This is an attempt to create a complete Nightpass discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

001 THE AUM RIFLE Aum CDR Yr. Love Light/Do You Remember Citrus Breezes?/April/Night And Water/Sound Of Sky/Roomspins/She Calls On Sundays/God Bless The Box Of Knowledge/Our Punk Is Sketched With Skips/A Sound/Sketches/That's The Math We Swallowed (Remixed By Guise Of Deth)
002 THE AUM RIFLE Dust & White Sky CDR Prayer To Dust I/Sycophant Lovers/Prayer To Dust II/3 Days/Death Valley/Prayer To Dust III/Bethlehem/INTERIM: Introduction Into The White Sky/White Room/Untitled/Grey Eyes/The Smell Of Driving South/Exhaust/Blue Screen
    THE AUM RIFLE Dark Moon Water CDR  
    THE AUM RIFLE ...You Will Think Of Static As A Transitional Mechanism K7  
    JOHN THILL 40 Etudes CDR  
006 THE AUM RIFLE The Detritus Tapes CDRThe Gray Skies/Clash/Tashkent Cowboys/New Age Hardcore/Axis Of Evil/Collage Three/Romany Embassy/Porchestra One/Sketches Of Chapel Bells/Tools Of The Trade/Fedora Lounge/A Pop Break/Car Song/Hassan II/Grim And Weary Blues/Kneeling/Porchestra Two/Feedback Jazz/Aquatapes/Drink In The Night/Aqueduct Blues
011   THE AUM RIFLE/FRODALF AND GANDOR Split 3" CDR FRODALF & GANDOR Thank You Mr. Gig For Making Us So Popular/THE AUM RIFLE Phil's Ghost
019   WHITMAN Hosefeathers CDR Introducing.../I Remember/Lipstick/Ibisea Avec Un Casse Voler/My Lover Is A Taxidermist/Soweeo/Aliens Exist/Drunken Lullaby/Paoer Snow/Portrait Of The Whitman As A Young Man/Secrets For Show And Tell/The Crowded Conversation/Mouth Full Of Matches/The Sounds Of Cancer/The Shootist/No Po Si/O' Happy Dagger/Little Voice/The Creature Nurketh Lear
025   MONSTER DUDES I Know That You're Okay 7" I Know You're Okay/There's Something Spooky Going On/The Mice Are Taking All The Cheese/Hot Lava Bruises Water
042 BODY VEHICLE A Static Rainbow: White K7 The Light Emitter/Operator Of Dark Emitter/The Thrill Emitter/The Dark Emitter/The Sight/Breathable Gel Filled Room/New Rave/The Dark Winds Of Ro/Timeless And Foggy Swamps (As Perceived By Giants Version)/Matter Mechanics
  FATHER'S DAY A Static Rainbow: Pink K7 Interview/Every Girl's My Girlfriend/This Really Happened Part 2/I<3 Tits/My Daughter's A Slut/Go To Bed/Sleazy/Jennifer Lilly/I Have So Much Respect For Women/Your Music Sucks/When I Say Woman, I'm Talking To You/Old Skull Tribute/Are You Sure The Child's Mine?/This Is My House Too/I Didn't Do That At Your Age/This Really Happened/BBQ Sandwich Kiss Part 3/Sometimes (Doo Wop)/Theme
  NARWHALZ A Static Rainbow: Blue K7 Big Bird Finds His Family/Sic Jabba The Hutt (Slow Jam For The Lady Poneebmibns)/Slime (Signal Generator Time!)/Noiz, Nose, Nozee/((((((((((((((()))))))))))))))))))))/Wizard Beard/You're Driving Me Jay-Z/You Could Pave The Rave/Clovdchillin/DVH
  TAWEE A Static Rainbow: Green K7 10 Dash 1/Don De Rebirth Day/Magnetism In The Crystal Cove/Propeelios/Phantom Of the Laptop-Ra/Prehistoric Space Funk/Albino Butterflies Chased By An Air-Shark/Stalag-Nebula Overture For Mouth & Voice/Basement Of A Crystal-Shaft/Fore A.D.R.I./Static Cleansing/1 Dash 10/Free-Association Discorporated Light-Bodies Congregate
  EILIYAS A Static Rainbow: Violet K7 A Serenade For Cracked Jade/Mating Fireflies/The Emperor's New Clothes/Apples And Oranges/Mating Dragonflies/Stronger Haiku/To the Monkey, "Save Me From The Ugly"
  MICOSE AND THE MAU MAUS A Static Rainbow: Yellow K7 Untitled/Untitled
    JOHN THILL 40 Etudes CDR  
  THE VIKING MOSES Sandstorm E.P. - Quilt Series Vol. 1 3" CD Sandstorms/In Servitude/No Blessing As Fine As This
  JOHN THILL Accordion Crimes - Quilt Series Vol. 2 3" CD TV Blues/Accordion Crimes/Joy/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing/Nothing /Nothing/Nothing /Depths Of Acadia
  C.P. The Scouts Rule Shit Mtn. - Quilt Series Vol. 3 3" CD Rock 'N' Roll Feels Good/In The Cosmos/Nununu/Transmissions From Shit Mtn.
