Charlie McAlister

This is an attempt to create a complete Charlie McAlister discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

  Florescent Package Deal Chicken #1 (K7 Flannel Banjo) Mars Battle Flashback/Hospital Food/Prissy Miss Kate/Welcome/Throwing/Garden Club/Wrench From The Bench/Mary Jones/Version III/BC/I Read You/Florescent Chicken Package Deal/32 Feet/Chicken Bone Planecrash/The Majic Green Horn
  If You See K Tell Him To Fuck Off/Pseudofed And Rum I'm Going To The Beach (K7 Ecto Tapes) C. MCALISTER, GEORGE WILLARD, BILLY JOE WINGHEAD Suburbian Beachtown/Exploit Hawaii/Tulsa Landscape #1/Tulsa Landscape #2/Mississippi Luau/My Heart Went Along/I Got More Than Wheels/CHARLIE MCALISTER AND VARIOUS FRIENDS Leroy's Anthem/Roller Coaster/I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/Hot Voodoo/I'm So Alone/Hot Voodoo/Yes Sir
    Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #2 (K7 Flannel Banjo)  
1987 Bad Music For Good People - A Collection Of Sounds You'll Love To Hear Over And Over Again (K7 Freakshow Tapes) Late General Hospital/Secret Of The Blue Planet/Flies And Worms/Orgna Hoses/Spinning Corderroy/Jazz Ball
Nutrition/The Compactor-The Smasher/Euphia Dance Song/Houses Of The Crab/Mysterious Island/Opera Of Buttons/One
Thousand Years/City Of Triumph And Heroes/Scarabi/House Of Halloween Pranx/Donut Stretcher/Raincoat And Overshoes-
Mathew/Talking Fishbasket/Through Slippery Pipes
    CHARLIE McALISTER AND THE PAPER MILL BOYS Showboat Grande (K7 Flannel Banjo) I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/Suburbian Beachtown/The Glutton/Waiting For The Bus/I'm So Alone/Liquor Store/Leroy's Anthem/The Circus Of Life/Rollercoaster/Mississippi Luau/Pants Falling Down/6 Days In March/Yes Sir/Urge To Leave
1987   The Dylarama Plan & The BBQ Masters (K7 Flannel Banjo)  
1989 Florescent Package Deal Chicken #3 (K7 Flannel Banjo) The Cats In The House/King Grubber/Mary Sue/Number Fifty/Cool Daddy Jazz Sirene/Jumby/Blister Evils/Hydrant/Insect Ga-lad-i-a-tor Fights/Someone Stole The Pig/Number Fifty Three/Larry Goes Home/The 1-4 Experiments From June/Land Of The Mermaids/I Hate You/Call The Fire Dept/Maria/Das Bolus
1989 Flourescent Package Deal Chicken #4 (K7 Flannel Banjo)(Came in plastic bag with various found objects) Song Of #4/Blistex Fashion Sho/Chicken Doctor-Spastic Laughs/Horny Hyatt/Orpeus And Wailing Beezer/I Am Beautiful/Fling Saucer/Larrysland Of Laughs/Gunk 15/Mggo Maggo/Jazzo/The Chief/Liquids/African Village/Report/Xp#5/Cocumbers From Canada/Dogs Eatin/Im A Musician
1990 Electro Dubber (K7 Flannel Banjo) Untitled/Untitled
1990 CHARLIE McALISTER/BILL FERGUSON/MAT TURRERO/JAMIE MCALISTER The Lec Lec Cassette (K7 Flannel Banjo/Freakshow Tapes) Syncro Part II
  Rick Raines Singz Poison Ivy (K7 Flannel Banjo) Sweetpea Song/Rick Raines Singz/Questions For The Ceramic Oracle/Owls/Ask The Exterminator/I'm OK/2#/Glamour Of It All/881-7125/Smart As Paint/Light House/Grocery Store/King Neptune/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
1992 60 Minutes On The Berm (K7 Flannel Banjo) Old Jazzer/10 Ft Tall Giant/Gorilla Family Vs G. Erwin/Dear Garla/Wander And Wonder/Chineezer ˝A/# 200/I Must Prepare/Exciter Film/New Land/College Try/Mary's Farm/Deep Sea Dwellers/The Take Off/Tuesday #1/Tuesday #2/60 Minutes/Song That Gives-Receives/Chineezer ˝B/Death Gargoyle/Path/Never Been West/Telephone Explainer/Direction We Want To Go/TTC/Composition/Galactic Horn/Play'n Flannel Banjo/Kristy/Red Zone/Middle Of The Night/Plan/The Architect/Old Jazzer Part II
1992 Hot Air And Noise (K7 Flannel Banjo) Parallel Existance/Teenage Queen/Yellow Rose/Maybe Baby/Osprey Float/Light And Airy/# 257/The River/# 281/Rosey And Red/# 302/Fun/Bongo Punt/Journy Through Unknown Lands/Fireworks/Maraska/The Gift Of Gab/Yes Sir/Dive/Flannel Bellie Dance/Im Ganna Wail/What Spring Brings/# 301/Come Along With Me/Little Doughgies/Shumtie's Flutie Twang/Subjects Flying/Rain Has Gone/Alive/Very Long Road
1993 Recorded Passages From The Fire Ant Mound (K7 Flannel Banjo) Scooter Of Paris/Plugging Away/Lorna Bun Die Corn/Simultaneous Gorge/Backyard/Into The Blow/Grey Day/Sweet And Sour/Found Plastic Heal/Down To Davy Jones/Must Have Been Sleepwalking/Drinking Song/Construction Failure/Clouds Of Change-Tale/Sister Craft/Fruit Soda/Sokhopp-Ho Ho Ho/Decay And Heat/Crab Bell-Norgle/Money Makers Barbra Break Out In Funny Rash/Im Not Bored/Clammy Collage/# 306/# 307/# 308-This Is Mom/Get Along Kitty/Banjo Tub-Peru
1993 #28 (K7 Flannel Banjo) Collage-Textures/Enter Kizer/Lonely Highway/Flora's Old Foot/My Poem/The Mark I Made/The Void/Motorcycle Accident/#383 Sink/#391 Collage-Coconut Shake/Untitled/Canned Football/Last Strong Hold
1993   I Haven't Any Sealegs (K7 Flannel Banjo) March/Pinup Girls WWII/Spring/#394/I Get Mad/The Girl Of My Dreams/Xmas Day-Jambed/Dry As A Bone/New Years Day/Time To Cash In/Chicago/Abandoned Civil War Fort/During The Movie/I Found A Steering Wheel/I'll Dream Of Heat/Visit/Subdivisions Of Shit/The Stranger/Preditory Insect/Storm That Never Came/Fill Me (Jigger)/The Pirates Let Her Rip/New Orleans Style II/#393/The Idiotic Person
