Morc Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Morc Tapes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

MORC07 CIRCLE BROTHERS Seesaw K7 Multipoint/Railroad/Bird Issue/Love Is A Battlefield/Wishing Snowboots/Ex-Poet/Seesaw/Dead Squirrel/The Wedding/Barm/Birth In The Pool/He Knew Better Times/Sub-Human/Right Track
MORC09 PERNATH/RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Soup Vs. Potatoes Series Vol. 1 K7 (Corelease with Kaw Tapes)RICHIE CUNNINGHAM You're Really Great/My Arse/Overall Boy/Love = Loneliness/Eldorado/Riot Police/Secret Wish/PERNATH Snaus/Pregnant Girlfriend/Snowball/A Better Living/I Want To Make It On With You/Leatherslut/15 Toes On A Breast/Pumpkin Skull/Soluble In Alcohol
MORC10 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Morc Compilation K7PERNATH 15 Toes On A Breast/MICHAEL J HEX Insane/ZENT ONE Glass Of Genes/TAYLOR (BRAND ABRASIVE SOUND STRUCTURE) 17 Hours/CIRCLE BROTHERS A Photographer's Index/MOTORAMA 43 Positions/TRINKET Waterdance/KARATE KIT Stringstabber/RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Eldorado/PERNATH Date Song/THE COCKER SPANIELS Land Of A Thousand Smiles/CIRCLE BROTHERS Sub-Human/ELO VS. SATURN Id 1: 6 Min 25 Sec./TOSS One Bit/KARATE KIT Ship Deconstruction/ZOD Bringing In The Antichamber/TRINKET I Can Play With Remix/RICHIE CUNNINGHAM You're So Cool
MORC11 [ASTROBOY] Innocent Tears K7A Million Miles away/Miasma/13 Years.../Aluru/Afterglow/She Is But A Shadow/Tinytears/Wanting
MORC12 ZENT ONE Mummer K7Waking Dream/Blue Light/Conspiracy Of Silence/Sounding Balloon/Suitcase/Blackthorn Winter/Battery Cage/Steel : Bastard/Yellow Spider/Lemming/Kamikaze/Yellow Spider (Reprise)
MORC13 CIRCLE BROTHERS Bitter Dream K7Pink Blush/Temporary Size/Bitter Souvenir/Can't Come/I Love You Annelies/Notalab Ekal/Dijon/Dreams At First/Dys-Solution/Evermodus/Sabbath Of The Concorde/Hold Back Your Tears/1-4/Orange Blush
MORC14 GANG WIZARD Meet Me At Merkato K7Intro/A-Frame/Rabbit In Red/Patriot Games/Hispanic (You Don't Realise I'm)/-------------/Resolution/Hear It Now!/-------------/I Got Your letter/Demo For R.E.M./Tribute To The Arc D'Triomphe'/Jizz On Yr Jazz-Jazz On Du Flr/Theremin Is The Star
MORC15 BINGO TRAPPERS/LAS MOSCAS Soup Vs. Potatoes Series Vol. 2 K7BINGO TRAPPERS The Ibiza Icon Format/In The Warehouse/Tiptoe Man (Looking For My Zen)/Dreary New Times/Just A Fling/Coda Of Seasons/LAS MOSCAS Long Beach Days/Where The Sun Was Orange/Shinjee Hyasii/In The Afternoon What's All About/Sleep In The Kitchen/Slipp Off/Next Door Dub/In My Time/Long Beach Days
MORC16 VARIOUS ARTISTS Card Carrying Supporters Of Romance CD (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)IN6 Ultrasonic Lovesong For Dogs' Ears Only/JEN TURRELL Annelies' Room/APPENDIX OUT I Feel Like An Elf/PERNATH Elnik/SODASTREAM Sunday Best/H.A.R.M Extinction Level Cement/WILL SIMMONS Take Two Steps To The Right/THE 100 LISTS Far From Home/BINGO TRAPPERS Been There Before/FUCK 22 No/RABBIT IN RED Angel (Live At A Morc Evening)/THRILLER Hide And Sleep/SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Great Western/A BOY NAMED THOR Three In A Bed/BREEZR Faking (Live At No-Fi Festival)/THE ORDINARY SEAMAN My Enemy/MINMAE Handshakes In The Landscape/ZENT ONE Have Some More Carrots/CIRCLE BROTHERS 1 AM Something, I'm Sorry/GANG WIZARD WITH WIO 7'16/LARZ Breef Blood For Calculators/PERSONS People Like Us Are Like Black Holes
MORC17 PEEP/PSYCHON MIST Fompas (K7 PSYCHON MIST Identifying Botanic Pictures Amoebe/Brazilian Goldmining/Behold My Flushroom!/The Smokefree Inc./That I Have Known The Dead/Genetic Number Sequence/Five Is No Collar For An Engineer/PEEP Not Tonight, No Thank You/Popsong/Cold Naked/There's An Ocean In Me/Underwater Girl/(We Walked Toward The) Horizon/Glasswall Paranoia
MORC18 GANG WIZARD El Cortez Buy Y' A Drink CD (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta, Deathbomb Arc, Dial Records, Ecstatic Peace!, Old Gold, Priapus, Sunship Records, Unread and White Tapes)It's Allright (Wonderful)/-----------------/Catch Me Watch Me/Fucking Rosie/I Am A Snarling Ocelot/California/Sending Nine Now/--------
MORC19 THE ORDINARY SEAMAN Turning Mad K7Looking At Healthy People/Fucking Beautiful World/I Don't Like To Sing/Home/Doghead/Beautiful Girl/If I Would Know You Love Me/A Big Disease/Time To.../Something Emotional
MORC20 BINGO TRAPPERS/MONGRELL/PERNATH/WIO Split 7" (corelease with Luveable Nurse)BINGO TRAPPERS Intended Youth/MONGRELL Lemon Juice/PERNATH Ginger And Lime/WIO Countless
MORC21 DE PORTABLES Omo Twist K7Pinguin Song/Cowboy Pinguin/Boobies/What Is Love/Laboratorium top/Seefeel Song (Eskimo Casiotik Mix)/Glassworks/A Man's Best Friend/Ice Cream (Sexy Bernard Mix)/Rédaction/Sprite (live)/Thank You For Listening
MORC23 FRANK PECK Norway Doorway K7Norway Doorway/Every Morning/From Nowhere/When There's Nothing/Like Tomorrow/How They Sing/Something7Glacier
MORC24 MINMAE Since (Before) Inertia K7 (CD on Tape Mountain)The Bastard/Beginning With Dissuader/Dumbfinder/In Abstracted Fashion/The Future Of Lint/New Lilith - Flashing Timex/I Won't Hold It Against You/The Lenght Of A Drag/Spring Trajedy/Since Before Inertia

