Cactus Gum

This is an attempt to create a complete Cactus Gum discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.
Brad renumbered some issues at same point, that's why, for exemple, you can find two numbers 32...

CACTUS 01 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek K7 PLANETSEVEN Just My Luck/JOHN Where The Fireflies Glow/JERSEY TUSHI Part That Breathes/LUCKY DIME Pretty Satin Loser/STAR POPSICLE Drop Dead Ed/WIND Super Psycho Barber/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Stick It To The DJ/CREEPER LAGOON 20 Miles South - Small Town In Michigan/HALFPINT The Pillow Song/FROGGER Alex/CYRUS REGO Perishable/SANDBOX JURY What They Want/THE SUSIE CHAPSTICK BAND If You Don't Love Me/CHARLIE MCALISTER The Glutton/COOLIO IGLESIAS Pink Goldfish/LITTLE JUPITER Liquidation Future/EGGHEAD 867-5309/DISKOTHI-Q Balls To The Waa/MY MOTORBIKE Basically Anything/ASHLEY HOLT Wheelchair/PIE U Will B Interred/CAT PADDLE Rick James Whales On Crack/NEENER Gluesniffing Song/YAK BRIGADE There Is A Mastadon At The End Of This Song/GOMA SAYS RUF Solar Tree/THE KATO KAILEN 3 Fucked Up/ARCHIE Tell Myself/EDITH PRESLER See Your Face/THE GAMBLING HORSEMEN Haley's Comet/EAT MORE FRUITS Scattered/FUJI 1 KANOBI Star Sign/ASRIELLE Cars that Wreck/THINK APOLLO Strange Boy/THE FRISBEES Really Come Over/MATT THOMAS A Girl's Heart/THE CHARMINS She Lights Boys Heads On Fire/COMMODE Sounds Pretty Fucking Fishy To Me/BIG BREAKFAST Silent For No Reason
CACTUS 02   JOHN My Horse's Ass Is On Fire K7 
  HOVERING KETCHUP Hollow Snow Angels K7 
CACTUS 03   7-10 Split 
CACTUS 04   PLANETSEVEN Pace Fainters K7 
NEENER Lifetime Guarenteed K7Jerk/The One They Called Him/Pez Machine/Gonna/Fishing Tank/Alien Bob/Barbie Queen/Big Black Bin/Holy Everywhere/Naive Little Girl Like Me/God's A Punk Rocker/Where Do We Go/James Dean/Losing Is Beautiful/Beautiful Losers, Nine Nine
CACTUS 05 THINK APOLLO Game Over K7 The Teal Spectrum/All These Things/Take Back/Trusting A Crush/Do You Still Believe?/Lost & Found/Going/To Forgive Is My Answer/Secrets & Smiles/Jad Fair Drives Me Wild
CACTUS 06 LITTLE JUPITER Pickled Plum Gum K7 Mr. Feedback/Only Money/Feldspar Thinker/Short Change Life/Ate & Tasted Nothing/Silent Conversation/Dark Night/Ingrown Sleeping/Left Cold/Arrowhead (Grunge Kid)
CACTUS 06      
WORMWOOD Wormwood K7Step More Cautiously/The Footway/Sweet Of The Bad/Nate's Friend/When Giving Doesn't Mean Much/Gasoline
CACTUS 08   4-WAY/LITTLE JUPITER Kill The Wow K7 (co-release with Hello Spaceman!) LITTLE JUPITER Made In France/From Liverpool With Love/Fake Shotgun/Endtime Sunshine/Sam's Song
  HOVERING KETCHUP Holo Snow Angels K7 
CACTUS 09 ARCHIE So Gabby Thinks We're Cool! K7It's So Hard To Fall In Love/The Way It Goes/So So Sick/Tell Myself/My Chinchilla/What I Want!
CACTUS 09   PIE Dustbowl Ep**Dimples/U Call Me Chad/U Will B Interred/Showcox/Ocasek/Always Doing It/Debbie Days