1994 Waiting For The Glamour Mule/Two Bags Of Cassettes (K7 Flannel Banjo) Untiltled/Untitled
1994 Subhurbian Beachtown (K7 Flannel Banjo) Hope For Rain/Urge To Leave-Spreading Collage/Fake Fire Alarm-#406 Southern Poe Party.../Lercy's Anthem/#409 End Of May/Football Game/I'd Promenade With You/The Dream Of The Siren/Waiting Song/Existence Song/Sleep All Day/Queen Of The City/Suburbian Beachtown/#408/The Final Frontier (Suburbia)
1994 Miracle Ear (K7 Flannel Banjo)Bees At The Head's House Isle Of Palms SC/Uncle Ned's Audio Letter/Radio Station In Paris/Train In Atlanta Airpot/Piano At Caroline Beelands House Charleston SC/Happenings In Front Of The Pompidou Center Paris/Static Electricity Machine At City Of Science And Industry Paris/Football Game In Paris/Fountain In Paris/Bees In A Graveyard In England/Fount Pleasant Christmas Parade/Robert And Maria On The Palmetto Bug/Sprinkler In The Backyard/Vhf Radio On Ken o War Cay Bahamas/Am Radio Rec. In Bahamas/Various Birds Rec. On Isle Of Palms 1988/Guitar Rec. Chicago 1988/Swan Rec. In England/Flight Attendant/Train Station/Church Bells In Cherbourg France/Water Running Out Of Pipe In England/Subway Construction Paris/Kurd? Ralley o The Bastille Paris 1993/New Years Party Around The July Column Paris/Stairs At Catherine And Isabelles Studio Paris/Metro In Paris/St. Michaels Church Bells Charleston
1994 7 Years Of Recording 1987-1994 (K7 Flannel Banjo) Yes Sir/The Emergency Stomp/2 Excerpts From #18/Excerpt From #9/Subdivisions Of Shit/Flattening Out/Scooter Of Paris/Excerpt From #19/Hi Folks/Lighthouse/Hypnotiser/Raincoats And Overshoes/Horney Hyatt/Excerpt From #11/Play'n Flannel Banjo/Ant Farm/Excerpt From #20/Excerpt From #29/Chicken Doctto-Spastic Laughs/Moss Factory Water Pests/Construction Man/Call Of The Mudmen/Chewing Dolls/The Mark I Made/Number Twelve/Dear Garla/Euphia/I Want To Speak To Ben Matlock/Excerpt From #19/Yello Rose/Gogyra/Hey Ronnie/New Years Day/Pan/Rat Boy Of The Forrest/Drinking Song/Xp#5/Excerpt From #20/I Love Mary Sue
1994 Southern Promenade Porch Party (K7 Flannel Banjo) Let The Ralley Begin/Six Days In March/The French Plumber/Febuary Air/Pappi's Dream/Thats The Plan Man!/All Is Not Lost/Scraggily Biker/Obituary Collage/It's Not Me----/The Porch Cat Skiffle/Today Is My Birthday/Late In The Evening/The Battle Of The Insects/#399/Six Days In March/My Sleeping Dreams/Luck Turning Bad/#400/Take Your Own Chunk (Ballad Of Suburban Sprawl)/I Came Out To Kansas To Clean Out Your Basement/#401/Mal De Mer/Drums Of The Crab Nebulus/Excerpt From Colage Gorge
1994 The Fake Puntegg Roll Bomb Pass (K7 Car In Car Disco Product)Dreams Of Suburbia/Grande Strand Night/# 403 3 Days/Space-Play/Lucky Day/Fight Song/Textures 3/Neo-politan Fog.
1994 Tire Iron Bloatee At The Motorcycle Race (K7 Bobby J) Motorcycle Race/In Front Of The Post Office Version One/50,000 Dollar Car/Float Away On Styrophoam/#463/The Pain Between My Teeth/The Circus Of Life/Anxiety Attack On Veterans Day/#507/Coming Alive/Standing On A Plywood Bridge/2 Astronauts #1
1994 Have Fun This Summer (K7 Car In Car Disco Product)Anything Butcroquet/The Day The Strand Burned/Independence Day/Im Dying/In Front Of The Post Office Version Two/Im Staying In The Parking Lot/To Hell With The Monkfish Man/There's No More Room/#423/Sue-Beezer-Outer Space/Sandcastle Wrecker/Robbery Song/Jamie Reading/The Dead Bird/These Last Days
1994 Eight Month Tab (K7 Catsup Plate)100 Wars/Lucky Song Of Sap/On The Rough Side Of Town/Do Me A Favor/Telephone Finale/My God!/Doughnut Style/Throw Yourself Over The Edge/Highway Host Motel Theme/Almost Went Outside/She Cant Make The Hope Boat Go/Song Of The Floaters/Dog Piano/Pants Falling Down/Cowgirl Claire/Fall-Winter Burnout/The Newest Of Days/The Secret Of The Oven/Whirly Shake/#599-Space/Up In The Attic/Have Fun This Summer Instrumental/Play Me A Dry One/Night Recording
1995 Drama, Music, And Sound (K7 Catsup Plate)Journey Through Space/Cold Wave/Arriving/Exploding/Leaving/The Sleep/March-Space Armada/Prayer/Requiem/Re-Emerge/Hungry New Life/Space Dust/The End Of The Earth/Perilous Journey
1995 In Search Of Something New (K7 Bobby J) This Pay Day/Going To Porkies With A Basket Of Eggs/Ukelele Please Don't You Fail Me!/More Than Wheels/I Lock The Door Apon Myself/Never Again/Keep Looking/The Squatter/I Couldn't Give A Damb/The Strangest Bus Ride/Something New?/Exploit Hawaii (The Greg Brady Curse)
1996 CHARLIE McALISTER/CALEB FRAID Play With Matches (K7 Hutboy)* CALEB FRAID Born Breach/Resolution. Cut Out secrets/Disciplenty/My Heart Goes Out (Again)/Walking My Troubles Away #1/Ms. Treater/Showboat/Little Hitler/Valentine/Filthy Poor/Illness Buzzard/Ms. Treater (Illness Buzzard Version)/Walking My Troubles Away #2/Long Time Gone/Died Breach/CHARLIE McALISTER Happy New Year/Mississippi Lua/Listen To You/Goodbye Mysterious Friend/Wearing Glasses/Bathtub With Wings/Going To The Strand/Starpower/The Glutton/I Need A Crutch/Racecar Track/Around And Around
