de portables

This is an attempt to create a complete De Portables discography.
De Portables are Bertrand Lafontaine, Hans Gruyaert, Jürgen De Blonde and Wio.
See also Wio, Ed Nolbed, Köhn, Autopilot.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1997 Zon I Bos (K7 Studio Muscle)Dum Dum In The Elephant Song/Cenneth's Song/Free Jazz Noodlin'/Fard/Slime/Mon Canigou/Hip Swing II/Macaroni Penguin Song/Eskimo Penguin Song/Hippo Song/Seefeel Song/Portables Hymne
2001 Omo Twist (K7 Morc Tapes)Pinguin Song/Cowboy Pinguin/Boobies/What Is Love/Laboratorium top/Seefeel Song (Eskimo Casiotik Mix)/Glassworks/A Man's Best Friend/Ice Cream (Sexy Bernard Mix)/Rédaction/Sprite (live)/Thank You For Listening
2001 Rosegarden (CD (K-raa-k)³) Rosegarden/Telephone/Ice-Cream/Johnny Bos/Here I Stand/Valentine/As If I/Sprite
2003 Girls Beware (CD (K-raa-k) Flash (Foreplay)/How It Feels/Hawaii/Bert Tres Emo/The Riddesonofa/Flash (Halfway)/Anal Intruder/Beauty And The Beat/Attack Of The Drones/Happy With The Way Things Are/Flash (Replay)
2005 KÖHN AND DE PORTABLES Op Visite Bij Tante Klara (CD (K-raa-k) Intro/We Remember Zon I Bos/De Dood Van De Aftandse Peruaan/120km-u # 120 BPM/Köhnfituurpje/Pianus/Ria/Allesdrop/Vay Artay/Ringtro/Portables Are Go!/Good Evening, Sergeant
2007 Topless Is More (CD Still)Col Phillins/SuperDubber/BulletBabe/Vegetarian BBQ/This Is A Song/Haut Gay/Autist Redding/In The Zoo There's A Coo/Plankier/Triportit
2009 John Terra (CD/LP Vlas Vegas)John Terra/This Time Of Year/The Bay Of The White Purifying Bed/Camper/Angela Vs. Neil/Spøgelseshavn/It's Better To Turnhout Than To Fade Away/Honourable Man
2012 It's Time To Leave This World Behind (LP Almost Halloween Time) (Limited Edition of 125 copies with handmade handdrawn all different sleeves) The Space/The Space Between/There's No Porn On Youtube/Sparrows Gather Together/What Would Djenghis Do?/Lullebaai (Dreaming In Hyperspace)/The Space Between You And Me (Gazing At The Nightsky)/I'm A Tourist In My Own Ex-Town/Regenbomen/The Final Arrangement/Daddy Abraham/No Bones/The Space Between You And Me Is The Matter Of Time
2016 The Killing Horizon (2xLP 9000 Records)Adolphe/G8 Lie/Schrödiinger's House/The Undercurrent/Dub Ist Alles/Flow Means Dull Means Angry/Contrapunk/Cheese Also/Oliver
2018 Eat This Eighties (K7 Almost Halloween Time)Intro: De Dag Dat Het Zonlicht Niet Meer Scheen/De Kempen/Losing Touch With My Mind/Wild Horses/Pink Frost/Rent/Troy
2020 Silver Series #1 Like A Version (K7 Gazer Tapes) Ronny & Karina/Synth Maria Aalter (Aalternative Version)/Ronny Et Carine/Stereo Speedwagon/The Spring Summer Turned Into Winter
2020 Silver Series #2 Version Killer (K7 Gazer Tapes)Tony & Carina (On Dub Us)/The Spring Summer Turned To Winter In Time/Dubby Decker & Marimba
2021 Silver Series #3 Version Suicides (K7 Gazer Tapes) Synth Maria (Not Feat. David Hasselhoff)/Even In The Remote Distance/Even In The Social Distance/Awkward Non-Silence/Synth Maria (Again Not Feat. David Hasselhoff) Part II
2021 Silver Series #4 Vestal Versions (K7 Gazer Tapes) Radio Synth Maria/From Nothing Comes Anything/Frituur Vangelis
2021 Silver Series #5 Version Mojito (K7 Gazer Tapes) Uuflaki Space Station/(I'll) Never Wear Those Shoes Again/Converging/Johny & Marambient/Filthy Bumblebee/Pale Blue Dot
2021 Silver Series #6 Version Islands (K7 Gazer Tapes) Collective Disguise + Around & Around/Wintertime Is Coming (And Going)
2021 Silver Series #7 Version Hyperloop (K7 Gazer Tapes) PLAT (Playing Apart Together)/Even In The Distance/Indefinable Splendour/From Nothing Comes Anything/Goldilockdown/Ancient History
2021 #8 A Version's Tale (K7 Gazer Tapes)Uuflaki Space Station (Life Is Tidal At USS)/Monday Eve Cooldown Unfortunately Not Featuring Nick Kamen)/Paper hug/Monday Eve Cooldown (Fortunately Algelijk Toch Wel Featuring Nick Kamen)
2021 #9 The Version Of Gent (K7 Gazer Tapes)Where Did We Go Wrong/Was It Somewhere Along The Way To Miami/I'm Aim Of Yaw/Johnny (&) Marrtini Dry, Not Stirred/The Doorbell Of Perception
2021 #10 Version Mary (K7 Gazer Tapes)Strereo Speedwagon Into Johny & Marimba/Another stero Speedwagon Into Another Johny & Marimba/Stereo Speedy Speedwagon (Weiland remix)
2021 #11 The Version Underground & Nicole & Hubo (K7 Gazer Tapes)Goldilockdown With Pink Putin/Goldilockdown/Goldilockdown At Nicolruyt & Hubo/Stereo Speedwagon (DC's "Hard Times When You Are Waiting For A Train" Mix)
2021 #12 72 Versions (In The Sky) (K7 Gazer Tapes)The Ongoing Transformations Of Regina Groove, Part I/Goldilockdown Syndrome/Johny In The Distance/The Ongoing Transformations Of Regina Groove Part II


