John Wayne/Poultry Farming Raised This Country Up/The Day After Dime Bag Darrell Died/Rainy Stroll With Dr Moreau Where I Say What's That Sound And He Say What Sound/And The I Say Oh No Aaaahhhh!/I Saw Nature And It Was Looking At Me/Rap Musics Of The 23rd Century Transposed Upon A Sylvan Scene/Jeff And Greg Vs The National Park System/L'Amour Nature Than You Can Handle/Someday All This Will Be Stripmalls
2005 Uh Oh, The Po Po (CDR Barf Records) Uh Oh, The Po Po/Uh Oh, The Po Po (Captain Ahab's The 909 Will Never Die Remix)/Uh Oh Da Poh Poly (Mix Master Double W's Dance Revolution Mix)/Po-Po Boy Sandwich Garage Band Vs. Myspace Sloro Summer Vacation Photos Remix/Uh Oh, The Po Po (Tim Fite's The Simi Vally Is Burning Remix)
2007 WHITMAN/ALAS, ALAK, ALASKA! Split (7" Folktale) WHITMAN Handfull Of Happiness/All Is Golden/ALAS, ALAK, ALASKA! Gloom Prairie/Dallop O Dallas
2008 WHITMAN/TREASURE MAMMAL Heaven Series Vol. 1 (7" Tiny Panda Records) WHITMAN Cure For Riverside/Moderate/TREASURE MAMMAL Ain't No Shame In My Game/Smile
2008 Toy Guns And Tomahawks (CDR Folktale) Toy Guns And Tomahawks
2008 WHITMAN/LUCKY DRAGONS Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 4 (K7 Deathbomb Arc) WHITMAN I Had A Dreamt/LUCKY DRAGONS Fear Melody
2009 WHITMAN/JOHN THILL Split (7" Natrix Natrix Records) WHITMAN Neon Heaven/Love Is Kind Of A Dirty Word/JOHN THILL Pink Jacket/Sidral Mundet/Sidral Mundet/Hapa Girl
2010 WHITMAN/NO BABIES Split (5" Folktale) WHITMAN Here's To Denying Our Existence/NO BABIES Morlocks Take Manhattan
2012 WHITMAN/EZRA BUCHLA Split (7" Folktale) EZRA BUCHLA Black Rabbit/WHITMAN Scorpion
2012 Sinking (7" Almost Halloween Time Records) Departure/I Find It Hard/Golden Days/Sinking
2012 Sinking (7" Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) Departure/I Find It Hard/Golden Days/Sinking
2013 NICOLE KIDMAN/JOHN THILL/WHITMAN/HUMAN BEHAVIOR 4-Way Split (7" Lathe Cut Folktale) NICOLE KIDMAN Your Eyes/JOHN THILL The Stranger And The Sommelier/WHITMAN Die Alone/HUMAN BEHAVIOR Hohle Fels
2013 FORMER GHOSTS/WHITMAN Shake/New Orleans (7" Folktale/Tiny Panda) FORMER GHOSTS Shake/WHITMAN New Orleans
2014 WHITMAN/QUEM QUAERTIS Tacos Like E'ryday/Taco Party (K7 Folktale) WHITMAN Tacos Like E'ryday/ANTHONY HANSEN Tacos Like E'ryday (E-Z Listening Remix)/TREASURE MAMMAL Tacos Like Everyday With Green To Red Salsa Machine Head Cumbia Remix/ELI CHARTKOFF Tacos Like E'ryday (What Is Rap?) Remix/H.O.A.J. The White Man Joint (I Stay High) Remix/GEOFF GEIS & SEAN CARNAGE Incredible Tacos Remix/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party Amerimix
2015 WHITMAN/NIGHT AUDITOR Taft Bldg (7" Lathe Cut Folktale) WHITMAN Golden Days/NIGHT AUDITOR Romance


2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Love Means Never Having To Say Yr Sorry/Sorry (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records)Dithering Animals
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Tapeworms Eat Bookworms (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records) O All Ye Roman Catholics, That Never Went To Mass
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS Taco Bell Fella! - A Tribute To Quem Quaeritis (CDR Folktale) Happy Candy Camp Counselor
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Outsider Folk (MP3 Outsider Folk) Snow Drifts
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sun, Smog And Hate (LP Folktale) I Heart LA
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) Best Friends
2011 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door (K7 Unread) Ever Since You Left
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) Everlong

Other Stuff

2008 STELLALUNA My Heart Is An Anchor (CDR Folktale) (Whitman: Noises and found sound on "Washed Away", "The Ghost Of Junction City" and "Peephole"; and vocals on "Parasite") Glow In The Dark/Washed Away/The Ghost Of Junction City/Albany Bulb/My Heart Is An Anchor/Parasite/Peephole
2013 NICOLE KIDMAN Aching Nothing (CDR Milo, Sorghum & Maize) Head In The Oven (Featuring Whitman)