This is an attempt to create a complete Slowball discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

01 VARIOUS ARTISTS In Release City K7 WIO Black Holes/WILL SIMMONS What I Do Amuses Me/PHLEGM Pier Singing/THE PUSH KINGS Ashley/FURTIPS Chewing Gum/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Wiser Heads/IN A SPRING Yip Project/DODES' KA-DEN One Tree Later/MR POTATOHEAD The Living End/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Black Molly/NAPKIN VS. SODA Sexmachine/BENT SPANNER ARTY BANNER Bridget's Fiancial Reserve/BROWN TOWER The Sound Of Cake/BINGO TRAPPERS In My Dreams/MOTE Arrow Line/NATIONAL HEROES Exploiting The Idea/PLUXUX-GONK Vivo Guido/STEFAN & OSKAR Take A Break/OSMOSE Pitimini
02   PUSH KINGS The Park 7" The Park/Jesse Janowitz
03   PHLEGM/SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Split 7" (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) SIX CENTS AND NATALIE Celine/My Date With Rachel Sweet/PHLEGM Ecstatic Breeze Part I/Ecstatic Breeze Part II
04   PLUXUS Music Inspired By The Architecture Of Kennedy International Airport K7 Untitled/Untitled
05   IOTA Iota 7" Iota/Untitled/Rabbit And Pork/I Would Be Sitting On The Edge Of My Seat If I Had A Seat To Sit On
06   PLUXUS Pacer 7" Pacer/Tatra/Moskvitch/Niva/Reliant
07   AUTRO/GALOUCH Split K7  
08 WIO I Can See Where I Am Now LP (corelease with (K-raa-k)) Beam Me Up, Bitch!/Oh, Kvintgeenivo/Boyheartboil/Principle Man/Langinstrumentaal/Avignon-Migennes/Pumpinyrchest III/Shake It!/Disguise/Balloon/Rotten Windmill 0Rpm/Again And Again And Again/Go For A Walk/My Pleasure/That Rainy Sunday Afternoon Feeling/Since You've Started Wearing Those Blue Jeans And The Zorro Mask/Mathematics
09   PLUXUS Fas 2 CD Hej, Hej Igen, Hej D/Pluxemburg/Boa/Elektroplux/Herr Preset/Palme/Trubbel/Ende Dataton/Automobilen/Genie 44/Pianobj/Den Nya Vrlden/AAA
10   PLUXUS Och Resan Forstter Hr CD Caravelle/Pluxor/Magnetiska Flt/Den Mrka Stjrnan/Djurens Kavalkad/Sniff/Hacka, Grva, Skotta, Sga/Adjss/Fortstt Ni, S Gr Jag Hem