1999 (CDS Ubik)Golay/Xmas/Canary Song/Ben God/A Waltz/Homemade Bread
2002 Cherubijn E.P. (CDS Studio Muscle) Breasts/Poisonous Fishy/Cherubijn/Untitled
2003 Bimbam.Be (7" Use-It Records) Bij_Art.mp3/Bij_Art.rmx (Klok Met Kloten-Cl#ck-Kleine Klok)
2007   Haut Gay (CDS Still) Haut Gay/What Would Genghis Do?/Vegetarian Dubnocue
2008 Vegetarian Barbecue (CDS Still) Vegetarian Barbecue (Extended Knolselderdedubber Version)/Vegekoestisch/This Is A Samba/Hier Stehe Ich/Op Safari Met Jean Michel Jarre/Bert, Give Us A Reason/Haut Gay (Hauty Gay Remix)/Vegetarian Trancenicue


1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tootache 2/2 (K7 (K-raa-k)³) I Love You
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stolen Mercury & Lost Lead - Small Things Are Best (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) PORTABLES Poisonous Fishy
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Postcard To The Mountain Goats (K7 Bacchanalian Revel)* PORTABLES Neon Orange Glimmer Song
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Studio Muscle's Belgian Komp (CDR Studio Muscle) P-Dance
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS (K-RAA-K)³ Labelsampler (CD (K-raa-k)³) Inspectors Are Nice
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS First Steps And False Alarms Vol. IV (CD Hellena) DE PORTABLES VS KÖHN VS WIO Fsafa Medley
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Happy Birthday (CDR (K-raa-k)³) Poisonous Fishy-A Diffrent Corner
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Snapshot From The 2004 Domino Ten-day (CD Wire Magazine) Flash (Foreplay)
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Duyster (2CD Play It Again Sam) Hawaii
    VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Cactus Gum)Canary Song