Nick Jackman

This is an attempt to create a complete Nick Jackman discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1993 Birds Of Fire (K7 Theme Park)Born To Burn/Cheap Distractions/Air France/When Time Goes Slow/Bono/Skate City/Carosel Girl/Hurricane Tree/Magic Ocean
1999 Swamp Tunes (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Spaceman's Lament/Open Your Can/Big Bang Theory/Red Light/Just Passing Through/Phoney War/Hard To Feel Human/Hammer Whore/Water/Plastic Heart




1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Corkscrewed (K7 Theme Park) Waiting For The Sky To Fall
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Our Salvation Is In Hand - Various Artists Acoustic Based Compilation (CD Theme Park) Fucked Up And Free
1997   VARIOUS ARTISTS Not Including Weekends (K7 Ringside Records) Do U Know What U R?
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stolen Mercury & Lost Lead - Small Things Are Best (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Water/Plastic Heart
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Living With The Wolf (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Fools Highway

Other Stuff

1998 BROWN TOWER AND FRIENDS Brown Tower And Friends (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) BROWN TOWER AND NICK JACKMAN Washing Machine