Bacchanalian Revel

This is an attempt to create a complete Bacchanalian Revel discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

BR01 WIZARD HO HO Twangmaster Alternative K7 Wounded/4a/When We Were So-So/Can`t Stop/Claustrophobia/Children/Photographer`s Dozen/Another Bloody Cover Version/Good/A Fish Only A Face Could Love
BR02 M-WAYS Body Of Archers K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release) Nice Places To Be/Fossil Song/C-Fish/Down In The Field/Acid Bonedance/Man On The Tracks/Waiting/200 Too Many/This Is The World/Airfix Dance/Zahaus - Sleep And Know/Devil's In The Kitchen/Body Of Archers/Unbalanced Stabilizer
BR03 POO & WEE/FULCRUM Everything K7 FULCRUM Gypsy Nowhere/Your Worst Metal Nitemare/Tragedy/Sextruplets/Plunger/Bed In The Corner/Sweeney No. 3/Pheasy/Can I Ask You A Question?/Spiritually Ill/My Dream/Sugarpill/Last Minute/POO & wEE You're The One That I Want/On The Inside/Bus Stop/Billy Rose (Prison Trilogy)/Killing In The Name Of/Epilogue/The Poo & Wee Option/Grease/Merry Christmas (War Is Over)/I Got You Babe/Men & Ladies/Hole In Your Sole
BR04 BLUEJEAN MORROCAN HIPSTERS Jed Prentice & The Crazy Car/Somerset And Dorset Cabaret EP/Balen Invasion Incident K7 Simple Peasant Folk/The Coming Of The Balen Funk Ship/Search For The Wise Man Of Plymouth Hoe/Ambush Of The Pagans (Nearby Sheep)/Discovering Bap-City/Balen Siege/Escape To Mystic Mountain/The Mystic Man/Epilogue/Balen Mang/Jed's Gone & He's In The Wrong/Nosy Martha/Hitching Down To Phoenix/A Summers Day in L.A./Escape To The Moon/Jed In The Sky/Back To The Asylum/I Only Want To Be With You/We've Gotta Get Out Of This Place/The Last Time/Last Train To Clarksville/Jesus Walking On The Water/I Stand Horrified
BR05 M-WAYS Slippery Trip Hazard K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release. Also on Theme Park) Slippery/The Wolf Thing Of Snape/Bucket And Spade/Seven Tree Solution/Diana Doesn`t Care/This Then Is The Purpose/Love Thing (Corrupted)/Icenti Warrior (In Two Parts)/Trip Hazard/Jenifer Is There Anywhere/Not Getting Younger/Cowboys And Indians/The Deal/Drowning At Last/Caveman Got A Lot To Say/Sunniside/Rich****ard
BR06 KITCHEN CYNICS Ephemera K7 She And Her Shadow/Beetle On Your Back/Heather Hillside/Expecting Letters/Jennifer (Is There Anywhere)/Katie Murphy/Black Dog Beach/No Broken Promises/All`s Fair/Here Right Now/Diamond Man/Underneath My Duffel-Coat/Kisses/Fair Tea Maker/Autopsy/Come Little Memory/She`s Growing Old Disgracefully
BR07 PHLEGM Rock 'n' Roll Friends K7 Visions And Cool Letdowns/Drag City/Marshall Stacks/Blood On The Highway/Guilt Boy/Baby Hates Distortion/Distorted Facts Of Innocense/Chicken/Eric Gaffney/Ambientgrunge/Marbles And Mighty Dragons/Wordcore/California Drunk/Psych-Out/Pearl Jam/Nocontroller/Coffee Trance Of Blues
BR08   BROWN TOWER Rothenbach Vs. Ruckersdorf K7  
BR09 VARIOUS ARTISTS It's A Long Walk Home K7 PAUL NINI Vague Uncertainties/COCKFOSTERS Space Tune/PHLEGM The Man, The Myth/LONELY Quiet Weekend/FATHER John Travolta Dancing Sheet/BROWN TOWER 10 Vor 4/SUMMIT The Chicken Shack/HAIL TAXI'S Purple Trousers/SOME RARE FOOTAGE Burning Star/TRACE Time On My Hands/LOG Just Because You Can/BUCKNALLS Clifton Downs/RED DOG SALOON Colton/FULCRUM The Old Queen Mum/TRINKET FRIENDS A Mathematical Problem/WIZARD HO HO Better Mind
