The North Sea

This is an attempt to create a complete The North Sea discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

2004   Autumn Birch (CDR PseudoArcana) These Years Become Sand/English Ivy Climbs The Walls/Magenta Spray/Asleep In Caves
2004 Sanctuary (K7 Unread) Matriarch/Inside Bathurst/Lennox Street Bridge/Carving Shapes In The Wood
2004 The Oscelot Chronicles Vol. 1 (CDR Foxglove) Drinking Gallo By The Seaside/Ghost Robotics/Nothing But Rust/Rainy Day In April/Clandestine/Old Buildings Come Down/Telefilm/Vegas/Sinking Poseidon
2004   Passporte (3" CDR Foxglove)  
2004   The Oscelot Chronicles Vol. 2 (CDR Foxglove) Emeralds And Rubies/Mississippi Sings/Moth Wings/Cherry Blossom Mosquitos/Stainless Steel Waterfall/Limestone Fields/Cellophane Dragons/Forcefield/Covering Our Tracks With Crusted Jewels
2004   HUSH ARBORS/THE NORTH SEA Singing Through Moss & Mist (CDR Foxglove) HUSH ARBORS I Will Carry Bones In My Knapsack/Wasp Of Leaves/THE NORTH SEA Spiralling Timbers/Another Birdsong Ministry
2005   Cardinals Bound For Heaven (CDR Paha Porvari) We Climbed The Trees And Picked The Apples/Carry On Frightened Mystics/Welcome To The Pearly Gates Little Bird/Sweetness
2005   Council Of Trees (CDR 267 Lattajjaa) I Saw The Sunset Melt The Sky/Snap Dragon/Green Foliage Forever/Translucent Coastal Plains/Silver Tissue/We Eat Pine Cones/Rosemary/Autumn Revery
2005   Full Pink Moon (CDR Hand/Eye) Rose Colored Shades/Turquoise Skies, My Mistress/Rot & Chime/Jefferson/These Are The Trees Where We Were Born/Cradle Me In Your Arms
2005   Locust Grove (CDR Foxglove) Pilotfish/Goldenrod (Pt. 1)/Oak Tree Serenade/Deer In The Works/Goldenrod (Pt. 2)/Acid Drank The Sunrise/They Sang In Cilandro Fields In Dusk
2005   THE NORTH SEA & RAMESES III Night Of The Ankou (CDR 267 Lattajjaa) Death Of The Ankou/Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit
2005   PETER WRIGHT/THE NORTH SEA/AGITATED RADIO PILOT Split (CDR Deserted Village) PETER WRIGHT Coruscation/Heat Haze/Embroidered Copper/THE NORTH SEA Batik/Kaleidoscope Silk Print/Ferns Pressed In Paper/AGITATED RADIO PILOT Broken Hill/For Karen Ava/Umberumberka
2005   THE NORTH SEA/THE ROME CHELL Split (CDR RuralFaune) THE NORTH SEA Buzzsaw/Seabirds/Floating The Columbia/THE ROME CHELL Misere-Passio-Arbos
2005   THE NORTH SEA/XENIS EMPUTAE TRAVELLING BAND Split (CDR Larkfall) THE NORTH SEA Sun Dried Ashes/Tangello/Polished Teeth/Three Ostrich Plumes Proper/XENIS EMPUTAE TRAVELLING BAND Moly/Turning To Face The Western Oak/British Primitive Music/Chwyfleian And The Projection Of John
2005   HUSH ARBORS/TERRACID/THE NORTH SEA Split (CDR Barl Fire Recordings) HUSH ARBORS Brittle Village/Under The Death Tree/TERRACID A Hand Inside Her Arm/Loop You Know/Electric Avian/Tracks On Skin We Crave/THE NORTH SEA Seamstress Of The Sun Gods/Three Leaves/Wire Clouds Retreating
2006   Baby Blue Bones (CDR Music Your Mind Will Love You) Welcome Home Woodsman/Glassworks/Bleed The Sun Dry/Nikolette/October Anchors/The Cancer Ward/Wicked Stepsister/Earthworks/Inside The Silver Archers
2006   THE NORTH SEA & RAMESES III Night Of The Ankou (CD Type Records. Reissue of the 2005 267 Lattajjaa release.) Death Of The Ankou/Night Blossoms Written In Sanskrit/Return Of The Ankoun (Xela Remix)
2006   Summer Decays Through Autumn's Alchemy (CDR Foxglove) Red Bengali Dawn/A Hymn For Sugar Pines/Sunrise/Pink Sky Mountains/Desert Air
2006   Underneath The Jesus Tree (CDR Barl Fire) Asleep Underneath The Jesus Tree/Marigold Perfume/High Tide/Legend Of The Albino Deer/Windmills/The Morning Birds
