Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club

This is an attempt to create a complete Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

ACME01 AIKAGI Opening 7" Opening/Piggy Bank
ACME03   CONGRATULATIONS FLEET How We Didn't Get There 12" Cotton Soccerball/Wizzrobe/The Hot Air Balloon/The Funeral
(BBPTC090 on some catalogues)
  MAHOGANY What Will Become Of The Key Of Reason CD The Age Of Rectangles/In Fulfillment Of The Enthusiastic/The Singing Arc-Lamp/Métro
ACME05 CRABSTICK From Measles To Seagulls LP Green/Madeleine/The Presence Of Cats/Ugly At Six/White Lady In My Champagne/Newt/Mayonnaise/Bog/Kumquat May/Holly/Callaghan's Valerian Nigtmare/Riding/Slim/Atmospheric Pressure/Ox/Woah Yeah/Morality/Annie/Gentle Rustling/...Blow Waves
ACME06 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Blackbean And Placenta Christmas Compilation LP FLOWCHART Lettin' It Snow/THE CANNANES Six White Boomers/WATOO WATOO Les Visiteurs De Noel/CELESTEVILLE Away In A Manger/MANDORRIS Christmas Time Is Here/BEANPOLE Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow/THE SHERMANS Last Christmas/STEWARD Do They Know It's Christmas Time?/HOLIDAY FLYER Christmas Song/WIO Once Upon A Long Ago/METRONOME Greensleeves
ACME07 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Blackbean Potluck - Comp #8 12" CHARLIE MCALISTER Country Cream Corvette/CONGRATULATIONS Darlene's Castle/PATRICK WALDRON Texas/WATOO WATOO Rainy Afternoon/WRONG Perfume Of Patrick Marley's Burning Flesh
(no catalogue number on my copy)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard On The Eyes, Easy On The Ears '97 - '98 CD PATRICK WALDREN Salt On Sea/AIKAGI Touch The Ground/DENVER Echoes Of You/MINNETONKA Landlocked/MANDORRIS Charlie Hustle/SHERMANS Summer In Your Heart/LARZ Shine Gold Chisel/MAHOGANY Metro/A BOY NAMED THOR Miss Low/GANG WIZARD Swivel/METRONOME Destiny And Dreams/STEREO SYMPHONIC Power Supply/GIRLBOY GIRL All She Wanted/CELESTEVILLE White Shoulders/ORANGE CAKE MIX Springfield/MIKE L Eye Of The Tiger/SHORT CUT FREAKS Downtown Dawn/JOHNNY DOMINO New Pink Shirt/WATOO WATOO Les Reflets/NEW BAD THINGS World Of My Dreams/MALL Au Pair
ACME11 LANDIS Queen Indy Scene + Four 12" Queen Indy Scene/Advice From A Failure/Pea Pod/Spy VS Spy/Battle Of The Cosmic Giants
ACME012 ZOPPO Chi Pratica Lo Impara A Zoppicare! LP H.C. Reprise/Comedo/Gayday/No. 357/Sampleintotalpeace/Speed (Lovin' You)/103 Florence Flight/Burning Sand Under Your Sheets/Grand Prix Imprimé En Noir Et Vert Printemps/Let It Bleed/Back Into Things/She's Real/Blind/Brother Paolo's Trip In The Forest Of Rieti/
ACME13 LARZ When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore 7" Phonetics/Graveyard Inspection/Harbor/Waste
ACME14 LARZ Moral Sewer LP Hands/Screw Up, I'm The Driver/Pirate/Means Of Communication/Be My Groundstaff/Crippled Polyethene Bags/My Melon Cologne/Tropical Mess/Scoring Asshole (New Version)/Shinegold Chisel/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (First Verse)/Xpelair And Spiders/The Solid Gold Web: Why Do You Evolve? Cavemen Ruling The World I Vomit, You Do Something Else New Movies Cummin' Up Sturmey Archer The Mail Is Coming Thru The Mailbox This Year/Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise/I'll Beat Myself Up (New Version)
ACME15 THE CANNANES/TIMONIUM Population ~ Two 12" THE CANNANES Lamington Lane/Adelaide/Population ~ Two/TIMONIUM Population ~ Two/There Are No Hearts/Adelta
ACME16 BAZILLION Spice Style EP 12" Untitled/Untitled
  THE MONDO CRESCENDO California Sun 7" California Sun/On The Beach
(20 on the cover, 30 etched on the record)
ACCELERA DECK The Nearness Of You Makes Me Feel So Real 7" The Nearness Of You Makes Me Feel So Real/Farewell Loop
ACME22 FIGURINE I Wait For You 7" I Wait For You (By The Telephone)/You (Live In Berlin)
ACME23 A BOY NAMED THOR Instrumental/Hearts 7" Instrumental/Hearts
ACME24 SHERMANS The Sound Of... 7" The Myth Of Being Alone/Rush Hour/Fling/Summer In Your Heart
ACME25 DENVER/ORANGE CAKE MIX Split 7" DENVER My Rising Sun/Amber/ORANGE CAKE MIX When The Sun Shines Down On The Town You Leave Behind/Sky Blue Ocean Song
ACME27 ORANGE CAKE MIX/MANDORRIS Split 7" MANDORRIS Zoo York/Bold Enough/Neighbors' Picture Frames/ORANGE CAKE MIX The Sky Is Empty/Secret Nature Things
ACME31 ORANGE CAKE MIX/METRONOME Good Morning Shiva/The She EP 12" ORANGE CAKE MIX The Sweetest Girl In The World/My Pet Cardinal/The Playback/Sayta Sai Baba/Sky Fell Down/The Sound Of Young America/ERIC METRONOME The Amateur Writer/Let's Go To Japan!/Long Distance/Will She Know?/Your New Life/Wasted Tapes & Time/Hold It In/The Last Time She Would Fly/She Is So Wild
ACME32 PATRICK WALDREN Adventures In Early America LP 3rd World/Remember/The Cat/Rain/Salt Lake City/Train/Pontiac
ACME33 PETER JEFFERIES Live To Air 7" (Corelease with Imperial and What Was Music) Come Down Easy/Elevator Madness
ACME34   ZOPPO Nontonnen 7" Pictures Say Nothing/Fäh Fäh Fäh
ACME37   HARRY PUSSY Let's Build A Pussy 2LP Untitled (Part 1)/Untitled (Part 2)/Untitled (Part 3)/Untitled (Part 4)
ACME38 A BOY NAMED THOR A Boy Named Thor LP Of Parking Lots/5th Street/Shrug My Soul/Jersey Sure?/Twenty-one/Tiger Sign/Code/Sugar Daddy/Boom Boom/Red Valentine's Shirt/Sleepy Hunter/Wigs On Fire/Party Favor/Pixie/Harris
ACME39 MANDORRIS Critical Idiom LP Xemblinosky/Diluted Mind/Charlie Hustle/Theme From 'Society Hill'/Calculating The Distance/Piezo Electronica/Glass Cealing/Anywhere In Absentia/Bellicose Days/Bindu
THE MONDO CRESCENDO Get Faded CDS (I Don't Care If) The Sun Don't Shine No More/Baby/Spaceship Terrific/Shhh/La Surf Noire/Heaven Only Knows/Untitled
ACME40   JOHNNY DOMINO Johnny Domino 12" Monkey Nuts/New Pink Shirt/Veggie Rocker/The Retreat/Drunken Master/Double Diamond/The Artist
ACME41   MIKE ZANGHI Vibroscope LP Native American Drums, Flute And Rattles/African Drums
ACME42 SHORT CUT FREAKS Geisha? I've No Interest 12" Bike-Girl/Love & Slight Fever/Down Town Dawn/Akai Hana/Secret Track
ACME43 LENOLA The Day The Laughter Smelled 12" Lenny Puff/It's 1 AM, Bob Is Up/Pause & Serve/Peat Gatherers Honeymoon/I'm In Your Band/The Cold Is Coming On
ACME44 TRANSISTOR SIX Averidge Afternoons 12" Averidge Afternoons/Queenie King/Yoshi/Ballad Of The Windfish
ACME45   GIRLBOY GIRL Veritablement Pop 12"Stuck/All She Wanted/Unfamiliar/Bridge Not Fridge/Song/Loser User/I Wonder If People Talk About Me Behind My Back The Same Way I Talk About Them
ACME46   THE WEE TURTLES Here Comes Lucky 7"Here Comes Lucky/Southern Bound
ACME47   VARIOUS ARTISTS Chinese WIC Poster 12" TRANQUIL Showsaw (Mix 2)/SHERMANS Springtime Sunshine/ZOPPO Feel U In Me/AIKAGI Sugar Paste (Acoustic)/LARZ The Land Of Sporadic Light/GIRLBOY GIRL Ready For A New Phase (Edit)
ACME48 THE ATOMIC CRASH Revenge Of The Introverts Vol. II 7" Xenophobia/The Anti Song
  THE MONDO CRESCENDO California Sun 7" California Sun/On The Beach
ACME50 ONE STAR The Jelly Is Set! 7" The Jelly Is Set!/Metaphoric
ACME55 STEWARD There's No Money In Rock 'n' Roll LPMy Eye Teeth/Indecision/Transpennine/Arcadia 64/Concentration-Break/M.E.T.2/Sing For Yr Supper/Jet Boy Jet Girl/Matty-Lectro/Can We See The Framework?