1996 Home And Far Away (K7 Nearsighted Records)Suburbia Is Safe/Opera Theme/I'll Never Get Back/The Giberish King And The Dead Warbling Bird/Birthday Song/Im Ganna Leave This Town/Jim Phizz The Crabber/These Dreams/Ode To A Dead Shopping Center/Failing Scooter/Throw A Hummer At The Mayor/The King Of The Jungle/Dont Try This At Home/Jazz 1991/#6097/Sorry/Pirate Bones/California Is In The Way/Gone
1996 CHARLIE McALISTER/YAK & Cakes, Pies, & Cauliflowers (K7 Flannel Banjo) YAK & Butt Dance/The Future & Graham/Oh My Stars/Broccoli & Braunschweiger/Man In The Caboose/Maximize Onset/Modest/Cloverleaf/No. Central Iowa/CHARLIE McALISTER The Story Of Baby Ned/Happy Place/Waiting For The Bus/I'm So Alone/The Big One/We Don't Know/I Feel Worse
  Letting Go The Hatchet (K7 Catsup Plate) Rollercoaster/Popcicle Melt/Why Has It Come To This?/The Killer-My Premium Is Due/Two Astronauts/This Halloween/Liquor Store-Long Walk Through Suburbia/Down To Davy Jones/Spirit Of The Dead Indians Entering My Home/The Heavy Rains/Guy Who Committed Suicide/Letting Go The Hatchet/I'll Never Know Who/Suburban Hercules/Oh Would You!/Chineese Pencils/The Way Life Goes
1997 I'm Wounded; I Don't Think So! Hate Songs For The Girl I Loved (K7 Squirrel Energy Now) Fuck You/Clouds/Cat-Girl/Oh!/Reaching For My Own Throat/While I Was Away/Dead In Your Eyes/Getting It Out Of My System/Single In The Spring Time/Nothing Can Stop Me Now/Arbor Day/Spiny China Dinner Plate/Pink Ice Cream/I Wonder Why I?/Lazy, Spacey, Hasty, Crazy/Leave No Traces/It Doesn't Matter Anyway
1997 Mississippi Luau (LP Catsup Plate)Mississippi Luau/Paradise/For The Sake Of Words/Neddie Dubois/Island Of The Robot Building Monkey/Darla Come Down From Jackson/Crowbar And Ghost/Death From The Depths/The Glamourpuss Roll/Death In The Spring/Hawaiian Blue - Mississippi Grey/One-Eyed Bird Performance/It Was Over Before I Woke Up
1998 Me Motiff San Foule (K7 Doormat, TX) Fou Feu Bitch/Next To The Harbor/Hellen K.-Floating In The Air/Theme For Money/Boom Boom/Days Of Peace/Crash & Fall/The Wedding/The Dream/The Pledge/The Mountian/The S.S Detective/Pseudofed And Rum/When The Worlds' About To End/Bleachin' Season/Voyage?-Discovery/Cinema-I Just Saw The Movie/Orange Haze/I Wouldnt Trade It/Blood & Alcohol/Graduation Music-Sounds/Intellectual Disreguard/Circling The Graveyard/Jazz 2000-Into The Caves/Dont You Recognize Me?/The Good Air-Martens/Sweep/What Do I Do With You Now?/Diagram Of Some Time
1998 Turn Of The Century Photograph Of (K7 Unread) Plantation Of Pain/Bog Man/Sinking Ship/Girls In The Big Parade 1917/Secret-Go To Hell/Pale Light/Hair-Wind-Football/Song X #2/Yeah Yeah/Battle Of The Mascots/Yellow Fever/Fried Sandwhich Play
1999 The Refrigerator Is Cookin (2xK7 Joukkomurha Tapes) Intro/Singin' With My Saw/Doin' What Im Doin'/Go Wild!/Gimee Some Creme-Cor/Story Of Susie #4-Farm Yard Indian Massage/Stuffer/Prehistoric River/Flying Beasts/Prehistoric Clock/Vitamins And Test Tubes/My Door-Your Matche/Im Psyched!/Subcountry #1/Go Up To The Store/The Old Oak Tree/Cutting Up The Tube/Diary/Subcountry #2/Ill Fated Day/Hair In The Desert/It Doesn't Bother Me/Little Debbie And The Puppy/Eating Clay/Pygmi-Warchant/Oriental Parts 3+4//10th Of December Dreams/Goin' On The Mountain/Samuel Ferrans/After The Parade/Undefeated/Ed Gray Felt Sorry/Circus/Arabian Donkeyland/Some Kind Of Storm/Champagne/Candy Cane/Story Of Sweet Susie #5/#692/These Arent My Hands Today/Crude-Woven Basket/We Will Sail Again/This Morning-Last Night/Stuck Bird/Frolick-Sousa/Dont Do That To Me/Navigation

Sardine In Bastard Suit (K7 Plastic Duck Records)

Sardine/Hollowed-Out Man/Another Scam/The Stucco/Last Ride-Wine & Rice/Night Of Rain & Green Suede/I Whistled A Tune/I'll Still Exist/Sam Houston Land/Stock Market Scam Goes Wrong/Sardine Collage/No Nude/Donkey Hair #1/Donkey Hair #2/It's Time To Go To Sleep/1-2 Sousa Frolick/The Duke/De-Mockracy/Ill-Fated Day/Automatismiccatclid/We Will Sail Again/Time Flying/After The Parade/Oriental Pts.1.2.3/I Am What I Ate/Wine & Snakes/Casting The Movie/Nancy Beth/Last Of The Mtn. Birds/Something In His Horn/Walk Away/Player De Mad De Mer/Subcountry #1/Romney St. Twist
2000 I'm Living In A Stump (K7 Flannel Banjo) Cheap Shit/The First Day Of the Rest Of Your Life/Totally Male De Mer/I'm Gone Away/We Aint Got No Piano/Complete Failure/Chubby Bubby/Spring Break/Shag Dancing Is Cool/The Shipwrecked Girl And The Crabman/Return Of The Nemeses/Rock Around The Clock/Hallucinating Runaway
2001 I'll See You In Hell (CD Tape Mountain) Creeping Theif/Crossing The Desert/Clatter/Chain Me Up/Powder Keg/Waltz/The Fucking End/I Was Tired - Ive Never Felt So Alive/Blood Coming Out Of Your Scalp/I Dont Like To Tell Nobady/Born In The Culture/Squeal For Me/Come Over Here/Beer Can/Jack Up/Austin, Tx 3-15-01 - Piano Reeves/Broke & Rollin/Little Doll/I Love You - Punch Me In The Eye/Stadium Fire/Infomercial/Broken Bones/Not Goin Back To School/Homecoming Football Game/Guy Fawkes' Day/Same Old Tune/Scuzz Rag/Winter Is Coming/We Aint Got No Piano/Night Of Suede And Fear/Shipwrecked Girl & Crabman/Have A Manwich/Cheap Shit/Shag Dancing Is Cool/Provide For The Baby/Ill See You In Hell