CACTUS 10 MY MOTORBIKE Fuck-Fi K7Brendas Heart/Forgotten Life Forms/Bruised Ego Is All I Got/Remember This Forgotten Notion/Lousy Weekend/Straight Faced Poetic Name Dropper/The Star Exploding Incident/Liquorice Hips/Cheerleaders/Skewed But We All Know It.../Magic Numbers/Number Game/Pillow Case!/Telephone Call All Alone/Too Unhip, Too Cool/Vision Of Unstableness/Gods On My Side/Hum-Buckled/Droning Silence/Show It To You
CACTUS 11   EGGHEAD Peer Pressure And Satan 
CACTUS 12   SANDBOX JURY And I Was Headed For Law School Too! 
CACTUS 13 / CACTUS 27 CREEPER LAGOON Death Sentence K7This Portion Will Check/What The Hell Do You Want?/Eyes Of Hazel/The Stalin Epigram/Twelve/Yellow Black Sheets Of Rain/20 Miles South - Small Town In Michigan/X Kiss The Unknown/Goodbye Tuesday
CACTUS 14   STAR POPSICLE The Popsicle Strikes Back K7  
CACTUS 15   TORTILLAS YOU WANTED Tortillas You Wanted K7 
CACTUS 16   FROOKIE & THE JAMMIES Let's Snurkle Under A Fence K7 
CACTUS 16   ZERO SERIES Tape Memory 
CACTUS 17 BJ KRAMP/LITTLE JUPITER Armpit Grouch K7 (co-release with Amateur Anarchy)BJ KRAMP Equilibrium/Was She Weird?/House Of The Worm/Spit Straight/At Fault/Reprise/Techno Up Your Ass/Metal Up Your Techno/Get Outta My Dreams Get Into My Car/Instead/Friend At Yore/Always Sounds Easy/Weird Reprise/Okayet/Technokayet/Fab-Fab-Fabio!/50 Dollar Deductible/When The Saints/LITTLE JUPITER Two Weeks/Going Back/The Ending You Misunderstood/Bored/Damaged Goods/Metallic Silver Lining/Secret sauce/Axegrinder/Dominate This/Magnet's Coil
CACTUS 17     
THE STUNT DOUBLES/LITTLE JUPITER Sign Choir K7 LITTLE JUPITER Cross Country Pathway/Sweet/Oak Tree/Roseland Ball/Tea Leave Garden/Simple Love Song/Califronia Bound/Scissor Tail/Lonesome Surprize/Direction Of Currents/THE STUNT DOUBLES Don't Lean Back/Hey Now/Red Tape/The Crush Song/I Care/Sparks Of Maturity/3 A.M./Guard Probed In Atlanta
CACTUS 19   NEENER Panics And Bollocks 
CACTUS 20 THE FRISBEES Human... Robot... Monster K7Don't Hold Back.../Bradley Rose.../It's Too Late (Again)/Making Landfall/Turn Me On, Take It All/Girl Two!/Wish You'd Follow/Fly Away/Providone/I'll Be All Alone/Born Late/Peg Pants/Boy Detective/Something In My Way
CACTUS 21   LITTLE JUPITER Romania K7Across The Mote/She Slept The Day Away/Proxy/Future Plans/Blue Milkshake/Ancient, Aged, History Lesson/Creeping Mechanism/Lexington/Snow Song/Desert Sun Walking/Chocolate Rose Dreams/First, We Have Coffee/Apple Spells Eye/Upside Down Deluxe/Towers/Indian Summer/Laguna Beach/Off Guard, On Tap
CACTUS 22   LITTLE JUPITER Ice Cream Cones K7 (also on Limosuine Cousine)Stinging Rain Drop/The 3rd Degree/Igloo/Western Fly Bound/Cherry/Grinning In Th' Back/Tools To Use/Take A Number/Insta/Chained
CACTUS 22   LOWBROW Amhetwin 
CACTUS 23   WHITE ROSE SYSTEM A Series Of Four Pale Blue Garages K7 
CACTUS 23   HOT ASPHALTE The Children Learn To Cipher 
CACTUS 24   TOILET Birds Of A Feather Fuck Each Other K7 
CACTUS 24   LOWBROW Amhetwin 
CACTUS 25   OCASEK Little MisslesBlock Out The Sun/Kyiv To Odessa/Starship/Oh, Brazil/Alpha Celluline/Transcend On The Starlets/Twee National Anthem & Gambling Horsemen O' Death/N-Betwixt/Same Time Zone/Soviet Syndrom/Rings Of Saturn/Cinematic (Take 1)/Miskolci Szerelmi Viszony/From Ukraine
