John Thill

This is an attempt to create a complete John Thill discography.
See also The Aum Rifle and Quem Quaeritis.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Heart Of Grime (K7 Star Ship Stereo)  
  JOHN THILL/LITTLES PAIA John Thill/Littles Paia (K7 Star Ship Stereo) JOHN THILL The Chorus/Heartbeat/Dark-Bright Eyes/High As The Night/Lemonade/Pomona/The Sluts/Flint/Warm Sea/Hate All/I Had A Dream/Paint This Mtn./Slips Of Paper/What Is Los Angeles?/Christmas Day/Vacation/Vague Sunrise/Upturned/Cicadas Thrall/Halogen Or Halo?/Fertile Land/Yellow Rose/The Eclipse/Brian Perez/The Chorus/LITTLES PAIA Pour Me/Littles Paia Presents Dj Freedom Hater-G&H Productions (Excerpt)/Breastmilk Blues
2003   40 Etudes (CDR Nightpass Handmade Records)  
2007 Girls Of Meth (K7 Unread) Vacant Lot Blues/Street Love/Girls Of Meth/We Smoked Speed/The Annelids/Birthdays/The Pill Book
2007 JOHN THILL/CHURCHBURMERZ/(D)IAMETER AT (B)REAST (H)EIGHT/HANDMEDOWN SATELLITES Split (2xK7 Green Tape) JOHN THILL Santa Ana River/Mojave River/Rio Seco/La River/Rio Colorado/River Neuse/CHURCHBURNEZ Born-Again Virgin/Sluts Fucking Suck/Hip Hip Hooray/Hey Girl/Fucking Is For Fuckers/Do It/Mumble Ramble/(D)IAMETER AT (B)REAST (H)EIGHT Number One/Everything We Own Is Either Broken Or Borrowed/A Personal Question/Three Finger Discount/HANDMEDOWN SATELLITES Wicker Lampshade/Beige Orpheus/Duplicate Laminate/Headset Reset/Bola Bola Bola/Meandering Geodude
2007 Heart Of Grime (CD Shrimper)Mulberry St./Cynic's Sin/Violence/You're Dead/I Quit/Destroying Angel/Drugs/Heart Of Grime/Between 2 Hills/L.E. Anthem/Heart Of Grime/Riverside/I Dream Of You/Heaven Under 14th St./Get High/In May/Vengeance Song/Victory
2008 Broken Freeways (K7 Unread) The Land Between The Rivers/Petty King/Joker And The Nazis/The Flower Of West Corvina/White Power/Holiday At The Biosphere/Broken Freeways/Slow Rapture/The Pillars Of Old Malibu/The Golden Hills/Dry Year
2010 President Of Happiness (K7 Folktale Records) Whittier/Farewell Pomona/Santa Ana Pass/Smog Machine/Pomona Girls/Unresolved Grace/President Of Happiness/Engagement Ring/County Line/Alleyways/Wrong Man/Hacienda Heights/Sacramento
2012 D.E.A. Fires (K7 Bridgetown) Indian Blanket/Solar Hits/Ominous Sounds/Poncho And Moonlight/D.E.A. Fires/Budding Fruit/Informers/The Grow/Pilgrims/Weeds
2013 Greatest Hits Volume II (LP Shrimper/Folktale/Your Warmth)Midwest Vacation/Broken Freeways/The Good Men/The Eclipse/Gold Spraypaint/In The Valley/Drugs/I Burned Down Your House/Wiccan Girl/What Is Los Angeles?/We Smoked Speed/Love DUI/The Pill Book/Las Lonely Girls/This Bed Is Not A Bed/Farewell Pomona/Rich Girlfriend/Slow Rapture
2013 Water Wars (K7 Juniper Tree Songs)Ode To Fat Hank/The Garage/Mind Your Wake/Water World/Water Wars/Wild Iris
2014 All That's Left Of The Moon (K7 Not On Label) We Climbed Above The Clouds/All That's Left Of The Moon/What's Under People's Houses?/Things Our Eyes Can't See/A Bird Jumps In The Rain/What Is The Wind?/If A Bird Flies By The Moon/I See The Moon Through The Open Door/Waiting To Go To The Quiet River/Cuyes In The Forest Alone/Animals That Came In The Night/A Picture Of The Rain/Walking Alone Through The Trees/The Grass Is Growing
2014 Ghost Grove (K7 Unread) Day At Disneyland/Young, Dumb, Drugs/Parking Lot/Sword Of Fire/Interchanges/Loud Birds/In The Valley/Emperor Of A Quarter And A Half/July 4, Riverside/Ghost Grove
2015 Passing Green Screen Village (K7 Bridgetown) Putting My CV Dazzle Paint On/Research Chemicals/Passing Green Screen Village/Adrift In The Driverless Car/Worried That The Drones Will Come/Bored In My Dreams Pt 1/Bored In My Dreams Pt 2/Taking Down The Sherwin Williams Logo/Vapor Pens/Overlays And Light Arrays/Last Days Of The Tea Shop
2015 Gospel Of The Carwash (K7 Kerchow) Gospel Of The Carwash/Not A Human Being/Happy City/Broken Keys/Aguacate Trees/Long Drive/The Gospel Of The Carwash/Latticework Of Branches/Naming Day


