National Heroes

This is an attempt to create a complete National Heroes discography.
See also Matt Seigne.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1991 National Heroes (K7 Self Released)You Get On My Nerves/Care In The Community/Head On A Spike/Why?/Remote Control/Flamenco Butterfly/Alice Springs/Looks Like I'm Here/Beautiful/A Horse's Smile/When The Clocks Go Back/The Pyromanic And The Bigamist/Sitting And Waiting/He Was A Friend/Greek Island Chaos/Blood Red Eyes (Instrumental)/Why? (I Get Confused)/Moon Society/The Lady With The Dogs
1993 National Heroes (K7 Theme Park)You Get On My Nerves/Care In The Community/Head On A Spike/Why?/Electric Storm/Heaven's Only Son/Flamenco Butterfly/Alice Springs/Every Little Creature/Lisa's Dog/Looks Like I'm Here/Beautiful/A Horse's Smile/When The Clocks Go Back/He Was A Friend Of Mine/Second Hand Shop/The Bigamist & The Pyromaniac/Sitting & Waiting/Greek Island Chaos/Looks Like I'm Here (Live In Leicester)/Messages From A U.F.O/Surf Maniacs/Blue Dress
1994 Freegift (K7 Self Released)The Sound Of Wax/Dangerous Materials/The Kracko Hook/Dalmatian Friend/McCalm/Grass Skirt/Fire & Explosion Research Group/Tree Roots/Insane Merchant Of Spain/Loose Change/The Travel Shack/Alice Springs Returns/Galaxie 499/Constant Rope Trick/Bronzed/Positive Check/Bison/Honky Tonk Lemon/Impossible Room/Custom Greeting.../The Kracko Bar/Too Close To The Sun/Mobile Coin/I Sense Nonsense/True Love/Instant Venus Theme/Guest Who?
1994 Hardcoremellow (K7 Traumatone/Catsup Plate, reissued later on Theme Park) Country Heroes/The Comedienne/Horses Smile/Lady In The Black Coat/Hardback Author/Time Travelling/Moroccan Drifter/Too Close To The Sun/Rave Shelter/All Things In Between/Dawn Davies Loves You/Year Of The Late Night/All My Circles Are Ovals/The Sea Of Tranquility/The Drum Throne/Pete's Bolero/Umbrella Shop/The Last Nan/The Final Beginning
1995 Interplanetary Music (LP Theme Park)Surf Heroes/Fire And Explosion Research Group/Oh Holy Light!/Decadence/Emotional Cripple/Ms Evangelism/The Rocket Scientist/Water Covers A Lot Of The Earths Surface/Mary/Alt B. M. Theme Tune/Sound Of Wax/Lighthouse Keeper/You Can Do Anything/Greek Island Chaos/The Mouse/Jack's Finale/Fantasy Island/All My Circles Are Ovals/Hero Worship/The Last Day Of Summer/Turning On (Untitled)
    The Cool Sound Of The Scene (K7 Sticky) 


1995 Beautiful Korma (7" Real Big Circle) Beautful Korma/Freestylin/Beat Doctor/Fire & Explosion
1996   Flexible Thinkers (7" Real Big Circle) 
1996 Once Around The Sun (CDS Freek Records) Life Is Strange/Ultra Scenic Route/The Internacional/Tribal Heroes/Too Close To The Sun/The Wheel's In Motion


    VARIOUS ARTISTS Vermilion (K7 Bliss/Grapefruit) Gotta Getcha Goin'
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) Remote Control
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drew Ramirez In Air Disk King (K7 Traumatone) What Is Truth?
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City (K7 Slowball) Exploiting The Idea
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS What Did You Came Down For? (CD Genki) Surf Maniacs

Other Stuff

2011 MATT SEIGNE Stereo Visions (CDR Traumatone)Sugar Sunbeam/Vanity, Death & Re-birth/I Know You Know/The Calms/Ritual Skull/Double 11/Holy Shit/It's Over/The Refuge/Pictures of Lonely Trees/Paper-View
2012 MATT SEIGNE The Mystic Feathers (K7 Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited Edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) The Deadwood/Real Eyes Now/No Matter/1967/Sequin Dance/Sonic Crown/The Ladybird/Winter Solstice/Golden Sea/Mystic Touch/In A Way/UnElenco Di Dieci/Inn/The Stars Above/The Rays/Honeysuckle June/Got No Direction No/C Trader