This is an attempt to create a complete Goosewind discography.
See also Fip Placard.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1991   Boogie Wonderland (K7 Shrimper) 
1991 Manny Mota (K7 Shrimper)Untitled/Untitled
1993 Cancerman (K7 Shrimper)Untitled/Untitled
1994 Come Smoke A Cigarette (LP Very Good Records)Interlopers/Fatalberts' Smarshland/Eight Weeks/Mary Goat/Ugly Churches/Rose O Rose/Serenity Jones And Jenny/Let Your Ignorance Shine Blue/Arctic Tribal Song/Interlopers/They/Song Stoaging Children/Come To Mind (Live)
1995   Ace (K7 Plankton) 
2000 Ultrasound (K7 Goosewind Music) Post War Grocery Store/Herbert The Pervert & His Bug-Eyed Bitch/A Watched Kettle Boils Eventually/Jonnie Space Commander/Grams/Jonnie Space Commander/Post War Grocery Store (With Fallout)/A Watched Kettle Boils Eventually/Herbert The Pervert & His Bug-Eyed Bitch
2006 Black And Silver 1987 - 2006 (2CDR Spectre And Goosewind Archives) Charlie/Arachnylvania/Stairs Descending/Haunted Turkey/Celephais/Roswell Jar/Vibrato Stimulation/Give Christ Back To The Martians/Charlie Pt.2/Fat Albert's Marshland/Charlie Pt. 3/From Parts Unknown/My Buttocks/Wishing Well/Frau Mueller/Sound City/Squig Fried Strobe Life/Coffin Catalogue/Take Back The Night/Dream Of Michelle/Ink/Flesh Cocoon/:4/Improv Live @ KSPC88.7/You/Hydroponik Kronik #3/Daytime Donuts/Snowsong/Solitary/Electric Sleep/Hell Yeah!/Interlude/:4/Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores/Best Witches/Post War Grocery Store/Fallout/Vrykalakas/Jaw/Alter Ego/Weird Things In Chicago/Call Me/Red Cadillac/I Just Ran Over Your Baby/Undertow/I Really Dig Graves/Elvish Parsley/:4/Undertow Pt. 2/Munich 1939
2010 Redbook Creation (CD Almost Halloween Time Records) Clementine's Return/Twinlightning Bolts/Willow Witch/Ammonia/Eager Beaver Skeleton/Shewolf/Dragonslide/You/Near Dark/Where We Live/The Great Legini
2013 Charlie Don't Surf (K7 Almost Halloween Time) (Limited Edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Haunted Turkey/Sleep Is Sacred/In A Cold Room/The Melon Song/The Wishing Well/C.S.W./The Gram Finale/Tattoo Phone Home/Blue Rose/Undertow/White Power-www.fuckoff-Jewelry/Zero Gravity/Welfinda/Johnny Space Commander/Electric Sleep/Interlude/Among The Dead/Munich '39
2020 Bats Over Boomtown (K7 Almost Halloween Time) (Limited Edition of 50 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) Cabin Fever Dreams/Blood Quantum/Boomtown/On The Subway/Diamonds And Rust-I Was Made For Loving You/Bats Are People 2/1816/Melodious/Potato Pop/Viva Zapato
2021 Kat Lights (K7 Unread) Dragons In The Mist/Fever Pitch/Ace Of Test Pilots/Making Our Dreams Come True/Scenic Route/South Smart/F Fentanyl/Amour Eterno/Kat Lights


1992 Gooseegg 7" (Shrimper/Baby Huey)Scourge (Soccer Match)/15 Days On A Deadman's Ship/Reprise/Ally/Happy Today (Twister)/Hell Is For Hell
1994 Model's Sink (7" Very Good Records) Ink/Dream Of Michelle/Really Shy/The Very End (I'm As Happy As A Dead Christmas Tree)
2012 Il Sesso, La Morte E Lo Spazio Esterno (K7 Almost Halloween Time Records) Cassingle limited to 31 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) C. S. W./Zero Gravity/Gram Finale/SShoot Em In The Head SShe SSaid


1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Capgun - A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)Fat Albert's Marshland
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pawnshop Reverb (K7 Shrimper) Manny's Mote
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Several Kinds Of Small Fuzzy People Gathered Together In Bands And Grooving To Floyd (K7 Eldest Son) Another Brick In The Wall
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Neon Signs In A Dralon Sky (K7 Fisheye) Saint Of Confu
1994   VARIOUS ARTISTS America The Beautiful (2CD RRRecords Intro Screaming/Lawn Otis Johnson
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Manny's Mote
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Lectric Lardass Comp (Gooseland/KunstJet) Hold Me Close (Let Me Pick Your Nose)/Vibrato Stimulation
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) Vrykolakas