ZENT ONE/CIRCLE BROTHERS Split 12" (corelease with Almost Halloween Time)

ZENT ONE Iris/Anaesthetize/Dressed In Lies/Falling Lights/Long Island/How It Disappeared/CIRCLE BROTHERS No Afternoon Paper/Dolly My Dear/When You Sleep/In Case You Have Breakfast/This Time/It Took Me A Year
MORC26   IDITAROD Kleine K7 (reissued on CD)You Are The Atmosphere/1.000 Years/Broadcast/Intermission/Father/Compromising, Earlier On/Kleine/Closing My Eyes For You/Not Much Time To Say Goodbye/Older, Not Wiser
MORC27 MINMAE Since Before Hereafter 3'' CDRThe Bastard/Beginning With Dissuader/No End, No End (Upstanding Version)/The Sound Of One Hand Clapping


FIELDS OF GAFFNEY Wanna Be With You/Long Journey/PERNATH Situations/Hasta Luego
MORC29 CELESTEVILLE/JOHN MERRICK BAND Celesteville/John Merrick Band Split Tape K7CELESTEVILLE We Are Invisible/The Happiest Couple In Portland Pt 1/The Happiest Couple In Portland Pt 2/Your Leather Jacket/Lope With Me/Old Shopping Lists Found In Pocket Of Wintercoat/Your Gold Record Will Look Nice In Your Fallout Shelter/Kale Mood/JOHN MERRICK BAND Your Cunt Smells Nice/Jane B Jr/Miami Beach/Love & Windows/*333*#/Pianosong About Raping Your Mother/Lou Reed Is A Nerd/Sleep Before You Die/Flower Dress/Jmb Verknipt
MORC30 KARINA ESP Extra Sensory Projections K7Fields/Birdsong/Sunlight III/Setting (Wider Version)/Astral Emissions/Lines, Circles And Arcs/Dusk1/Aeres/Fieldsong

DREKKA Tracking Shot (Wide) 7"

MORC32A   MORC ZINE First Issue - Paper Magazine 
MORC32B   MORC ZINE Drawings Issue - Paper Magazine 


