Old Gold

This is an attempt to create a complete Old Gold discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

  TWO DOLLAR GUITAR The Disappointment K7 Untitled/Untitled
  DQE Hershymouth K7 Certainly Not/Humfleet/Lef Me In June/Hey My Baby/Link 1/I Can't Help Myself/Crawdad/Link 2/Shady Grove/Sharky Sugar/Sunshine/Candy Girl/Worried Man
  TIM FOLJAHN Four Seasons K7Summer/Fall/Winter/Spring
  ERIC GAFFNEY Brilliant Concert Numbers CDHudson River Landing/Fields Of Gaffney/The Other Day/Claverack/Loch Ness Monster/Dead Piano Place/Carried Away/All Sides/Cobweb Hall/Jittery Side Effects/1983/Moonlight/Reverb Subway Train/Rebel Waltz/Xylophone/Come On Along/Invisible Hands/No Expectations
  GANG WIZARD El Cortez Buy Y' A Drink CD (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta, Morc Tapes, Deathbomb Arc, Dial Records, Ecstatic Peace!, Priapus, Sunship Records, Unread and White Tapes)It's Allright (Wonderful)/-----------------/Catch Me Watch Me/Fucking Rosie/I Am A Snarling Ocelot/California/Sending Nine Now/--------
    FIELDS OF GAFFNEY Uncharted Waters CDCold Weather/Twilight/Leave Me Alone/Gone Wrong/Shark Attack/Arcadia/I Want A Woman/Punk Rock Monkey/Coiled/Walked In Like A Byrd/Puzzle Piece/Someone Nice/Colorform Viewfinder/De-Escalation/Singing Iceberg/Under The Influence Of X + Minutemen/Too Bad Luck/Gold Trimmed Hat (Pro Brush Finale)/In Line/Flash Flood Advisory/Baker Street/Time Zones/Nights Are Forever/Locket Love/Stampede Caribou Recipe/L.A. Jogging Soundtrack/Life Isn't Fun Anymore