This is an attempt to create a complete Imvated discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

CP04 ROSE FOR BOHDAN Decoration Monster 2CD (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club, Cephia's Treat and Deathbomb Arc) Hummingbird/Then She Flew Across The World/Dinosaur Demon/Cripple Jellyfish/Unusable Signal/Sukisoul/-----/Still A Favorite Among Prom Queens/Eternity N. Es/Egon Spengler Maiden (Castleversion)/Suki Soul (Pho's D-mix)/Dinosaur Demon (Books On Tape's Every Bohdan Walk The Dinosaur)/Hummingbird (Wio's Bumming Herd Mix)/Hummingbird (Jean Bach's Someday, Somehow, Somedan Remix)/Cripple Jellyfish (Cock ESP Remix)/Cripple Jellyfish (Captain Ahab Remix)/Dinosaur Demon (Amanda Hendricks' (Theairwebreath) Remix)/Filipino Bitches (Marco Paul & Brian Miller Remix)/This Glare Prepared/Diet Of Worms/Girl U Know It's True (R4B Remix)
CP21 CHRISTINA CARTER Planets K7 Planets/(Houston), Here Nothere, WS
    GANG WIZARD Winter Tour 2003 K7 Live At A Bowling Alley In Portland/Oh These Dangerous Theet/Live At The Muse In San Diego/Favorites/Live At Ryan's House
    GANG WIZARD Young Money CDR Midway PtI/Midway Pt2/Glasshouse Pt.2/Glasshouse Pt. 3
    CRANK STURGEON Eyes Used For Tooth Support K7 
    CRANK STURGEON A Capella Workshop K7