ACME56 EXHALERA DECK/URBANDESIGN Split 12"EXHALERA DECK Stop-Gap 5/Canada, Or Not/Fragile/URBANDESIGN Auburn Road/Locational Energy/Underpass
ACME57   FIGURINE Transportation + Communication = Love CD I Wait For You (By The Telefone)/F>I>G>U>R>I>N>E/New Mate/Electronic Address/S.O.S./Batteries (Can't Help Me Now)/Robots/My First U.F.O./The European Beauty/Tired Eyes/Digits/Eurodiscoteque/New Millennium Song/International Space Station/Lifelike/You (Live)
ACME58   ROSE FOR BODHAN Best Thesis For A Suicide Note CD (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc)Lullaby For All The Girls I've Kissed/Bastard Town/I Like Love/Look What Jesus Did To The Girls (He Made Them Dance)/We Are The Conspiracy/The Insideterior/Alpha Centari Japanese/Surprise... Bitch! The Remix!/Away, Away, Away/More American (Tower Of Bohdan)/October 31st
(no catalogue number on my copy)
AIKAGI Waterproof Leak CDOpening (For Blackbean)/Look For Something/Sugar Paste/Touch The Ground/All My Thinking/Years Of Summer/Sleep Well, Chiro/Doctor Of Insects/Fluffy Show/I Wish I Was A Human/Pad Songs/Curry Cook/Tribute To BBPTC
(same catalogue number as the Aikagi CD)
WIO 3 Sexy Summer Songs... 7"Hot Hot Hot/When Will You Learn Not To Get UV-Burned?/Aimez-Moi
ACME65 THE NINJAS In And Out 7" In And Out/Calling You Out
ACME66 BLOWBALL Invigorating The Soul 12" Invigorating The Soul/Soothing The Heart/Someone Else's Dream
ACME67 ALZO BOSZORMEINYI AND THE ACID ACHIEVERS Present The Illusion 12" Present The Illusion/Air Hockey/Search For Robin/Having A Pet/Riff Reprise
ACME68 TECHNICOLOR 70.2.140 12" Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
ACME 68 1/2   CATAPULT Hummingbird 12" Hummingbird/It Has Done Him In/When It Rains It Pours/Shores Of Normandy
ACME69   WRONG Vaginum LP Vaginum
ACME73 MOTE Speed Of Glasses 12" Battery/Talk To Me/Single Mind/The Sun
ACME74   TECHNICOLOR Technicolor 7"  
(ACME74 on my copy)
GYPSOPHILE VS SHOP 4 Illusions De Face 7" GYPSOPHILE Our Bright Hours/SHOP The Only One/GYPSO-SHOP Like It Or Not/GYPSOPHILE Your Garden Party
ACME78 JUNIOR VARSITY KM So Late It's Early 12" So Late It's Early/Hippies/Interlude/Free Jazz
ACME82 GANG WIZARD/MONOTRACT Split 7" (Corelease with Take Me To My Car Records) GANG WIZARD Releaf Map/MONOTRACT Racing/La La La
ACME86 MILK Milk CDS Here Is My Number/The Boy Wonders/Sweetie/Sleep Talk/Just A Girl/Small Comet Seeker
ACME91 BEANMIX There's Always A Light That Shines 5" There's Always A Light That Shines/Someone To Live For
ACME95 GANG WIZARD/ROSE FOR BODHAN Split 7" With... (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc) ROSE FOR BOHDAN He Isn't The Brightest Guy I've Ever Met/If My True Love Is Dead, (Rrope Is Dead)/Monsters/GANG WIZARD I Don't Really Feel The Need/Black Love
ACME96 ATOMIC CRASH/LENOLA GREY/50 HOLE HEAD/MIKE L Architectural Digressions: 4 Homebound Tapers From 4 Handmade Labels CD (Corelease with Generic/Eleet, Semiroar and Recycled Carbon Recordings) ATOMIC CRASH Hi To The Tribes/I Am The Mockingbird/Across The Country/Don't I Really Bother U?/Lil' Apt./Gold Star The Riot Squirred/LENOLA GREY Forever Unscrewed/I Need You/Architect/Mollusk On The Vessel/50 HOLE HEAD Blown/Thunder Bay Area Gravel Inspector/Air Was A Drug/Sweet Heart Of The Rodeo/White Water/Seaside Beehive/Little Bones/Cat World/MIKE L When No One Is Around/Sadly Sunken Ships/Kidnapped/Blood/Sadsack/The History Of Sex (Part 1, 2 and 3)
ACME101 WHIP Timesbold CDS Too Dead Babies/Severed Lips/Long Time Man/Loreli/Abby's Song/Untitled
ACME104 ABLE The Seasons And The Moods EP 7" (Corelease with Pimiento Recordings) Trouble Among The Horses/Hope In Hell/Regressing To Sixteen/Come Tomorrow


BBPTC001   KAM K7  
BBPTC002   RALPH SOLO Brother Of Han K7  
BBPTC003   RALPH SOLO Watch As He Throws His Cards Down K7  
BBPTC006   RALPH SOLO Car Accidents, Guitar Accidents CD I Am The Mockingbird/World Map/Only CD/Lay Awake Late/Who Is R. Solo/Bitter/Kari/Sure-Fit/Morality/Knox-Blox/Phone Call/Regrets/She Is In A Poem/Tubed/April 15, 1998/Germany/Song For Sting And O/Summer/Spirit Chill/Song About Revenge/December/Downfall/Dedicated/Maybe You.../Ave. Of The Stars/With Myself/Double Exposure/Still In Shock/Leaving On A Jet Plane/Arc Of The Harkened/Theraflu (Featuring Blue Sonoco)/Speaker For The Dead Performed By Runaway Truck/Checks Performed By Hortence La Fonte
BBPTC008   LIZ PHAIR DUO Tribal As In Primitive K7  
BBPTC009   LIZ PHAIR DUO Not Phair K7  
(BBPTC013 on some catalogues)
BLUE SONOCO Uperbo LP Fuck Her Bully/Camera Shy/Twisted Serenade/In The Houses/Hangout/Community College/Fish Songs/Ole And Mother M.O.'s From Program H.Q./Power Ballad/Prom Queen
BBPTC011 MAGNOLIAS MILAN 4 Song 7" Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
(no catalogue number on my copy
BBPTC012   MAGNOLIAS MILAN I Know Nothing... K7  
BBPTC013 VARIOUS ARTISTS La Blackbean Taqueria Numero Tres 12" TIMONIUM Half Wing/T.E.K. Untitled/SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Easter Sunday/MACOBRR Excerpt From "Choking On A Clam"/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Pot Of Honey (Baby)/STARSTREAMER A Night To Remember/BOYRACER Siana/THIRD GRADE TEACHER Bird Man
BBPTC015   RALPH SOLO Says Hi K7  
BBPTC016 THE FESTIVAL OF DEAD DEER The Spleen Position 7" Before Narcolepsy/Hunting/Limited Edition Of Zero/Inner Planetary Reasoning
BBPTC017   ORANGE CAKE MIX Observations Of Tomorrow And Today 12" Closely Guarded Secrets/Don't Let Tomorrow Get In Your Way/Within/No Shelter/Stars In The Sky/She Won't Fade Out/See Through You/Walls And Doorways/Strange World Out There
BBPTC018   VARIOUS ARTISTS Lily's S'ghetti Factory - Comp #3 12" MERZBOW Centipede/TIPILI Redline/NEW BAD THINGS B.I.T.S. (Live)/TRICYCLE POPSTAR Pom Pom G.I.R.L./AL LARSEN Decisions/BLUE SONOCO Unmammary Glands
BBPTC020 BOYRACER Racer 100 EP 12" Your Unspoken Desires/Boxing Day/Baleen/Re-Run/Untouched By Conversation/Bee To Honey/When Do You Realise This Isn't What I Hoped For?/Untitled/I Can't Hold Onto Anything Worthwhile/Cindy W.
