Brown Tower

This is an attempt to create a complete Brown Tower discography.
Brown Tower are John Vincent, Andy Roberts and Paul Stradling.
See also The Charms, Bluejean Morrocan Hipsters, Fulcrum and Wizard Ho Ho.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1992 I'm Afraid My Throat Hurts (K7 Traumatone, reissued later on Theme Park) House/Bye Bye/Bird Woman/Frank Is A Superhero/Birkenstock Sandals/It's Not Nutritions/Wig-Wam/Let's Make Friends/Beetroot/Excellent Bass Lines
1993 THE SUGAR RAYS & BROWN TOWER Live From Nottingham (K7 Theme Park) THE SUGAR RAYS Surfhoney/Janitors Of Tomorrow/King Jerk/Thrown Up/Hot Dog/Trashed Out/Monkee's Head/Dirty Gurls/1234/Peacemaker/I Want More/Bewitched/BROWN TOWER It's Not Nutritios/Ditto/Greenpoint/House/Birdwoman/Frank Is A Superhero/Beetroot/Birkenstock Sandals/Country Stacking/Wig Wam/Immature/Goodbye To Love/Woodchip/Let's Make Friends/Encore
1993 Colgate Routine (K7 Traumatone, reissued later on Theme Park) You're So Immature/The Chicken/Lufthansa (Vegetarian)/Mom And Dad Told Me/Chew/Green Point/Colgate Kiss/Wood Chip/Getting Things Straight/Don't Shave Your Legs/Vitamin C/Ditto/T.S.A.R./Down With Country Stacking/Animal Blanket
1993 Dirt's Up (K7 Traumatone, reissued later on Theme Park)Elver Pip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Norway, I Ask You/I'm A Big Girl Now/Arpegio Monger/Sleeping In/Dirt's Up/Theologically Correct/Freedom To Dance/In League With Stationary/Collapsable/Gute Nacht
    Lung Beer (K7 Traumatone)Brr!! Shoplifting!!/Vitamin C ("Clothes Off" Demo)/Green Point (Gone Wrong)/Green Point (Live)/We Stayed At Helmut's House (Birk Demo)/You're So Immature (Live)/Norway I Ask You (Goodbye World Cup Demo)/Goodbye To Love (Live)/Theologically Correct ("Ruined" Demo With Mike)/Interlude/Let's Make Friends (Live)/Woodchip ("Wurlitzer" Demo)/Indie Dance Bird Woman Called Heather/Frank Is A Superhero (Live)/Shoplifters (Live)/Arpeggio Monger ("Coca Cola" Demo)
1994 What's The Name Of That Small Thing? (Best Of Vol. I) (K7 Catsup Plate)Down With Country Stocking/Noway, I Ask You/Frank Is A Superhero/Mom And Dad Told Me/You're So Immature (Live)/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Woodchip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Wig Wam/Sleeping In/It's Not Nutritious/Vitamin C/Freedom To Dance/Green Point/Let's Make Friends/Don't Shave Your Legs/Bird Woman
1997 National Asparagus Week (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Friday Will Be Cleaned/Mr. Self-Depreciation/(Not So) Ace Ventura/Jodie, You're Being Outed/In-Line Skaters/Sorry, But Your Brain Is Empty/Your Milky Face/Start The Weekend With A Smile/Haare von Gestern/Simpsonmania/Bummin'/National Asparagus Week/Tamagotchi/Queuing At The Vomitorium/Some People/Silicon Valley
1998 BROWN TOWER AND FRIENDS Brown Tower And Friends (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) BROWN TOWER Song As A Means Of Introduction/BROWN TOWER AND MICHEAL SCHWARTZ 500,000 Beach Boys/BROWN TOWER Balsa Wood/BROWN TOWER AND WIO Rent-A-Elton/BROWN TOWER Going Bump/BROWN TOWER AND BINGO TRAPPERS Bournemouth Doesn't Rhyme/BROWN TOWER AND ED NOLBED No-one Seemed To Mind/BROWN TOWER Babysitter/BROWN TOWER AND NICK JACKMAN Washing Machine/BROWN TOWER Telephone


1997 YAK BRIGADE/BROWN TOWER Split (7" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) BROWN TOWER Yesterday's Hair/YAK BRIGADE The Tower (Afternoon Delight)


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Achtung! Weihnacten - The Xmas Fiasco 1992 (K7 Traumatone) Winter Wonderland
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) Sleeping In
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS I Love Orkney (K7 Traumatone)*Lassie
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) Take A Bath
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Goodness! Lurks Beneath Your Pillow (7" Traumatone/Theme Park) (Wizard Ho Ho is Andrew, Paul, Andi, Mike and Brontiac)WIZARD HO HO Stones
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Am I So Different? - A Tribute To The Charms (K7 Traumatone) Georgina
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drew Ramirez In Air Disk King (K7 Traumatone) Goodbye To Love
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Watch The Sky! A Sticky Tape (K7 Sticky Records) Freedom To Dance
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Skee Ball - A Catsup Plate/Fornacalia Cassette Compilation (K7 Catsup Plate/Fornacalia)D.i.s.c.o (Ottowan)
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) Bacterial Home
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Long Walk Home (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) 10 Vor 4
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City (K7 Slowball) The Sound Of Cake
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronica (K7 Catsup Plate) Da Da Da
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Not Including Weekends (K7 Ringside Records) Jodie, You're Being Outed
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stolen Mercury & Lost Lead - Small Things Are Best (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Spirals
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Postcard To The Mountain Goats (K7 Bacchanalian Revel)* Bad Doctor
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Ho! Criminal Face (K7 Trumatone)Shoplifters