BR10 SPACEHOPPER & THE LOOSE CONNECTION Honeysuckle K7 (reissue of an old Traumatone release) Anthemic/Evelyn Tremble/Disco Embargo/Sons Of Pioneers/Otherwise/All She Wants Is.../Look Of Love/Uncomfortable/Removal/Emergency Mountain Rescue/Diner's Club/Nadiuska/Lefthanded
BR11 SPACEHOPPER Overbite K7 The Visitors/Ilk/Sea Defence/Switek & Zita/Lemanie Fisher/Second Hundred/When You Were Mine/Resolution Fool/Kings Of The Wild Frontier/Air Disc King/Milk Tray/Flake
BR12 KITCHEN CYNICS Not Receiving Visitors K7 Such A Pretty Tune/Stereoscope/A Burnt Lasagne And A Cold, Cold Heart/Stylophone Sex Betrayal/Whispering Shore/Fossil Song/I Once Loved A Lass/List Of Ingredients/Autumn Boy/Dearest Darling Diary/Peggy Gordon/Bogey Man/Silly Girl/Highgate West/Stone Circle Me/Not Receiving Visitors/You Revisionist, You!/Hush, Little Cynics
BR13 VARIOUS ARTISTS Living With The Wolf K7 WIO Attila Is King/NICK JACKMAN Fools Highway/GIRLIEGERM Slowhorse/LITTLE JUPITER All The Way To Prague/SLOWBURN I Didn't Worry/ELECTROSCOPE Eclipsed/BINGO TRAPPERS White Collar Blues/TRACE Going To New Mexico/WATER LAURETH Praying Mattress/ED NOLBED Best Way/ED NOLBED Psychostuntdouble/DISKOTHI-Q Mer An Sa Kan Ingen Bli/DANIEL REED The Sign/LAMENT Taxi/GUSH Hormones/GREAT NORTHERN ELECTRONICS Untitled Demo/OSMOSE Easy Come, Easy Go/SPACEHOPPER Blue Eyes
BR14 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Postcard To The Mountain Goats K7* 32 BEANS It Froze Me/BINGO TRAPPERS Going To Almeria/SPACEHOPPER Going To Georgia/PHLEGM (Demo)/FINITE Grendals Mother/SRF Monkey Song/VINYL BILL Pure Gold/YAMARAJA RACERS Black Ice-Cream Song/BROWN TOWER Bad Doctor/ED NOLBED Send Me An Angel/PORTABLES Neon Orange Glimmer Song/KITCHEN CYNICS It Froze Me/SLOWBURN Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone/TRUSTWORTHY Going To Queens/LITTLE JUPITER Going To Georgia/SUMMIT The Water Song/PAUL NINI Going To Port Washington/TRACE Pure Honey/LIVING ORNAMENTS Recognition Scene/THE DIVINER INPOSTER Sinaloan Milk Snake Song
BR15 ED NOLBED Made In And After Austria K7 Eimtritt: To France/River & Mountain/B4P Even Knew Hale - Bopp Was Coming/AM (Nolbed Mix)/Last Nite/The Alps/The Sad Goat (Preceded By Beck)/I'll Need A UFO To Get To You/Circle/Otherself/B & W TV/Exit/Goinghome/The Guy With The Incredible Strange Limbs/Everything Is Wrong (Moby Beck)/Sad, Sadder, Sadist/Hell, I Suppose/Where 2/Good Buy
BR16 I HAIL TAXI'S Purple Trousers K7 Purple Trousers/Gas Your Gran/Zippy's Mum/How Does It Feel?/The Hugh Pimm Song/Hello Mr Bond/Ouvets/Freedom To Dance/Let's Get That Spooky Ghost/Attack Of The Chloride Ion/Comb Your Hair!/Sunflower Boy/Hardface/Subscribe!/In Too deep/Sign Of Your trust/Lucy/Richard Kimble Is The Fugitive/Not Many Fires In Wales/Dont Dump Lou/Freezing Cold Jig/Brothers
BR17 WIZARD HO HO Baby Baby Baby Etc. K7 Rise, Decline, & Fall/Menu Career/Theory Of (Armistice)/Something To Dance To/The Meeting Place/How To Kill Your Friends/Lower & Lower/It's Better Here/All That's All
BR18 SOME RARE FOOTAGE Gormless K7 Brightside/Babble/Closing Down/Degeneration Game/Poison/Butterfly Of Love/Stephen/Time To Time/Come On, Angel/On & On/Home, Sweet Home/Dreech
BR19   ??? Reserved for M-WAYS ????  