BBPTC021 BEANPOLE I Should Know 12" I Should Know By Now/A Little Bit Me, A Little Bit You/You’re Such A Tool/Very Strange/So I’m Gone
(same catalogue number as the Beanpole 12")
TULLYCRAFT Live Series Volume 1 12" (Listed as BBPTC026 on some catalogues, my copy is BBPTC022) Sweet/Pop Songs Your New Boyfriend's Too Stupid To Know About/Josie/Willie Goes To The Sea Shore/Pink Lemonade/Superboy And Supergirl
BBPTC023 WALLPAPER Magic Static Treats CD I'D' (Id)/Cocktail Stair/High Roller/The Day You Eat My Fears/Caravan/Dr. Faust As The Bread Man/Twit/Shellback Of The Lunar Seat/Freeway Spasm/The Creative Process Of 1878/Lab Heathen/Gone + Sidewalk Glitter For Lonely Town
BBPTC024   ORANGE CAKE MIX Grapefruit CD Feel So Cold/When I Needed You Most/Watching The Cars/Snow White Opinions/Mary Jane's World/Ready To Fall/90 Day Crash/Open Up Your Heart/Suicide Watch/L.A. Dreamer/Tommy James/Val/How I Feel/I Sometimes Wonder Where You Are/A Wish To Wonder/Lost In Dreamland/Mercury Turnpike Cruiser
BBPTC025 ORANGE CAKE MIX/TRICYCLE POPSTAR Animals And Machine 7" ORANGE CAKE MIX Crystal Lake/Sunday Kind Of Girl/TRICYCLE POPSTAR Clover/Peach Boys Bed Sounds
BBPTC026 A ROSE FOR BOHDAN I'm Not A Taxi 7"+K7 I'm Not A Taxi/Pere-So So
BBPTC027 THE AZUSA PLANE Live Series Volume 2 12" Lou, Nico, John, Sterling, & Maureen/Hi, How Are You?/Autumn Lament/Pop World
BBPTC028   PIP PROUD GROUP Matilda You Fiend 12" Nataly/Total Pleasure/That Spider/Matilda/Long Way
BBPTC029 MAGNOLIAS MILAN Royal Wedding 7" Lil' Apt/Bebe/Detroit Town/Movie Star
BBPTC031 NOGGIN Live 12" Series Volume 3 12" Fernando's
BBPTC032 VARIOUS B.B.P.T.C.'s Coffee Shop - Comp #4 12" YAK BRIGADE That Is What The Tray Contains/BEANPOLE Upstairs, Downstairs/BABYLAND Omaha/SEASHELL SEA Big Deal/CRUISE CONTROL PILLS El Guapo/OVERPASS R.C. Kola (Live)/AZUSA PLANE Me And Wayne Rogers/TWO DOLLAR GUITAR Pink Pet
(no catalogue number on my copy)
TIPILI Emetaphobia 7" Sullen/Last Lunch
(BBPTC030 on some catalogues)
NAMES FOR PEBBLES Mod And Miniskirt 7" Sunnybank/Under My Blanket
BBPTC036 MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Whose Midnite, What Dragon? 7" I Am The Lucky "1"/O Susannah
BBPTC036   CHARLIE MCALISTER I Lock The Door Apon Myself  7" I Lock The Door Apon Myself/Something New/More Than Wheelz
(no catalogue number on my copy, BBPTC042 on some catalogues)
T TAURI Bring On The New Dionysus 7" Bring On The New Dionysus/The Mote's Battle/Brevity
BBPTC039   MINNETONKA Lake Boon Retreat 12" (corelease with Cactus Gum) Dawn Birds/Cramming Life/Ice Cube/Chivalry/Superglue/Post South Station/Passive, Doesn't Care/Sock Is A Sinker/Silver Metal/Butterfly Season/From Georgia, With Love
BBPTC040 YAK BRIGADE/BROWN TOWER Split 7" BROWN TOWER Yesterday's Hair/YAK BRIGADE The Tower (Afternoon Delight)
BBPTC041 EARTH TO NIGEL Goliath 7" Goliath/Perfect Girl/Weiter Und Weider
(061 on some catalogues)
NEW BAD THINGS Off The Leash (Recorded Live In Europe And New Jersey) (Live 12" Series Volume 4) 12" Intro/Hospital/Death Hump, Puss And The Wussies/Goethe's Letter To Vic Chestnut/Cigarettes/The Dirge/Josh/The People We Stayed W/ In London/Placed We Used To Get Stoned
BBPTC045 AL LARSEN/SOME VELVET SIDEWALK/TELEPATHIC YOUTH Original Love Rock Masters CD AL LARSEN Telepath/Bug/Alive/Harvesthead/Castaway/Rocket Now./Bad/Wand'ring Eyes/Pumpkinhead Stew/Pollination/SOME VELVET SIDEWALK Refuse/Mousetrap-Puppy/Oscar Says/Tjinder Bowling/Where Kids/Hank/AL LARSEN Consequence/Umbrellafication/TELEPATHIC YOUTH Total Defrost/Lapsang Souchang/Not A Saint
(Reissued on CD with different catalogue number)
  COLOR FILTER Cosmic Voyage 12" I'm In Dream/Waiting For The Sun/Escape From G/Dream Sequence #4/Friday I'm In Love/Story On Sunday Afternoon/I'm In Dream (All Hollow Things Are Light Mix By James Figurine)/I'm In Dream (House Of Sleeping Beauties Mix By Junior Varsity KM)
BBPTC046 ????   PIP PROUD GROUP Pip Proud Group 12"  
(128 on some catalogues no catalogue number on my copy)
COLOR FILTER Cosmic Voyage CD (Reissue of the 12") I'm In Dream/Waiting For The Sun/Escape From G/Dream Sequence #4/Friday I'm In Love/Story On Sunday Afternoon/I'm In Dream (All Hollow Things Are Light Mix By James Figurine)/I'm In Dream (House Of Sleeping Beauties Mix By Junior Varsity KM)
BBPTC051 ????   EARTH TO NIGEL 7"  
BBPTC051   Gang Wizard 12"  
BBPTC052 VARIOUS ARTISTS John Cassavetes Famous Greek Deli - Comp #5 LP MINNETONKA Guilt Installment/EARTH TO NIGEL Finders, Keepers/NAMES FOR PEBBLES The Creation Model/MUSICAL CHAIRS Turn & Walk Away/NINJAS Showtime/CALLISTO The Borderline/MIKE L Outro For Comp 5
BBPTC052   The Ninjas 12"  
BBPTC054 ORANGE CAKE MIX Lovecloud And Secret Tape CD A Gentle Wind Rushes Through Her Hair/Going Nowhere/Forever Will Be/A Mixture Of Clouds And Sun/Strawberry Swirl/Pacific Coast Highway/Blue Sky Bar/Summer Sunshine Girl/Closely Guarded Secrets/Invisible Chaos/Silly Love Songs/Valley Of Clay/Pacific Coast Highway Revisited/Bedtime For The Baby/The Last Time I Saw God Was When I Looked Into Your Eyes/Jai Guru Dev/Emerald Beach At Sunset/Glitter Daze Pt. Two
(103 on some catalogues)
  COCK E.S.P. Menasha Red Light District CD Anthem/Scars On E.S.P./Sheepless In Shawano/Hatewave/Veruca Salt Lick/Pain And Humiliation/Barely Legal/Strangers In The Night/No Panama/Soused On Sausage/Rubber Maidens (Parts One & Two)/Pornography Makes Life Worth Living/Smells Like Teen Quim
BBPTC059 THE AZUSA PLANE Comparitive Receptions:A Study of Two Distinct
Qualifiers 7"
Fender: Six Strings Of Tonal And Atonal Vibrations/Moog: 32 Keys Of Polar And Bipolar Oscillations
BBPTC059   VARIOUS ARTISTS Comp #7 12"-Blackbean's Corner Produce Stand  
BBPTC060 FLOWCHART The Spirit Of Kenny G 12"/CD The Spirit Of Kenny G/Glorious And Prosperous/E-Flare Pop/Drunken Mini-Musik/No Microchips
(044 on some catalogues)
