Wooden Wand

This is an attempt to create a complete Wooden Wand discography.
See also The Vanishing Voice.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    WAND Born Bad (LP People In A Position To Know/Mad Monk) Agent Of Destruction/Shithouse Rat/Creature Of Habit/Shaving Cold/Dark Pocket/Born Bad/Resuscitation Distillery Blues/Shrinking Violet In A Cowboy Band/The Forgiveness Factory/You've Got Nobody/I Wouldn't Do That/Bad Form-American Cream
2004 WOODEN WAND Harem Of The Sundrum & The Witness Figg (CD Soft Abuse) Leave Your Perch.../Perch Modifier/Vengeance, Pt. 2/Sundrum Ladies/Babylon The Great, Pt. 3/(Ask A) Sufist Chef/Spiritual Inmate/Forgiveness Figg (Bethany Hotel Blues)/Eagle Claw/Warn Winch, Pts. 2-3
2004 WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE Michel's Portal And Crow Jane Variations (K7 Fuck It Tapes) Michel's Portal/Crow Jane Variations
2005 WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE The Abundant Life (K7 Not On Label) Untitled/Untitled
2005 WOODEN WAND AND THE VANISHING VOICE XIAO (CD Troubleman Unlimited) Paper TrailBlues/Caribou Christ In The Great Void/Weird Wisteria Tangles Carrion Christ But Intends No Harm/Lions In Love/Cobra Christ Of The Cabbages/Return Of The Nose
2006   WOODEN WAND/HUSH ARBORS/SATYA SAI Tour Spring 2006 (CDR Self Released) WOODEN WAND/HUSH ARBORS/SATYA SAI Hello Sunshine/WOODEN WAND We Must Also Love The Thieves (Demo)/HUSH ARBORS Stone Scar/WOODEN WAND If You’re Dead To Your Girl (You Are Dead To The World) (Demo)/HUSH ARBORS Sugar Mountain/WOODEN WAND Goodbye The Day/HUSH ARBORS Far Away I Have Been (Live)/WOODEN WAND/HUSH ARBORS/SATYA SAI At The Crossroads
2007 WOODEN WAND HASSARA Backyard Volume III (K7 Double Fantasy) Road To Nowhere Pt. 1/Zodiac Blues/Road To Nowhere Pt. 2
2011 WOODEN WAND Archives Volume 3 (6xLP People In A Position To Know) Hard Bargains: Nothing To Declare/Hard Bargains/Drill Myth Shit/Easy Street/Carnival Trailer/Good Saints/Jonny Medulla/Oh Dad/Soothsayer/Lines/Depends On The Friends
Roadside Peaches: Xiao Li During Youth/Waveland/Wide Mouth Style/Resisting The Need/Bones For Doctor Swah/Roadside Peaches/CB Love/Gentleman Death/Ain't It Strange?/No Hayride
Visiting Hours & Other Missteps: (I Had To Hear It) From A Stranger/Visiting Hours/Hand Off Heart/Mermaid's Lament/Loose Ends/How Do You/Every Turn/Waterhaul/I Slept
Get Right With Goddess: Man In Reno/Right Minds Think Twice/Dive/Hellbound Friend/Run Run Run/Hallucination/Good To Get Home/May/Beatles Or Stones/Northern Nights/Left Of Me/Blind Reprieve
Preparing An Audience: Nails And Spikes/Tumor Blues/Born To Lose/Jaybird Flower/I Still Haven't Lost You/Hosting Hostages/Pacifist Tonight/Room For One More/Or Worse/The Ballad Of Gentleman Jim
Five Alive - First Songs: Eve Of Your Death Bonfire/Glory/Jail/The Defensible Inn/Hold Your Horses/Steak Knife/Five Alive/Xtian Scientist/Skin And Bone/Claim That Fame/You Don't Know What It's Like/Ballet Shoes/Angel Face/Dear Weapon
2012 DUKE GARWOOD & WOODEN WAND Duke/Wand (LP Fire Records) DUKE GARWOOD Sweet Mary Come Down/King Kiif (The GateKeeper)/Some Kind Of Move/Fortune (Grace The Days)/The Sand, The Return/WOODEN WAND Darkness + Doubt/Navy Blue/Bruised Fruit/Sediment Traps/Wooley Blue
2014 WOODEN WAND The PIAPTK Singles 2006-2014 (K7 People In A Position To Know) Run Run Run/Past Due/Beatles Vs Stones/Carnival Trailer/Dive/O'Susanna!/Dirty Penny/Love Me Tender/Winter In Kentucky (Demo Version)/I Still Haven't Lost You/The Junkie & The Juicehead (Minus Me)/A Few Old Memories/School's Out


    WAND Haunting The Stagecoach (8" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Dive (Mt. Kisco, NY, 1999)/O, Susanna! (White Plains, NY, 2000)/Beatles Or Stones (Demo Version, Murfreesboro, TN, 2008)/Carnival Trailer (Murfreesboro, TN, 2007)
    WAND/GOLDEN BOOTS Split (7" People In A Position To Know) WAND Dirty Penny/I'm Afraid Of Little Girls/GOLDEN BOOTS Passers By (Penelope)/A Nothing
2006   WOODEN WAND/CLAY RUBY Velvet Underground Covers Hexagonal (8" People In A Position To Know) WOODEN WAND Run, Run, Run/CLAY RUBY Black Angels Death Song
2007   WOODEN WAND/HUSH ARBORS Swappin' (7" The Great Pop Supplement) WOODEN WAND Breather/HUSH ARBORS Light
2012 CATHERINE IRWIN & WOODEN WAND Sing The Songs Of Hazel Dickens (7" People In A Position To Know) WOODEN WAND A Few Old Memories/CATHERINE IRWIN Lost Patterns
2014 WOODEN WAND Blt (CDS/Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) Blt/Blt
    WOODEN WAND School's Out (7" Lathe Cut People In A Position To Know) School's Out


2010   VARIOUS ARTISTS Wedding Heart Shaped Records (People In A Position To Know) WOODEN WAND Love Me Tender
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Rising Cost Of Livin' High & Lovin' Hard - A Tribute To Kris Kristofferson (2LP + 7" Flexi People In A Position To Know) THE WOODEN WAND FEAT. SCRIVENER Tell Me One More Time/WOODEN WAND The Junkie & The Juicehead, Minus Me
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Comfort & Joy - A Holiday Compilation For Charity (LP Analog Ghost Recordings)WOODEN WAND Silver Bells

Other Stuff

2007 THE VANISHING VOICE Vellum (K7 Meudiademorte)Vellum