BR20 MR. POTATOHEAD Darf Ich Ihnen Mr Potatohead Vorstellen? K7 Horoscope/I Know/Fault In Reality/U-Mass/Swap/Tonsil Bread/Deficient/(unlisted track)/Oh, Lovely Summer!/Song For Macauley/Look Inside/Friends Killing/Wilma's Rainbow/You're Frying/The Chicken/Heart Of Me/The Living End (Radio X broadcast 9.9.96)
BR21   LITTLE JUPITER Swedish Crowns K7 You Buried Us/What Lebanon Gave Back/Aristocratic Nature/North Atlantic/Watching In Awe/French Canadian/Sport The Queen/I'd Love To In Sweden/Get Undressed (Klä Av Sig)/Apractic/We Have Drown A Crowd/The Spires Of Notre Dame/All The Way To Prague/Your Immortality/All The Way To Stockholm/The Story Of The Olde Tide
BR22 I HAIL TAXI'S Was it Karl? K7 Running Scared!/Israeli Spoon Bender/Peat Bog Man/Auntie Won't Play In The Park/I Saw A Woman.../Carrot Advice/Was It Karl?/Bears With Tape Recorders/The Red Hat Of Pat Ferric/All Systems Din-go/Gemma/PJ Hasham/Strewth Ab/X-cars/The Icktosh Empire/Last Night!/You Just Can't Trust Them/Luke Skywalker Hold Me
BR23 LARZ Sweet Furniture, Is It Time To Start Again? K7 (also on Narrowminded) Died With A Headache/Screw Up, I'm The Driver/Pirate/Means Of Communication/Be My Groundstaff/Tropical Mess/You're My Heart/Hissing Smoke Machine/Scoring Asshole/Shinegold Chisel/My Melon Cologne Took The Life/Xpelair And Spiders/The Solid Gold Web: Why Do You Evolve?-Cavemen Ruling The World-I Vomit, You Do Something Else-New Movies Cummin' Up-Sturmey Archer-The Mail Is Coming Thru The Mailbox This Year/For I Have Sinned/I'll Beat Myself Up
BR24 OCASEK The Gospel According To Mary K7 Tiny Roses/O' Kingy King/Photos From Odessa/Cinematic (Done Hifi)/Scandinavian Dream Come True/The Czech Flag Hanging Above My Mirror/Nikolett/All The Way To Prague/See You When You're Back In Town/Sucked Up The Rising Seas/North Atlantic/Cherchez La Femme/Little Missles
BR25 BROWN TOWER National Asparagus Week K7 Friday Will Be Cleaned/Mr. Self-Depreciation/(Not So) Ace Ventura/Jodie, You're Being Outed/In-Line Skaters/Sorry, But Your Brain Is Empty/Your Milky Face/Start The Weekend With A Smile/Haare von Gestern/Simpsonmania/Bummin'/National Asparagus Week/Tamagotchi/Queuing At The Vomitorium/Some People/Silicon Valley
BR26   PLASTER SCENE Grinding My Way Back To You, Babe K7  
BR27 VINYL BILL What Lo-Fi? K7 Ballad Of Bill/Love Is.../Dream Tone/Cowboy Dream/Going Well With You/Midnight Ray (Live)/Sometimes/Waiting For Soda/Pointdexter (Live)/When He Laughed/What You Are/Static/Stories
BR28 NICK JACKMAN Swamp Tunes K7 Spaceman's Lament/Open Your Can/Big Bang Theory/Red Light/Just Passing Through/Phoney War/Hard To Feel Human/Hammer Whore/Water/Plastic Heart
BR29 COLIN McSLOY Ten Tales For The MTV Generation K7 Inspiration/Yeah, Yeah/Pop Babylon/Neil Young/No-One To Blame/Bum/Swingers/Amsterdam/We're Having The Lynches Around/Instrumental/I Lied/I Lied (Part 2)
BR30 UNSTAR Questions Answered With Questions K7 Over A Sky Of Brilliant Glass/Red Chair/Sunlove/The 2nd Room Of Osiris/Bumblebee Ponytails/Where The Trees Grow Above The Ground/Love You Like Crazy/Blue Cast The Waves/Those Vicious Vikings/2019 A.D./Icarus Wings/Shaking Hands For You/Awake/The Last Day That I Lived/Golden Mile Of Misfortune/Underwater I Swim South/Bleed Onto Me
BR31 TRANSISTOR SIX Green Vegetable Monster K7 North Of Finsbury Park/Shadwell/Cashout/Moon Cow/Organ/Backyard Rocketship/Astronaut On Brighton Beach/Todays Training Shoe/Yodeling On The Moon/Spying On Our Street
BR32 SRF-2109 Permaculture K7 Don't Come Around Here/All The Eggs/Volcano/Lord Knows/(I Want To See That) World/Violet Flame/Whizz For Atomms/Wandering Sickness/True To Yerself/If The Devil (Should Cast His Net...)