  NEW BAD THINGS Off The Leash (Recorded Live In Europe And New Jersey) (Live 12" Series Volume 4) 12" Intro/Hospital/Death Hump, Puss And The Wussies/Goethe's Letter To Vic Chestnut/Cigarettes/The Dirge/Josh/The People We Stayed W/ In London/Placed We Used To Get Stoned
BBPTC061   HARRY PUSSY Live 12" Series Volume 7 12" Live At Salon Zwerge, Chicago 4-16-97
BBPTC062   A ROSE FOR BOHDAN A Rose For Bohdan CD  
BBPTC064   Catapult 12"ep  
(045 on some catalogues)
VARIOUS ARTISTS Comp #6: Cooking Hows And Whys 12" COLOR FILTER Sad Song Echoes/FLOWCHART Icelandic Telescopic Lounge Music/CREEPING JENNY Mouse/CATAPULT Next Door/COCK E.S.P. Sticky Fingers & Red.Red Asses/RIBEYE Hammer Off
(091 on some catalogues)
PUFF PUFF/METRONOME Konnichiwa=Hello Ep 7" (Corelease with Semi-Roar Records) PUFF PUFF Hard Koala/Smokey Babe/METRONOME Set Your Alarm/Dayshift
(090 on some catalogues)
SIX CENTS AND NATALIE/PHLEGM Split 7" (corelease with Slowball) SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Celine/My Date With Rachel Sweet/PHLEGM Ecstatic Breeze Part I/Ecstatic Breeze Part II
(102 or 055 on some catalogues, no catalogue number on my copy)
MAGNOLIAS MILAN 2K CD Intro/Japanese Doll-Song For England('s Sake)/Id Get Used To It/Captain Manhattan/Many Years/Lady In The Window/Talking Trees/Little Apartment/Poor Poor Muhammad/The Masks They Try To Sell/Lisa
BBPTC068 1/2 CATAPULT Hummingbird 12" Hummingbird/It Has Done Him In/When It Rains It Pours/Shores Of Normandy
BBPTC070 YAK BRIGADE Albania Tonight 12" (Fire Fly)/Orlon World/Tha Stamens Of Asters/Let's Be Bored (Sorcerer)/The Tail Wags The Dog/How I Spent My Summer Vacation/Boy Soprano/Blue Chevy Nova
BBPTC070   Color Filter-six song one-sided 12" ep  
(079 on some catalogues)
GANG WIZARD Gang Wizard 12" Tiger/Little Jupiter/Water Heater Repair Girl/Burial/How I Spent My Summer Vacation/30/Scandalism/Henry
(047 on some catalogues)
ORANGE CAKE MIX Look For A Place In The Sun... And Find It 12" F.U.C. Me /You Really Should Be Here Alone With Me/Capitalism Never Sleeps/Wish I Was A Ghost/Cream And Sugar/So Long Ago/Stereo Friendly
BBPTC076   YAK BRIGADE Yak Brigade 12"  
BBPTC083 SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Show Me The Honey CD Quilting Bee/One For Me/Spoiler/Needed To/Fly With Me/Qubic/Sing-a-long/Nutra-sweet/Sea Scout/Reason 2600/Beach Girl/Red And Green/Just One/XYZ/A Little Cranky/No Tag Backs/Boyfriends/My Love Is A Flower/Dumb Stupid Song/Cowboys And Spaceships/When I Was Your Boyfriend/New Term/Stephanie/All The Best Things/Wait For Me/Secret Goldfish/Untitled
BBPTC084 BOYRACER Live At Staches, Columbus Ohio (Live 12" Series Volume 5) 12" West Riding House/Deeper Still/New Punk Song/Post Modernist Retro Bullshit/Feathers/Baleen/Yr Unspoken Desires/Doorframe/Untitled
(089 on some catalogues)
  MERZBOW Live At 20000v, 30 Sep 1995 (Live 12" Series Volume 6) 12" Wheels Of Fire
(no catalogue number on my copy)
COCK E.S.P. Menasha Red Light District CD (corelease with SunShip) Anthem/Scars On E.S.P./Sheepless In Shawano/Hatewave/Veruca Salt Lick/Pain And Humiliation/Barely Legal/Strangers In The Night/No Panama/Soused On Sausage/Rubber Maidens (Parts One & Two)/Pornography Makes Life Worth Living/Smells Like Teen Quim
BBPTC089   TRENDLENBERG Cinco De Mayo 12"  
(087 on some catalogues)
  MERZBOW Live At 20000v, 30 Sep 1995 (Live 12" Series Volume 6) 12" Wheels Of Fire
(ACME04 on some catalogues)
  MAHOGANY What Will Become Of The Key Of Reason 12" The Age Of Rectangles/In Fulfillment Of The Enthusiastic/The Singing Arc-Lamp/Métro
(095 and 063 on some catalogues)
NEW BAD THINGS The C Sides CD World Of My Dreams/Josh Has A Crush On A Femme From Reed/Robin Hood/-/Ephedrine II/Shoplifting You Something For Christmas/Montgomery/Brian's Song/I'll Arrest Myself/Boy With The Band/Yabla/J.E.A.L.O.U.S./Tickets/While I Was Away/2 4 2's Day/Down Time
(094 on some catalogues)
RXSE FXR BXHDAN It's Nice To Know That One Of Us Is Going To Die And The Rest Are Going To Make Mad Cash CD Daniel's Demise/Boys Be.../I'm Not A Taxi/Pere Soso/If It Wasn't Raw We Wouldn't Put Our Name On It/Face-Up/George Clinton V.I.P./Volvo Project Supervisor/Filipino Bitches/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
(101 on some catalogues, no catalogue number on my copy)
WATOO WATOO Un Peu De Moi CD Sur Le Quai/L'Appareil À Sous/Les Reflets/Un Peu De Moi/For Awhile/Dans L'Ombre/The Midnight Song, Part II/L'espace D'un Instant/Les Reflets (Version Aquatique)
(099 on some catalogues)
METRONOME Invisible Friends CD Waltz Of The Z's/What I Feel/Aphids Among Us/Maybe Sometime/Happy 4/1st Flight/Wanted To Wait Too/Neverless/Gemini/Touch Sensitive/When You're Away/Please Girl/Invisible Friends/I Hate Small Talk-Onions/Something Even 1-2 As Real
(056 on some catalogues)
  COCK E.S.P. Menasha Red Light District CD Anthem/Scars On E.S.P./Sheepless In Shawano/Hatewave/Veruca Salt Lick/Pain And Humiliation/Barely Legal/Strangers In The Night/No Panama/Soused On Sausage/Rubber Maidens (Parts One & Two)/Pornography Makes Life Worth Living/Smells Like Teen Quim
BBPTC105 MINNETONKA Orchard Street Sounds CD Snapshots And Scrapbooks/Poloroids Destroyed/Peppermint Gum/Landlocked/Smoldering Souls/Half Empty/Winterlude/I've Forgotten All My Dreams/X-mas Gifts/Like The Pioneers/Lung Capacity/Delinquent/Don't Worry For Me
(ACMERCR on some catalogues)
  VARIOUS ARTISTS From Here To There (A Traveling Companion 12" (corelease with Recycled Carbon Recordings) ENOLA GREY Hot Topic Girl/MAGNOLIAS MILAN I Do/MORGAN'S ORANGE When You Git To Rose/ROSE FOR BOHDAN Daniel's Demise (John Carpenter Remix)/PARAQUAT The Oracle Of Buick/ORANGE CAKE MIX Lucky 13
(ACME026 on some catalogues)
DENVER This Ain't Funky Music LP Have You Ever Felt Like This/All That Ever Mattered/Margery Vickers/Echoes Of You/Jupiter
BBPTC120 THE MONDO CRESCENDO Free CDS Free/Italia! Italia!