2001 Bring Me My Own Head (K7 Unread) Ego Trip/Trip Out/Objects Mysteriosum/I Want To Die/Krafty Beaver/The Matriarchal Chair/Powder Keg/Here Today Gone Tomorrow/Matriarchal Chair #2/Dance Contest/Broke And Rollin/Little Doll/Earthquake/The Fire/Big Drafty Taste/The End/Wasted Intitation/Charelston
2002   Clawin With Our Jowls (lathe cut/cassette/video/book Unread/Tar Owl) 
2002 Clawin With Our Jowls (2xK7 Unread/Tar Owl) Sweet Susie/Chattering Jaws-Frog Pump/Space Play/Play #2/Clogged Claws-Gurglin' Jaws/Lasagna/Futile Serum-Dialing Sticks/Journey To The Sun Act I/Partial Lock Jaw/We Robbed A Liquor Store/Spanish Lesson/The Skin Of Their Teeth Makes Coats/Baywatch-Memphis-Iran/The Sack Is in The Bag/Gob Creek Monster/Ice Cream Wrap-Ukelele Dub/Trina/The Fire & The Village/Marcus James/Story Of Tiny/Fried Sandwich Play
2002 Golden Memories And Residues 1-2 (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Go Wild Tonight/Whipping The President #2/Me & The Fish/Wine Spazz/To Hell With The Monkfish Man/Wearing Glasses/Collage/Whiskey & Soda/10th Of December Dream/Gimmee Your Glasses/Long Long Road/#1010/Lucky Day/Fight Song/Daze Of Winter/Hellen K./The Squatter/Black Book/Jim Phizz The Crabber/Going To Porkies With A Basket Of Eggs/Captain Randy/Big And Giant/Indo-Interference/Nancy Beth/Bratleys Tail/Fire Island/Im As Tough As A Rock
2002 Golden Memories And Residues 3-4 (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Shoot The Moon/Nothing Disturbed/Alligator/Im Ganna Leave This Town/Starpower/Casio Song #1000/Your Music's Calling Me/Please Not Again-Please No Not Again/The Static Of Silence/Dont Do That To Me/Hero's Story/Refugee Stars/Community Band/Camptown Races/Little Brown Donkey/We Will Sail Again/Dry Desert Death/Misunderstanding/Young Soldiers-Sousa/Simultaneous #2/Donut Style/The Bitter End/Throw Another Chop To The Baby/Why Must I Go/The Lake/Windmill/Lust/Baywatch Episode/Boom Boom Version #2/The Paper Bag/Untitled/This Morning-Last Night/Subcountry #2/Fabulous Career/Singing-Little Bird-Graveyard/To The Year 6035/Id Rather Be/Diary #2
2002 Golden Memories And Residues 5-6 (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Art Is Fun-Fun Is Art/Crude Woven Basket/Triple Clone/Traipsin/Madame Fu Fu-Orange & White July/Se Vous Plait/John Lennon's First Band/Please Don't Believe Me/Collage/Chain Gang/Singin With My Saw/Out On The Avenue/The Big Box Is In The Mail/Im Staying Here/I Wanna Wanna/Viva Zapato/Trouble Is Brewin/The Black Spot/Hellen Keller & Victor Brauner/Everything I Need (I Got)/Fake Country Music Version 2/Little Annes Victrola/These Aren't My Hands Today/The Clouds/Marching Song/Lazy, Spacey, Hastee, Crazzee/Stuck Bird/I Couldn't Imagine That
2002 Golden Memories And Residues 7-8 (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Shut Down/Hair-Wind-Football/Lazy Days On The River/Theres No Stopping Me Now/Whos Ganna?/Knock The Bars Off/Your All Dicks/Marcus James-Lasagna/Little Debbie & The Puppy/Broken Bones/Meg Has Broken Her Leg/Wine & Rice/Donkey Hair/Kat Fight/Raincoat, Crutches, Surfboard/Giberish King/Buisness Park/Leave No Traces/Dead In Your Eyes/Der Kutter/The Story Of Sweet Susie #1/Oh Solo Me-Pain/Ode To Jack Teagarden/Hope Song/Rot the Teeth Right Out My Skull/Traitor/Football-College Career/Waltz Of Liberty
2002 35 Greatest Doormat Appearances (CDR Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Gibberish King Of The Dwarbling Bird/Tonight/Circling The Graveyard/Stadium Fire/Fabulous Career/Silver And Gold/Lil' Suzy's Dress/Der Kutter/Feu Feu Bitch/Pez Oppressor/Under The Harbor/I'm A Pisces/Bleachin' Season/Liquor Store (Live)/Desperate Plea/Intellectual Goo/Baby Doll Nite/Cajun Xmas/Countrycream Corvette/ˇViva Zapato!/Boom Boom/Fight!/Days Of Peace/Don't You Recognize Me?/Dead Bird/Untitled/Go Home/4 Track 4 Sale/What Do I Do With You Now?/I'm Staying Here/Good Kind Man (Take 1)/Good Kind Man (Take 2)/Good Kind Man (Take 3)/Pooh Bear Crisis
2002 CHARLIE McALISTER/BUZZSAW Everything's Cool Man-What's For Dinner/No Talent Boom Boom (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) CHARLIE McALISTER Live In Austin TX March 2001/BUZZSAW Live On KUCI Los Angeles 1998
2002 Making Music Under The House (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Exiled In Houston/I Admit That Im Wrong/Down In The Basement/Nice Nice Fireman/My Marginal Talent/Densest ass Alive/My Marginal Talent #3/Id Rather Be There/White Guy/You Can Ride On Me/Alas! It's Crap!/Exit The Island/Polynesian Glacial Death/Don't Give Me Any Ideas
2002 BERLINBURGER Taliband Xmas (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Untitled/Untitled
2002 CHARLIE McALISTER AND CALEB FRAID/PLUNDERSHOP Lullabys/Strike Anywhere (K7 Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) CHARLIE McALISTER AND CALEB FRAID I Wish I Was Young Again/Baby Albert Song/At Night The Moon Is Made Of Cheeses/Not Yet Born-Not Born Yesterday/Dandruff Ruined The Ceremony/Baby Boom/Injured Baby Needs T.L.C./Have A Manwhich/Manatees In The Nursery/Young & Patriotic/My New Roof-Old Timer/Virjane McAlister/Ghost From The Coast/Divorce Court/Provide For The Baby/PLUNDERSHOP Untitled
