The Sugar Rays

This is an attempt to create a complete The Sugar Rays discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1993 THE SUGAR RAYS & BROWN TOWER Live From Nottingham (K7 Theme Park) THE SUGAR RAYS Surfhoney/Janitors Of Tomorrow/King Jerk/Thrown Up/Hot Dog/Trashed Out/Monkee's Head/Dirty Gurls/1234/Peacemaker/I Want More/Bewitched/BROWN TOWER It's Not Nutritios/Ditto/Greenpoint/House/Birdwoman/Frank Is A Superhero/Beetroot/Birkenstock Sandals/Country Stacking/Wig Wam/Immature/Goodbye To Love/Woodchip/Let's Make Friends/Encore


    Sonic Pop E.P. (7" Wa-Hey Records) Lurve Sick/Sugar Rush/Distortion/I Want More
    Outta The Garage (7" Wa-Hey Records)  
1992 Outta The Garage E.P. (K7 Wa-Hey Records) Peacemaker/King Jerk/Monkees Head/Janitors Of Tomorrow


1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Love Orkney (K7 Traumatone)*Craze (Live)