Other Stuff

    FIP PLACARD Skid Child (K7 Shrimper) (Thomas, Rick and Paul) 
1990 VARIOUS ARTISTS Winky Dog A Shrimper Compilation (K7 Shrimper)* FIP PLACARD Song For Farah
1991 VARIOUS ARTISTS Back To The Egg, Asshole (An Anti-Tribute Tape) (K7 Shrimper) (Thomas, Rick and Paul) FIP PLACARD Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Several Kinds Of Small Fuzzy People Gathered Together In Bands And Grooving To Floyd (K7 Eldest Son) THUNDERSNAIL The Nile Song
1998 THE SLUGGS Slugg Bon Jovi (CD Gooseland) (The Sluggs are Rick Sluggmeister, Amee Slugglove and Melinda Sluggcraft) Intro-Slugg Rock/Slugg Theme 1/Flesh Cocoon/Slugg Theme 2/Let's Get Naked/83 (Alice's "I'm Eighteen")/Dig "R" Slime/Metal Slugg/Dig "R" Slime-Take 2/Post-War Grocery Store/Disco Slugg/Organ Grinder/Slugg Theme III (Finale)
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS 'Lectric Lardass Comp (Gooseland/KunstJet) (The Sluggs are Rick Sluggmeister, Amee Slugglove and Melinda Sluggcraft; The Winslow Kriddler Xperience is Thomas Spectre; Braingutter are Rick, Amee and Melinda; All Star Jam features the above mentioned artists plus Eija Roisko, Juha Karhu, Anti Laakkonen and Garrett Dunn) THE SLUGGS Slimboree/THE WINSLOW KRIDDLER XPERIENCE In The Flesh/GOOSEWIND Vibrato Stimulation/BRAINGUTTER Poop On Raggedy Anne/BRAINGUTTER But Anyway/ALL STAR JAM Advice To College Girls
  BRAINGUTTER/GOOSEWIND Split (K7 Gooseland) (Braingutter are Rick, Amee and Melinda) BRAINGUTTER Untitled/GOOSEWIND Untitled
2006   THUNDERSNAIL Narcoleptics Acropolypse (Folktale Records 
2007 THE DEPRESSED HORNS Skate By (Weirdo Records) (Rick Goosewind, Deagan Chime, Katarina, Ammonia, Ruben Seahag and Angela S)It's A Beautiful Night/Lord Paint My Mind/A In The USA/Jenny & The Werewolves/The Secret/Our Side Of The Border/Otter Slide-The Slasher/A Lapse In Memory/Edgar's Exotic Woman
2009 FIP PLACARD, BLADE OF GRASS, THE BUFF TENDER CHICKEN EATERS 1988-1990 (CDR Selft Released) (Thomas, Rick and Paul) Intro/Cherub/Dawn/Fearless Leader/Red Moon/Travel/Mirror Mirror/Mirror Jam/Strong Weed Girl Swimming/Blue/Ghostriders In The Sky/You (Rockin' Virgin)/Jamboree/Stormclouds/Good Dog/You ('89)/Tin Ear/Song For The Spacechicks/Helter Skelter/Remembering My Dream Of Michelle/Song For Farrah
2009 BASTARD SQUAD/ARACHNYLVANIA Split (K7 Self Released) (Bastard Squad are Thomas Spectre, Rick Goosewind and Ruben Seahag; Arachnylvania are Rick Goosewind, Gary Barooshnian, Ruben Seahag, Garrett Dunn and Thomas Spectre) BASTARD SQUAD Johnny Space Commander (Iawakeat3:30everynightMydemonsbreeduringangelsflight)/Bastard Squad/Among The Dead/Repo Man Funk Jam-You/Blueberry Chills (Earth Is A Small Town)/Haunted Turkey/(I Left My Heart In A) Roswell Jar/PYRO/When Real Things Happen To Imaginary People/Glass Coffin/Interlude/ARACHNYLVANIA A Snowsong/Post-War Grocery Store/Undertow/Rose Garden Funeral Of Sores/Flight Of The Drunk Dragonfly/Cousin Itt's Nightgarden/Professor Arachnid/Into The Night/Hour Of The Wolf/Arachnylvania
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) THUNDERSNAIL Breakup Gold