CACTUS 26   WIO In6 K7*Something's Not/Bananas/Karma/Yo, Pump It!/J Groove/Get Me High/Boyheartboil/Smiley 2 Love/Needtime/I'm The Man/Since You've Started Wearing Those Blue Jeans And The Zorro Mask/Mathematics
CACTUS 27   UKRAINE Payeva K7Jetplane Landing/Nyěrseg Autumn/ěÉĚiĐĎÄ/Robotics/Killed By Finite/Lavinia/Xo Milo oX/Nyaraló/Guđmundsdóttir/Fucking In Sequence/x3.2p=Tripeaks/Patterns & Ripples
CACTUS 28   MOTE Frozen Horses K7*Head Seam/Feelies/Strummin' The Bird/La La Loved You/Touched A Hole/Tear The World Apart 1/Dust Song/44 Stolen/Teeth In A Bowl/Tear The World Apart 2/Little Pocket Watch/Spooky Hits
CACTUS 29   FOX FORCE FIVE Disco Sampler K7 
CACTUS 29   PIE Upside The D-Lux Bee Chamber K7 (rerelease of an old Sonic Enemy tape) 
CACTUS 30 VARIOUS ARTISTS Chutes And Ladders - A Cactus Gum Compilation K7 THE SOAPBOX RACERS Scenester/BJ KRAMP MariLou/PEDESTRIAN XING If You Could Read My Mind/THE MAGIC BLUE BICYCLE Forgotten Recollections/MOTE Vio-lent/THE DAVID HASSELHOFF 5 Starship Rocket/HOT ASPHALTE Whiskey You're The Devil/FROOKIE & THE JAMMIES Fro-J/GUM TREE Half Assed/SIMON JOYNER Flannery O'Connor/BOY GENIUS Cosmic Girl/LITTLE JUPITER Song About The Beach/FRANKLIN BRUNO Pony Song/TIME WANISH Into The Funnel/CANE Exciting Girl/BINGO TRAPPERS Rebel's Digest/SIX CENTS AND NATALIE The Sadness Of Science/THE BOTANISTS Japanese Girlfriend/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Music Palace NYC/JUST Nice To Me/NEENER Mushroom Gurl/MOVIOLA Baby You're My Whatsastuff/WRIST Go It Alone/AZ 1492 Clock Ticking, Resonance/CORSAIR So This Is Superman/ZERO SERIES Camry Blues/THE STUNT DOUBLES Wish You Were Mine/THE AZUSA PLANE Erone/LUCKY DIME Suspended In The Air/EDITH PRESLER The Foreign Line/MY MOTORBIKE Hide And Seek/MARS ACCELERATOR Formaldehyde III
CACTUS 30 PIE ...At The Electric Spa K7Overture/Certain Priors/The Suicide Club/Negative Trip/Small/Outta Control!/This Sullen Wheel/Up From Sommerville/Take Me With U/The Kojak Sketches/Boston Winter Limes/Little World/The Last Time/My Collection/The Reykjavik Spyders
CACTUS 31   SIMP Scotch, No Cigarette 
CACTUS 32   LUCKY DIME Quit While You're Still Behind 
CACTUS 32   ED NOLBED Higly Edible 
CACTUS 33   BRAILLE WONDER Black & White Keys 
CACTUS 34   A. GRAHAM At Ease, Tragedy! 
CACTUS 35 THE NOVA SCOTIAS A Toast To Cartel Ship Enclosed By A Shell/The King Of Summer/Kickin Side Up/Port Of Maine/Dim Light Of Social/Regressiveness/A Toast To Cartel/Last Night/Say Ole/Cotton In The Way/Open Up To Us II
CACTUS 37   RURA'PENTE Trip With Gossemer Sings 
CACTUS 37   LOWBROW Amhetwin 
CACTUS 38   NEENER Fait Accompli 
CACTUS 39   OSMOSE Hrajdenska K7*Cocktail Bar/Telephone Rings/1000 $/Desert Of Futurism/Channel 6/France On My Mind/Mary-Ann/Come Easy, Come Go/Leave Some Branches/Retune/Dark City Lake/Indistinguishable
