The Aum Rifle

This is an attempt to create a complete The Aum Rifle discography.
The Aum Rifle is John Thill, Paz, Pichon, Ganowski and Fiore.
See also John Thill and Quem Quaeritis.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

2001 Aum (CDR La Moda De Nada/Nightpass) Yr. Love Light/Do You Remember Citrus Breezes?/April/Night And Water/Sound Of Sky/Roomspins/She Calls On Sundays/God Bless The Box Of Knowledge/Our Punk Is Sketched With Skips/A Sound/Sketches/That's The Math We Swallowed (Remixed By Guise Of Deth)
    ...You Will Think Of Static As A Transitional Mechanism (K7 Nightpass)  
2001 Dust & White Sky (CDR Nightpass) Prayer To Dust I/Sycophant Lovers/Prayer To Dust II/3 Days/Death Valley/Prayer To Dust III/Bethlehem/INTERIM: Introduction Into The White Sky/White Room/Untitled/Grey Eyes/The Smell Of Driving South/Exhaust/Blue Screen
2002 The Detritus Tapes (CDR Nightpass)The Gray Skies/Clash/Tashkent Cowboys/New Age Hardcore/Axis Of Evil/Collage Three/Romany Embassy/Porchestra One/Sketches Of Chapel Bells/Tools Of The Trade/Fedora Lounge/A Pop Break/Car Song/Hassan II/Grim And Weary Blues/Kneeling/Porchestra Two/Feedback Jazz/Aquatapes/Drink In The Night/Aqueduct Blues
2004 A Peal Of Bells (CD Shrimper)Wilt/A Slight Return/Joseph Tyler/Wrinkled Old Bastard/Kitchen/Why Don't You Come Inside?/My Wife Sings From A Sleep Beyond death/Against The Trees/ˇAhorita!/Iced Cherries/The Pleasant Sound/Lets Get Drunk 24-7 4Ever, Amen!/Overly Complex Directions To Nowhere.../You Say Yes, You Say Please No/The Tapes Will Roll Out In The Ether


    Dark Moon Water (CDR Nightpass)  
2004   THE AUM RIFLE/FRODALF AND GANDOR We Love U San Bernardino (3" CDR Nightpass) FRODALF & GANDOR Thank You Mr. Gig For Making Us So Popular/THE AUM RIFLE Phil's Ghost
2005 THE AUM RIFLE/VIKING MOSES Split (7" Folktale/Nightpass Handmade) THE AUM RIFLE Bang The Drum Slowly/The Pirates Of Discovery Bay/THE VIKING MOSES The Chinese Pavillion


2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Love Means Never Having To Say Yr Sorry/Sorry (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records)Young Man's Ballad
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Tapeworms Eat Bookworms (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records) Spring