This is an attempt to create a complete Boyracer discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

1991   White Noise Demo (K7 Self Released)  
1993   BOYRACER AND HULA HOOP Louisville - Leeds - TKO! (LP A Turntable Friend) BOYRACER Sanguine/She Comes Alone/My Town/Trying Too Hard/This Has Gone On Too Long/HULA HOOP Dog/French Kiss '66/High On Nitrous/Patric Walker/Emma Peel, Formula One (New Version)
1994   More Songs About Frustration And Self Hate (CD Slumberland/LP A Turntable Friend) A Friend For Life/Passionflower/That's Progress/Chanteuse/Skill/Fifteen/My New Shoes/Why Bother Asking Me?/Is It Me Or Is It Cold?/New Zealand Jazz/Define Beauty/Hatemail/Jazz B./Giving Way/The Useless Romantic/Second Is Always Second/Short Changed/Sex/Spiteful Punk Rock Song #2/Sunshine And Violence/Stabbed/Short Changed Revisited/Tested/Railway (Version)
1995 Pain, Plunder And Personal Loss (10" Happy Go Lucky)You're Breaking His Heart/Everything I Touch Is Diseased/Dog Me/Miserable Drama Queen/Pink Sunset/Implications/Denatured/Bottletop/Meadowhall (Version One)/Passionflower/Intentions Are Redefined/Casual/Foam
1995   We're Made Of The Same Wood (CD Slumberland/10" A Turntable Friend) Twisted Love/Superhip/You're Breaking His Heart/Area 51 Revisited/Finger Pie/Post Modernist, Retro Bullshit/Bring Me The Hair Of Phil Oakey/Vitamin B/Michael/In Love With These Times/Your Dark Secrets/Serious Teeth
1996 In Full Colour (CD Zero Hour) Buffalo/Small Consolation/Two/We Were Wrong/New Punk Song/Talk Of Aching/Goblin/Deeper Still/D.F. (F.B. Mix)/W.R.H. (Version Disco)/Her Fame Fades Quickly/Foam/Aluminum Heart/Too Good To Ignore/Ask Too Much/This Is A Part Of Me/Deviant/Blazing Fruit/A.T.M. (Version)/Loosening All Your Fears
1996 Racer 100 EP (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Your Unspoken Desires/Boxing Day/Baleen/Re-Run/Untouched By Conversation/Bee To Honey/When Do You Realise This Isn't What I Hoped For?/Untitled/I Can't Hold Onto Anything Worthwhile/Cindy W.
1997 Live At Staches, Columbus Ohio (Live 12" Series Volume 5) (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) West Riding House/Deeper Still/New Punk Song/Post Modernist Retro Bullshit/Feathers/Baleen/Yr Unspoken Desires/Doorframe/Untitled
2001   Boyfuckingracer (CD 555 Recordings)He Gets Me So Hard/Black Fantastic/A Friend For Life/Yr Unspoken Desire/Razor/Tested/Small Consolation/Stabbed/Foam/Passionflower/Yr Breaking His Heart/Baleen/False Economy/I've Got It/Buffalo/My Town/We Were Wrong/Cog/Her Frame Fades Quickly/I Am Looking for Somewhere Else/Short Change/Is It Me, Or Is It Cold/Feathers/Friend/Meadowhall/Vitamin B/New Punk Song/One Step Forward/West Riding House/Superhip/The Useless Romantic/Spindle/In Love With These Times
2002 To Get A Better Hold You've Got To Loosen Yr Grip (CD 555 Recordings) Sarah And Sarah/Temper/They're Making Money Off You/Nothing Left/Stars And Car Parks/Tell Me Where My Hands Should Go/Glitter/Eyes Shining With Determination/In Love/Jon Al Dente, Impressive One Stop Customer Relations/Matty's Untitled Song/Grand Rapids/Yr Arrogance Is Not Lost/Razor/Nostalgic For A Time I Hardly Remember/Come Out 2nite/Heaven Is Not Broken/Kachina Doll/Priorities/Every Day Is Christmas With You/Temper (Version)/Sarah And Sarah (Version)
2002   Bsides And Besides (CD 555 Recordings)Patric Walker/Room/This Is All I Know (drum machine version)/My New Shoes (4-track version)/I Love You, Shut Up/Open Your Heart/Your Lack of Interest Does Not Interest Me/If I Were More Truthful/David Byrne (drum machine version)/Boxing Day (4-track version)/Broken Limb/Untitled/Chanteuse (4-track version)/Electricity/Untitled/Bitter (live at Bristol, Louisiana, 1993)/This Is Easy /Smooth/My Town/This Is All I Know/New Zealand Song (original recording)/Only Such a Smile/New Punk Song (live in Columbus, Ohio, 1996)/I Stole Everything/Re-Run/Roper One/Smells Like.../Surround
2002   Racer Deluxe (CDR Self Released)Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder/I'm Tired Of Making Excuses (gentle mix)/Good Things/How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys, Jane?/I'm Straight (Curious) (live)/Vitamin B (live)/Concede/He Gets Me So Hard (live)/Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder (4-track version)
2003   Acoustically Yours (K7 555 Recordings)On Bleached Grass/Vinegar Evenings/Excuses (Gentle Mix)/Find A Scapegoat And Keep It Simple/Temp/Koseph K/The Others Way/Ghosts In Japan/There Is No Sound Or Colour/Somethings I'm Just Left Hoping For/Untitled/It Just Fell Down The Back Of The Fridge/I Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead/Doorframe/Michael/Superhip/The Useless Romantic/Two/Doorframe/Yr Breaking His Heart/False Economy/My True Friends Are Golden
2003   BOYRACER/KANDA Girlracer/I Do (CD 555 Recordings) BOYRACER How Come You're Such A Hit With The Boys Jane?/Murder On The Dancefloor/Give Him A Great Big Kiss/Nobody's Diary/Stop Killing Me/Since Yesterday/KANDA I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend/Feel Like Makin' Love/Freedom/Get Ready/I Think We're Alone Now/Chapel Of Love
2004   Happenstance (CD  Happy Happy Birthday To Me)Vinegar Evenings/I Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead/Where To Place Your Trust?/Invisible/Careless And Caught Out/The Moment/Flinch At The Light/The Warmest Hours/What You Decide To Cherish/Millstones = Milestones/How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage?/Further From The Truth/A Chipped Tooth And Greasy Fingers/On Bleached Grass/Christopher/Angle/I Was The Drummer In Altered Images/I Could Be Happy/Overcast Youth/Riding The Rims/Awkward Silence Is Not A Steady Diet/The Others Way/A Lesson In Bad Posture/The Basics
2004   Fool Around With Boyracer (12" Parapop)Fool Around/Temp/Casino Heart/Spelk/Idiot Youth/She's Got The Beat/Good Things Come To Those Who Wait/Lucifer Over Lancashire
2004   Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder (CD Foxy Boy)That Boy Yr With Is A Dick/Static Flame/Quadrophenia/Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder/Where To Place Yr Trust?/Snowflake/Billy Three/Disco Queen/Late 70's Feel/Foxyboy/Fire Engine/Fuck Clapton, Fuck Hendrix...