CACTUS 40   VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Corelease with Studio Muscle)KING FROG A Teacher.../UBERHUND The Floor People/HOT ASPHALTE A Nation Once Again/THE BRAILLE WONDER Jesmon Dean/LITTLE JUPITER Gardez Le Foi/ASTRONOMEOUS Untitled/EIGHTEEN P Estate/THE AZUSA PLANE Nebraska/PAUL NINI The Next Seattle/FRENCH PADDLEBOAT The Boys of Summer/CLIMAX GOLDEN TWINS Yao Su-Song/UKRAINE Fucking Some Swedish Tail/ABPLANALP Oh Salvador/WHAM-O Nebraska/DOT.DOT.COMMIES Holiday Drunk/ZERO SERIES Abandoned Love/FUMEHOOD On The Other End of Town/THE NOVA SCOTIAS Del Avire/CORVALIS Says Fuck You/OCASEK Aristocratic Nature/SLOWBURN This is Your War/THEM AND ME Cold/UZ^JSME DOMA Jassica/PHLEGM Ecstatic Breeze Part III/NAPKIN VS SODA Zero Return/KITCHEN CYNICS The Quiet Ones/BINGO TRAPPERS Meeting Mary Fields/JOHN SIMS Clock Ticks in My Heart/LARZ Be My Groundstaff/MIRABILIA Me and My Answering Machine/LIGHTENING BEAT-MAN I Say Yea/JULLANDER Syme's Hole/PLUXUS Song Inspired.../DE PORTABLES Canary Song/HUDSON RIVER Double Cross/LORETTA AND DENISE MONGRELL Maria/SHOSHONI ?/FRAMBOOZE The Alien Club
CACTUS 41 PERFUME IV Bare Skin Soul Contest K7Secret Bag/Smell 38945b/'Situations' take 9/Red Painted Floor/Chorus Song/Low Life/Perfume Overdrive/Raindance/Smile/Way To Go
CACTUS 42   AIR Hockey Injury 
CACTUS 44     
CACTUS 45 UKRAINE Earning My White Wings K7Through Your Cracks/X.S. Baggage/No More Fucking C.A.T. Scans/Little Grey Cells/The New Organon/Conquest Divine (edit)/Sultan's Nectar/White Panty Shot/Dead Angels Falling/Ilyich's Remains/The Water Level In The Harbor Is Down 10 Feet/Chinese New Year
CACTUS 47     
CACTUS 48     
WORMWOOD Wormwood K7Step More Cautiously/The Footway/Sweet Of The Bad/Nate's Friend/When Giving Doesn't Mean Much/Gasoline
CACTUS 50     
CACTUS ?? LITTLE JUPITER People Fucking Suck K7 People Fucking Suck/Riot Grrrl Porn Star/Faith Heal/Sleeping Around The Block/Orders Took/Extra Hard/Continue On Past The Point/Grade School/Skyline/Jealous Of?/Really On Time/Black & Red
    LITTLE JUPITER I Bet The Ford K7Flower Girl/The Spires Of Notre Dame/We Have Drawn A Crowd/Redemption/Cassius Clay Is Still The Same To Me/Sing The Revelations/You Buried Us/Get Undressed (Klä Av Sig)/French Canadian/Your Immortality/Watching In Awe/When We Were Royalty/Millions Upon Millions/Goodnight
    WIND Wind Vs Godzilla K7 
    MINNETONKA Warm, Soft Companion K7Crisis Management/Pipe Dreams/A Billion Mirrors/Landlocked/Civil War/What Is Wrong With Me/Half Empty/Three Hours Thursday/Read Myself To Sleep/Peppermint Gum/Well Enough Alone/Forever Scarred/Lechmere Crossing Revisited/Ninth Birthday/So Vague
    UKRAINE The Virgin Kelly K7 
    OCASEK Cassette Harness K7 Half My Day/Same Time Zone/Oh, Brazil/75th & College
LTD1   OCASEK Non Sans Droict K7 Into The Zemplén/Cordova/Flags Over Budapest/Faux Naif/Lithographic/Perennial Radiance/Szürkület
LTD2 WONDERBOY You Be The Nothing Painted Blue, I'll Be The Diskothi-q K7 Broken Ankles/He Wrote Kansas/For Rhythm/(Not Titled)/Sound City 200/Will You Show Up For The Court Dates/Who's Who In Showbusiness/Big Ideas/Your Girlfriend's X-French T-Shirt/Stand Awful Good/You're Eyes Diamonds/(Not Titled)/Vegas And Stranger/Breathing Again
    OCASEK Fuck Jackson Pt. 1 K7