BBPTC121 MINMAE/GANG WIZARD Split 7" (Corelease with Airborne Virus) MINMAE Minus Cause/GANG WIZARD 3407/Reprehensible
BBPTC122   ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS/GANG WIZARD Split 7" (Corelease with Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers) GANG WIZARD This Is How We Give Thanks/ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS Cobra/Ayr
BBPTC124   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Compilation No. 7 LP  
BBPTC135 GIRLBOY GIRL Fresco CD Teenage/Should We Or Shouldn't We?/The Load Gets Lighter/Swim/Match Head/Another Me/You Won't Add It Up/Short Attention Span/Please Wait While We Try To Connect You/Pretend/Spite/Still Pregnant/Path Via 91/You Don't Know What You Want But You Know You Want It/Everything Is Real/Recover Version/Reinheitsgebot/Teen (Aged)/Hang It Up
BBPTC144 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta CD Compilation #4 Autumn 2000 CD PERSONS Untiled # 4/DAVID FIGURINE AND PRINTED CIRCUIT Cp1: Disk Exchange/ERIC METRONOME Me And Katie/ACCELERA DECK Eject (Gtrrmxmix)/ABLE Family Man/STEWARD Untitled/WHIP George Collins/GIRLBOY GIRL Starting To Peel/RABBIT IN RED Rip Tide/DIDI AND DEXTER Love Hurts (But Not That Much)/THURSTON MOORE French/RIVER Art Students/PARK Acres Of Airports/LUNCHBOX So Everyday/WINTERBRIEF Snowglobe Innuendo/NIXON Undevoted Friend/ELECTROSCOPE Sea Voices/BOYISH CHARMS Hearts And Cigarettes/MINMAE Avec/GANG WIZARD Pebbles-Shoe (Live)/MATHLETE The Capsule OK/LENOLA Kicking Through The Walls Again/ARCHAIC SMILE I Dont Know What You Meant To Say/PRINCETON REVERBS COLONIAL WITH SEAN RAWLS We Sing The Blessings Of Hope For The Weary
BBPTC145 EARTH TO NIGEL So You Wanna Be A Spy CD (corelease with Dental Records) L.C.D/Three Kinds Of Music/Home Shopper/Not What You Say/Walk Before/Make-Up And Movies/The Great Division Of Knowledge/Goliath/Bad Teenage Poetry/A Day On The Set/Friend Of A Friend/Able To Leave
BBPTC146 CATAPULT The Architecture Of A Year CD August 15th/Convert To Metric/Birthday/Sound Of Night/Next Door/The Ink Truck/A Number One/Sunday Sank At 11:00/Supersurreal/Hit The Random Button
BBPTC148 ARCHAIC SMILE In This Night The Red Guitar Whispers CD Behind Your Eyes/Square Love/She And I/The Under Water Life For A Rainy Day /Mica/It Makes Me Blind/The Boy Wounded In His Side
BBPTC149 VARIOUS ARTISTS Summer Sampler 1999 CD ORANGE CAKE MIX The Sweetest Girl In The World/GIRLBOY GIRL Ready For A New Phase/BRAIN TRANSFER PROJECT Red Planet/THE RESONARS Definitely Crescent Ridge/THE MONDO CRESCENDO Baby/TRANSISTOR SIX Graham Goofer's Singing Machine/MOTE Pedestrian/ABLE Trouble Among The Horses/EARTH TO NIGEL A Day On The Set/RABBIT IN RED Car Crash Song/TECHNICOLOR Photographique/ATOMIC CRASH Society's Children At Play/AIKAGI Had A Dream/CATAPULT Supersurreal/WATOO WATOO Un Peu De Moi (Live)/STEWARD Here is A Hard Time/THE SKYWRITERS Tiger Tails/A BOY NAMED THOR Please Try Again/LARZ Receive/WIO Dead Poet And... (80's Pinky Version)/LES ROYALES DE KIEFERS Summer Loves You/ERIC METRONOME Blue Nighttime/ZOPPO Cuts No Ice/GANG WIZARD Borrow
BBPTC150 THE MONDO CRESCENDO Young, Naked, And Very With It CDFree/3 Little Words/Check It On Out/Just Kiss Me/Who's Holding You Tonight?/True/The Other Side/What Kind Of Friend/Bluejeans/The Flame/Love Light
BBPTC153 WALLPAPER Honing The Spectacular CD Present/Meat Fantasy/On A Reverb Playground/Balance/Trust/Syncopatico-7/Mobile/Mephisto's Habit/Down The Wagon Trail/Ghost Town/Star Sequins/Elves Of The Tryptamine/Alcohol, Pcp & $$$/Magic America/Ping Pong Follies/Man/Land Ho!/Discoteque Down/Sissymeat Mystery Mix/Mescaline Overcoat
BBPTC154   RABBIT IN RED Rabbit In Red CDOver The River And Through The Hood/Car Crash Song/Retriever Of Unleashed Dogs/Postpartum And The Albatross/50 Years/Disco/Velvet Aquamarine/Big Bad Wolf/Hands/She's Lonely/Traffic Survival School/Communication/Sleep
BBPTC155   NIXON Only Ugly People Smoke CDTeardrop Collector/Still In Love Tomorrow/The Story Of The Blues/Let’s Make The Best Out Of Our Lives/Pop Friends/Sunshine Girl/If You Loved Me/Undevoted Friend/Together In Electric Dreams/Your Letters/Boy
BBPTC160 ABLE Lost Love Song CD (Corelease with Pimiento Recordings)Trouble Among The Horses/For A Purpose/Thrill/As Long As These Eyes Can See/Sail On A Mill/The End Of It/Push Your Luck/We Might Never Meet Again/Screw You Around/You're My Only One/Can't Share You/Anniversary
BBPTC162   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean Mystery LP Set 4LP 
BBPTC164   AUBE Solid Pressure CDSolid Pressure/Dig It Up/Defilement/Molten Plate/Metalivelectring/RG/RR
BBPTC165   MERZBOW/COCK E.S.P. Music For Man With No Name CDThe Good, The Bad & The Ugly/The Ecstacy Of Gold/Aces High
BBPTC166   COCK E.S.P. We Mean It This Time CD (corelease with SunShip) Real Men Hate Electronic Music/More Than You Bargained For/We Mean It This Time/Fireside Chat/Keeping It Real/My Door Is Always Open/Sweat/Gothic Wisconsin/Enjoy The Violence/Almost As Radical As Investment Banking/Local Music Is Gay/Making It Our Business/Viking Blood/Extreme Music For Changing Times/I'm The King Of Your World/Every Little Thing She Does Is Annoying/Black E.S.P./They Don't Call It The Fox Valley For Nothing/Techno Is A Sham/Menasha Jazz Festival/As If/Comedy Has No Place In Music/Cruel But Effective/I Don't Think So/Things To Do In Green Bay When You're Drunk/Bursting With Talent/Is That A Limited Edition Cassette With Special Packaging In Your Pocket Or Are You Just Happy To See Me?/Centerfold
(no catalogue number on my copy)
WRONG Live At Even Further CD (Corelease with Sunship Records)Live At Even Furthur/High Society/Untitled
BBPTC168   STEWARD Bang! There Goes My Youth CDBad/He Is A Genious With His Hands/You Live Yr Life In Ffwd/You Say You Don't Love Me/Dial Tone Collective/8-30 Yr Looking Great/I Am The Magnificent/Happy New Year (Version)/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
