This is an attempt to create a complete Larz discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1994   Larouche (K7 Narrowminded) Machineworld/Kain's Humble Stumble/No Palate Muscle/Here Comes My Hand/Snow/Dark Pornography/Roseate/Please Welcome The Mysterious Side Of Your Changing Inside/Tunafish With Green Mayonaise/Parker's Piece/Atoll/Soul/Today They Saw Again/Sandfly/Immortal/Lungsful/Duplo/Build A Wall Of Sound Around Me/Family/Drugs Pain Bombing/Address Of Heaven/Oceans/Do Nothing/Negatives/Deathblow/Breathing My Own Breath
1995   Spinage Pigeons And Banana Cigarettes (K7 ???) Hands/King Rabbit/She Wore A Bike Dress/Cripple Polythene Bags/Gathim/Succumb Me/Ruritania/Plutonium Noise/Theatrical Divorce Case/Sun One/Trampolin/Cospiracy Against Me/Bijtumen's Pissed Paper Temple 439/Blauwe Knoop/Overheard/Soporific/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave/666 Wave, The Unspoken Third Verse/Intro/Tales Inn. Earthly Strawberries/You've Been In My Lungs/The Port Of Big Black Bottle/Shement/Trees And Leaves Gathered Face/Sun Two
1996 Sweet Furniture, Is It Time To Start Again? (K7 Narrowminded/Bacchanalian Revel) Died With A Headache/Screw Up, I'm The Driver/Pirate/Means Of Communication/Be My Groundstaff/Tropical Mess/You're My Heart/Hissing Smoke Machine/Scoring Asshole/Shinegold Chisel/My Melon Cologne Took The Life/Xpelair And Spiders/The Solid Gold Web: Why Do You Evolve?-Cavemen Ruling The World-I Vomit, You Do Something Else-New Movies Cummin' Up-Sturmey Archer-The Mail Is Coming Thru The Mailbox This Year/For I Have Sinned/I'll Beat Myself Up
  ...But Yet Confused (K7 Studio Muscle)An Awkward Silence/One Hand On My Big Body/Transamazonica/Airwaves/Sun One/Insinuation/Trees And Leaves Gathered Face/Blue Trees Of Moonlight/Lungsful (Edit)/A Long Hot Day/(She Ain't) The Carnival Of Oblivion/Footprints In The Sand/Sandfly (Edit)/Through The Cat's Eye/Breathing My Own Breath (Parts II And III)/The Second Determination/Sun Two (Edit)/A Private Scenery/Champagne/Africa's Dryness/Just Can't Get Enough/Butterfly/By Darkness Surrounded/Deathblow (Edit)/Splashingarmputtoperah/Terse-239/King rabbit/Ruritania (Edit)/The Precocious Expression/Tarpaulin (Edit)/Drugs Pain Bombing (Edit)/The Dust Chamber/Something Whispers And Cries/The Collusion Communist
1997 God Repainted Everything (K7 Narrowminded)Hands/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (The Unspoken Third Verse/Oceans/Dark Pornography (Edit)/Soul/Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise/Machineworld/Intro-Tales Inn. Earthly Strawberries/Crippled Polyethene Bags/Gathim/Negatives/Soporific/Overheard/Conspiracy Against Me
1997 VPRO "De Avonden" (K7 Narrowminded) Conspiracy Against Me-Receive-Machineworld/The Port (Intro)-Means Of Communication/I'll Beat Myself Up/Succumb Me/New Movies Cummin' Up-I Vomit, You Do Something Else-Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise-Hands-Powers That Should Not Be Disturbed/Gathim/Soporific/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (Third Verse)-Shinegold Chisel (Intro)/Hissing Smoke Machine-Shinegold Chisel (Fucked Up)/Pirate/For I Have Sinned/Be My Groundstaff/Here Comes My Hand (Edit)/Please Welcome The Mysterious Side Of your Changing Inside (Edit)/No Palate Muscle (Fade-Out)/Duplo (Intro)/Immortal (Edit)/Breathing My Own Breath (Part I) (Edit)/Kain's Humble Stumble (Extract)/Parker's Piece (Outro)/Roseate (Edit)
1998 Moral Sewer (LP Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Hands/Screw Up, I'm The Driver/Pirate/Means Of Communication/Be My Groundstaff/Crippled Polyethene Bags/My Melon Cologne/Tropical Mess/Scoring Asshole (New Version)/Shinegold Chisel/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (First Verse)/Xpelair And Spiders/The Solid Gold Web: Why Do You Evolve? Cavemen Ruling The World I Vomit, You Do Something Else New Movies Cummin' Up Sturmey Archer The Mail Is Coming Thru The Mailbox This Year/Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise/I'll Beat Myself Up (New Version)
1998 The Musk Of Harbour Machinery (K7 Narrowminded)The Land Of Sporadic Light/Freshly Bulit Houses/Drowning In Musk/Siren/Phonetics/No Questions Asked/Graveyard Inspection/Film One/Harbor/The Bay Will Moor My Ship/Saint/Of All Places/Lights/Docks/Film Two/Reptile/Film Three/Indifference/You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Important/False Landmath Platform/Powers That Should Not Be Disturbed/Straws/Costume/Snooze!/Church/Contact/Where I Worship My Vows/Receive/Downfall/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/See-through/Swimming Pools/Outfit Connected
1999 Harbour Machinery (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Indifferance/You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Film One/Graveyard Inspection/Harbor/The Land Of Sporadic Light/Flying Houses/Film Two/Drowning In Musk/çights/Docks/Film Three/Phonetics/Reptile/Important/Snooze!/Church/Contact/Saint/See-Through/Costume/Receive/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/Outfit Connected
2000 Waving With Newtons CD (Blackbean Placenta And Tape Club/Narrowminded) Indifference-You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Lights/Docks/Film/Reptile/Freshly Built Houses/Important/Contact/See-Through/Costume/Saint/Receive/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/Outfit Connected/Died With A Headache/Hissing Smoke Machine/The Port Of Big Black Bottle/Bjitumen's Pissed Paper Temple 439
2005 Hoofddorp (FLAC Narrowminded) Kalorama/Overbos/Beukenhorst/Piratenwijk/Graan Voor Visch/Toolenburg/Pax/Bornholm/Floriande