  MONSTER DUDES Trick Up On You - Quilt Series Vol. 4 3" CD Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled /Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
  WHITMAN Toyguns & Tomahawks - Quilt Series Vol. 5 3" CD Zane Greys Alarm Clock/Talking To John Wayne/Poultry Farming Raised This Country Up/The Day After Dime Bag Darrell Died/Rainy Stroll With Dr Moreau Where I Say What's That Sound And He Say What Sound/And The I Say Oh No Aaaahhhh!/I Saw Nature And It Was Looking At Me/Rap Musics Of The 23rd Century Transposed Upon A Sylvan Scene/Jeff And Greg Vs The National Park System/L'Amour Nature Than You Can Handle/Someday All This Will Be Stripmalls
  JEREMY FROM BOISE I'll Be Your Lawyer - Quilt Series Vol. 6 3" CD Norse Divorse/Bubble Wrap/Shine/1000 Windshields/Morning Shade And The Horse's Bite/Your Low Grade/Kickin' It In The Face/The Wave/Think It Is Majic
  MIKE AHO A Whisper The Words Are You Think You're Screaming - Quilt Series Vol. 7 3" CD Untitled/A War On A Coffeetable/Everything Scatters/Water And Spirit/Anyday Now/Your Agenda Will Swallow Your Time/My Eyes Would Well And Blur With Laughing Tears
  QUEM QUAERITIS Tropical Brain Vol. 1 - Quilt Series Vol. 8 3" CD Tropical Brain Vol. 1
  PIXEL PARADISE Candles - Quilt Series Vol. 9 3" CD Candles/In The Land Of No Werewolves/Self Aware Tetris
  ADAM LIPMAN Makes Sweet Sweet Love To Gepetto - Quilt Series Vol. 10 3" CD That Coulda Been In Ya, Girl, But You Chose Otherwise/The Littlest Of Ways/Vulnerable Sleep/Uprisings
  ANTI-CHRIST OVERDUB Divine Ministry - Quilt Series Vol. 11 3" CD Crosses And Lines/Helluvahoedown/Fortress Of Sorrow/Makin' Whoopee. Fucklai Mo/You're Hate 4 Me/Mitsy's 9th Life/Mi Pizzaiaolo Astroo
  YUMA NORA Gifts And Collectibles - Quilt Series Vol. 12 3" CD Gifts And Collectibles
  OXALIS Cycle Of Our Electrical World - Quilt Series Vol. 13 3" CD Creation/Life/Death
  WEIRDO/BEGEIRDO Swamputee - Quilt Series Vol. 14 (3" CD Swanputee/Look Back In Anger
  WESTERN GRAVES My Heart Rides With You - Quilt Series Vol. 15 3" CD My Heart Rides With You - Celebrate Our Deaths
  FLASPAR Skull One - Quilt Series Vol. 16 3" CD Doo Doo 2
  THE KIWIS A 3 Inch Kiss - Quilt Series Vol. 17 3" CD Suspicious/Rasing The Steaks On Love And Scott Bayo/Goldfish/Jessica/Kelly/Campfire Singers For Pop Stars/Proud Mary/Martian Estates
  GOLDEN BOOTS Blunderlust - Quilt Series Vol. 18 3" CD Goodbye Blue Monday/Rhinestones/*/Rooftop (Demo)/The Diana Ross Experience/** (Organ Treatise)/Overcoast/Payphone/***/Owner Of A Lonelyheart (Rustprize)
  GEPETTO Neon People - Quilt Series Vol. 19 3" CD Canal Way/It Used To Be So Sunny/Segue/Crime And Nighttime/Segue/Ceramic
  TAWEE Brightangles And Seafoam - Quilt Series Vol. 20 3" CD 3rd Attempt At A Maximalist Theory Of Beginning With The First Two Tracks On The Capitol Conductor Cdr On The Evolve Music Imprint/Live Freesytle Improvisation Of Prepared Guitar And Voice/Keyboard Improvisation/Collective Improvisation Featuring Several Evolve Musicians
  THE VONNEGETTES Not In This Ole House - Quilt Series Vol. 21 3" CD Bedrock/Not In This Ole House/Burning Ball/Sleep With It
  BRAD DUNN As Is - Quilt Series Vol. 22 3" CD Wide World/Strolling To Sultan/Jack Rabbit/A Sleepy Day For Kangaroos/Snake Handlers Permit/Tarantula/Thai Shrick/Dummy Man
  TRANSISTOR RADIO SOUND Magic - Quilt Series Vol. 23 3" CD Pigeons/Beatbox/Frightening To Know/Planet Earth/Let's/The West/On A Sailing Ship
  AMERICAN GIL I Am An Eagle, Fella - Quilt Series Vol. 24 3" CD Nicky's Blues Are Gone/I Like Strawberry Soda/Lunchtime Riverside/I Wish I Was A Plastic Bag/Sammy Was A Bear/Boot And Pants/Moving To North Carolina/Gila Gorilla/Ode To Cannibal/There Are Christians In Them Woods/American Gil Theme Song
  PETER HOLY Jšnner - Quilt Series Vol. 25 3" CD Likeness/You Noticed/Faulty Decisions/Wrong C/Time/Blue Socks/Statistics
  DOG SHIT TACO Black Oxide: Chamber Music For A Small Group Of Bleeding Mice - Quilt Series Vol. 26 3" CD Prepice Propylene Pigment/Four Organs(Steve Reich)
  CHORUSED THE ANIMALS The Beats! - Quilt Series Vol. 27 3" CD Candlebeast/Warm Blanket Constellations/Ferns/For Gallantry/O Feed Us! O Fend Us!/Our Jungle (Remix)
  OODEATER FoodEater - Quilt Series Vol. 28 3" CD Sonchus Olericus/Disney's/Concentration Camp/The Matthew's Boys/Feedback/Quantus-Vis/Fabric/Number One Commie
  BELLY BOAT Belly Boat - Quilt Series Bonus 3" CD Give Back/Little, Oceans/Eric/November/Gratous
  THE AUM RIFLE/VIKING MOSES Split 7'' (corelease with Folktale) THE AUM RIFLE Bang The Drum Slowly/The Pirates Of Discovery Bay/THE VIKING MOSES The Chinese Pavillion