BBPTC168   COCK E.S.P./EVIL MOISTURE Monsters Of Cock 5" (corelease with Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers,  Ecstatic Peace, Freedom From, Gameboy, Ignivomous, Little Mafia, Self Abuse, SunShip, Spite, Uglysound and White Tapes)  
BBPTC170 MATHLETE Linconlnwood Tech CDBought An Engine/Narrowcaster/A Couple Of Ohms/You Say I'm A Wreck/Rocket Patrol/Alpha Beta/Master Control/Year: 1985/We're Moving To Germany/Illinois, Not Outer Space/Our Apartment/Turn Me Up/Tape Machines And Tambourines/You Look Electric/Trophy Thief/Right Tape Wrong Fader/Project Stereo Set/Oh How We Get Let Down/Are We Technical?/You Wind Up All Wrong/Let's Light Up/The Arcade Lane And The Cinema Street
BBPTC173   PERSONS The Lainmeyers Are Persons CDUntitled #1/Untitled #2/Untitled #3/Idealists Dead/Batgirl/BAG/A Reference To The Sirens/If Music Be The Bowl Of Love/Easter Vest/Untitled #4
(no catalogue number on my copy)
RABBIT IN RED A Must While So Near CDSRip Tide/Bright Light Of Noon/Granted/Do Something/Angels/Don't Go
BBPTC176 JAROND Jarond CDNever Being Around Means Never Having To Say Your Sorry/Thinking About Thinking Too Much/We'll See How It Turns Out/(The) Space Between Us/Spring Forward, Fall Back/The Time Everything Was/Drunk On The Idea/Always The Last To Know/Sea, Sea Rider/Phases/I Had A Friend Who Said It Sounded Like The Ocean/The Morning After The Night Before
(or BBPTC187)

(no catalogue number on my copy)
ORANGE CAKE MIX A Shadow Of Eclipse And Other Phases Of The Moon CD Your Favorite Space Journey/A Wind Wave Takes Me Far Away/First Day Of Spring/Osaka Morning Sunshine/Someday Never Happens/Seeds And Stones/Early Morning Space Time/Mellow Sun/Soul Expression #3/Westerly Beaches/Sail Back To Yesterday/Dream Window Shade/The Space I'm In/Soul Expression #2/Lost Inside A Dream Of An Ocean Sun/The Warm Summer Breeze And You
BBPTC178 JACKASS Where Truth Is A Beacon CDSIt's 1998 (And Suicide Is Still Beautiful)/For Julie Delpy/The Neverbacks/PC Systems/Nowhere Faster/The New Bad Things/MC Jerome & Little G
BBPTC179   WHIP Song Song CDS (Corelease with Priapus)Organique/He Killed The Angel Of Death/Maybe & Never/Matthew Lyndon Wells/When I Die/Lips And Assholes/Gospel Of Thomas/Wishing Well/If She Grabs/I Am A Friend Of Mine/Untitled
BBPTC180 WATOO WATOO Curiosities? CDTuesdays Secrets/Seasons/Picture Of A Lost Friend/Rainy Afternoon/Gold Mine/Mistery Blues, Part I/La Fuite En Arrière/Raccrochez, C'est Une Horreur/The Midnight Song, Part I/Bass Drum/I'm Not Always So Stupid/Mistery Blues, Part II
BBPTC181   PARK Alligator CDS (Reissued later on Unread Records)Car And Driver/Sailors Take Warning/Someday/Moodwatch/Mind For Mistakes
BBPTC184 ERIC METRONOME The Two Eared Man CD Blur The Thoughts/Focused/Learned To Forget/Blue Moon/A.M. In The A.M./Waiting For Fall/The Long Night #2/Suicides Go To Hell/Nobody Knows What Love Is (Love Always Ends)/You And Spoons/25 (Where Is The Love?)/Where Are You?/Not Anymore
BBPTC186 LARZ Waving With Newtons CD (corelease with Narrowminded)Indifference-You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Lights/Docks/Film/Reptile/Freshly Built Houses/Important/Contact/See-Through/Costume/Saint/Receive/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/Outfit Connected/Died With A Headache/Hissing Smoke Machine/The Port Of Big Black Bottle/Bjitumen's Pissed Paper Temple 439
BBPTC188 ACCELERA DECK Addict CDPulling Through/Untitled Crank/Suicide Pose/Trip Through/Quiescene/Magnetic/Further/;11/Ecstasy Schematic/Realised Loop
BBPTC191 STEWARD I Was The Only Boy On The Netball Team (Fremixes And Remixed) CD STEWARD Gentle Obsession/STADIUM Heavy Water (Steward Remix)/STEWARD The Man The The Tiny Hands (Lens Cut Slow Mix) (Accelera Deck Remix)/ONE STAR Silver Sodapop (Steward Remix)/STEWARD You Have Too Much Time On Your Hands/STEWARD Backpedal (Kid606 Remix)/STEWARD My Boy Knows/AUBE Aube Sound Sources (Steward Remix)/STEWARD Bit Part Actor Come Good (Figurine Remix)/STEWARD You Push Too Hard Sometimes/ACETATE ZERO Departure (Steward Remix)/STEWARD Stewardz Bonus Beatz
(no catalogue number on my copy)
REYNOLS "-------" CD (corelease with Betley Welcomes Careful Drivers) -----/---/--/----/-/-----------/------/--/------/-------
BBPTC193   ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS Tristes Tropiques CDReel/<...Rail Between>/Thier Heads Are Green And Their Hands Are Blue/Bethesda Before The Rain/Bethesda During The Rain/Bethesda After The Rain/<...It Sure Is>/Theme From ''TRISTES TROPIQUES''
BBPTC194 RIVER ... Is The Postman CDBoys And Girls/Let Me Stay/The Four Princesses/Juliette/River's Song/A Night With You/Am I So Silly To Believe?/Art Students/Brasilia/Tea For Cats/Go In A Tree
BBPTC195 SIX CENTS AND NATALIE When Punk Fell To Earth CD Still Maybe/Molly Dodd/Stitch-n-String/Wedding Bells In D#/Simple/Ultimatum/Penalty Box/Breckenridge/Pinecones And Ice Cream/The Water Song/Surfergirl/Easter Sunday/True Colors/I Called Just To Hear Your Voice/The Sadness Of Science/The Third Man/Your Swimming Suit/Your Class/I'm Smarter Than That/Sea Side Cafè/Queenie Isn't Here/Manufactured Drum Sounds/Whose Side Are You On?/Living On Video/Mail Order Catalog
BBPTC196   VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is Cafe Superstar Beat V.1 CD (Corelease with Automatic Kiss and Cafe 2001)SAFARIARI Superape/SAFARIARI The Dancing Monkey/MICROMARS Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio/MICROMARS Emphasurf/TOYEN (The) Face/TOYEN Cafe/REMINGTON SUPER 60 Always Trust The Samba(Feat.Gabriele Leguina)/REMINGTON SUPER 60 Heygirl/EPA April Blossom Tree/EPA Fly This/SKISTAR Woollen Undies/SKISTAR Mountain Code 9/THE ARTIST FORMALY KNOWN AS PASAN I Woke Up In The Rain/ANTHONY ROCHESTER Elephants
