Theme Park

This is an attempt to create a complete Theme Park Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

TP01 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed K7 BROWN TOWER Sleeping In/NICK JACKMAN Waiting For The Sky To Fall/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Flight 717: Going To Denmark/POST The Supermarket Checkout/NATIONAL HEROES Remote Control/EARL AND OSRAM No Easy Way Down/MEMORY OF YOUR NOSE On My Right Side/HOOD Bomb Scare #14/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Admonishing Song/THE LOSERS Guess You'd Best Be Gone/FULCRUM The Sweeney/HELLFIRE SERMONS Real Life Seams/WIZARD HO HO Toilet Trolls/DALE SHAW Vague Homosexual Teenage Blues/THRUSH Thanks/WINGTIP SLOAT Lost
TP02 NICK JACKMAN Birds Of Fire K7Born To Burn/Cheap Distractions/Air France/When Time Goes Slow/Bono/Skate City/Carosel Girl/Hurricane Tree/Magic Ocean
TP03 NATIONAL HEROES National Heroes K7You Get On My Nerves/Care In The Community/Head On A Spike/Why?/Electric Storm/Heaven's Only Son/Flamenco Butterfly/Alice Springs/Every Little Creature/Lisa's Dog/Looks Like I'm Here/Beautiful/A Horse's Smile/When The Clocks Go Back/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Second Hand Shop/The Bigamist & The Pyromaniac/Sitting & Waiting/Greek Island Chaos/Looks Like I'm Here (Live In Leicester)/Messages From A U.F.O/Surf Maniacs/Blue Dress
TP04 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Philyra 7"Third Snow Song/The Monkey Song/Love Cuts The Strings/Pure Honey
TP05 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation CD PAUL NINI Down To The Floor/BUCKNALLS Travelsick/SIMON JOYNER Sorrow Floats/NEIL MCCLURY Untitled/THE BRUCES Beginning To See The Real Light Fade/FATHER Teach Us/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Alpha Omega/LOSERS She Never Promised/PASTE 68x8/MATTHEW HATTIE HEIN AND WHAM O New House Basement/FRANKLIN BRUNO Cat Scratch Fever/STEVE LINDSTROM Me And The Weatherman/M-WAYS The Last Deep Min/FUNGOBAT Radio City/SPACEHOPPER Spoken For/MARK Stephen/POST The Joy Of Spring/BROWN TOWER Bacterial Home/NICK JACKMAN Fucked Up And Free/TREWAVAS Who Needs Me?/YAK G My Own Fiegdom/PARTY OF ONE Hit The North 3/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Hand Ball/JOHN DAVIS Waiting For My Wife/HOOD Art Without Precedent Or Tradition
TP06 THE SUGAR RAYS & BROWN TOWER Live From Nottingham K7 THE SUGAR RAYS Surfhoney/Janitors Of Tomorrow/King Jerk/Thrown Up/Hot Dog/Trashed Out/Monkee's Head/Dirty Gurls/1234/Peacemaker/I Want More/Bewitched/BROWN TOWER It's Not Nutritios/Ditto/Greenpoint/House/Birdwoman/Frank Is A Superhero/Beetroot/Birkenstock Sandals/Country Stacking/Wig Wam/Immature/Goodbye To Love/Woodchip/Let's Make Friends/Encore
TP07 WIZARD HO HO Listen To The Sound And Weather Of... K7 Time In Our Life/A Voice In The Void/What's For tea?/Ten Words/Not A While Ago In The West/The Swing/One Hundred/Abigail/Guitars And Abbatoirs/Through The Sticky Window
TP08 PLASTER SCENE Gantry & Western K7 Table Mats/J. R. Hawksucker/Outdoorsman/Worn Out, True, Conventional/Don't Leech Me/Real Bad Day/Jay Rise/Hot Nail Stories/For Beginners/Strch Krst Skrs Krk!/The Sleeping Club/Information, Write
TP09 SIMON MURRAY Simon Murray K7Indian's/I Hit Wonder/Pinky's Famous Saloon/Acetone In My Eyes/The Crossdresser Connection Line/I Need A 40/Billy's Tale/These Socks Stink!/Goot/Log For Girls/Hullabaloo/Drool/December 1982/Zephyr/Jolly Kimono/Gibber/I Need Sleep
