Kids Of The Atomic Age

This is an attempt to create a complete Blown Gyro discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  Highland Stag (K7 Unread) Lessons In Self Hate/Fast Foward Me/Bastille Day/Intruder Alert Inner Robot/Zombies For Jesus/On The Sails Of Sunken Ship/In Your Guts/Unleash Your Inner Robot/Meat Mice Parade/Intro (To The End)
  Finale (K7 Unread) Falling Down On Broken Glass - Stick Up At Gun Point - Go To Hell/Sympathy For My Friends/If You Get Drunk - Punch Your Face/Overdose Cure/Beating Leave Me Bloody/Dance Like A Man, Man/So Far Apart/Face Rotten/Gone Heart - See Ya!/Notebooks And Stars??/False Wake Up
  KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE/SNOWSTORM/NUTRITION FUN/CHAUCHAT Discontinued (K7 Unread) KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Do Not Find Me Out/Go Home, Please/Dead Memory Grave/Rocks And Sticks/Life Is Not Over/SNOWSTORM Bury Me In California/Advice/Feeling Failed You/It Doesn't Matter/When I Call Your Name/Unbreakable Girl/NUTRITION FUN Meteor Attack/Dumb Limb/Chicken Shit/Oxygen Tank Vs. Oxygen Tank/it's Okay To Be Bored/CHAUCHAT Pennsylvania Family/Archives And Altars/Diane Graves/Wound Of Discovery
2010 Fighting Words/Fight Songs (K7 Unread) Paris, France/Fucked Up Punks/In Need Of Medicine-Cut Off/Rot & Dust/xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx/Worry-Sick/Don't Do It/Angel Eyes-Vocode/I Will Sit Here/Pop Song 2009/____________ Hope/Special Dinner/Quitting/xxxxxxxxxx/Jerky We Do/Getaway, Getaway-Getaway/Sewers-Shine On Your Face/Get Away From Here!
  Bereavement (K7 Unread) Hardcore UFO's/A Stitch And A Wish/Dancing To The Tune Of Your Failure/We're Not Friends/Ruminations/Don't Say Anything-Her/This Is Just To Say


  You Wanna See A Dead Body? (7" Lathe Cut Unread) Winter Nights/Pen Pal Antics/There Is No Help For You


1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Commercial Food Processor (LP Unread) Summerday Castaway
  VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is A Horse (K7 Unread) Horse
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) Duck & Hide & Hike
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tid Bits & Gut Blood (K7 Unread) Maybe Not
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) You Gotta Friend
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) You Gotta Friend
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) Texas