2002 FROG STRANGLER I Saw Big Sam (CDR Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Feu Feu Bitch/Intro Of Band/Tonite/Creamerz Jam/I'm Staying Here/Lil' Suzy's Dress/Country Cream Corvette/Baby Doll Mate/Bleachin' Season/Fake Country Music/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
2002 July 10th, 1999 Heatherfest In Huntsville, TX (CDR Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) Donkey Hair/What Do I Do With You Now/Sardines/Plantation Of Pain-Another Scam/Yeah Yeah-Go Home/Bog Man/Sprawl-Indians/Hawaiian Blue-Mississippi Grey/Glamour Puss Roll/Death From The Depths/Dance Contest/Untitled
2002 REBEL HEIRS/CHARLIE McALISTER/CHARLIE McALISTER AND THE COUNTRY NIBLETS/COOTER SCOOTERS Live At Zach's House, Cayce SC - 8/6/05 (CDR Doormat, TX) (This is part of the Charlie McAlister Golden Memories And Residues Box Set) REBEL HEIRS Objects Defined By Space Between/Serious Side/Brush Me Aside/Part Of The Problem/Nazareth Song/CHARLIE McALISTER Talking Bird And Walking Cane/Bleaching Season/$75 Pants/CHARLIE McALISTER AND THE COUNTRY NIBLETS Showboat/Jimmy Cracked Corn/COOTER SCOOTERS Eyes Full Of Dimes/Old Faithful/Gasoline
2003 Death Water Estates (LP Catsup Plate)Fake Fire Alarm/Southern Promenade Porch Party/Fight Song/Textures 3/Neopolitan/Lucky Day/Scraggily Biker-Obituary Collagé/The Day The Strand Burned/Urge To Leave/Suburbian Beachtown/Sleeping Dreams/Sue-Beezer-Outerspace/Robbery Song/The Dead Bird/To Hell With The Monkfish Man/Pappis Dream
2004 Creosote (LP Unread) Lockjaw And Owls/Total Maroon/Sand Me Down/Fiberglass And Lifejackets/Trainwreck/Reefer & Bread/I Am No Longer An Inlet/I Feel Like Wax/Not Frozen/The Sick Girl/Diagram Of Some Time/Nubian
2006   Poppin Grapevine Or Floundering With Pp Roobenz (CD Smash The Clock)  
2007 Cold Waves (K7 Tar Owl/Flannel Banjo) Cold Waves/Vibrating New England/Glacial Death/Cold Waves 2/Bubblin' Steam Vent Rag Dubber/Cold Waves 3/Polynesian Ice/Limpet/Destroyed Statues/Ice Parts I & II/Cold Waves IV 4
2008 CHARLIE McALISTER/ROLLIN HUNT Split (K7 Folktale) CHARLIE McALISTER Days Without Sun/Pile It On/Why?/My Miserable College Career/Dixie/L.A. Landscape/Goin' Down In Flames/Plantation Of Pain/You Were A Moth-A Locust/Orgin Of The Universe/ROLLIN HUNT Some Kind Of Holiday/Watch Out, Dean/Trek Across The City/Bad People/Nice Night/Beautiful Park/Mamma & Dada/The Bed/Air
2008 CHARLIE MCALISTER & ERIC OSTROWSKI The Year Of Suspended Sap: Another Look At The Portions Of The World Forgot (CDR Friends & Relatives) Trembling Canyon/Sailing Trip/Turkey Jaw/The Fishin Rod/Polishing My Shoes/Donna/Boiling Gold/Savage For Grapes/Grapes Two For One/My Pal Jonny/The Hot Peppers/Mrs Jenkins/Jack's Toy Honey/The Ultimate Fashion Show/Green Bile/Your Life-Your I.D./Why Wait For Snata Claus/Ted Meyer's Halloween/Ball'z Mclain's Wreck
    Unsharpenable Life (CDR Doormat, TX) 
2010 BUZZSAW/CHARLIE MCALISTER No Talent Boom-Boom (K7 Unread) BUZZSAW Untitled (Recorded Live On KUCI Irvine, CA 1998)/CHARLIE MCALISTER "Music Sucks" Parade From Austin Convention Center To Performance Place/Get Onstage, Light Propane Stove And Electric Burner Get Sardines Frying Cut Carrots/Set Up Pa System Microphone No Good/Electric Burner Blows Fuse Which Cuts Power To The House Pa System. Anne Threatens To Call The Cops After I Refuse To Get Off Stage./I Continue With The Cooking Sauce And Carrots Anne Says "If You Touch Me I Will Kill You Motherfucker"/Lars Says "Im Out Of This And Everythings Cool Man" Someone In Audience Asks "Whats For Dinner?" I Unplug The Electric Burner/I Threaten To Burn The Audience With The Hot Electric Burner/Anne Says Shes Calling The Cops. Lars Says Never Call The Cops/Instruments Are Tossed Around/Cooking Is Banned/I Smash Up My Pa System On The Concrete Floor/I Get Up In The Rafter And Attempt To Talk With Audience/Darrel Enters With Sparklers/Someone Starts Removing My Equipment From The Stage/Taperecorder Keeps Rolling From Car Parked Just Out Side/Argueing Continues From Inside/I Exit/I Turn To Exit Through The Bay Door And Someone Throws A Punch At My Head From The Side But Misses.....End Of Performance  
2010 Crappie Fishin' Package Deal 5 (K7+VHS Unread)Exploding Tanker Truck/Termites And Frogs/How Do It Feel?/Crappie Fishin'/Consumer Analysis/Consumers From The Lake/Mundane Calculation & Pragmatic Vacancy (Video)/Realms Of Triple-ism (Video)/Crappie Fishin' (Video)/Making The Sandwich (Video)
2011 Country Creme Victorian Fog (LP Feeding Tube Records) I'm Staying Here/Little Susie's Dream/Go Home/Depths Of Confusion/Deperate Plea/Vision-Rage-Irish Girl/Fake Country Music/Fried Sandwich Play/Hair-Wind-Football/March #16/Plantation Of Pain/Bog Man/Battle Of The Mascots/After The Parade/Sinking Ship/Song X/Go To Hell/Pale Light/The Big Parade
