This is an attempt to create a complete Mark discography.
See also Good Horsey and Capozzi Park.
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    Some Songs By Mark K7 
1994 Regressing (K7 Union Pole)Brave/Pink Pages/Stringing You Along/Something Strange/Something About Red/Daytime Emmy/Picture Trouble/Four Proposals/Beach - Store/Ash/Snoopy/12. Turning A Dissipated Son Out-Of-Doors/The Unabashed Dictionary
1999 Chocolate Covered Bad Things (CD Catsup Plate)Go For The Thrill/Daytime Emmy/Personnel/Ash/Siachen/Pilots/Power Of Attorney/George Peppard/Cop/By A Nose/I Should B With U/Alibi/Viper/Rome/The Swamp/Tposmocsa/The End Of History
2017 Misfits & Runts: Demos For The Shiny Greedy, Et Al. 1990-1994 (K7 Unread) Faith In Jesus/Gideon/No Trial/The Sidwalk & The Moon/Yard/The Soul Of Charity/Bastards/Sad./Serial Monogamy/Banff/Outside You/Pyx/Primal/Base Riff/Siny, Greedy/Appalling/Want From You/Poor Ceasar/...Only When I Say So!/The Perfumed Anagram/Wont Be Patient Again/Well, You Asked/Much Rather Sit With My Friends/I Have My Reasons/Headrush/Anthem Of The Sovit Republic Of.../Afraid/Chant Of The F.F.F.B./Wasnt Worried (About You At All)




1993   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Prince (K7 Eldest Son) Dirty Mind
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Skee Ball - A Catsup Plate/Fornacalia Cassette Compilation (K7 Catsup Plate/Fornacalia)A Little While
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Bottle Of Gallo: Highlights Of Union Pole Fest - 1994 (K7 Union Pole)MARK (WITH ROB) Untitled
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Topps All-Stars No. 2 Roberto Clemente (K7 20-20 Sound) Don't Make Me Sorry
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) Stephen
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sidereal Rest "The Sleep Vehicle" (CD Scratch) The Chauffeur
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronica (K7 Catsup Plate) Seconds
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Evading The Devil's Darts (7" Catsup Plate)Love Outside Movies
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) MARK SZABO More Or Less Alive
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Szabotage! (K7 Self Released)More Or Less Alive/Dirty Mind/DESTROYER (FEAT. MARK) Karaoke Lady/Seconds

Other Stuff

1990 VARIOUS ARTISTS Shrimper - A PSST Compilation - Summer O' 1990 (K7 ....Psst Records)Meddle
  GOOD HORSEY Horsey (K7 Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) Go Light/Ascending The Plateau Divine/Eleventy/All My Accessories Are A Reflection Of My Perky Inner Spirit/Nice Lungs/Settle Down/Partie Mon Chum
  GOOD HORSEY Evil Twin Episode (K7 Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo, Justice Schanfarber and Max)How Oswald Bastable Ruined My Life/6-24-93, 10 p.m. Sharp/Anna (Wash Your Hands)/Can Of Worms/Rainy Song
1992 INFERNAL DEVICES Infernal Devices (K7 Self Released) (Mark Szabo, Steve Wood and Rob Mcbeth) E How Wrong Can We Be/Motherlode Of Cheese/Punch In The Arm/Sad Jazz/Some Kind Of Watershed/Witchiepoo Superstar/Bad Day/Tired Smile Of Lawn/The Situation/Laundromat
1992 THEE CRUSADERS Thee Crusaders (2x7" Scratch) (Mark Szabo, Carl Newman, Blaine Thurier, Sara Lapsley and Scott Morgan) Crusaders Theme/Humble Yourself/Born In Bethlehem/Pass It On/The B.I.B.L.E.
1993 HORSEY Go Light (7" Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) Go Light/I'm Not The Best/Nice Lungs
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cantankerous Jack Lord Feeder Operation (K7 Road Cone) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) HORSEY Provider
1994 GOOD HORSEY Kazué (CD Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber)Like The Cute One/How Oswald Bastable Ruined My Life/Ascending The Plateau Divine/Settle Down/Barely Walking/But She Knew/All My Accessories Are A Reflection Of My Perky Inner Spirit/Summer Replacement/Anna (Wash Your Hands)/Rainy/Delighted/Burn Up The Sun
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS Optional Ingredients From A Vile Recipe (7" Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) GOOD HORSEY Excessively Awkward
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Present This (7" Union Pole) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) GOOD HORSEY New Country
1995 GOOD HORSEY The Last Customer (7" Shrimper/Baby Huey/18 Wheeler) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber)The Last Customer/Monkey Steals The Peach/Theme From ''Intrusion''/Eleventy
1996 GOOD HORSEY Emperor Nick/Pink Pages (7" Trackshun Industries) (Mark Szabo and Justice Schanfarber) Emperor Nick/Pink Pages
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sidereal Rest "The Sleep Vehicle" (CD Scratch) THEE CRUSADERS Unmoveable/GOOD HORSEY Can Of Worms (Single Version)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Good Jacket Presents... Vancouver Special (CD Mint Records) (Mark Szabo, Steve Balogh, Max Lee, Joshua Stevenson and Scott Gubbels) CAPOZZI PARK Baby Song
2001 CAPOZZI PARK The Record Of Capozzi Park (CD Blue Curtain) (Mark Szabo, Steve Balogh, Max Lee, Joshua Stevenson and Scott Gubbels) Belong 2 Every 1/Do Yesterday/Just As Bad/Baby Song/She Wants Fun/Statutory Holiday/Egg Production Booster/Now!/P. roducer/MAX2000/Into The Night
2007 HEARTBREAK SCENE The Szabo Songbook (CD Fayettenam) (Music and Lyrics by Mark Szabo. Heartbreak Scene are Marc Enemy, Steven Balogh, Pete Bourne, Mark Kleiner and Michael Ledwidge)Alibi/Baby Song/Daytime Emmy/Delighted/Don't Make Me Sorry/I Should Be With You/Love Outside Movies/Remember Free Love/She Wants Fun/The Situation/(Some Kind Of) Watershed
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Szabotage! (K7 Self Released)MARX ROLLS Borrowed Tune/CAPOZZI PARK Let That Liar Alone/CAPOZZI PARK Agent, Agent/GOOD HORSEY I Disconnect From You/CAPOZZI PARK Love Power/JULY 4TH TOILET The Fox/MARX ROLLS Modern Love/CAPOZZI PARK I Got Love On My Mind/MARK More Or Less Alive/CAPOZZI PARK Life At Last/CAPOZZI PARK Sunday You Need Love/CAPOZZI PARK There Is A Mountain/MARX ROLLS Time Machine/ST. PATRICK'S DAY BIDET Don't Bring Reminders/MARK Dirty Mind/ST. PATRICK'S DAY BIDET The End? No, Unnh.../THEE NEW SNOWFLAKES Know/THEE NEW SNOWFLAKES Hazy Jane II/ST. PATRICK'S DAY BIDET Two For The Show/DESTROYER (FEAT. MARK) Karaoke Lady/GOOD HORSEY Japan/THEE CRUSADERS The Lord' Prayer/MARK Seconds/CAPOZZI PARK Dominoes/THE SHINY GREEDY Jewels Of The Madonna/MARX ROLLS Five Years/CAPOZZI PARK A Stitch In Time
2018 GOOD HORSEY Inner Truth (LP Almost Halloween Time)What Kind Of Friend?/Since The Arrest/Variables/For Proposals/(Keep Feeling) Fascination/Stephen/Laraine/40<100/Something Strange/I'm Not The Best/Me I Disconnect From You