The Azusa Plane

This is an attempt to create a complete The Azusa Plane discography.
The Azusa Plane is Jason DiEmilio.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1995 Resonating Subtleties (K7 Shrimper)Hi, How Are You/Ode To The Mountain Goats/Pop World/George Harrison Plays Sitar/Emeralds/Underground Velvet/Cambridge/Pop World II/Khyber/Dream
1996 Live 12" Series Volume 2 (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Lou, Nico, John, Sterling, & Maureen/Hi, How Are You?/Autumn Lament/Pop World
1996 MUSIC ARCH DE LUX/THE AZUSA PLANE Music Arch De Lux w/ Azusa Plane (K7 Rocker Supernova) MUSIC ARCH DE LUX Selection Taken From: "Quinten"/THE AZUSA PLANE Panic On The Streets Of London
1997 Tycho Magnetic Anomaly And The Full Consciousness Of Hidden Harmony (CD Camera Obscura)Temporal Continuum/Implications Of Holomovement/The Miracle Of The Octave/Armonia Aphanes Phaneros Kreisson
1998 America Is Dreaming Of Universal String Theory (2CD Colorful Clouds For Acoustics) Strings 1/Strings 2/Strings 3/Strings 4/Strings 5/Strings 6/Strings 7/Strings 8/Strings 9
1999 Result Dies With The Worker (CD Colorful Clouds For Acoustics) Philadelphia, PA - Phi Lamb Fraternity/Philadelphia, PA - Pontiac Grill/Philadelphia, PA - Khyber Pass Pub/Washington, DC - Mellatronic Festival/Chapel Hill, NC - Transmissions Festival/London, UK - The Garage/Providence, RI - Terrastock 1/San Francisco, CA - Terrastock 2
2001 The Highway Is Jammed With Broken Heroes (CD (K-raa-k)) No Future/No Fun


1995   Volume I: Fall Meander (7" Doorstep Vinyl) Fall/Meander
1995 THE AZUSA PLANE/FXA Split (7" Doorstep Vinyl) THE AZUSA PLANE Vol II: Beyond Infinite/FXA Opelwerks
1996 THE AZUSA PLANE/GRIMBLE GRUMBLE Split (7" Enraptured) THE AZUSA PLANE A Minimalist Plot To Destroy Modern Rockism/GRIMBLE GRUMBLE Second Mind
1996 Comparative Receptions: A Study Of Two Distinct Qualifiers (7" Blackbean And Placenta) Fender: Six Strings Of Tonal And Atonal Vibrations/Moog: 32 Keys Of Polar And Bipolar Oscillations
1996 THE AZUSA PLANE/LAB RAT Instress Vol. 5 (7" Road Cone) THE AZUSA PLANE Hal/LAB RAT Que Por Bien No Venga
1996 THE AZUSA PLANE/JUICY EUREKA Split (7" Lissy's) JUICY EUREKA Air/Bedlam/THE AZUSA PLANE Calvin Johnson Has Saved Rock For An Entire Generation
1997 Jacques Offenbach's Opera Efforts (12" Amish Records) 1863/1872/1875/1875
1997 Lou, Nico, Sterling, John And Maureen (7" Burnt Hair) Lou, Nico, Sterling, John And Maureen/This Is Not Spacerock
1997 THE AZUSA PLANE/TIN FOIL STAR Split (7" (K-raa-k)) TIN FOIL STAR Follow Me Home/THE AZUSA PLANE An Unrecognizeable Paradigm Shift
1997 THE AZUSA PLANE/ROY MONTGOMERY Split (7" Colorful Clouds For Acoustics) THE AZUSA PLANE She Was Into S&M And Bible Studies, Not Everyones Cup Of Tea She Would Admit To Me. Her Cup Of Tea She Would Admit To No One/ROY MONTGOMERY Cumulus And Fugue
1997 THE AZUSA PLANE/THE AHIMSA OBSERVATORY Split (7" Little Mafia Records) THE AZUSA PLANE Mechanical Sound Construction/THE AHIMSA OBSERVATORY Hollow Stars Ascending
1998   Cheltenham (10" Ochre Records) Cheltenham (Part One)/Cheltenham (Part Two)
1998 The Last Of The Famous Electronic Playboys EP (7" Motorway) Untitled/Untitled
1998 THE AZUSA PLANE/OCTAL Split (7" Earworm) THE AZUSA PLANE Song For Claudia Cardinale/OCTAL I've Fallen
1999   AERIAL M/THE AZUSA PLANE Split (7" Monster Truck) AERIAL M Blue Black Holler/THE AZUSA PLANE Philadelphia 1999
1999   LOOPDROP/THE AZUSA PLANE Split (7" Rocket Girl) LOOPDROP Siempre Azul/THE AZUSA PLANE United States Investment In Other Countries


1996   VARIOUS B.B.P.T.C.'s Coffee Shop - Comp #4 (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Me And Wayne Rogers
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Chutes And Ladders - A Cactus Gum Compilation (K7 Cactus Gum) Erone
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum)Imperivm Neptvini Regis
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Badaboom Gramophone #2 CD Compilation (CD Badaboom Gramophone) You Said That I Could Bring My Guitar
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Mind Expansion Vol. 3 (7" Mind Expansion) Live At Leeds
1998 VARIOUS ARTISTS Badaboom Gramophone #3 (CD Badaboom Gramophone) SIMON JOYNER & AZUSA PLANE Song To The Killers
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS (K-RAA-K) Sampler '99 (CDR (K-raa-k)) Live At K Fest '99 Gent
    VARIOUS ARTISTS North America Vs Europe (2xK7 Cactus Gum)Nebraska

Other Stuff

1996 TWO PROJECTS TO HARNESS THE SURGE OF THE TIDES Two Projects To Harness The Surge Of The Tides (7" Colorful Clouds For Acoustics) (Jason Di Emilio, Erik Kassab, Ryan Anderson, Quentin Stoltzfus, Jason Knight and Stellar & The Champ) Wave Crests In The Oceans Of Air: Forerunners Of Sonar/One Voice, Two Sounds (Part I)/Sound Profiles From Wave Crests: One Voice, Two Sounds (Part II)/Galaxies Like Grains Of Sand
1997   THE SPIRES OF OXFORD/ALPHANE MOON/OUR GLASSIE AZOTH Experimenting With An Amen (7" Oggum) THE SPIRES OF OXFORD From The Inscription On The Tomb Of The Duchess Of Newcastle In Westminster Abbey/ALPHANE MOON Experimenting With An Amen/OUR GLASSIE AZOTH Heavenly Earth
1997 THE SPIRES OF OXFORD The Spires Of Oxford (CD Colorful Clouds For Acoustics) (Jason DiEmilio improvises on guitar) Graves Of Two English Soldiers On Concord Battleground/By The Statue Of King Charles At Charing Cross