2011 Triangle State Mental Zone (K7 Spew Geyser) The Seamen's Act Rag/I Fell Apart/Carolina Treet/Tourism Is Dead/Do The Crab Trap/College Pride/Publick Defendant/Bonne' Voyage/Maxx'd Out/Hugor/Triangle State Mental Zone/Carolina Moon/Black Water/Heritage Not Hate/I Dont Like It/God Sent Me A Redneck/I Need To Leave This Stupid Town/Carnival Fantasy/The Sailboat Race/The Lake-The End
2011 Triangle State Mental Zone (CD Sardine Magozine) (Came with the Sardine Magozine Double Issue 9 + 10) South Carolina Afternoon/The Day The Strand Burned/The Seaman's Act Rag/Fiberglass & Lifejackets/Heritage Not Hate/I Don't Like It (Too)/God Sent Me A Redneck/Do The Crab Trap/College Pride/Carolina Treet/Tourism Is Dead/Triangle State Mental Zone/Triangle State Mental Zone Continued/Carolina Moon/Publick Defendant/Bonne Voyage Mixed/Maxx'd Out Mixed/Hugor/Fell Apart/Carnival Fantasy
2011 C. MCALISTER & SINGING SANDBAR Imminent Departure (K7 Meggapecka)Junior Catholic Man/Gone On And Did It/Amy Torres/The Sink Hole/Ha Ha He He He He/Let Em Have It/Imminent Departure/Grease/Jenny/Field Guide/Infields Christmas/Sand/The Hand/Look How Cute I Am/The Forbidden Fruit Stand/Saudi Arabian Island/Davy Attenborro/Your Job Is Crap/Proposed Return/Spanish Air
2012 CHARLIE MCALISTER AND SINGING SANDBAR Blame It All On God/Picnic At The Dam (K7 Unread Records) Blame It All On God/The Reunion/Wiper Motor/Sad But True/Drinking Alter Wine/(You Can) Go To Hell/We Saw The Devil/Major Retrospective/The Sky In November/Picnic At The Dam/Echelons/Gingham & Plad/Going Back To Chatsworth/Peroxcide Child/These Days Will Be Over/We Not Like Chicken Little/Staff Infection
2013 CHARLIE MCALISTER & SAGGING SANDCASTLE Enthralling Pop Songs And Attempts At Jazz (K7 Spew Geyser) We Should Go Out To eat/Maimed Spacemen/Hose Me Down/Corrupt Park Ranger/London Broil/Captain death/I'll Be Your Host/I Aint Got No freon/Uselessness/Mid-Life Crisis/Your Skin/Death Threats/San Francisco Narrative/Harbour Cruise/Man Amongst Men/Melodramatic Crud Ex. 2/Song 9759/Savage Arena/Corine/I'll Take The Credit/Melodramatic Crud Ex. 1/Enthralling Pop Song/Eye Gut The Blues/Weird Bells
2013 CHARLIE MCALISTER/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio (LP Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited edition of 100 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) CHARLIE MCALISTER Umpo Scuzzi/Jeromeo Coaxum/Let's Dig Up Carter/Health & Vitality/Failed Trip To Naples/I Tried & You Failed/It's Shiraz!/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Animal Law/Sodium Benzoate/Uloric/Convicinio/Black Mold/Lunar Caustic/Uniformed Thugs
2013 CHARLIE MCALISTER/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Umpo Scuzzi/Convicinio (LP Almost Halloween Time Records) (Limited edition of 50 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) CHARLIE MCALISTER Umpo Scuzzi/Jeromeo Coaxum/Let's Dig Up Carter/Health & Vitality/Failed Trip To Naples/I Tried & You Failed/It's Shiraz!/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Animal Law/Sodium Benzoate/Uloric/Convicinio/Black Mold/Lunar Caustic/Uniformed Thugs
2015 Battle Of The Dugongz (K7 Sardine Magozine) Untitled/Untitled
2016 I've Got It Good So Listen To My Sissy Music (K7 Unread) Ultimate Demise/He's Got It Good/Walking Away/She's In The New Charge/I Am Nothing/I'm Ganna Wreck Everything/This Is Not The End Of Me/I Am Your Friend/God's Cab/Polluted Lagoon/Labor Day/I Am Bi-catch/Stupid Boat Names/Existentialitis Overload/Circus Boy/Jazzor 3 Mil./Sumac Wine/Wrecked Again
2019 I Am The World's Richest Man (LP Almost Halloween Time/Tick Tock Records) (Limited edition of 138 copies with handmade handrawn all different sleeves) World's Richest Man/Journey To The Sun/Our Struggle Is Through/Death And The Distant Horizon (My Net Is Stuck)/Hell Is A Comin'/Where I Met You/You Were My Friend (For Neal Diamond)/I Have No Plan/Odor Of Loneliness/I Wanna Get Fed/Brown Frown/Broke And Rollin'/Untitled/The Machine/Truck Drivin' Song/Lindsey Graham Vs. Stormy Daniels/Sadder And Sadder/Nothing Will Change/Jazzer 6/Instrumental


1996   I Lock The Door Apon Myself (7" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) I Lock The Door Apon Myself/Something New/More Than Wheelz
1996 Wheel Of Fortune (7" Little Mafia)Lack The Floatation/My Gambling Days Are Over/It's Raining Again/Black Market
2007 Mes Motifs Sont Fous (10" Little Mafia) The Wedding/Time Does Not Interest Me/The Mountain/Pseudofed And Rum/The Movie-The Cinema/Fog/I Wouldn't Trade It/Don't You Recognize Me?/Air
2008 Carolina Bi-Product (7" Tick Tock Records, Doormat, TX, Borrowdeer, False Negative, Unread) Carolina Bi-Product Beachball Boogie/Im Freezing/I Dont Love You Anymore/Memories In The Rain
2009   Maimed Spacemen (6" lathe-cut Rah Rah Records) Maimed Spacemen/I Mean It/Capt. Death
2009 Midlife Crisis (6" Lathe-cut Rah Rah Records)Midlife Crisis/Song Of Spring/Sing A Little Song Of Spring
2009 Weird Bells (6" Lathe-cut Tick Tock Records/Rah Rah Records)Weird Bells/Waves Of Salt/Nauseus Waves
2009 CHARLIE McALISTER/CALEB FRAID Split (7" Doormat, TX)CHARLIE McALISTER Born On Labor Day/Flies For Sale/Murder Roaches/Nature Herself/CALEB FRAID Goat Of A Ram/Etc.