2007   Archaic Spines (CD A Silent Place) Splendor/Oh Velveteen/Silent Order Of The Shrouded Tombs/We Salute The Sandblasted Turrets/The Feather'd King, The Bluejay Queen
2007   Dead Birds (CDR Digitalis) Charlatan/Mother Of Egypt/I'm On My Way To The Kingdom Land/The Sun Reborn/Dead Birds
2007   Exorcise Vultures (CDR Whistle Along Records) Apiary Star Cycle/Breathing Trees/Long Since Buried Golden Paths/Glass Valley/Blackened Pisces Sun/Last Of The Silverbacks/Leaves Like Snow
2007   Exquisite Idols (CD/LP Type Records) Eternal Birds/Guiwenneth Of The Green Grass/We Conquered The Golden Age/Take It From Me Brother Moses/Cover Me With Knives/Children Of The Ashes/And Then The Solstice Disappeared/Feather-Cloaked Silver Priestess
2007   In The Time Of The Sugar Pines (CD Music Fellowship/New American Folk Hero) Gathered Around The Campfire/Beartrap/Angels Cloaked In Albino Deerskin/Golden Palm In Jerusalem's Lost Forest/Eight Snake Leaves/The Sparrow King/We Are Ghosts In The Vast White Skies
2007   Mud Dragons (CDR Foxglove) Mine Black Eyes/Pterodactyl/Vatican
2007   On The Endless Golden Skyway (CDR Black Petal) Everest/Eight Eyes Watching/Christ & His Mother/White Siberian Birches/O Ye River Wilder/The Sun Went Out
2007   Snakeroot Ceremony (CDR Phantom Limb Recordings) Wheat Harvest/Today We Collected Sea-Shells On The Beach/Death Of A Floral Artisan/Evergreen Lore/Roots & Weeds/The Sea Sang "Hallelujah"
2008   Almost Perfect Illusion (K7 Blackest Rainbow) Cyclones/Milk Money
2008   Clean White Beds (K7 Period Tapes) World Of Waitresses/Best Of The Child-Bearing Years
2008   Crusades (K7 Digitalis) Cancer Registry/Plague Migration
2008   XELA/MAREA NORDULUI Electronic Music Vol. 1 (LP Rite) XELA Remuscări Feminine/Vina Masculină/MAREA NORDULUI Sarbatorim Pe Glandele Gustative
2008   Elixir (K7 Abandon Ship) House Of Kinlaza/Enchanted Misery
2008   Explorations (CDR Digitalis) Opium Den/Alas Zanzibar
2008   THE NORTH SEA/FABIO ORSI Far & Wide (K7 Digitalis) Fabio Orsi Demixes The North Sea/The North Sea Demixes Fabio Orsi
2008   Gated Community (CDR Root Strata) Gated Community/Glowering
2008   Hundred Flowers (K7 Peasant Magik) Otherwise Ornamental/Empire Without End
2008   Submarine Museum (K7 Stunned Records) Submarine Museum
2008   AJILVSGA/MASS ORNAMENT/ALMS/THE NORTH SEA (2xK7 Digitalis) AJILVSGA White Star On Forehead/MASS ORNAMENT Fluid In The Lungs/Akkad/Symphony For Lightning/Spitting Image/ALMS Floating World/Drunken Universe/THE NORTH SEA Incidental Contact (Above The Waist)
2009   Daytona (K7 Gift Tapes) Marineland/Cypress Gardens
2009   Electioneering (K7 Excite Bike) Victory/Defeat
2009   No Sky Remains (K7 Dial Square Tapes) Ravines/Keep Calm Now/Silenced
2009   Orbital Forcing (K7 White Circle/Black Dot) Infinite Crests/Tide Clocks
2009 Peyote Forest (K7 Peyote Tapes) Peyote Forest I/Peyote Forest II
2009   Royal Arsenal (K7 Black Horizons) Honeyrunner/Still Going Hungry
2009 THE NORTH SEA/CURRENT AMNESIA Split (K7 Digitalis) CURRENT AMNESIA Delusions Of The Triangle/THE NORTH SEA Green Cluds/Wince
2009   THE NORTH SEA/BONES OF SEABIRDS Split (K7 Anathema Sound) THE NORTH SEA Bleak Houses/Liberty And Cascade/BONES OF SEABIRDS Carving The Black Throne
2009 Sweet Boxing (K7 Teosinte)Roughage/Mangled Feet
2009   Tanned Hides (K7 Existential Cloth Recordings) More To More/Remnant
2009   Total Football (2xK7 Digitalis) Van Basten 88/Dreaming Of Gullit/European Champions/Number 14


2008   THE NORTH SEA/CORSICAN PAINTBRUSH Split (7" L'Animaux Tryst (Field) Recordings) Nikolette (Reborn)/Under Storm Skies