Frank Peck

This is an attempt to create a complete Frank Peck discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  THROSTLE/FRANK PECK Dirty Phonecalls From Twin Towns (K7 Kaw Tapes) THROSTLE Burnt Juice/Punched Continuosly/Love And Surveillance/Goods/We Like Talking Heads Early Stuff/Under The Sheltering Sky/Awful Shit/Mammal's Knees (Dripping With Their Seeds)/It Feels Mighty Great/Serious Guitar/Slither Twat/Penis Substitute In Snapshot/Barley Cup Instrumental (Part)/FRANK PECK Dreams/Bare Window/Poison Me/Light Years Away/Westfield/Clear My Head/I Keep Losing/Swamp Sister/Burning/Medicine/Govinda/Broken View/StupidThings/Chemical Balance/Egypt/Needle/Desolation Hill
    I Am Frank Peck (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Inside The Spaceships (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Frank Peck I (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Frank Peck II (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    No Comfort Zone (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Fragile Idiot (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Mayonnaise (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    World Of Peck (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Year Of The Rat (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    TIMO/FRANK PECK 20 Golden Greats (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    IAN C STEWART/FRANK PECK Variations On A Theme/Last Notes From Home (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Garnethill (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
    Songs For A Bar (K7 Kaw Tapes)  
2001   Lost In The Dark (K7 Lonely Whistle) 
2002 Norway Doorway (K7 Morc Tapes)Norway Doorway/Every Morning/From Nowhere/When There's Nothing/Like Tomorrow/How They Sing/Something7Glacier
    Songs For A Bar (K7 Seagull Tapes)  

Field Recordings (K7 Bliss)






VARIOUS ARTISTS Burgundy (K7 Bliss)


VARIOUS ARTISTS Rose Pearl (K7 Bliss)

    VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Volume Eighty-Seven (K7 Bliss)  
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Volume One Hundred And Eight (K7 Bliss)  
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains (K7 Unread) Isolationism