2000   Accordian (3" CDR Self Released)  
2000   Computer (3" CDR Self Released)  
2000   Freeway Park (3" CDR Self Released)  
2004 Accordion Crimes - Quilt Series Vol. 2 (3" CD Nightpass Handmade Records) TV Blues/Accordion Crimes/Joy/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing /Nothing/Nothing /Depths Of Acadia
2007 JOHN THILL AND WHITMAN We Will Have Heads In 2012? (3" CDR Folktale) Will We Have Heads In 2012?
2007 Love Dui (3" CDS Narf Records) What Is Los Angeles?/Olympia/Love D.U.I./Women Laugh/Gold Spraypaint/Rich Girlfriend
2007 Midwest Vacation (3" CDS Narf Records) Midwest Vacation/The Crown Of The San Gabriels/I Burned Down Your House/This Bed Is Not A Bed/Raging Waters: Califas
2008   The Sluts (K7 JK Tapes, reissued by Faux Pas Recordings)  
2008 The Sluts (3" CDS Faux Pas Recordings, reissue of a JK Tapes K7) The Sluts/The Murmur/The Good Men/The Poses/Wow/Webcam/The Divorce
2008 Las Lonely Girls (7" Limited Appeal) Las Lonely Girls/Lone Star/In The City All Alone/A Girl Rides Her Bike
2008 JOHN THILL/SLICING GRANDPA Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year 4 (K7 Deathbomb Arc) JOHN THILL Deep Bros/Why They Wanna Die/SLICING GRANDPA All Along The Crotchtower
2009 Goth Tales (CDR Folktale) Untitled/Wiccan Girl/The Sky Weeps Blood/Untitled/Ring Of Razor Wire/Untitled/In My Dungen/Satan Is My Only Friend
2009 WHITMAN/JOHN THILL Split (7" Natrix Natrix Records) WHITMAN Neon Heaven/Love Is Kind Of A Dirty Word/JOHN THILL Pink Jacket/Sidral Mundet/Sidral Mundet/Hapa Girl
2011 Young Dumb Drugs (7" Lathe-Cut Folktale) Young Dumb Drugs
2013 NICOLE KIDMAN/JOHN THILL/WHITMAN/HUMAN BEHAVIOR 4-Way Split (7" Lathe Cut Folktale) NICOLE KIDMAN Your Eyes/JOHN THILL The Stranger And The Sommelier/WHITMAN Die Alone/HUMAN BEHAVIOR Hohle Fels
2015 JOHN THILL/JOHN BARBA Taft Bldg (7" Lathe Cut Folktale) JOHNBARBA Pop Punk On CD/JOHN THILL Midwest Vacation


    VARIOUS ARTISTS Washed Shores (K7 Seafoam Records) W-S Nights
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Outsider Folk (MP3 Outsider Folk) Engagement Ring
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sun, Smog And Hate (LP Folktale) Smog Machine
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) Alleyways
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) Informer
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs (K7 Unread) Interchanges
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Are All A Flossed Generation: A Flaming Biscuit Records RRRRRevival Compilation (2xK7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Passing Green Screen Village
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) Impunity
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) Impunity