Other Stuff

1992 WIZARD HO HO Born Under A Bad Sign (K7 Traumatone) (Andrew Barney, Paul Stradling, Mike Newman, John Vincent and Julian Morris)Orange Bread/Wash/20:20/Bimbo In Limbo/X/Leonid Breshnev Blues/Born Under A Bad Sign/Existing?/Nonesuchedness/Last Ruined Song/Falling & Fooling
1992 WIZARD HO HO Confusion & Conceit (K7 Traumatone) (Andrew Barney, Osram, Paul Stradling, Mike Newman, John Vincent, Andi Roberts) Interview/Ballad Of The Malady Of The Rich/Hang 'Em High/Fable/God's Little Acher/Wept/Mirage Country/Adolescent Sects/Falling On Each Other's Faces/Twenty-Four Hours In A Day/Message And Messenger/Faces/Faces 2/Faces 3/Almost Ex-Stripper/Ninety-Two/My Little.../History
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS West Leg - Some More Songs (K7 Traumatone) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) FULCRUM Pugwash Theme
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Achtung! Weihnacten - The Xmas Fiasco 1992 (K7 Traumatone) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) FULCRUM Silent Night
1993 FULCRUM Men Of The Same Sex (K7 Traumatone) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) Gypsy Nowhere/Your Worst Metal Nitemare/Tragedy/Sextruplets/Plunger/Bed In The Corner/Sweeney Np. 3/Pheasy/Can I Ask You A Personal Question?/Spiritually Ill/Sugarpill/Last Minute/My Dream
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) FULCRUM The Sweeney
1993 WIZARD HO HO Listen To The Sound And Weather Of... (K7 Theme Park) (Paul Stradling, Andy Roberts and John Vincent play on this record.) Time In Our Life/A Voice In The Void/What's For tea?/Ten Words/Not A While Ago In The West/The Swing/One Hundred/Abigail/Guitars And Abbatoirs/Through The Sticky Window
1993 WIZARD HO HO Lovelocked (K7 Traumatone, reissued later on Theme Park) (Paul Stradling, Andy Roberts and John Vincent play on this record.)Phobia/Serial Lover (Patriarchal Arm)/Revolvin'/Laughing/Sensible Blues/Stark/For The Last Date/The Mirror Song/Whether Weather/Borrowed, Not Given Back/Undergrown Overgrowth/Wedding Day/I've Lost Your Girlfriend/Helium/V. Wild Flower/Toilet Trolls No. 2
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) WIZARD HO HO Hallowed, Weened
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Am I So Different? - A Tribute To The Charms (K7 Traumatone) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) FULCRUM Tidal
1995 WIZARD HO HO Googalplex And After (K7 Traumatone) (Andy Roberts plays on this record)We All Feel About/My Junk/Fire/Rage Soft/Its Me/Driving Without Glasses/The Inlay Brothers/Christmas Sun/Incontinental/Jump The Grand Canyon/Shock Single Approaching
1995 WIZARD HO HO Twangmaster Alternative (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) (Andrew Barney, Andi Roberts, Brontiac Posnian, Karl Vickers, Mike Newman, Graham Blake and Joanna Burridge, Paul Stradling) Wounded/4a/When We Were So-So/Can`t Stop/Claustrophobia/Children/Photographer`s Dozen/Another Bloody Cover Version/Good/A Fish Only A Face Could Love
  WIZARD HO HO Baby Baby Baby Etc. (K7 Bacchanalian Revel)Rise, Decline, & Fall/Menu Career/Theory Of (Armistice)/Something To Dance To/The Meeting Place/How To Kill Your Friends/Lower & Lower/It's Better Here/All That's All
  MR. POTATOHEAD Darf Ich Ihnen Mr Potatohead Vorstellen? K7 (John Vincent, Boris Weisert and Jürgen Reichelmann) Horoscope/I Know/Fault In Reality/U-Mass/Swap/Tonsil Bread/Deficient/(unlisted track)/Oh, Lovely Summer!/Song For Macauley/Look Inside/Friends Killing/Wilma's Rainbow/You're Frying/The Chicken/Heart Of Me/The Living End (Radio X broadcast 9.9.96)
1993 POO & WEE/FULCRUM Everything (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) (Fulcrum is Paul Stradling) FULCRUM Gypsy Nowhere/Your Worst Metal Nitemare/Tragedy/Sextruplets/Plunger/Bed In The Corner/Sweeney No. 3/Pheasy/Can I Ask You A Question?/Spiritually Ill/My Dream/Sugarpill/Last Minute/POO & wEE You're The One That I Want/On The Inside/Bus Stop/Billy Rose (Prison Trilogy)/Killing In The Name Of/Epilogue/The Poo & Wee Option/Grease/Merry Christmas (War Is Over)/I Got You Babe/Men & Ladies/Hole In Your Sole
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Ho! Criminal Face (K7 Trumatone)WIZARD HO HO Splitting Into One