Accelera Deck / Exhalera Deck

This is an attempt to create a complete Accelera Deck discography.
Accelera Deck is Chris Jeely.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1998   ACCELERA DECK Echo Economy (CDR Pitchcadet/Toast And Jam Recordings) &loop1/&loop2/&loop3/&loop4/&loop5/&loop6/&loop7/ &loop8/&loop9
1998   ACCELERA DECK Conviction & Crack (CDR Pitchcadet/LP 555 Recordings) Film Loop/Infinitive Film Loop/Equidistant/Actuarial/Other Than Chrome/Lulled/Heretic
1998   ACCELERA DECK Narcoticbeats (2xLP/CD Endorphin Records) Sketch Set/Film The Drums/The Shimmer And The Static/Crystallized/The Bliss/Traces Of Everything/Guided/Drifting Out/Greentone/Silver Sensed/Innerstare/Intrinsic
1998 EXHALERA DECK/URBANDESIGN Split (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club)EXHALERA DECK Stop-Gap 5/Canada, Or Not/Fragile/URBANDESIGN Auburn Road/Locational Energy/Underpass
1998   ACCELERA DECK/SONIC FRACTURE Kiss Burn EP/The Flow EP (12" Endorphin Records)ACCELERA DECK This Bliss/Ultra Lite/View /Enchant And Rare/Always/SONIC FRACTURE E.c.t./Vission/Onadime/High Density/Wave
1999 ACCELERA DECK Addict (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club/2LP English Muffin Records)Pulling Through/Untitled Crank/Suicide Pose/Trip Through/Quiescene/Magnetic/Further/;11/Ecstasy Schematic/Realised Loop
2000   ACCELERA DECK Disquieting (LP [FWD:)Discordia/From Concourse Output/Incore/Edit Manual/Still/Media/Catapult Union/Concord Remembering/Dec.i/Optical/Taking Fingerprints Of The Stars
2001   ACCELERA DECK Digital Headrest (CD/LP Neo Ouija) Flood/Bitch/As Stars Would/Ghosts Come Clean/Cam Divine/Enclouded/Deluxe/Obscura/Amen/Ferment/Cam Divine (Reconsidered)/Sometimes Purple
2001   ACCELERA DECK Shadow Land (CD Scarcelight Recordings) 1000 Headaches/Serene/Song E/My Blues/Crank/Within This Design/Ecliptica/Autumn & Napalm/Pride/The Light That Is Empty/Firmament/Reprise/No While/Shadow Land
2001 EXHALERA DECK Breathe (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Exhale/Stop-Gap/The Exact Color of Mercury/Canada Or Not/Fragile/Inhale/Slid & Slac/Inhale (Vaora Mix)/Fragile (James Figurine Remix)/Stop-Gap (James Figurine Remix)
2002   ACCELERA DECK Flood, Fold & Flare (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
2003   ACCELERA DECK Ipsissima Vox (CD tbtmo/Skylab Operations/Scarcelight Recordings) Parallel/Rare/Evol/Fireflies/While/J-Stereo/Opprinnelig/Gloss/White Out/Ipsissima Vox/Hail/Reckoning/Plateaux/Ghost Photography/Landslide Blues
2003   ACCELERA DECK/LIVING ORNAMENTS Split LP Series #1 (LP Narrominded) LIVING ORNAMENTS Basterdsuiker/Oliespatten/Schilfers/Brandalarm/Klokkend Gebrom/ Vruchtvlees/Borstvlies/Kwakzalver/Wenkbrauw/Kwalrups/Groeispurt/ ACCELERA DECK Feedback Song/Eidolic/Spangle/Landfall Tusk
2003   SLINGER/ACCELERA DECK (21:15)/Fire Maps (CD Skylab Operations) SLINGER (21:15)/ACCELERA DECK &fm1/&fm2/&fm3/&fm4/&fm5/&fm6/&fm7/&fm8/&fm9
2003   ACCELERA DECK Birmingham Headkick (MP3 Scarcelight Recordings) Birmingham Headkick
2003   ACCELERA DECK Lullexo (MP3 Scarcelight Recordings) VCL/(f)SZ/. X/axi/qpdH:/000x/cVnn>/001F/df/./our3dio (gloss)/port 4461 0:41, 0:35
2004   ACCELERA DECK Hereafter (CDR Piehead Records) Hereafter/Feedback Song/Fireflies/Wide Awake/Immaculate
2005   ACCELERA DECK Live, Volume I (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) Artswatch - Louisville, KY 11.17.03/Silk City - Philadelphia, PA 09.23.03
2005   ACCELERA DECK Live, Volume II (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) The Black Cat - Washington, DC 09.22.03/The Black Cat - Washington, DC 03.22.04
2005   ACCELERA DECK Live, Volume III (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) Art Works - Richmond, VA 06.06.05
2005   ACCELERA DECK Pop Polling (CD Scarcelight Recordings) Pop Polling/Ferric/Come Alive/Ski/Passerine/Lips/Sunskull/Isn't/Piezo/As Always
2006   ACCELERA DECK A Landslide Of Stars (CD Scarcelight Recordings) Sexx/A Landslide Of Stars/Q/Fire Sermon/Embrace/7/Wolf-Christ
2006   ACCELERA DECK Instrumentals (CDR Unlabel) Sexx/A Landslide Of Stars/Q/Fire Sermon/Embrace/7/Wolf-Christ
2008   ACCELERA DECK Radio Sessions (MP3 Scarcelight Recordings) Washington, DC/San-Francisco, CA


