Narrow-Minded / Narrominded

This is an attempt to create a complete Narrow-Minded discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

06   LARZ Larouche K7Machineworld/Kain's Humble Stumble/No Palate Muscle/Here Comes My Hand/Snow/Dark Pornography/Roseate/Please Welcome The Mysterious Side Of Your Changing Inside/Tunafish With Green Mayonaise/Parker's Piece/Atoll/Soul/Today They Saw Again/Sandfly/Immortal/Lungsful/Duplo/Build A Wall Of Sound Around Me/Family/Drugs Pain Bombing/Address Of Heaven/Oceans/Do Nothing/Negatives/Deathblow/Breathing My Own Breath
15 LARZ Sweet Furniture, Is It Time To Start Again? K7 (also on Bacchanalian Revel)Died With A Headache/Screw Up, I'm The Driver/Pirate/Means Of Communication/Be My Groundstaff/Tropical Mess/You're My Heart/Hissing Smoke Machine/Scoring Asshole/Shinegold Chisel/My Melon Cologne Took The Life/Xpelair And Spiders/The Solid Gold Web: Why Do You Evolve?-Cavemen Ruling The World-I Vomit, You Do Something Else-New Movies Cummin' Up-Sturmey Archer-The Mail Is Coming Thru The Mailbox This Year/For I Have Sinned/I'll Beat Myself Up
17 LARZ God Repainted Everything K7Hands/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (The Unspoken Third Verse/Oceans/Dark Pornography (Edit)/Soul/Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise/Machineworld/Intro-Tales Inn. Earthly Strawberries/Crippled Polyethene Bags/Gathim/Negatives/Soporific/Overheard/Conspiracy Against Me
18 LARZ VPRO "De Avonden" K7 Conspiracy Against Me-Receive-Machineworld/The Port (Intro)-Means Of Communication/I'll Beat Myself Up/Succumb Me/New Movies Cummin' Up-I Vomit, You Do Something Else-Tuna Fish With Green Mayonaise-Hands-Powers That Should Not Be Disturbed/Gathim/Soporific/She's In The Middle Of The Devil's Wave (Third Verse)-Shinegold Chisel (Intro)/Hissing Smoke Machine-Shinegold Chisel (Fucked Up)/Pirate/For I Have Sinned/Be My Groundstaff/Here Comes My Hand (Edit)/Please Welcome The Mysterious Side Of your Changing Inside (Edit)/No Palate Muscle (Fade-Out)/Duplo (Intro)/Immortal (Edit)/Breathing My Own Breath (Part I) (Edit)/Kain's Humble Stumble (Extract)/Parker's Piece (Outro)/Roseate (Edit)
20   UNDERWATERFALL Help, We Zitten Opgesloten, We Gaan Dood K7 
21 LARZ The Musk Of Harbour Machinery K7The Land Of Sporadic Light/Freshly Bulit Houses/Drowning In Musk/Siren/Phonetics/No Questions Asked/Graveyard Inspection/Film One/Harbor/The Bay Will Moor My Ship/Saint/Of All Places/Lights/Docks/Film Two/Reptile/Film Three/Indifference/You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Important/False Landmath Platform/Powers That Should Not Be Disturbed/Straws/Costume/Snooze!/Church/Contact/Where I Worship My Vows/Receive/Downfall/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/See-through/Swimming Pools/Outfit Connected

CD And Vinyls

NM001 PSYCHON TROOPERS Animals Rise CDR/FLAC On The Southern Hemisphere/Mosquitos And Mudmen/Ashore/Blatoverotsj/Animals Rise/Psychon Mist/Le New Morning, June 14/My Rabbit Moonee/Breaking The Dust Away (Waving In The Monsterminds)
NM002 PSYCHON TROOPERS Atomic Museum CDR/FLAC Fear No Turbulence/Warfield, April 26/Don't Stray From The Path/And North It Glows/Dawn-Devoured Meadows/Foghorns/Lucid Intervals/Popple Airport (Bonus Track)
NM004 PSYCHON TROOPERS Music From The Film 'Morning Became Eclectic' CDR Rendez-Vous At The Colony, Columbia, October 1958/Jack At The Horseraces/Eagles Are Hovering Near The Village/Remembering Warcrimes/The Old Woman Has Been Fastidous/Otis Left Him At Morning's Dew/Empty Bottles And Candle Drippings
NM005 LARZ Waving With Newtons CD (corelease with Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Indifference-You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Lights/Docks/Film/Reptile/Freshly Built Houses/Important/Contact/See-Through/Costume/Saint/Receive/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/Outfit Connected/Died With A Headache/Hissing Smoke Machine/The Port Of Big Black Bottle/Bjitumen's Pissed Paper Temple 439
NM008 PSYCHON TROOPERS 5.1 CDR Nous Sommes Ici Pour L'Apocalypse/Running Down/The Body Club/The Stars Are Burning Out
NM009 PSYCHON TROOPERS 5.2 CDR Helps Me Focus/Develop A Self/Outlook Similar (Elsewhere Illusive)/You're About To See An Airport/Outlook Similar/I'm Sorry It's Sunday/It's A Mental Thing/Monsters (No Real Ones)/Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien/Keeps Me Sane/People Are Returning To Normal/Roseland, August 18th/Mental Market Leadership/Broken Bones and Blistered Skin
NM011   ACCELERA DECK/LIVING ORNAMENTS Split LP Series #1 LP LIVING ORNAMENTS Basterdsuiker/Oliespatten/Schilfers/Brandalarm/Klokkend Gebrom/ Vruchtvlees/Borstvlies/Kwakzalver/Wenkbrauw/Kwalrups/Groeispurt/ ACCELERA DECK Feedback Song/Eidolic/Spangle/Landfall Tusk
NM024 LARZ Hoofddorp FLAC Kalorama/Overbos/Beukenhorst/Piratenwijk/Graan Voor Visch/Toolenburg/Pax/Bornholm/Floriande
NM040   VARIOUS ARTISTS Memory Of A Free Festival - Een Narrominded Compilatie MP3 (Corelease with Gonzo Circus) KATADREUFFE DDtD/SPOELSTRA Niemand Om Te Tutoyeren/MATS GUSTAFSSON Sleeping Instructions (excerpt)/MAKAZORUKI Show Girl/HUNTER COMPLEX Kerosine/LIVING ORNAMENTS Rampetampen/FINE CHINA SUPERBONE Untitled/COEN OSCAR POLACK Ghorkaland Manifestation-Generator/FFF Sky Saw/PUIN + HOOP The Senses And How They Work/POOR WHITE Language Is Your Enemy/GARÇON TAUPE Cocaïne Raket/PSYCHON Morriconeisland/KETTEL Why Aren't We Talking/HYDRUS Lamar/LEGOWELT Madeira Osprey/COR FUHLER Draaimolen/GONE BALD Bella's Lullaby/BOUTROS BUBBA Chew/ACCELERA DECK Landfull Tusk