BR33 SPACEHOPPER Ceasefire K7 Triplesalcofleshwound/Spacetheme/Dansak Takes A Dive/Doublelutzmorandum/Tenthousand Times A Day/Incidentalpunishment Blowndead/Bradkisswheel/Juicecorruptionfilter/Kareem Abdul Jabbar/Bhuna Takes Flight/Neptunecenter/Rogan's Restraint Order/Warchildseriously/What It Is/The Air Disc Kingdom/Sunrise For Korma/Slomo/Got It Here/Sports Illustrated/Kingprawnoverlord/Trial By Kabaddi
BR34 I HAIL TAXI'S Aotearoa K7 Xena: Warrior Princess/Hess's Law/Countdown/Whatever Happened to B.A. Barracus?/Time Yearn/Wallace Said!/White Van Man//When I Wake Up!/Andy Peters/Z 'Ha'Dum/Scotland/3 Piece Set/Mel + Sue/The Ballad Of The Bad Back/I Beed/Used To Be!!
BR35 THE NOVA SCOTIAS Embassy Suites K7 (corelease with Bees Make Honey and Granted Passage) Projects Approach/Our Beast For Dinner/Staten Island/Indication Of Motion/The Embassy Suites/Southern Belle/Shell On The Back Of A Turtle/Goods Engine 1859
BR36 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stolen Mercury & Lost Lead - Small Things Are Best K7 GOLD HARP Black And Blue/LITTLE JUPITER Dressed/NICK JACKMAN Water/BROWN TOWER Spirals/SRF-2109 Shadow On The Lung/VINYL BILL Music Through The Skylight/FINITE If I Had A Million Dollers/LARZ I'll Beat Myself Up Two 2:13/NICK JACKMAN Plastic Heart/COLIN MCSLOY Funky Trainer Man/CREUTZFELDT-JAKOB Eradicate/ED NOLBED Digital Ermo/PORTABLES Poisonous Fishy/KITCHEN CYNICS You Fasinate Me/MICHELLE CROSS Orange Ball Of Hate/SRF-GILLIAN Radio Urgent (Jingle)/KOHN Hyproc (Live At Radio Tonka)/M-WAYS Louise
BR37 VINYL BILL Too Lazy To Rock K7 (also on Best Kept Secret) Still/No One To Blame/Slow Attack/Jigsaw Guy/Mimosa/Don't Know/Salt Rain/Carpenters Theme/Tiger Gone/Illustrated Boy/Woebegone/Evermore (Part 1)/Evermore (Part 2)/If You're Tired Of Being Patient You're Not Doing It Right
BR39 LARZ Harbour Machinery K7 Indifferance/You Welcomed Me In Strange Spheres/Film One/Graveyard Inspection/Harbor/The Land Of Sporadic Light/Flying Houses/Film Two/Drowning In Musk/çights/Docks/Film Three/Phonetics/Reptile/Important/Snooze!/Church/Contact/Saint/See-Through/Costume/Receive/Wake My Steel/When Coffee Can't Help You Anymore/Outfit Connected
BR40 I HAIL TAXI'S Diagonal Slash Of Reality! K7 (Corelease with Bring! Records) Ode To Cody!Rhubarb Eyebag!Feeling Lonely?Hienz Gets Meanz/The William Shatner Tribute/Tea And Biscuits/Van Damme, I'm Good/Do I Snore?/Toenail Clippings With Alien Kidnapping/Olaf The Viking/Always Breaking MY Heart/Richard Humble (Live)/Highly Illogical/Bannana's/Systemics/I Don't Mindi I'm Dennis Waterman/Stand By The Board/Phil Loses Hair/Where Were You?/Ivonova/Late Night Tele/Kwik Save Bake/Tongue Tied