2011 Corrupt Park Ranger - Lathe-Cut 7" Subscription Series (7" Lost Sound Tapes) Corrupt Park Ranger/Noble Carpet Thief/I'll Be Your Host/Here Comes The Judge
2011 Savage Arena (6" Lathe-cut Tick Tock Records/Rah Rah Records)Savage Arena/Piss Parade/I Aint Scared Of Shit
2013 Impressive Cheese (7" Lathe Cut Unread Records/Spew Geyser) Impressive Cheese/Yanni's Horn
2020 Fouls And Faults 7" Lathe Cut Unread) Fouls And Faults/Jarry Kushner/Sweet Snow Bunny-Party Shack/Construction Beezer


1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drowned In A Torrent Of Golden Grain (K7 Catsup Plate)C. MCALISTER Pastry Eating Drag Queen Of Death
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf (K7 Doormat, TX)The Gibberish King & The Dead Warbling Bird/A Dead Bird & A Pinecone
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whump #1 Bonus Record (2x7'' Whump)Sleepwalk
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Belly Up And Down To Davy Jones (K7 Flannel Banjo) CHARLIE MCALISTER Mal De Mer/MAC MCALISTER Excerpt From Narrative/CHARLIE MCALISTER Not Going Down To Davy Jones
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Gift Of Gab! (K7 Flannel Banjo) JAMIE AND CHARLIE MCALISTER Asphalt Love Triangle/JAMIE MCALISTER Untitled/JAMIE MCALISTER Untitled/LANCE MICCIO AND CHARLIE MCALISTER Brooklyn Burger World/BILL FERGUSON AND CM Excerpt From Icecream Wraparound
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonestar Palmetto (K7 Flannel Banjo) C. McALISTER & THE CORAGEOUS GALVANIZERS I'm So Alone (Live)
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) The Glutton
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS How To Sink A Fleeing Ship (A Squirrel Energy Now! Compilation) (K7 Squirrel Energy Now) Heat/Highway
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum)Belly Of The Whale
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Cheese Compilation (K7 Nearsighted Records) Wearing Glasses
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS When I'm Hungry, I Eat: Songs About Food (CD Gourmandizer) Southern Deep-Fry
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Adventures Of Pablo The Circus Boy (K7 Nut Music) Pablo Joins The Circus
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Switzerland Is My Beat (K7 Granted Passage) City-Country: What I Saw
1997 VARIOS ARTISTS Hey Bobby J. - A Compilation Of Bobby J. And Friends (K7 Bobby J) Float Away On Styrofoam
1997 VARIOUS ARTISTS Zodiac Melodiac (K7 Doormat, TX)I Am A Iceseas (Pisces)
  VARIOUS ARTISTS It Was A Pleasure (K7 Doormat, TX)Der Kutter
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Commercial Food Processor (LP Unread) The Story Of Sweet Susie #5
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Blackbean Potluck - Comp #8 (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Country Cream Corvette
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS 1997 - 1999 (K7 Flaming Biscuit Records) Seven Years Of Plenty
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation Shmompilation (K7 Plastic Duck Records) Esp From Space/Pink Ice Cream
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Mein Compf 5 (K7 Doormat, TX)Stadium Fire/Have A Good Time
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Evading The Devil's Darts (7" Catsup Plate)I Thank My Lucky Stars
2001 VARIOUS ARTISTS White Shirts = Stains (K7 Unread) Chubby Bubby
2002 VARIOUS ARTISTS Assult With Insults (K7 Unread) Gurgling Frog Conveyor-They Are The Reason She Is Gone
2003 VARIOUS ARTISTS As Yet No Title - Skewed Songwriter (K7 Unread) Chineese Dolls-Ping Pong
2004 VARIOUS ARTISTS This Is A Horse (K7 Unread) Blossoms Blume-Blossoms Fall
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Tape Deckade (1995-2005) (CDR Doormat, TX) Feu Feu Bitch
2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Rot Box - Unread: Number One Hundred (K7 Unread) Stripper On The Beach
2010 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation (2CD/K7 Shrimper) Fruitbat Waltz
2012 VARIOUS ARTISTS For Who The Trumpet Blew (K7 Unread) C. MCALISTER The Gal I Love
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Lonely Stars - A Tribute To Texan Artists (CDR Doormat, TX) Wanted Man
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smashed 40: Slummer Jams (2xK7 Folktale) Waiting On A Friend
2013 VARIOUS ARTISTS Gramble Yards - Giblette & Songs (K7 Unread) Wallow-Blue Shadow
2014 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Door Vol. #2 (K7 Unread) (C.M. & R.H. is Charlie Mcalister and Rebecca Harrelson) C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/C.M. & R.H. Fucking Around In The Kitchen (Excerpt)/CHARLIE MCALISTER Style & Flare
2014 VARIOUS ARTISTS Poisoned Wine Compilation Tape - 19th Year Of Unread Records (K7 Unread/Spew Geyser) CHARLIE MACALISTER W/ FURNITURE HUSCHLE Untitled/CHARLIE MCALISTER Untitled
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Public Coffin - 8 x Cassingle E.P. Compilation (8xK7 Unread) CHARLIE MCALISTER I'm Taking You For A Ride K7 Dueling Horns-Give Up-Go Home/Years Of Abuse/Hazed #1/Helicopter Ride/Tuff-E-Nuff/Subcontractor
2016 VARIOUS ARTISTS Tid Bits & Gut Blood (K7 Unread) C. MCALISTER Ultimate Demise
2018 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's Halloween Time (2xK7 Almost Halloween Time/Chthonic) Sea Goblin

VARIOUS ARTISTS Too Many Beers/Too Many Bands Recordings From: The Duke Of Knee/Hatchetfest (K7 Unread)


2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was (2xK7 Unread, Flannel Banjo and Doormat, TX)




2009 VARIOUS ARTISTS Nutstock 3 Aug 14 16 2005 40 Bands 40 Hours 40 Years (DVD Nut Music) Untitled

Other Stuff

    FLUX ZEBRA Wooden Horse K7 Expansion/Lost Train/UD 189/981 DU
    FLUX ZEBRA The Black Skull K7 Nine Percent Fact /Night/Cage/Fire/Let's Go/Ego; Words For The Violent/Fleonzen/Not In The Dictionary /Big Island
1987 BAD MUSIC FOR GOOD PEOPLE A Collection Of Sounds You'll Love To Hear Over And Over Again (K7 Freakshow Tapes) Late General Hospital/Secret Of The Blue Planet/Flies And Worms/Orgna Hoses/Spinning Corderroy/Jazz Ball
Nutrition/The Compactor-The Smasher/Euphia Dance Song/Houses Of The Crab/Mysterious Island/Opera Of Buttons/One