Other Stuff

2001 THE AUM RIFLE Aum (CDR La Moda De Nada/Nightpass) (The Aum Rifle are John Thill, Ganowski and Pichon) Yr. Love Light/Do You Remember Citrus Breezes?/April/Night And Water/Sound Of Sky/Roomspins/She Calls On Sundays/God Bless The Box Of Knowledge/Our Punk Is Sketched With Skips/A Sound/Sketches/That's The Math We Swallowed (Remixed By Guise Of Deth)
    THE AUM RIFLE Dark Moon Water (CDR Nightpass)  
    THE AUM RIFLE ...You Will Think Of Static As A Transitional Mechanism (K7 Nightpass)  
2001 THE AUM RIFLE Dust & White Sky (CDR La Moda De Nada/Nightpass) (The Aum Rifle are John Thill, Ganowski, Paz, Fiore and Pichon) Prayer To Dust I/Sycophant Lovers/Prayer To Dust II/3 Days/Death Valley/Prayer To Dust III/Bethlehem/INTERIM: Introduction Into The White Sky/White Room/Untitled/Grey Eyes/The Smell Of Driving South/Exhaust/Blue Screen
2002 THE AUM RIFLE The Detritus Tapes (CDR Nightpass)The Gray Skies/Clash/Tashkent Cowboys/New Age Hardcore/Axis Of Evil/Collage Three/Romany Embassy/Porchestra One/Sketches Of Chapel Bells/Tools Of The Trade/Fedora Lounge/A Pop Break/Car Song/Hassan II/Grim And Weary Blues/Kneeling/Porchestra Two/Feedback Jazz/Aquatapes/Drink In The Night/Aqueduct Blues
2004   THE AUM RIFLE /FRODALF AND GANDOR We Love U San Bernardino (3" CDR Nightpass) FRODALF & GANDOR Thank You Mr. Gig For Making Us So Popular/THE AUM RIFLE Phil's Ghost
2004   QUEM QUAERITIS/DJIN TEETH (FANGS) Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One (K7 Deathbomb Arc) QUEM QUAERITIS Live From The Werewolf Ecological Preserve/DJIN TEETH (FANGS) Black Swan (By Simone)
2004   QUEM QUAERITIS T.V. T.V. Happy (CDR Nightpass)  
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Love Means Never Having To Say Yr Sorry/Sorry (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records)QUEM QUAERITIS High Five Love/THE AUM RIFLE Young Man's Ballad
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Tapeworms Eat Bookworms (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records) QUEM QUAERITIS Canterbury Wench/THE AUM RIFLE Spring
2004 THE AUM RIFLE A Peal Of Bells (CD Shrimper)Wilt/A Slight Return/Joseph Tyler/Wrinkled Old Bastard/Kitchen/Why Don't You Come Inside?/My Wife Sings From A Sleep Beyond death/Against The Trees/ˇAhorita!/Iced Cherries/The Pleasant Sound/Lets Get Drunk 24-7 4Ever, Amen!/Overly Complex Directions To Nowhere.../You Say Yes, You Say Please No/The Tapes Will Roll Out In The Ether
2005 THE AUM RIFLE/VIKING MOSES Split (7" Folktale/Nightpass Handmade) THE AUM RIFLE Bang The Drum Slowly/The Pirates Of Discovery Bay/THE VIKING MOSES The Chinese Pavillion
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS String Of Artifacts (2CD Fish Pies, Resipiscent) QUEM QUAERITIS ...Giant Ants Who Ruled An Island And Ate All The Tourists
2006   QUEM QUAERITIS/CP Split (LP Not Not Fun) QUEM QUAERITIS Hill Valley 92501/Slangin' Family Ties Dub/Jah On The Hajj/This Factory Makes AIDS/Sessjuan/Jim Caviezel/Canterbury Wende/Sinn Fein Fella/CP Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
2006 QUEM QUAERITIS Tropical Brain Vol. 1 - Quilt Series Vol. 8 (3" CDR Nightpass) Tropical Brain Vol. 1
2006   VARIOUS ARTISTS Siked Psych: NNF Gold (CD Not Not Fun Records) QUEM QUAERITIS Hil Valley 92501
2014 WHITMAN/QUEM QUAERTIS Tacos Like E'ryday/Taco Party (K7 Folktale) WHITMAN Tacos Like E'ryday/ANTHONY HANSEN Tacos Like E'ryday (E-Z Listening Remix)/TREASURE MAMMAL Tacos Like Everyday With Green To Red Salsa Machine Head Cumbia Remix/ELI CHARTKOFF Tacos Like E'ryday (What Is Rap?) Remix/H.O.A.J. The White Man Joint (I Stay High) Remix/GEOFF GEIS & SEAN CARNAGE Incredible Tacos Remix/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party/QUEM QUAERTIS Taco Party Amerimix