Day 2

This is an attempt to create a complete Day 2 discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

02 VARIOUS ARTISTS Slug Two - A Compilation K7 FORK A Dog That Has Never Caught Anything Alive Doesn't Know Just What To Do The First Few Times He Trys/FUSCILLAGE Please Listen/ZACH In Watermelon Sugar/DAMIEN PRATT Teller/600 NOSES 911 Song/FORK My Friend The Stick (Mix 41.3°)/SAFER POTATO Allergic To Fragrance/RYAN SAN ANGELO Space Surfing/600 NOSES Down South/TILTMASTER Sleep Is Good/THE ATMOSPHERE WORKGND Swimming/ESQUAY KOKO Forest/FUSCILLAGE Fly Four Words/SPACE JOCKEY Outside Of Me/THE STUFFINGS The Way It Should/ÜBERKATZ Rupture Of A Ligament/M&B House On Fire/TILTMASTER Gingerbread/ANDREW LE BLANC Kanas/SPAGMORPH Dreams/ESQUAY KOKO The Way It Should/DAMIEN PRATT Thin Light/THE STUFFINGS Overcome/600 NOSES Bread And Circus/DISCOMBOBULATED VENTRILOQUIST Tipsy And Carlos Of Hallis NH/ 600 NOSES Cardboard Man
?? THE STUFFINGS Live In May K7 Light Matters (Practice)/Grandpa Story/Bus Song/Patient Boy/Am I Nervous?Hospital/Light Matters/Chocolate Chip/Hugo/Self-Reliance/The Way It Should/Cat Story/The Fisherman/Another Story
?? FUSCILLAGE Accumulator K7 Light Surrounds/Sewn Shut/Handed/We Walk/All You See/Sesame/Makes Perfect?/Preach/Slightly Trembling/Full Eyes/Unspecific/Follow/Snipts/Sadly/Said Nothing/On The Stairs/Trickle Sun/Haven't Seen You
2009 DREKKA Collected Works: Vol. 1 2CD (corelease with Mord Records)Instrumental 1/Tonal 1/Acoustic 1/Tonal 2/Vocal 1/Instrumental 2/Visible Trace I/Visible Trace II/Infamous ≠ Famous/Untitled (window)/Wintr(oduction)/Window 1 (outside)/Window 2 (inside)/Window 3 (physical 1)/Instrumental 3/Beneath The Wheel (144000)/Someday I Will Be Called Upon Regarding Matters Of Tone/House I/Window 5 (starry)/L² +S =?/What The F**K Does MIDI Stand For?/Window 6 (converse)/Nuts In May