Kaw Tapes

This is an attempt to create a complete Kaw Tapes discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

01   LIBRARIAN Never Been To Basingstoke K7  
02   VARIOUS ARTISTS The Secret Of Confident Dressing K7  
05   RENTBOY Herbie Vore K7  
07   RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Vegan Sexbomb K7  
08   GRRR! Dad Had Hash (Alas) K7  
10   RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Gavin Hogg, Sex God K7  
11 THROSTLE/FRANK PECK Dirty Phonecalls From Twin Towns K7 THROSTLE Burnt Juice/Punched Continuosly/Love And Surveillance/Goods/We Like Talking Heads Early Stuff/Under The Sheltering Sky/Awful Shit/Mammal's Knees (Dripping With Their Seeds)/It Feels Mighty Great/Serious Guitar/Slither Twat/Penis Substitute In Snapshot/Barley Cup Instrumental (Part)/FRANK PECK Dreams/Bare Window/Poison Me/Light Years Away/Westfield/Clear My Head/I Keep Losing/Swamp Sister/Burning/Medicine/Govinda/Broken View/StupidThings/Chemical Balance/Egypt/Needle/Desolation Hill
14   FRANK PECK I Am Frank Peck K7  
16   KENYATA SULLIVAN Kenyata Sullivan K7  
17   FRANK PECK Inside The Spaceships K7  
18   VARIOUS ARTISTS Elvis Eats New York K7  
19   KENYATA SULLIVAN Overdose On Attic K7  
20   ALL TOO HUMAN Demos Of A Year Spent In Eternity K7  

VARIOUS ARTISTS Full As A Catholic School K7

24   ELEPHANTCOPTER Elephantcopter Are Go!! K7  
26   VARIOUS ARTISTS Indie Pop Ain’t Noise Pollution K7  
27   RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Bring Me The Head Of Gavin Hogg K7  
28   FRANK PECK Frank Peck I K7  
29   FRANK PECK Frank Peck II K7  
30   RICHIE CUNNINGHAM/ELEPHANTCOPTER Back With The Boys Again/Elephantcopter’s Revenge K7  
31   VARIOUS ARTISTS Candy Bars & Cheap Guitars K7  
33   TIMO Mono K7  
34   VARIOUS ARTISTS So This Is Geekcore! K7  
35   TIMO Dirty Laundry K7  
36   FRANK PECK No Comfort Zone K7  
37   FRANK PECK Fragile Idiot K7  
38   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ten Items Or Less K7  
39   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Songs From The Smalltime K7  
40   KENYATA SULLIVAN North Carolina K7  
41   TIMO Kaw 41 K7  
42   FRANK PECK Mayonnaise K7  
43   TIMO 498 K7  
44   GARY K Allows Which May Follow K7  
45   TIMO 698 K7  
47   FRANK PECK World Of Peck K7  
48   FRANK PECK Year Of The Rat K7  
49   TIMO 199/Quiet Songs K7  
50   VARIOUS ARTISTS 100% Redneck K7  
51   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Live & Dead K7  
52   IAN C STEWART Painful Realization K7  
53   TIMO/FRANK PECK 20 Golden Greats K7  
54   VARIOUS ARTISTS Totally Oral K7  
55 PERNATH/RICHIE CUNNINGHAM Split K7 (Corelease with Morc Tapes) RICHIE CUNNINGHAM You're Really Great/My Arse/Overall Boy/Love = Loneliness/Eldorado/Riot Police/Secret Wish/PERNATH Snaus/Pregnant Girlfriend/Snowball/A Better Living/I Want To Make It On With You/Leatherslut/15 Toes On A Breast/Pumpkin Skull/Soluble In Alcohol
56   CHOWPILOT Legs Of Acre K7  
57   RUTH SHERBOURNE Ruth Sherbourne K7  
58   TIMO Welcome To Hell K7  
59   IAN C STEWART/FRANK PECK Variations On A Theme/Last Notes From Home K7  
60   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Vanity Recordings K7  
61   RED FIRECRACKER Now Let That Be A Lesson To You K7  
62   RUTH SHERBOURNE Ragdoll K7  
63   AJIAO 1502 K7  
64   FRANK PECK Garnethill K7  
65   TIMO I Must Be Right 7”  
66   VARIOUS ARTISTS Colliding With The Zeitgeist K7 AJIAO Unstable Banjos/PERNATH Erosion/RUTH SHERBOURNE One Of These Days/To Be So Cool/CERAMIC HOBS Red Zone/TIMO I Wish I Was Sombody/Change/PRETHEAD Fading Like A Flower/Speak In Silence/CHOWPILOT One More Chance/Untitled/THE SPANISH AMANDA The Smallest Act Of Love/Gael/KILLY DOG BOX In The Distance, A Castle OPAQUE You Can Move/CHAUCHAT She Laughs As His Kingdom/IAN C STEWART Burns/TREHO'S BLUES Hotel Pool/DAN SUSNARA Providence Like The Stars/ZENT ONE Adolescence/Untitled 1 & 2
67   VARIOUS ARTISTS Ten Years Of Gear K7  
68   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT The Happiness Project K7  
69   L.E. METHE The Days Of Wine & Proust Volume II K7  
70   FRANK PECK Songs For A Bar K7  
71   TIMO I Go Alone K7  
72   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Only The Lost Can Find Their 7”  
73   MARK RITCHIE I Am Mark Ritchie K7/CD  
74 SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Reward Time K7/CD Just Like Violence/Double Negative/Song To The Nightshift/Those Lonely Roads/Only The Lost Can Find Their Way/The Solemn, Balanced Weight Of The Hammer/The Nine Billion Names For God/Hold Me Till I'm Whole/Spirit Of The Sidewalk
76   ATLAS OF THE EARTH Atlas Of The Earth K7  
77   MARK RITCHIE Commercial Rock Cassette Number One K7  
79   TIMO Tape Recordings K7  
81   ANDREW BILINSKI Andrew Bilinski K7  
82   BLACK LIGHT ENGINE Black Light Engine K7  
83   TIMO That Day In June K7  
84   MARK RITCHIE Insecurity Guard K7  
85   CHOWPILOT Chowpilot K7  
86   MARK RITCHIE Tricks To Dull Our Bleeding K7  
92   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Trauma Peepshow K7/CD  
94   BEN NIVEN Glasspack Lullaby K7  
95   ABOUT 100 About 100 K7  
96   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Live At The 13th Note, 16.3.99 CD  
97   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Fragments Of Shame – Part 1 CD  
98   PAUL DOUCÉT Paul Doucét CD  
99   BEN NIVEN Chaff:Outtakes From A Ruralpolitan Upbringing CD  
100   VARIOUS ARTISTS Kaw 100 CD  
101   VAN DER SAAR Your Friends Are Knives CD  
102   SHY RIGHTS MOVEMENT Dark Shadows/Fade CD