Luveable Nurse

This is an attempt to create a complete Luveable Nurse discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

001 JOHN ADAMS WHIPPLE Hypnotic K7 Silverflakes/Bow/Woke And Slept/Poetry Of Noise/Christmas Tree/Universal Candy King/Keep Guessing/Applepie/Apollo/TV Tunes/What You Expect/Dogyard/Homecomfort/Almost Control
002 BINGO TRAPPERS Girlie Food K7 Like Wise/Don't Freeze/Virtual Yellow Shirt/The Arrows/Two-bit Falaffel Dish/Summerschnitzel/She Knows/Theme From Candystore/New Ways Of Travelling/Waterboy/Light Sells/Blacklight
003 ROYAL PENGUIN SAVER Rise And Shine K7South Sea Bubble/Teenagers/Cats & Rats/Rise And Shine/Medaillon Man/Chlorine/Postman/Le Looping
004 SOUP'S ON Soup's On K7Can You Clap/Smoke In My Eyes/Hester Says/Hymne/Chewing Heart/Something Out Of The Ordinary/Met You In A Beercan/Rollercoaster
005   LORETTA & DENISE MONGRELL Eleven Songs K7Store I Work/Daryl/Eternal Man/Heather Went To Summercamp/Bow Adagio/Doze Off/In The Sack/Blond Girl/Birds/Woke& Slept/Ding Dong Waldemar/What Became
006 MONGRELL Local Squirl In Rest CDRCooler Than Cool/Wake Up/Floor Sweeping/Birds/Trial/Restless
007 BINGO TRAPPERS Club Mistral CDRCandy Coloured Bride/Donuts & Guns/Wondermap/Clean-Cut Boy/Club Mistral/Rock & Roll Truck/Decent Dialogue/Local Scenemaker/Sheroo/Floorfiller/A Million Lovesongs
010   MONGRELL Java Tapes CDRFish Fish Fish/Carl/Single Bee/V-Shape/Sniffin'/Tips About Romance/Turtle Picknick/Molly Six Plates/Would You Say That She Is
  BINGO TRAPPERS House/Radio CDRHouse/Measure/Satellites/City Of Gold/Mighty Black River/Stashed/Sound Barrel/Brand New Dress/Hoonfiller/Jingle/Radio
  BINGO TRAPPERS/MONGRELL/PERNATH/WIO Split 7" (corelease with Morc Records)BINGO TRAPPERS Intended Youth/MONGRELL Lemon Juice/PERNATH Ginger And Lime/WIO Countless