This is an attempt to create a complete Plundershop discography.
Plundershop is Brantley Fletcher.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 Bolivia At A Glance (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Intro/Nights Like These/Kathy Explains/Out Go The Lights/Asparagus, Aisle 7/Pressure/December, Today/Shelter Here/Dead Bird/August '94/Burning Bush/Marked With 7/Stuck/Me/Carousel Eyes/Definately Scented/Winter/Someone Smiles/Rain/She Laughed/Sister/Bonus Noise + Excitement/Take It Back
1995 Celebrate Our Disease...... (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Watery Bed/The Weary Adventurer/Hula Hips/Celebrate Our Disease/Plastic/Summer Of Love/Suburban Neighborhoods/Generic Generation/Puerto Rico Way/Storm Clouds/Sift And Flutter/The Celebration Comes To A Close
  Better Than Before I Chewed It (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Summertime/Hit Or Miss/Telescope/42nd Street/Sentimental Keyboard Song/A Better Way/Useless Eyes/Siren Song/Sixteen/Tabloid Town/Coming Home/Smile/Worse/Five Black Birds/Something New/The Highway/Seque/Outro
  Quail Point Factory (K7 Self Released) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled
  Saint Montana/Foller Deposition (K7 Self Released) Saint Montana/Bugs/The Scrambler/Magic Attic Graffittti/Axis: Bold As Love/Teenager #3 (Demo)/Slow Passage/Guitar Trio/Solo Frat House/Starts To Run/Regina Maris (Live On WUSC)/My Uncle's Property/white Light Compass (Live)
  Clentane Matawba (K7 Self Released) Instrumentals
1997 Part 4 (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) How Satan Ruined My Cousin's Life/Your River Is A Dirty Old Man/Hold And Repeat/Perfume Towers Perfume In My Eyes/The Mao Years/Favorite Marching Song/Tennessee Rolls Over Me/Unopened Letter/Death March Of The Very Tiny Yet Loathed Mountain Men And All Associated/Wires Of My Radio/Children Outside My Window/Hymn For Dissection/The Germans Have/The French Also/Canoe To You/Down At The Corners/Fabulous Prizes/Countdown/Your Blue Eyes And Polka/Your Assessment/Ghosts/Application Pts. 1-4/The End, Un-Copywrite 1997
1997 INORGANIA/PLUNDERSHOPF Labia Majority Rules/Untitled (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) INORGANIA Long Distance Calls For Free/I'll Beat You With This Crowbar/Beth (Strange Person From Mall)/I Hereby Makle This Anatomical Gift/Technotronic With Ya Kid K/X-Tank Ver-Haz Mat/The Holy Spirit Has Led You Thus Far/Labia Dance Mix/PLUNDERSHOPF 100 Proof Retirement/Resting Upon Thorns And Shoulders/The Air Outside/Have You Considered Heavy Metal Poisoning?/Seminar 1-2-3/The Bees Return/Autumn's Bells
1998 CALEB FRAID AND PLUNDERSHOP Strike Anywhere (K7 Doormat, TX)PLUNDERSHOP Disappearing Act-Gone Now/Objects Defined By Space Between/Monday December/This Little Room/Natural Cause(s)/CALEB FRAID Dr. Thunder/Burnt Match (Denomination Blues)/Pre K/I Am A Twig/Tripled Over/Southern Lightening/Dr. Funder
1999 The Stationary (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records)Death Vixen 9000 Overture/I'm Sad And I'm Stuck Inside Of A Hurricane Lamp/Infectious Grooves Vs. An Emotional Fish, Part Two/The Best Song Is When I Was Born/The Revenge Of Dr. Furniture/**** Gospel: Singer ****/Cartwheels And Explosions/Death Valley Porno Car Chase And Explosions/Dead Motherfucker Stomp/Wasp's Nest (Glued To My Face)/How Stella Got Her Roof Back/Russian Roulette/Veils Of California/Dance Of The Stationary Veils/Rotating Veils Of Mariachi/13,000 Veils Of House Music Hell/Angels Of Paralysis/Golden Veils Of Armani/Veils Of Medieval Europe, Parts One And Two/
  Supreme Vegan Of The 4th Century (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) (also on Kylie Productions) In The Course Of A Day/Miss Anthrope/Your Skull Has A Little Hinge/Pour The Tambooorine/Lights Of Town/As Strangers Walk By On Both Sides/Asleep In Sand 6 AM/Octo Be Hirirt 6-2/Waterlemon/A Dream - Dec. 19 1997/Blackbird/Dispersion/Sun-Bleached Sidewalk Bishopville, USA/Arrow Meets A Curve
2002 CHARLIE McALISTER AND CALEB FRAID/PLUNDERSHOP Lullabys/Strike Anywhere (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) CHARLIE McALISTER Untitled/PLUNDERSHOP Untitled
    Plundershop (K7 Kylie Productions) 
2014 Arthritic Reverbs (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Mayan Calendar Girl (Half Wash Version)/Might You Finally Find (Demo Verb)/Crippled Rockers/My Library (First Floor Only)/Things I Could Have Done
2015   LOST TRAIL/PLUNDERSHOP Split (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) PLUNDERSHOP Back From The Beach/Low Grey Subfloor Hallucination #2/LOST TRAIL Haunted By Fierce Ghosts/Talkin' The Beginning Of Sorrows Blues/Logging Road Mist/Surface Anomalies/Elegy For A Sense Of Place/A Mask Of Recent Snow/White Oak Mountain/Malevolent Shortwave 6:22
2015 Slum Dunk Silhoutte (K7 Unread) All Drinkers Are Masochists/Your Kisses Are Whishes, Bitches/China Closet/Get Behind Korea/Elegy For Nick Fletcher/Honeybees/Bells And Bees
2016 Lorain Palace (K7 Unread) Yellowed Submarine/The Sporting Life/Down To The Camp/Nu Grove/The Water Supply/Old Glee Club/Carol Garland/Bunny June
2017 Pink Into Grey (K7 Almost Halloween Time)Mayan Calendar Girl/Might You Finally Find/Carol Garland/Marriageable Daughter/My Library/Things I Could Have Done/Once In A Blue Moon/Made A Windchime


