Tape Mountain

This is an attempt to create a complete Tape Mountain discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  LUV(SIC) Dj Booth K7 DJ's Are Scalding/World Of DJs/Mad Skills Of Sadness/Unsentiml/DJ Games/Packed W7 DJs/Uncertain Doom/Super Sleuth/Not What I Thought I'd Find/In The DJ Booth
  MINMAE Since (Before) Inertia CD (K7 on Morc Tapes)The Bastard/Beginning With Dissuader/Dumbfinder/In Abstracted Fashion/The Future Of Lint/New Lilith - Flashing Timex/I Won't Hold It Against You/The Lenght Of A Drag/Spring Trajedy/Since Before Inertia
  CHARLIE McALISTER I'll See You In Hell CD Creeping Theif/Crossing The Desert/Clatter/Chain Me Up/Powder Keg/Waltz/The Fucking End/I Was Tired - Ive Never Felt So Alive/Blood Coming Out Of Your Scalp/I Dont Like To Tell Nobady/Born In The Culture/Squeal For Me/Come Over Here/Beer Can/Jack Up/Austin, Tx 3-15-01 - Piano Reeves/Broke & Rollin/Little Doll/I Love You - Punch Me In The Eye/Stadium Fire/Infomercial/Broken Bones/Not Goin Back To School/Homecoming Football Game/Guy Fawkes' Day/Same Old Tune/Scuzz Rag/Winter Is Coming/We Aint Got No Piano/Night Of Suede And Fear/Shipwrecked Girl & Crabman/Have A Manwich/Cheap Shit/Shag Dancing Is Cool/Provide For The Baby/Ill See You In Hell
  GANG WIZARD Live (CD Tape Mountain) Smell LA/Smell LA/Smell LA/Ché Café SD/Clit Stop SF/Clit Stop SF/Clit Stop SF/Clit Stop SF/Clit Stop SF/Clit Stop SF
    GANG WIZARD/DIE YELLOW SWANS Live In The Men's And Women's Bathrooms, The Placebo, Arcata, CA CDR (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc) GANG WIZARD Men's Restroom/DIE YELLOW SWANS Women's Restroom
    GANG WIZARD Live At Longhaul Infoshop CDR (Corelease with Deathbomb Arc) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
  MIKE L Touching Cloth And Other British Slang CDR Unfortunately Undone/$/Pippi/Epic Psychodrama/---/Dead Again/Eight Is Enough/Kidnapped
  J ANDERSON AND S BROOXX Play Guitar For You CDR This Dawn Is As Fresh And Juicy As A Ripe Peach/The Gum Trees/Lethe/For Sally Soloway
    CELESTEVILLE Flows West To East CDR 
    CELESTEVILLE Unconsumed 7" Lathe-Cut/CDR  
    CELESTEVILLE Kohoutek CDRWaverly/Victoria 1/White Shoulders/Council Bluffs/Avoid/For To Pour/Appear To Be/Cry/5 In 1/Victoria 2/Four Doors/Kohoutek
    CELESTEVILLE/LUV(SIC) Sing Like Birds CDRInvisible Tape/A River Frozen In Place/End Over End/Black Is The Color Of My True Lov/I Didn't Think The Oracle Was Tal/I Have Not Spoken All Day/Do Not Talk/For Jake Erdmann Et Al./An Odd Number Of Stairs/For The Dishroom At Meridian Park/White Satin Bed/Night Air, Portland
    CELESTEVILLE Lingua Ignota CDRAsterism/Ephrata Cloister/Buddy Alan In Reno/One Rose Among Many/For Christie 7-4/In The Sky/Utmost House/Moths!!!/Sharper & Clearer/__/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/Narcotic Effect On Bees
    CELESTEVILLE Purest Blue Light CDR 
    CELESTEVILLE Vast And Sad CDRVast And Sad/Your Leather Jacket/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/Appear To Be/Asterism/Waterfall/Vast And Sad
    CELESTEVILLE Malmo CDRCoffee With Cardamom/The Broken Microphone/Joe Zeal/Your Gold Record Will Look Nice/Little Marcy Record/Midnight Harvest/Untitled/R.A. Montgomery/Muziqawi Silt
  CELESTEVILLE Spirit Duplicator CDR---/Spirit Duplicator/Leftward Glance/Hall Blvd./Nevertheless/Winged Ear/Longview, WA/Carted Off/Sac City
    CELESTEVILLE Transcriptionists CDRHeresiarchs/Samideano Blues/Tapecorder Selector/Watering Tomatoes, Nov 1/Bullet Points from Inspirational/Dioeciously/Undated Photograph/Owl Lake/Quasquicentennial/We Are the Most Beautiful People
    CELESTEVILLE Soft Rock Is Forever CDRErotic Science Fair/Soft Rock Is Forever/Boys!!!!!!!!!!!!/Stop It!!!!!!!!!!!/Patron Stains/Poured/Escape Lozenge
    SCOTT JACOBSON Seldom Is Heard A Discouraging Word 3" CDR The Guinea Pig/Semaphore/Emily/I'm A Warm Body/---/Angie It's Okay
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Live At Tape Mtn HQ CDR MINMAE One Of Us Has To Go/Beginning With Dissuader/The Bastard/Sword-Stone/CELESTEVILLE I Have Not Spoken All Day/Unconsumed/Cloverleaf/Let's Climb A Mossy Hill/BRONWYN Work/Main/---/We've Agreed/THE MINOR THIRDS (Let's Not) Get It On/---/The Angel's Revenge/John Henry/Portland (Fragment)/ROSE FOR BOHDAN The Fear/The Horse Threw Up/Dig Dug/A JOHN HENRY MEMORIAL Judges/Peril/They Should Just/Houdini Was My Neighbor/Enemies