Nutrition Fun

This is an attempt to create a complete Nutrition Fun discography.
Nutrition Fun is Andrew Berkley.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1999 Cold Storage (K7 Unread) Novelty Tee Shirt/Plasticide/Omnipotence (The Catch)/Sullen/Muzzle/Nothing Ever Ends/Fantasy World/Waste Of Being/Festival At The End Of The World/Pistol/Olympic Hopeful/Ageous Systems/Static Catastrophe/Frutopia
2001 Barring Any Future Indescresions (K7 Unread) Jumbo Shrimp/Big Fucking Loser/Dismantling The Foliage/T-6/Mob Socket/Demon Lover/Im Gonna Miss This Kid/Sound Cannon/A Big Introduction/Lets Stop/Poor Mans Rocket Fuel/Bloody Knuckle Fingers/Chomp Chomp/Hearlding A New Era Of Disgrace/Honest Mistake
2002   METAL TECH/NUTRITION FUN Help Me/Fix Me (K7 Seagull)  
2002 NUTRITION FUN/GRAPE SODA You Are Ready To Pour The First Beer (K7 Unread) NUTRITION FUN Dying With Myself/Baracuss Isnt Human/Feeling Selfish Pit Tombs/Feral Loser/Beating A Grapefruit/Another In A Line Of Current Absences/Without Fingers/A Hold Of Non Grip/Loose Felt Meat/Meat Life/Wrangler Boy/GRAPE SODA Plebian Lullabi/Franky Baby/Death By Arithmatic/Dream Of Frion/Re-Bar/Hello Kitty
2004 NUTRITION FUN/ED ROONEY Seriously Dont Make Me Kill You (K7 Unread) ED ROONEY Twilight/Hindsight/Speaking In Hate/Losing A Cavity/Homeroom 1993/Landlord/Blow Up Your Heart/The Gates Open, Were Going In/Hot Air/Maybe There Isnt Time/Need A Check Up/NUTRITION FUN Dialate And Overwhelm/Comprimise And Poverty/Words And Pictures/Pigtails And Tired Haunts/How To Be A Statue/Oh! And Ah! Places/Where Battles Were Fought/Patterns Of Dismissal
2008 KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE/SNOWSTORM/NUTRITION FUN/CHAUCHAT Discontinued (K7 Unread) KIDS OF THE ATOMIC AGE Do Not Find Me Out/Go Home, Please/Dead Memory Grave/Rocks And Sticks/Life Is Not Over/SNOWSTORM Bury Me In California/Advice/Feeling Failed You/It Doesn't Matter/When I Call Your Name/Unbreakable Girl/NUTRITION FUN Meteor Attack/Dumb Limb/Chicken Shit/Oxygen Tank Vs. Oxygen Tank/it's Okay To Be Bored/CHAUCHAT Pennsylvania Family/Archives And Altars/Diane Graves/Wound Of Discovery
2008 The Legend (K7 Unread) Put Some Love On The Hi-Fi/Double Scoth On The Rocks/World War You/Shit For Brains Pt. 3/Ugly All Over/Ninety - Three Million/Its Raining Stupid (Medley)/Comic Book Kid Vs. Perscrition Narcotics/Asbestos/Iron Vacation/Revenge Of The Comic Book Kid/Nail Polish Lie Detector/Fake Skinny White Boy/Bombs In Yards And Broken Hearts/Medicine And Jail/- - - - -/Olive Juice Anyway/No Fun/Boxfan
2017 You The Man (10" Lathe Cut Unread) Intro/Stephen Hero/Forest Song/Some Picnic/City Special/The Meeting House Blind/No One To Kill/Lipstick Chances/David Nance/Beaches/Parked My Car In The Yard/St. Cecilia/Beaches II
2019   We The Man (K7 Unread)

David Nance/The Meeting-House Blind/Stephen Hero/Parked My Car In The Yard/Forest Song/Beaches (III)/City Special/The Bells Of St. Cecilia's/Beaches (IV)/Take Your Glasses Off/Martha/Le Voci/Direct And Collateral/Congress/There Are No Cops In California/Last Day Of Our Acquaintance/James Ballarin Quintet

2020 GARY ALIEN/NUTRITION FUN Parerga Und Paralipomena (K7 Almost Halloween Time) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) GARY ALIEN Intro/Getting Darker/Reborn/Let Me Die/Cosmic Chant/Outro/NUTRITION FUN I Didn't See House Anymore/Said The Magus/If You Run Away/McKeever Drops A Statuette And Stares/Meet Me At Sudden/Left My Card At Cali Bar/The End Is Near/Med School Chad (II)/But Then Reprieved
2021 Songs For Carlita (K7 Unread) I Turned Back/Icicles/Lightening (Acoustic)/Work The Land /For hootie)/I Entered Your House Legally/The Last Of the Musicians (For Zach Lagrou)/Trenches/Kicks/Ubu Roi/Western Oncologists (For Alex)/Castles Long/Suerte De Los Irlandeses/Lightening/Lynx Lost Mom/No Teology Recorded/Sail, Sail, Sail/Start At Haunted (VI)/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed


1999 NUTRITION FUN/EM DIVITRY What Is Little (7" Unread) EM DIVITRY Song #1/Spare Parts/NUTRITION FUN Sitting On The Dock Of The Bay/Disco Party
2020 Taras Bulba/16 Poems (7" Lathe Cut Unread) Joan Fischer/Mauvais Sang/Nailed To The Rock/We Got Married/What The Carolyns Are For/Cautious Dead Shrimp (Freie Und Hansestadt Hamburg, 1905)


2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains (K7 Unread) Quarentine
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS Assult With Insults (K7 Unread) Comic Book Kid
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS As Yet No Title - Skewed Songwriter (K7 Unread) Hardcore You
2004 VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is A Horse (K7 Unread) Falling From Heaven
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) Gun 004
2012 VARIOUS ARTISTS For Who The Trumpet Blew (K7 Unread) One Month To Live
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs (K7 Unread) Dark Wet Line
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Public Coffin - 8 x Cassingle E.P. Compilation (8xK7 Unread) NUTRITION FUN An Actual Police K7 Shakin Me Up-Killing Me/Little Animal/Take Your Glasses Off/I'm Afraid/Dead Mans Dirge/Hard Times-
Never Gonna Make It/Endless Riot/Bath Water/Drain Water/Brand New Patterns
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tid Bits & Gut Blood (K7 Unread) Animal?
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Unread) Down In Denver
2017 VARIOUS ARTISTS Crock Rot (3xK7 Almost Halloween Time) Down In Denver
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) Mauvais Sang

VARIOUS ARTISTS Too Many Beers/Too Many Bands Recordings From: The Duke Of Knee/Hatchetfest (K7 Unread)