1998 When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore (7" Blackbean And Placenta) Phonetics/Graveyard Inspection/Harbor/Waste


1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Waffles And Windmills - A Compilation (K7 Lower Records) Succumb Me
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stolen Mercury & Lost Lead - Small Things Are Best (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) I'll Beat Myself Up Two 2:13
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard On The Eyes, Easy On The Ears '97 - '98 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Shine Gold Chisel
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Chinese WIC Poster (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)The Land Of Sporadic Light
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Summer Sampler 1999 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Receive
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Sampler No. 3 1999-2000 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Pirate
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Video Comp Volume 3 (VHS Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Outfit Connected
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance (CD Morc Tapes/Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)Breef Blood For Calculators
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean's Dirty Little Secret (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Where Were The Movers
    VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Cactus Gum)Be My Groundstaff

Other Stuff

1997 UNSTAR Questions Answered With Questions (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) (Coen Polack and Larz) Over A Sky Of Brilliant Glass/Red Chair/Sunlove/The 2nd Room Of Osiris/Bumblebee Ponytails/Where The Trees Grow Above The Ground/Love You Like Crazy/Blue Cast The Waves/Those Vicious Vikings/2019 A.D./Icarus Wings/Shaking Hands For You/Awake/The Last Day That I Lived/Golden Mile Of Misfortune/Underwater I Swim South/Bleed Onto Me
2019 HUNTER COMPLEX Open Sea (LP Death Waltz/Mondo) Night City/The Heart Of High Places/Chase Manhattan/We Fought For America/Crows Zero/White Water/A Float For A Marker/White Sunlight/Account Of The Moon