MORC34 JOHN MERRICK BAND Yesterday Television 3'' CDRMe The Cowboy/Girls, Nipples And A Bra/Caroline The Kid/Mother In Law
MORC35 DREKKA Howl On Wind 3'' CDRLoop Intro/Howl Until The End Of The World/I Am The Greatest Of All Lies (by Damien Jurado)/Cold Night (by Annelies Monseré)/Loop Outro
MORC36 REMORA Live In Oslo K7 Syd Song/Beams/Slipsky/Suburban Desert/Collapse/I Told Jesus Christ How Much I Love Her/Guilt Jersey/New Loop/Oblivion/Static Is Motion

JOHN MERRICK BAND About Those Days I Picked Dandelions And Started Crying 10"

MORC38   R.O.T. Des Lands 8" 
MORC39 ANNELIES MONSERÉ 7 8" (CD on Orphanlogy) 7/Another Morning/In Love/Shine/Rue De La Croix/Small Year/One Summer Night
MORC40 DREKKA Icelandic For Beginners: Volume 3 K7Phosphorescent Aquatic Life (For Static Films: Bunny Song/Fracture/Possibilities/Phosphorescent Aquatic Life/Mary Gold 1/Camera/Two Versions (For A Tiltmaster): Two Versions/Instrumental 1/Posterity Is Futile
MORC41   VARIOUS ARTISTS Hilversum Nov3 3" CDR 
MORC42   HOLY SONS My Only Warm Coals 10" 
MORC43 CIRCLE BROTHERS The Dream Ends When The Phone Rings K7I Could Cry On Demand/Old Flame/For Lunch/Sammy Moreels Never Was Much Of A Climber/Hoei
MORC44 SOCCER COMMITTEE sC CDCarps/Blessed/Flock/Here I Go Again/Carriage/True/Stripping The Nude/White Stone
MORC45 JESSICA BAILIFF Old Things - Une Collection De Chansons 1999 - 2003 CDYour Sounds Make Patterns In My Eyes/Helpless/Warren (Home Version)/Shadow/Crush, Version 2/Amethyst Depression/Maybe Tomorrow/Let Time Breathe/Nicholson Square 2/For April/Figure Eight (For Jonathan)
MORC46 IDITAROD Kleine CDYou Are The Atmosphere/1.000 Years/Broadcast/Intermission/Father/Compromising, Earlier On/Kleine/Closing My Eyes For You/Not Much Time To Say Goodbye/Older, Not Wiser
MORC47 R.O.T. Ceci N'Est Plus Avioth... 12"Ceci N'Est Plus Avioth.../Ils Chantent Pour Vous
MORC48 JESSICA BAILIFF & ANNELIES MONSERÉ Jessica Bailiff & Annelies Monseré Ep CDS Common Ground/Let Time Breathe/Like Yesterday/Shadow
MORC49 ANNELIES MONSERÉ Somewhere Someone 7"Somewhere Someone/Tree/A Solitude/Golden/A Darkness/II
MORC50 KARINA ESP/CIRCLE BROS/DREKKA Hibernation 10"1346/278


