This is an attempt to create a complete Celesteville discography.
Celesteville is Jacob Anderson. See also Yak &.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

    Flows West To East (CDR Tape Mountain) 
2000 Invisible Tape (K7 Unread) A Tebleau/Mercury/Try/Cloverleaf 98/Youth For Mondale/Nocturn/Omni/Celesteville/When The Batteries Drain
2001   Kohoutek (CDR Tape Mountain)Waverly/Victoria 1/White Shoulders/Council Bluffs/Avoid/For To Pour/Appear To Be/Cry/5 In 1/Victoria 2/Four Doors/Kohoutek
2001   CELESTEVILLE/LUV(SIC) Sing Like Birds (CDR Tape Mountain)Invisible Tape/A River Frozen In Place/End Over End/Black Is The Color Of My True Lov/I Didn't Think The Oracle Was Tal/I Have Not Spoken All Day/Do Not Talk/For Jake Erdmann Et Al./An Odd Number Of Stairs/For The Dishroom At Meridian Park/White Satin Bed/Night Air, Portland
2001   Lingua Ignota (CDR Tape Mountain)Asterism/Ephrata Cloister/Buddy Alan In Reno/One Rose Among Many/For Christie 7-4/In The Sky/Utmost House/Moths!!!/Sharper & Clearer/__/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/Narcotic Effect On Bees
2001   Purest Blue Light (CDR Tape Mountain) 
2002   Vast And Sad (CDR Tape Mountain)Vast And Sad/Your Leather Jacket/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/Appear To Be/Asterism/Waterfall/Vast And Sad
2003   Malmo (CDR Tape Mountain)Coffee With Cardamom/The Broken Microphone/Joe Zeal/Your Gold Record Will Look Nice/Little Marcy Record/Midnight Harvest/Untitled/R.A. Montgomery/Muziqawi Silt
  Spirit Duplicator (CDR Tape Mountain)---/Spirit Duplicator/Leftward Glance/Hall Blvd./Nevertheless/Winged Ear/Longview, WA/Carted Off/Sac City
2004 CELESTEVILLE/JOHN MERRICK BAND Celesteville/John Merrick Band Split Tape (K7 Morc Tapes)CELESTEVILLE We Are Invisible/The Happiest Couple In Portland Pt 1/The Happiest Couple In Portland Pt 2/Your Leather Jacket/Lope With Me/Old Shopping Lists Found In Pocket Of Wintercoat/Your Gold Record Will Look Nice In Your Fallout Shelter/Kale Mood/JOHN MERRICK BAND Your Cunt Smells Nice/Jane B Jr/Miami Beach/Love & Windows/*333*#/Pianosong About Raping Your Mother/Lou Reed Is A Nerd/Sleep Before You Die/Flower Dress/Jmb Verknipt
2006   Transcriptionists (CDR Tape Mountain)Heresiarchs/Samideano Blues/Tapecorder Selector/Watering Tomatoes, Nov 1/Bullet Points from Inspirational/Dioeciously/Undated Photograph/Owl Lake/Quasquicentennial/We Are the Most Beautiful People
2007   Soft Rock Is Forever (CDR Tape Mountain)Erotic Science Fair/Soft Rock Is Forever/Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!/Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!/Patron Stains/Poured/Escape Lozenge


2000   Unconsumed (7" Tape Mountain)  
2004   CELESTEVILLE/TOXIC LOINCLOTH Deathbomb Arc Tape Club Year One (K7 Deathbomb Arc) CELESTEVILLE Ghost Story/TOXIC LOINCLOTH Coprophilous Cadaverine Contamination


1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Switzerland Is My Beat (K7 Granted Passage) 24 Lines About 24 Lines
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Blackbean And Placenta Christmas Compilation (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Away In A Manger
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard On The Eyes, Easy On The Ears '97 - '98 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) White Shoulders
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Sampler No. 3 1999-2000 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Appear To Be
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Why Is Anything Forbidden? A Tribute To No Limit Records (CD Deathbomb Arc) R (Hot Carl)
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS As Yet No Title - Skewed Songwriter (K7 Unread) Black Is The Color Of My True Loves Mail
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Live At Tape Mtn HQ (CDR Tape Mountain) MINMAE One Of Us Has To Go/Beginning With Dissuader/The Bastard/Sword-Stone/CELESTEVILLE I Have Not Spoken All Day/Unconsumed/Cloverleaf/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/BRONWYN Work/Main/---/We've Agreed/THE MINOR THIRDS (Let's Not) Get It On/---/The Angel's Revenge/John Henry/Portland (Fragment)/ROSE FOR BOHDAN The Fear/The Horse Threw Up/Dig Dug/A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL Judges/Peril/They Should Just/Houdini Was My Neighbor/Enemies