BBPTC197 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance CD (corelease with Morc Tapes)IN6 Ultrasonic Lovesong For Dogs' Ears Only/JEN TURRELL Annelies' Room/APPENDIX OUT I Feel Like An Elf/PERNATH Elnik/SODASTREAM Sunday Best/H.A.R.M Extinction Level Cement/WILL SIMMONS Take Two Steps To The Right/THE 100 LISTS Far From Home/BINGO TRAPPERS Been There Before/FUCK 22 No/RABBIT IN RED Angel (Live At A Morc Evening)/THRILLER Hide And Sleep/SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Great Western/A BOY NAMED THOR Three In A Bed/BREEZR Faking (Live At No-Fi Festival)/THE ORDINARY SEAMAN My Enemy/MINMAE Handshakes In The Landscape/ZENT ONE Have Some More Carrots/CIRCLE BROTHERS 1 AM Something, I'm Sorry/GANG WIZARD WITH WIO 7'16/LARZ Breef Blood For Calculators/PERSONS People Like Us Are Like Black Holes
BBPTC198   VARIOUS ARTISTS I'm A Cheap Bastard CD 
BBPTC201 PARTNERSHIPS Double Love Suicide CD (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc)Generic Beating Of My Heart/Young Love/Hear Inside/Free To Fall/Comfortable. Again/If I Could Only/Falling/Pacific Love State/A Love Revised/Love Is Go(ld)
BBPTC202 CANNANES Crank It Up! Live CDSWhite Rabbit/Anthem/I Met You As A Baby/3-Way Release/Go And Tell Your Father/Last Resort/Parade Time
(no catalogue number on my copy)
TÖYEN Did You Bring Me On National TV To Tell Me This? CD The New Economy/Café/In Space/Prakrti/(The) Face/Hello Remington/Pakistan/Bhangra/India Pindia/The Berents Sea/The Table/The Day/The Girl
BBPTC204   SNOW FAIRIES Snow Fairies CDSGeneric Beating Of My Heart/Young Love/Hear Inside/Free To Fall/Comfortable. Again/If I Could Only/Falling/Pacific Love State/A Love Revised/Love Is Go(ld)
BBPTC206 PERSONS Persons Attack The Scene CDSIntro To Dance/Native American Express (Taiwanese Umbrellaz)/Hippopotenuse/The Indie-Rock(er)/Jason Spasm/The Time Merely Over/Hair/Asymmetry/The Credo
BBPTC208 GANG WIZARD El Cortez Buy Y' A Drink CD (corelease with Morc Tapes, Deathbomb Arc, Dial Records, Ecstatic Peace!, Old Gold, Priapus, Sunship Records, Unread and White Tapes)It's Allright (Wonderful)/-----------------/Catch Me Watch Me/Fucking Rosie/I Am A Snarling Ocelot/California/Sending Nine Now/--------
BBPTC209 EXHALERA DECK Breathe CD Exhale/Stop-Gap/The Exact Color of Mercury/Canada Or Not/Fragile/Inhale/Slid & Slac/Inhale (Vaora Mix)/Fragile (James Figurine Remix)/Stop-Gap (James Figurine Remix)
BBPTC210   LONGSTONE L.I.F.E Span CD 00.02.00/01.55.00/06.08.40/13.41.15/17.25.23/21.35.08/28.19.54/ 30.19.54/30.44.70/40.17.55/45.57.72
BBPTC212   A034 Amoebil 200 CD Metavurt/No Undo Available/Persefone/Snare Storm/Zoom Siderale/Human Morphing/Bonus Track - SpaceKat (Live)/Bonus Track - Moving Downstairs (Live)
BBPTC213   MINMAE My Quiet Life CD No End, No End (UpstandIng Version)/Alex NYC/Cris With No H/Man Who Fought For Speed/I'm Getting Out Of Forensics/Handshakes In The Landscape/Autumn Festival/Southpaw Strikes Twice/Bluebird/Bastard /Sound Of One Hand Clapping
BBPTC220 EARTH TO NIGEL Run And Jump CD (Corelease with Dental) Window Seats/High Rise/Scream It/Pen Friend/Bargain Bin/Bang Went The Car/Perfect Girl/Rainy Day/If Ya Wanna/Here's To The Kids/Overwhelming/Tearjerker/Letter Bomb/Radio Station/Commando Lane/Good But Not Great/Japanimation/Who's He?/Weiter Und Weiter/Second Hand Chair/Put On A Show/The Perfect Day
BBPTC222 TRANSISTOR SIX Johnny, Where's My Purse CDStranded In Narrow Air/Duo Abstractions 2/Four Invisibles/Haloes & Starburst/Red Mystic/Duo Abstractions 1/Yellow Square Black Circle/Duo Abstractions 3/Duo Abstractions 5/Still Light
(222 on some catalogues)
  ROSE FOR BOHDAN Major Label Drugs CD (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc, Skylab Operations and Slide The Needle) Event Horizon/Coolio02 (Dark Version)/Turkey Day/Lost Faith In Cancer/What Heavy Metal Taught Us/Rogue Princess Mischief (Lesser Remix)/More American (Figurine Remix)/Horizontal Redux 1.1-1.3 (M. Paul Remix)/I Like Love (Turbine Remix)/Suprise.....Bitch! (Figurine Remix)
BBPTC231 THE NATIONAL SPLITS National Splits CD (Corelease with Kittridge) Afternoon Was Tight/Definitely So/I Drive Alone/Audio Account/This Old Curse/Derby/Just Got Back (And Now I'm Home)/Sometimes I Grow/Don't Make Me Rock You/Right Where You Are/Remember Action/Where Was I?/Good Heavens/Anthem/I Don't Believe You
BBPTC260   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean's Dirty Little Secret CD JEAN BACH Agaric And Bhab/SISSY SPACEK Untitled/COCK E.S.P. Total Eclipse Of The Cock/CHARALAMBIDES Trainsong/GANG WIZARD Untitled/LONGSTONE Access Denied/ROSE FOR BOHDAN Dumptruck/NOXAGT Digipakk/ALLUN Miniature/INCA EYEBALL Woodbines/REYNOLS Quito Plasno 1960/PLANETARIUM Call Of The Gnostic Hymn/WRONG An Excersize In Lapsus Linguoe/AUBE Ionosphere VI/LARZ Where Were The Movers/MONOTRACT Ebony DMD/ASHTRAY NAVIGATIONS Brought Together/BIG WHISKEY Assasination Attempt/III Agenda
BBPTC301   T-Shirt  
BBPTC344 FIGURINE Transportation + Communication = Love CD (Third pressing. It comes with five bonus tracks.) I Wait For You (By The Telephone)/F>I>G>U>R>I>N>E/New Mate/An Electronic Address/S.O.S./Batteries (Can't Help Me Now)/Robots/My First UFO/The European Beauty/Tired Eyes/Digits/Eurodiscoteque/New Millennium Song/International Space Station/Lifelike/You (Recorded Live In Berlin)/s....p....a....c....e/Zero Degrees/Untitled/Our Song
BBPTC345   FIGURINE Reconfigurine CD F>I>G>U>R>I>N>E> (Figurine Remix)/I Wait For You By The Telephone (Pacifica Remix)/Eurodiscotheque (Technicolor Remix)/My First UFO (Ckid Remix)/You (David Figurine Remix)/Tired Eyes (DJ Blank Remix)/International Space Station (David Figurine Remix)/City 2 City/S.O.S. (Double Agent Remix)/Batteries (Can't Help Me Now) (Mall Remix)/The European Beauty (Phasmid Remix)/ROBOTS 2002 (Figurine Remix)/New Mate (Steward Remix)/New Millenium Song (Flowchart Remix)/An Electronic Address (Printed Circuit Remix)/Digits (Accelera Deck Remix)
(459 on some catalogues)