2015 Automotivational Spackler (K7 Car Door Effect) Blue Lights/Where Goes The Rest


1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Doormat, Tx.mas (K7 Doormat, TX)Mexico-Christmas
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Prisoner Of The Spectacle - A Tribute To Charlie McAlister (K7 Doormat, TX)Up In THe Attic
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS 1997 - 1999 (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Introduction/Lights Of Town/Eternity In Socks
  VARIOUS ARTISTS We Are Not Alone - Songs For The Lo-Fi Generation (K7 Best Kept Secret)Driving
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains (K7 Unread) Film Strip Slip
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Tape Deckade (1995-2005) (CDR Doormat, TX) Objects Defined By Space Between
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Can You Hear Me Now? (K7 Car Door Effect) Excerpt
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Are All A Flossed Generation: A Flaming Biscuit Records RRRRRevival Compilation (2xK7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Down To The Camp/Cleaning Lady's Got A Secret Agenda
2015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Funeral House: Live Recordings From Junkfest #20 (K7 Unread) Untitled
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) Texas, You Told Us So Already
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) Texas, You Told Us So Already
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) PLUNDERSHOP FT. MICHAEL OVERMAN Michael's Letter to the South Southern Carolinians (Live on WUSC, Columbia 2007)

VARIOUS ARTISTS Too Many Beers/Too Many Bands Recordings From: The Duke Of Knee/Hatchetfest (K7 Unread)



Other Stuff

2008   COOTER SCOOTERS Cooter Scooters CD (Brantley, Jean, Michael, Morton, Matt and Zach) The Carlton/Blade Runner/Botanical Warfare/Two Notch Road Is For Lovers/Wake/Sweetie Pie
    COOTER SCOOTERS Meet Your Mother At The Rocketship CD (Brantley, Jean, Michael, Morton, Matt and Zach)  
    COOTER SCOOTERS Balance Blues EP CDS (Brantley, Jean, Michael, Morton, Matt and Zach)  
2002 REBEL HEIRS/CHARLIE McALISTER/CHARLIE McALISTER AND THE COUNTRY NIBLETS/COOTER SCOOTERS Live At Zach's House, Cayce SC - 8/6/05 (CDR Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) COOTER SCOOTERS Eyes Full Of Dimes/Old Faithful/Gasoline
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Nutstock 3 Aug 14 16 2005 40 Bands 40 Hours 40 Years (DVD Nut Music) COOTER SCOOTER Untitled