Rub Your Face In The Lake/Arthur Upfield's Detective/Queens & Trucks/Beat The Dead/Gringo's Conclusion/Lap Dance 709/Trip With Gossamer Wings/The Saint Laughed At Zarathustra/Monsieur Lex Is In The Knightengale Palace

    OCASEK Fuck Jackson Pt. 2 K7

The New Organon/Black & Blue Carbunkle/Slackjob Resevoir/The Good Lord's Knees/8 Steaks & 10 Big Cakes Is Rock Power/Fuck Jackson/Have You Stopped Beating Your Wife?/Aborigine Death March

    OCASEK The Gospel According To Mary K7

Photos From Odessa/Sucked Up The Rising Seas/O' Kingy King/All The Way To Prague/Tiny Roses/Scandinavian Dream Come True/North Atlantic/The Czech Flag Hanging Above My Mirror/Cinematic (Take 2)/Cherchez La Femme/Little Missiles/See You When You're Back In Town/Nikolett/Best Friend's Girl

    MINNETONKA Warm, Soft Companion K7 Crisis Management/Pipe Dreams/A Billion Mirrors/Landlocked/Civil War/What Is Wrong With Me/Half Empty/Three Hours Thursday/Read Myself To Sleep/Peppermint Gum/Well Enough Alone/Forever Scarred/Lechmere Crossing Revisited/Ninth Birthday/So Vague
    TRINKET FRIENDS Balladen Om Lille Virgil K7*Friend/Hold My Hand/Walking Down The Road/Inside The Lie/Garden Light/Hat - House/Trying To Walk/Outside Your House/Memory/Blues For Esperanza Glass/Please Come Home

Vinyl and CD releases

CGUM001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Cyanide Guilt Trip 7"EDITH PRESLER One Of Your Pop Songs/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Leaving Home/MILKY WIMPSHAKE You're Shaken, I'm Stirred/LITTLE JUPITER Irreflexive Spark/IRVING KLAW TRIO Hermano Simon
CGUM002 EDITH PRESLER Drag Alcan Seconds 7'' (corelease with Little Mafia) Drag/Alcan/Seconds/For The Love Of A Texas Cheerleader/Midfall
CGUM003   THE STUNT DOUBLES I Guess I Don't Care 7" 
CGUM004   MINNETONKA Lake Boon Retreat 12" (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) 
CGUM005 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil CDOCASEK Hungarian Dream Come True/ORANGE CAKE MIX Soft Edges/WILL SIMMONS We Are Holding On/EDITH PRESLER What Are We Talking For/TIPILI February/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS The Things That Fall From Yr Face/ZERO SERIES On A Prop Plane/BINGO TRAPPERS Blue Carpet Tiles/UKRAINE Lilia/SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Showgirls/WONDERBOY Who'sWho On Showbusiness/MINNETONKA Playback Rewind/CALEB FRAID Shirley Temple/NOGGIN They Saved Wagner's Brain/LITTLE JUPITER Ket Nappal Az Indulas Elott/THE AZUSA PLANE Imperivm Neptvini Regis/MOTE Gladys Nightengale/DISKOTHI-Q Just What I Needed/THE STUNT DOUBLES Drawing Of An Airplane/RAMON SPEED Thinking Of The Bride/MOVIOLA She's Like That/EGGHEAD Mongoloid/WIO A Dream: The Cow/CALICOS AND TORTOISESHELLS Their Very Red Carry/NEENER World Domination/CHARLIE MCALISTER Belly Of The Whale/CREEPER LAGOON He Made Us All Blind