Adam Lipman

This is an attempt to create a complete Adam Lipman discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2004 VIKING MOSES/ADAM LIPMAN Live At Chez Bippy (K7 Natrix Natrix Records) VIKING MOSES In Servitude/Pretty Little Eyes/Sandstorms/Down In The Water Below/Follow Foriegn Love/Jones Boys/Rough Rider/ADAM LIPMAN Dk's/King Shit Of Fuck Mountain/Mariko/Lady Myth/Cold Rain/Tempo Kannan/Proud Enough To Bite/The Light Of Future Passions (Friends)
2006 Feathered Palm Trees (CDR Folktale) Fish Blood/Within Walls/Indisciplined Woman/Touch Her At All/Out Of Our Mouths/Uprising/Palm Full & Sexy/Cock Of Nothin'/Down In Yon Forest/Feathered Palm Trees
2008 Both Sundays (CDR Dust Wind Tales) Primal Comraderie/Rip Into Me/Bury Me A Rose/All The Nests The Bare Branches Show/Something Strong And Sometimes Weak/Multiple Meanings Of Knives And Sheep/Swing That Dress
2009 From Your Mouth To God's Ear (CD Shrimper)Her Life Under Our Roof/Some Faces/To Our Loves/Painting On Wood/The Pleasure To Lean/Here, By Love, I Mean Reciprocal Torture/Both Sundays/Leave Me Alone/On Knees In Pairs/A Pleasant Condescending/Love Is Lord
2013   ALLEN CALLACI & ADAM LIPMAN Glacial (CD Shrimper)Smiling Wildly/Drifting Blue/Absolution & Burial/Vulnerable Sleep/A Calming Wake/Remember Me/Primal Comraderie/Feathered Palm Trees
2014   Prove The Beast (CD Shrimper)Leaving Virginia/In Our Home/Drifting Blue/The Body Bare/Cool Breeze/Prove the Beast/Only the Hunted/Waiting to Exhale/Remember Me
2019 The Slouch (K7 Shrimper)

The Promise/Swalesman/Bedridden/Idle Men/The Slouch/Lamb's Breath/Always Give Themselves Away/Sleeping Deep/Gifted Discipline/Dim Light



2004 Makes Sweet Sweet Love To Gepetto - Quilt Series Vol. 10 (3" CD Nightpass Handmade Records) That Coulda Been In Ya, Girl, But You Chose Otherwise/The Littlest Of Ways/Vulnerable Sleep/Uprisings


2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Tapeworms Eat Bookworms (2xK7 Not Not Fun Records) Until The House Is Full Of Children
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS Taco Bell Fella! - A Tribute To Quem Quaeritis (CDR Folktale) ADAM LIPMAN & SOCCER PEE Road To Disney's Mansion
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) ADAM LIPMAN AND LEON REID My Secret Prison