Golden Boots

This is an attempt to create a complete Golden Boots discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Blunderlust (10" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Goodbye Blue Mondays/Rhinestones/*/Rooftop/Diana Ross Experience (Organ Treatise)/**/Overcast/Payphone/***/Owner Of A Lonely Heart (Rustprize)
    Bland Caynon Adventure 10" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Monsters/Constellations Of Loving You/Harbor/Lose The Tension/Magic Answering Machine/Cookie, Sparkie, And Dexter/Suitcase
2008 GOLDEN BOOTS EV/Coyote Deathbed Surprize (LP People In A Position To Know)Evil One/Everything/Evil Eye/Everytime/Ancient Buried City/West Nile Isle (Dictaphone Buffet Version)/Ghost Machine/Days Are Night/Slangin Family Ties Dub
2009 The Winter Of Our Discoteque (LP Mudhouse/Park The Van Records) Heatwave/Easy Lie/Country Bat High II/Black And Blue/Ghosts/Love Is In The Air/Knife/Make Believe/Savior's Sky/Fear
2011 DBX 'N' SPF (LP People In A Position To Know)Yuma/Radarange/Sunsites/Thank You/Love You Wrong/[Laughter >> Guest:/Pills & Cream/Vat/Dissolution 1/Beartrap
    GOLDEN BOOTS TROPICAL TRIO H.A.L.T. (2x10" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Foggy Mountain Psychological Breakdown/Monster Kiss/Virginia/Hide And Run/Somebody's Knockin'/Evil Eye/Constellations Of Loving You/Anything Could Happen/Harbor/Bear Trap/Foundsound
  Telelog Freedom (K7 People In A Position To Know/Free The Market Tapes) Scavenger/Guiding Light (8 Track Demo)/Antenna/Make Believe (Live In Vegas)/Solstice Party/World Of Danse/The New Neighbors Are Here/Ghosts (4 Track Demo)
2019 Night Drives Vol.1 (LP Solid Gold) Sierra Nevada Corporation's Dream Chaser/Concrete Plain/Tongs/Reach Of Children


    GOLDEN BOOTS/GENE TRIPP Tour Of Deutschland & La France (6" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) GOLDEN BOOTS Virginia (Tropical Trio Rendition)/GENE TRIPP My Hands
2013 GOLDEN BOOTS White Skeleton (7" Flexi People In A Position To Know) White Skeleton
2004 GOLDEN BOOTS Blunderlust - Quilt Series Vol. 18 3" (CD Nightpass Handmade) Goodbye Blue Monday/Rhinestones/*/Rooftop (Demo)/The Diana Ross Experience/** (Organ Treatise)/Overcoast/Payphone/***/Owner Of A Lonelyheart (Rustprize)
    WAND/GOLDEN BOOTS Split (7" People In A Position To Know) WAND Dirty Penny/I'm Afraid Of Little Girls/GOLDEN BOOTS Passers By (Penelope)/A Nothing
2013 GOLDEN BOOTS Traveling; Strange 7" Lathe Cut Traveling; Strange
2016 Pray For Surf (Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Pray For Surf/It Could Be Easy
2019 Circuit Bored (7" Compact Disc Records) Clones & Drones/Buttercup/Psychological Strength/Circuit Jerk/Prayin' Hands/Satan The Mp3


2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Wedding Heart Shaped Records (People In A Position To Know) GOLDEN BOOTS The Man In Me/CASTANETS (FEAT. GOLDEN BOOTS) You Are My Sunshine
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Comfort & Joy - A Holiday Compilation For Charity (LP Analog Ghost Recordings)GOLDEN BOOTS Mele Kalikimaka
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Rising Cost Of Livin' High & Lovin' Hard - A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson (2LP + 7" Flexi People In A Position To Know) GOLDEN BOOTS Best Of All Possible Worlds
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Records Digest 4x 5" Hand Bound Book - Graves, Turner Cody, Southerly, Golden Boots (4x5" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) GOLDEN BOOTS Horses/Horse

Other Stuff

2014 AMERICAN MONOXIDE American Monoxide's Fucked Up Sounds From A Haunted World (The Six Sider) (Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) (Dimitri Manos) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
2015 LABRYYYNTH Labryyynth (LP People In A Position To Know/Grey Micro Press Sky/Bleeding Gold) Traveling Strange/Sunlight/Beez Neez/Wrecking Ball/Ugly Orie/Plastic/Be My Champ/Oh Virginia/Antenna Of Sin/Hold Me
2015 LABRYYYNTH Wrecking Ball (Alternate Version) 7" Lathe Cut (People In A Position To Know/Burger Records) Wrecking Ball (Alternate Version)
2015 AMERICAN MONOXIDE In Fight Mode (LP People In A Position To Know/Solid Gold) (Dimitri Manos) Powerstrip/Sony Panasonic Airlift/Harmless/Brite Lites/Guitar Amp/Circuit Board Snowman/Get Fucked/Broken Milk/Space Creatures Pt. 1/Space Creatures Pt. 2