MORC53 DREKKA Collected Works: Vol. 1 2CD (corelease with Day Two Alliance Product)Instrumental 1/Tonal 1/Acoustic 1/Tonal 2/Vocal 1/Instrumental 2/Visible Trace I/Visible Trace II/Infamous ≠ Famous/Untitled (window)/Wintr(oduction)/Window 1 (outside)/Window 2 (inside)/Window 3 (physical 1)/Instrumental 3/Beneath The Wheel (144000)/Someday I Will Be Called Upon Regarding Matters Of Tone/House I/Window 5 (starry)/L² +S =?/What The F**K Does MIDI Stand For?/Window 6 (converse)/Nuts In May
MORC55 CIRCLE BROS Haven LPNo Turning Bac/Sure/Your Sound/Sure 2/Unlikely/Waiting Is Not Killing Time
MORC57 MICHAEL TANNER & SHARRON KRAUS In The Rheidol Valley LPLambs/Waterfall 1/Waterfall 2/Valley Bells/Valley 1/Valley 2/Valley 4/Valley 5
MORC59 BODUF SONGS Internal Memo 10" Temping/Under Unborn Mouth Place/Internal Memo/Howl To Capitulate Undone Hours/Infernal Memo/Eternal Memo
MORC60 ANNELIES MONSERÉ Nest 10"All Things Are Quite Silent I/New Home/The Light/Overrated/All Things Are Quite Silent II
MORC61 KARINA ESP Detachment CDDistant Light (1)/Disconnection/All The Years Have Fallen Away/Dislocation/Slow Return
MORC62 LICHENS Lítiõ Fólk LPHeilagur Draugur/Aenemonae/Kopernik Trip Note/Skógi/Jökla Tímabil
MORC63 FÉLICIA ATKINSON Summer Eyes LP Summer Eyes/A Sweet Thing
MORC65 / AHT022 BINGO TRAPPERS Sister Planet (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time Records) Long Weekends/Tripping Around/Concern For The Bereaved/Turn To You/Mimi Parker/Prettier/Solid Gold/When Katie's Back/Buy A New Car/Tiki Style/Here & Now & Still/Sister Planet
MORC65 / AHT022 BINGO TRAPPERS Sister Planet LP (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) Long Weekends/Tripping Around/Concern For The Bereaved/Turn To You/Mimi Parker/Prettier/Solid Gold/When Katie's Back/Buy A New Car/Tiki Style/Here & Now & Still/Sister Planet
MORC66 BODUF SONGS/JESSICA BAILIFF Boduf Songs/Jessica Bailiff 7" BODUF SONGS Decapitation Blues (Redux)/JESSICA BAILIFF Lakeside Blues (Again)
MORC67 WOUTER VAN VELDHOVEN Faroe Island 10" Ons Dorp/Daily Routine/Brume
MORC68   THE IDITAROD Foxfur & Rarebits LPFeel The Breath Of The Woods Upon Your Heart, Part One/Sparrow/Where The Cold Wind Blows/Carol, 4am/Julia Dream/Cold, Drafty Castles With Absent Masters/Feel The Breath Of The Woods Upon Your Heart, Part Two
MORC69 KARINA ESP A Still From The Film LPLow Red Room (1)/Close Your Eyes/Low Red Room (2)/Distant Light (2)
MORC70   PEFKIN Inner Circle Outer Circle LPLater I Walked Into The Woods/The Place Thereof Knoweth It No More/Sigils And Premonitions/Isn't It Good To Be Lost In The Woods
MORC71   LUSTER/HELLVETE Split 10"LUSTER Are You Going To Leave Me?/HELLVETE Voor Harmonium II
MORC72 ANNELIES MONSERÉ Debris LPWake III/Are You Going To Leave Me?/Blind-Light/Traces/Sun/Wake IV/Strangers
MORC076 BINGO TRAPPERS Elizabethan LP (Corelease with Almost Halloween Time, Grapefruit and Unread) All The Plain Songs/Precious Relics/Signs Of Comfort/Down The Road/Marjory/Don’t Steal My Line/Raise My Profile/The Thin Wild Mercury Sound/Homegirl/Too Many Shortcuts
MORC077 EDGAR WAPPENHALTER Edgar Wappenhalter LPLamentatio For Herman Bisschop/Glottal Dance/Plants Dance
MORC078 MATT CHRISTENSEN/CIRCLE BROS Split LPMATT CHRISTENSEN Driving At Night (Part 4)/CIRCLE BROS Work, Sleep, Repeat/Repeat, Repeat, Repeat
MORC079 R.O.T. Klein Eiland CDUntitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
MORC080 LOWERED Music For Empty Rooms CDSound In This Room/Emptiness/Distance Flooded Us
MORC083 ROXANE MÉTAYER Éclipse Des Ocelles LP Mille Pics/Plus Brume, Que Lune/Dans Un Pays De Serpents/Couverte De Trèfles/Opalescentes Épopées/Phaleine Somnolente/Quand L'Abeille Survient/Au Pas
MORC084 SOCCER COMMITTEE Tell From The Grass 10" To A Poem/Interstellar/While You're In The World/Interlude/Hazy/Song For Staying/Song To Travel With The Soul/So Gefällt
MORC085 LUSTER Luster LPAll Is Dark Inside/L'Idéal/Archaeologist/Espace, Éther/I Fall/Crépuscule/Angst/Out Of Time
MORC086 DELPHINE DORA Hymnes Apophatiques CDL'espace Transcendant/La Plénitude Des Signes/S'extraire De L'abîme/Ritrounelle Scolastique #1/Athanor/Mystère Indicible/Ritrounelle Scolastique #2/Alégresse/L'immuable D'émeraude/La Table D'émeraude/L'abîme Qui Les Sépare/Kaïros/Eon/L'esprit Vide/Opus Divinum/Immobilité/Saisir L'éternité Dans Le Temps