ROSE FOR BOHDAN Decoration Monster 2CD (corelease with Deathbomb Arc, Imvated and Cephia's Treat) Hummingbird/Then She Flew Across The World/Dinosaur Demon/Cripple Jellyfish/Unusable Signal/Sukisoul/-----/Still A Favorite Among Prom Queens/Eternity N. Es/Egon Spengler Maiden (Castleversion)/Suki Soul (Pho's D-mix)/Dinosaur Demon (Books On Tape's Every Bohdan Walk The Dinosaur)/Hummingbird (Wio's Bumming Herd Mix)/Hummingbird (Jean Bach's Someday, Somehow, Somedan Remix)/Cripple Jellyfish (Cock ESP Remix)/Cripple Jellyfish (Captain Ahab Remix)/Dinosaur Demon (Amanda Hendricks' (Theairwebreath) Remix)/Filipino Bitches (Marco Paul & Brian Miller Remix)/This Glare Prepared/Diet Of Worms/Girl U Know It's True (R4B Remix)
BBPTC504 GANG WIZARD/ALGEBRASSIERE Split 12" (corelease with Deathbomb Arc/Breathmint/Ecstatic Yod/Little Mafia/Sloth Jinni/Sunship Records/Supermasterpiece) GANG WIZARD Caveman Lite/....... Girls/Can Hear It/Live At Neon Hates You/Drawing Of Jizo/ALGEBRASSIERE Personal Spaceman/The Melting Man/Like A Real Crazy Night (White Line Fever)/Summon My Sword
BBPTC555 STEWARD Australian Tour 2001 7" (corelease with Chapter Music) We Are Pure Chrome/Steward's Bonus Beatz/You Live Your Life In Fast Forward/Tour Song 2000
BBPTC901 (BBPTC 052 on some catalogues) THE NINJAS The Ninjas 12" In A Name/Fast Fascination/From A Far/Yesterdays Forever/So Long/Come On Lets Go
BBPTC902 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Proudly Presents Compilation Number Seven "Another One Sided" 12" WILL SIMMONS Hello Blackburg/ENOLA GREY All I Want/METRONOME Destiny And Dreams/TRENDLENBERG Fourth Dance Step/CRANK STURGEON Conflacrationist's Portal Tribute Evening/ROSE FOR BOHDAN James Wished He Was Why
BBPTC919   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 1 VHS A BOY NAMED THOR Jersey Sure?/AIKAGI Sugar Paste/ASHTRAY BOY Vacuum Cleaner Salesman/GIRLBOY GIRL Unfamiliar/LES BROCHETTES Apres Le Guerre/LUNCHBOX Wanna Reach You/MARINE RESEARCH Queen B/ONE STAR Astrolama/ZOPPO Flooded
BBPTC929 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 2 VHS AIKAGI Piggy Bank/ARCHAIC SMILE Square Love/THE CANNANES We Drink Bitter/ERIC METRONOME Waltz Of The Z's/MINMAE Opens Novella/MUMBLY Picture Of A Lost Friend/THE WINGNUTS Wreck/MIKE ZANGHI Excerpt From Vibroscope
BBPTC939   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 3 VHS THE BOYISH CHARMS Two Thousand Shadows/BRIDESHEAD Shortsightedness/LARZ Outfit Connected/MATHLETE Surrender/MODESTY BLAISE Christina Terrace/RABBIT IN RED Post Partum + The Albatross/SNAKE FORCEFIELD 3:30 Whistle Blows/STEWARD Bit Part Actor Come Good/WATOO WATOO I Could Never Run That Fast
BBPTC1812 VARIOUS ARTISTS Sweet Sweet Casio CD (Corelease with North Of January) A BOY NAMED THOR Wink That Eye/AIKAGI Tokyo Casio Freak/NIXON Julianne/ORANGE CAKE MIX Early Morning Mystic/SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Devil In Your Heart/THE CANNANES WITH STEWARD The Dissenters Have Risen/RABBIT IN RED The Honey Industry/REMINGTON SUPER 60 Always Trust The Samba (No Guiro Mix)/MANDORRIS Portamento/MIKE BARRETT The Farm/THE PRINCETON REVERBS COLONIAL Ascend In Faith/SPOC Beach Park Holiday/THE MAGOGS The Lonely Sea/MICROMARS Why Didn't My Parents Buy Me A Casio?/THE PART-TIME LOSERS Sapphire/GARLANDS Crimewave/GIRLBOY GIRL Lightness And Weight/JAMES KOCHALKA SUPERSTAR Neigh-neigh And Woo-woo/TOUGHLUCK, TRASHCAN! Autistic Tune/WIO I Wish/TRENDLENBERG Fireman's Field Day Parade/THE ZAMBONIES This Is A Casio Hockey Song/WILL SIMMONS Tonight (Peace Corps Drug Experience)/GANG WIZARD Friend
(no catalogue number on my copy) ALMA Is It Me? CD Internal Injury/You're Everything/Pamplona/Questions/Satellite/Same Mistake/Ghost Of A Dog (Live In Studio)
  FLYWHEEL Wrong Way 'Round The Buffet CD Mr Mistery Guts/One Man's Home/You're Not Welcome Son/Black Days/Let's Stay In/Opportunities/Only Way/Up/Waterloo Circus/Hit The Nail/Celebrity Hairdresser/Wit Of The Staircase
    K2 Sacred Garbage LP Part 1/Part 2
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Sampler No. 3 1999-2000 CD ABLE For A Purpose/CELESTEVILLE Appear To Be/FIGURINE New Mate/THE MONDO CRESCENDO Three Little Words/ACCELERA DECK Untitle Crank/GIRLBOY GIRL Should We Or Shouldn't We/ERIC METRONOME Maybe Sometimes/MILK Just A Girl/CATAPULT Supersurreal/MATHLETE Rocket Patrol/RABBIT IN RED Postpartum And The Albatross/ZELIUM QUANG All Flesh Is Grass/LARZ Pirate/AIKAGI All My thinking/GANG WIZARD KankQixarth Smites Again/A BOY NAMED THOR Pixie/WATOO WATOO Un Peu De Moi/WALLPAPER Down The Wagon Trail

Lathe Cut Series

(no catalogue number on my copy) TRANSISTOR SIX Mad Science 7" Lathe-Cut Mad Science/Spies
(no catalogue number on my copy) MIKE L./ATOMIC CRASH Mike L./Atomic Crash 7" Lathe-Cut MIKE L. Untitled/ATOMIC CRASH Untitled
(no catalogue number on my copy) AIKAGI La-La-La 7" Lathe-Cut La-La-La/Baby/I Can't Hear Anymore
BBPTC191 / SCAM 9807 GANG WIZARD/SEAWORTHY Gang Wizard/Seaworthy 7" Lathe-Cut (Corelease with Steady Cam Records) GANG WIZARD Gold Gate (Bridge)/SEAWORTHY Lost Hopes, Last Hopes
(no catalogue number on my copy) ORANGE CAKE MIX California Coastline 7" Lathe-Cut Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
(no catalogue number on my copy) PERSONS Live 7" Lathe-Cut Live
    REYNOLS Live In Ohio 7" Lathe-cut Live In Ohio Part I/Live In Ohio Part XIX
(no catalogue number on my copy) GANG WIZARD/FRIENDS FOREVER Untitled/Deep Space Explore 9" Lathe-Cut (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc) FRIENDS FOREVER Vikings Of Tomorrow/Vikings Of Yesterday/Deep Space/Blast Off!/Rosette/Star Jumping/Hyper Speed/Explore!!!/GANG WIZARD That's A Pretty Big Fucking Lake You Got There, Africa/I Don't Want To Take A Bath
    SISSY SPACEK/GANG WIZARD Split 10" Lathe-Cut (Corelease with Eggshell And Four Dead) SISSY SPACEK Untitled/GANG WIZARD Untitled/Untitled
  GANG WIZARD/III Split 7" Lathe-Cut GANG WIZARD Untitled/III Untitled