TP10 VARIOUS ARTISTS Goodness! Lurks Beneath Your Pillow 7" corelease with Traumatone)SPACEHOPPER You've Got Me Wrong/BUCKNALLS Drevracket/FLINGE Fashionvictimesque/WIZARD HO HO Stones
TP11 NATIONAL HEROES Interplanetary Music LPSurf Heroes/Fire And Explosion Research Group/Oh Holy Light!/Decadence/Emotional Cripple/Ms Evangelism/The Rocket Scientist/Water Covers A Lot Of The Earths Surface/Mary/Alt B. M. Theme Tune/Sound Of Wax/Lighthouse Keeper/You Can Do Anything/Greek Island Chaos/The Mouse/Jack's Finale/Fantasy Island/All My Circles Are Ovals/Hero Worship/The Last Day Of Summer/Turning On (Untitled)
TP12 SUMMIT Summit K7Citadel/Kane, King Of Sirius/Where My Heart Lies/Zumpano Kingdom/Shot-Blasting
TP15 NATIONAL HEROES Hardcore Mellow (K7 reissue of an old Traumatone release, also on Catsup Plate) Country Heroes/The Comedienne/Horses Smile/Lady In The Black Coat/Hardback Author/Time Travelling/Moroccan Drifter/Too Close To The Sun/Rave Shelter/All Things In Between/Dawn Davies Loves You/Year Of The Late Night/All My Circles Are Ovals/The Sea Of Tranquility/The Drum Throne/Pete's Bolero/Umbrella Shop/The Last Nan/The Final Beginning
TP16 BROWN TOWER I'm Afraid My Throat Hurts K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)House/Bye Bye/Bird Woman/Frank Is A Superhero/Birkenstock Sandals/It's Not Nutritions/Wig-Wam/Let's Make Friends/Beetroot/Excellent Bass Lines
TP17 BROWN TOWER Colgate Routine K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)You're So Immature/The Chicken/Lufthansa (Vegetarian)/Mom And Dad Told Me/Chew/Green Point/Colgate Kiss/Wood Chip/Getting Things Straight/Don't Shave Your Legs/Vitamin C/Ditto/T.S.A.R./Down With Country Stacking/Animal Blanket
TP18 BROWN TOWER Dirt's Up (K7 reissue of an old Traumatone release)Elver Pip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Norway, I Ask You/I'm A Big Girl Now/Arpegio Monger/Sleeping In/Dirt's Up/Theologically Correct/Freedom To Dance/In League With Stationary/Collapsable/Gute Nacht
TP19 WIZARD HO-HO Lovelocked K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release)Phobia/Serial Lover (Patriarchal Arm)/Revolvin'/Laughing/Sensible Blues/Stark/For The Last Date/The Mirror Song/Whether Weather/Borrowed, Not Given Back/Undergrown Overgrowth/Wedding Day/I've Lost Your Girlfriend/Helium/V. Wild Flower/Toilet Trolls No. 2
TP20   M-WAYS Slippery Trip Hazzard K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release. Also on Bacchanalian Revel)Slippery/The Wolf Thing Of Snape/Bucket And Spade/Seven Tree Solution/Diana Doesn`t Care/This Then Is The Purpose/Love Thing (Corrupted)/Icenti Warrior (In Two Parts)/Trip Hazard/Jenifer Is There Anywhere/Not Getting Younger/Cowboys And Indians/The Deal/Drowning At Last/Caveman Got A Lot To Say/Sunniside/Rich****ard
TP21   SPACEHOPPER Smorgasboard K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release) 
TP22   SPACEHOPPER Acquascutum K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release) 
TP23 BUCKNALLS Laughing Together In The TWA Lounge K7 Terminal Swapout/Spitball Summer/Hidden Agenda/Angelstance/What Happens When A Band Breaks Up?/That's What You Always Say/Keep It All In Check/Hit The Rock With Your Staff/Second Disappointment/Mauretania/The Sick Angel/Hot And Cold/Atavista/Accepting Defeat/Cooking For One/Undivided Innatention/Indoctrinate My Way Into Your Heart/The Power Of Positive Thinking/Postcards/Listen To The Radio/Bright Colour Girl/Trans-World/Firing Kate