1997 EXHALERA DECK Exhale/Inhale (12"Fuzzy Box) Exhale/Inhale/Inhale (Vaoramix)
1998   ACCELERA DECK Sheffield Melodies 1.1 (7" Rocket Racer) Are You A Film Loop?/Charset
1998 ACCELERA DECK The Nearness Of You Makes Me Feel So Real (7" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) The Nearness Of You Makes Me Feel So Real/Farewell Loop
1999   ACCELERA DECK 7ep (7" English Muffin Records) Eject/Lactuarial/Loop10
1999   ACCELERA DECK Halo EP (12" Morr Music) Halo 1/Halo 2/Halo 1 (Sweet Ho From Alabama Remix)/H1 Amx (Arovane Remix)/H2 Amx (Arovane Remix)/Halo 1 (Volvo Spy -vs- Lo^coder Mix)
2000   ACCELERA DECK/^CURSOR Polly Whiskey 24 (7" Jonathon Whiskey) ACCELERA DECK Cam Divine (Reconsidered)/^CURSOR Basic Operation
2001   ACCELERA DECK Sheffield Melodies 1.2 (7" Rocket Racer) A Color Closer To Mercury/Innerstare (Nightshift Mix By Mira Calix)
2001   ACCELERA DECK/SYBARITE Untitled (7" Awkward Silence Recordings) ACCELERA DECK Always Lit/Bright/Firmament/Crest/SYBARITE Lapsong
2003   ACCELERA DECK Lulluxa EP (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) Lulluxa
2004   ACCELERA DECK Sunstrings EP (CDS Scarcelight Recordings) Dross/Sunstrings/777/Untitled
2005   ACCELERA DECK Ski (CDR Scarcelight Recordings) Ski


1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Spacemen 3 (CD/2LP Rocket Girl) ACCELERA DECK I Believe It
1998   VARIOUS ARTISTS Installation:02 (CD Masstransfer) ACCELERA DECK Ultra-Lite
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Day Dreaming Bedroom Ambience 2 (CD/2LP Enraptured) ACCELERA DECK Vietnam
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS You Gotta Get More Alive - A 555 Recordings Compilation (CD 555 Recordings) ACCELERA DECK Untitled Crank
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Speakers Keep Speaking (LP Rocket Racer) ACCELERA DECK Guided (a^d/ec.k-rmx)
1999   STEWARD I Was The Only Boy On The Netball Team (Remixes And Remixed) (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) STEWARD The Man The The Tiny Hands (Lens Cut Slow Mix) (Accelera Deck Remix)
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Signalflow (12" Toytronic) ACCELERA DECK U Can't Scam The Twin
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Artist And Computer (CDR Safety In Numbers) ACCELERA DECK Discordia (Film Mix)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Hamlet: Music From The Miramax Motion Picture (CD Rykodisc) ACCELERA DECK Greentone
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS +B+Mo18 Cd-R Comp (CDR tbtmo) ACCELERA DECK Science (Core Version)
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS  Chihuahuas And Chinese Noodles (CD 555 Recordings) JEAN BACH Furuftuta's Theme (Melodie Und Schlag Mix) (Accelera Deck Remix)/ACCELERA DECK The Remote Viewer (Remix)
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta Sampler No. 3 1999-2000 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) ACCELERA DECK Untitle Crank
2000 VARIOUS ARTISTS Blackbean And Placenta CD Compilation #4 Autumn 2000 (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) ACCELERA DECK Eject (Gtrrmxmix)
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Pieces Of A Utopian Puzzle (3X12" Priapus) ACCELERA DECK Saint 13scape Ep.
2000   VARIOUS ARTISTS Cataract Beats (CD Pitchcadet/Aii) ACCELERA DECK Sheffield Melodies
2001   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bliss Tech (CD Pitchcadet/Aii) ACCELERA DECK The Exact Color Of Mercury
2002   FIGURINE Reconfigurine (CD Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Digits (Accelera Deck Remix)
2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Bip-Hop Generation [v.5] (CD BiP_HOp) ACCELERA DECK Bloom
2003   VARIOUS ARTISTS Help Summer Sampler (CDR tbtmo) ACCELERA DECK Fireflies
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS Gone To The Dogs (CDR Piehead Records) ACCELERA DECK Lost
2004   VARIOUS ARTISTS USA/USB (2CDR Shadow Puppet Recording Company) ACCELERA DECK Ffffff
2005   VARIOUS ARTISTS Compilation 4 (CDR Hand Stitched Heart) ACCELERA DECK Embrace
2009   VARIOUS ARTISTS Memory Of A Free Festival - Een Narrominded Compilatie (MP3 Narrominded/Gonzo Circus) ACCELERA DECK Landfull Tusk
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Radio.devils (CDR Aii) ACCELERA DECK Gestalt/Realized Loop