Psychon Troopres

This is an attempt to create a complete Psychon Troopers discography.
If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

1999 Animals Rise (CDR/FLAC Narrominded) On The Southern Hemisphere/Mosquitos And Mudmen/Ashore/Blatoverotsj/Animals Rise/Psychon Mist/Le New Morning, June 14/My Rabbit Moonee/Breaking The Dust Away (Waving In The Monsterminds)
1999 Atomic Museum (CDR/FLAC Narrominded) Fear No Turbulence/Warfield, April 26/Don't Stray From The Path/And North It Glows/Dawn-Devoured Meadows/Foghorns/Lucid Intervals/Popple Airport (Bonus Track)
2000 Music From The Film 'Morning Became Eclectic' (CDR Narrominded) Rendez-Vous At The Colony, Columbia, October 1958/Jack At The Horseraces/Eagles Are Hovering Near The Village/Remembering Warcrimes/The Old Woman Has Been Fastidous/Otis Left Him At Morning's Dew/Empty Bottles And Candle Drippings
2000 5.1 (CDR Narrominded) Nous Sommes Ici Pour L'Apocalypse/Running Down/The Body Club/The Stars Are Burning Out
2001 5.2 (CDR Narrominded) Helps Me Focus/Develop A Self/Outlook Similar (Elsewhere Illusive)/You're About To See An Airport/Outlook Similar/I'm Sorry It's Sunday/It's A Mental Thing/Monsters (No Real Ones)/Jusqu'ici Tout Va Bien/Keeps Me Sane/People Are Returning To Normal/Roseland, August 18th/Mental Market Leadership/Broken Bones and Blistered Skin




2002   VARIOUS ARTISTS Why Is Anything Forbidden? A Tribute To No Limit Records (CD Deathbomb Arc) Hautmesse-BHF