Thousand Years/City Of Triumph And Heroes/Scarabi/House Of Halloween Pranx/Donut Stretcher/Raincoat And Overshoes-
Mathew/Talking Fishbasket/Through Slippery Pipes
1988   ELONGATED TWINS The Edge Of Rust (K7 Freakshow Tapes) (Elongated Twins are Charlie Mcalister and Bill Ferguson) Flattening Out/Cottage Cheese Thighs/Fierce Impact/Interference/Skin/Depth/Euphia/Growth Of Culture/Input/Short/Rust/Intialman/Breather/Organic Noise
1987 BLOWN GYRO Bean King Wheelie Spectrum (K7 Flannel Banjo/Freakshow) Pan Rat Boy Of The Forrest/Nodule Specie Ignius/Emergency Stamp/Electric Gas Clog/Hammer Bra In/Specto Theatre/Cells/Robot Girl/Baby Farm/Vines-Abrasives II/Route X
  BLOWN GYRO Operation Mindfuck (K7 Flannel Banjo) Launch To Nowhere/Channels/Beezer's Cellar/Robot Girl/Nodul Specie Igni/Emergency Stomp/Electric Glas Clog/In The Temple/Oyster Dream/The Big One/Hammer brain/Specto Theatre/Spattered Face/Sphinx
1988 HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #1 (K7 Flannel Banjo/Freakshow Tapes) Spring Sprong Howdy Song/Moss factory-Water Pests/Radio New Guinea/Abrasives One/Soul Hole/Reddish Mauvebrainwave-Spit Powered Motorotor/Knucle Under/Number Ten/Mad daddy/Mammal/Number Twelve/Crax Minus A16-Twisting Scares/Dick Brain Gogo Cycle/Halls Temples Holes/On Edge/Number Fourteen/The Sinking Mannequin/Electric Vibrato death/Globus Serine Approach/Mantus/Joe Saws Broomstick/Railroad Turn
1988 HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #2 (K7 Flannel Banjo) Ant Farm/Fire Truck Red/Fake Flying Saucer/Largolator/In The Center Of Earth/Calm Before The Storm/Head Injuries Live
1988 HEAD INJURIES Head Injuries #3 (K7 Flannel Banjo) Call Of The Mudmen/Jaws Of Bruce/Channels/Florecent Chicken Package Deal/Route X/Pilot/Grub Stodder Shutey/Launch To Nowhere/Space Hornet/Pull The Rug
1988 BLOWN GYRO Fire Ant Mound (K7 Freakshow Tapes/Flannel Banjo) Oyster Dream/Chicken Bones/Bushes On Fire/Chewing Dolls/In The Temple/Spaceship Campfire/The Big One/Glove/Good Morning Dave
1988 BLOWN GYRO Screamin TV Genie (K7 Freakshow Tapes) (Charlie Mcalister: drums vocals synthesizers bass guitar acustic guitar and tapes) RA Spectro Micron/Beezer's Cellar/Spattered Face/Sphinx/Twitching Spider Woman/Rodons Resistor/Escape/New Guinea
1990 ELONGATED TWINS Elongated Twins (K7 Freakshow Tapes) (Charlie Mcalister and Bill Ferguson) Cottage Cheese Thighs/Dead Machine
1991 ANTS AND BATS PLAYING SOCCER Compost Heap (K7 Flannel Banjo) (Charlie McAlister, B. Ferguson, Jamie McAlister and Doug Mellichamp) Wearing Pink Sox/Riding Backwards/Ice Cold Wind/Give Me A Shave/Up On The Sun/Mysterious Rythmns/Duct Tapeman 7˝ Forget/Flat Tire/Turkey Prod/Playing French Horn/Wheelbarrow/Hi Folks Uncle Ned/As Is Was Never Be/Makes Bottle Rockets (Honey)/The Flying Nemisis/Venture To Sculpture Isle/Plaster And Straw/Poetry Game/Nimrod Ride/Give Me Some More/Ronnies Wallet/Hey Ronnie/Away Away Oooh/Little Red Car/Golden Brown/Construction Man/Driving Piles/Ronnie The Rooster/Rain/Jigo/Gilligans Island Paradise
1992 I Am Not Yet Fully Recovered (K7 Tar Owl) Marsh Beat/Calm Before Storm/Route X/Water Pests/Grub, Stodder, Shuteye/Electro Zone/Call Of The Mudmen/Jaws Of Bruce/Trip Into The Mind/Ant Farm/Fire Truck Red/Fake Flying Saucer/Halls, Temples, Holes/Number 14
1993 RICK RAINES Singz Poison Ivy (K7 Flannel Banjo) (Charlie Mcalister, Bill Ferguson) Sweetpea Song/Rick Raines Singz/Questions For The Ceramic Oracle/Owls/Ask The Exterminator/I'm OK/2#/Glamour Of It All/881-7125/Smart As Paint/Light House/Grocery Store/King Neptune/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
1997 RIBEYE Obscurity Sings! (Double Chin Music) (2xK7 Doormat, TX) (Charlie McAlister is a guest musician on this record)Ballad Of All Redemptions/My Confidence Is Drowsy/Rumplestiltskin (Sales Associate)/Butterfly Knife/All Things Must Pass/Port Arthur/Hammer On/Sorcerer (Yngwie Envy)/Another Male Prostitute Song/Pete Defreitas/Miracles In Ice/Go Wild Kats!
Oh Sheridinn, Pascagoula/Squeegee Tastic Lover/Cigarettes & Celebrity Sleuth/Pooh Bear Crisis/Scorpio Sitting Still/American Primitive/Tanya Tuckeresque/Annunciation Day/Phil Ochs (Too Folk To Fuck)/All Is Forgiven
  FROG STRANGLER AND THE COUNTRY CREAMERZ The Dizzies Didn't Start Until I Left My Underground Chamber (K7 Doormat, TX)Tonight/Fight!/Im Staying Here/Little Suzie's Dress/Country Creme Corvette/Donkey Stables/Babydoll Night/Soaked/Sprawl-Indians/Tv Song/Poem Of Simultaneous/Never Again/Spring & Guilt/Duck Hunt/Do It Right Now/Close Your Heart/Love Amongst War/Go Home/Depths Of Confusion/Desperate Plee/Vision-Rage-Irish Girl/Fake Country Music/Sing A Little Song/Frog Strangler/Pianocream-Report
2001 PIANO REEVES Vinyl Sided Dance Numbers Somebody Left The Record Player On (K7 Tar Owl/Flannel Banjo) Horns Of Brass Raggo/Great Time Raggo/Buffet Raggo/Waltz/Entry To Vinyl Heaven/#8/#9/Delicious Bird/#4
2005 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Tape Deckade (1995-2005) (CDR Doormat, TX) FROG STRANGLER Little Suzie's Dress
2008 SCOTT HAGGART 1:17 (12" Diskono) (Charlie McAlister covers 1:17) 1:17
2009 MUSCLES Muscles (K7 Unread) (Charlie Mcalister is in the list of contributors) Pure Death/"Wounded Military Man/"Burnt Skin/"Burnt Muscle/Sun Stroke/Fatal Mistake #1/Fatal Mistake #2/Wounded Woman/Fatal Mistake #4
2015 TWISTED DESIRE WILL SET THE WHOLE THING ON FIRE Twisted Desire Will Set The Whole Thing On Fire (K7 Spew Geyser) (Charlie Mcalister and C.D.) Lap Of Luxury/Star Athlete/The Cocaine Boat/I'm Psyched!/Westwood/I Blame You/Full Nelson/California Suspect Water Supply/Twisted desire/Sweet grass Casket/Patty Water/Dead Elves in swamp/I Am Free-Me/I Am Ripped/Jr. Gorilla And The Fatti-Acid Gang/Narwhal-Resevoir/Jazzer 2032/Mysterious Things Happen/#3333/Hazed #2/Tongs Of Steel/Complimentary-Supplement

PIANO REEVES & THE 5000 WATT COMPRESSED AIR BAND Piano Reeves & The 5000 Watt Compressed Air Band (K7 Unread)

Hole In Yoga Pants/Overwhelmgly Confident But Still Scared

  BLOWN GYRO Mystery Of The Gourd (3xK7 Spew Geyser)  
2019 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Compilation That Never Was (2xK7 Unread, Flannel Banjo and Doormat, TX)