2005   Insults & Insights (CD Kittridge) Louise/The Sadness In You/Fast Boyfriends/The Second Fiddle/Roubideaux/I Love Accents/Smile On Cue/Tell Me What You Want (Then Tell Me What You Need)
2005   Winners, Losers, Cuts And Bruises (10" lathe cut 555 Recordings)Lou And Ged/Who Pissed On Yr Bonfire?/Final Day/Words Are Yr Currency/Limelight/Secret Jokes/Big City/Now I Have Everything/Daisy Boy/Lunapark
2006   A Punch Up The Bracket (CD 555 Recordings)Punch Up The Bracket/Man The Myth/Second Hand Youth/Secret Jokes/Toilets Of Northern Europe/Insect Boy/Happy Accident/No Tears/Geordie Lout/Desperate Hours/Yr Love It Lies To You/Contradictions/Normal/Perennial Underdog/Louise/Stand By Your Words/Yr Silent Tears/Kids Don't Follow/More Than Most/Pleasantries/Tactile
2006   Punker Than You Since '92 (2xCD 555 Recordings)History Of Snakes/They're Making Money Of You/Who Pissed On Yr Bonfire/2nd Hand Youth/To 5 Style/Lou And Ged/90s Are Thru/On Bleached Grass/Sarah And Sarah/It Just Fell Down The Back Of A Fridge/Absence Makes The Heart Grow Harder/Everyday Is Saturday Night/Pop Holiday/You've Squandered Yr Talents/Billy Three/Concede/Ghosts In Japan/Words Are Yr Currency/Warmest Hours/Tell Me Where My Hands Should Go/Good Things Come To Those Who Wait/Thought Even More Of You When You Told Me You Wanted Me Dead/Luoise/Where To Place Yr Trust/Yr Static Flame/It's A Long Way To Go To Loose More Than Loose Change/Fool Around/We Have Such Gifts/Temper/Sadness In You/That Boy Yr With Is A Dick/Stars And Car Parks/Wholly Generic/Chipped Tooth And Greasy Fingers/Secret Jokes/We Are Pure Chrome/Man The Myth/Temp/Vinegar Evenings/How Many Cars Can You Fit In Yr Garage/Toilets Of Northern Europe/Punch Up The Bracket/Carefull What You Wish For/When I Was A Blonde And You A Brunette/Now I Have Everything/Doorframe/Turquoise Mood/Yr Breaking This Heart/Black Fantastic Spitting/Yr Unspoken Desires/Beautiful Lines/I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having/West Riding House/Twisted Love/Tested/Re-Run/Buffalo/Boyracer/He Gets Me So Hard/Talk Of Aching/Goblin/Meadowhall/Patric Walker/Untouched By Conversation/E.J.K./Passionflower/Denatured/Naked/Two/Blazing Fruit/Boxing Day/Wanting For All The Wrong Reasons/Snowly/Michael/Railway
2007   Flickering B+W (CD 555 Recordings)Wingtips/I Don't Want No Trouble/Time For Turmoil/Excuses/Decimalize Me/Let's See Some Action/To Destory/The Sweetest Half-Truth/Stand By Yr Words/Toxic Glamour/The Bones Of The Day/The Secret Fire/He Told You/You Banged A Married Man/In My Previous Life
2007   Boyracer Jukebox Volume One (CDR 555 Recordings)Action Time Vision/Throw Aggi Off The Bridge/Vacuum Cleaner Salesman/Hearts In Exile/Butterfingered/Billy Two/They Don't Know/This Angry Silence/When You Were Mine/A Child Soon In Chains/Pick The Cat's Eyes Out/Cactus Cat/Swords Of A Thousand Men/Honey/Total Eclipse Of The Heart
2008   Sunlight Is The Best Antiseptic (LP 555 Recordings)The Heartbreaker/Claire Likes Girls/Late 80s Nottingham Grindcore Scene/A Rockabilly Ruse/Amateur Traumatics/Cinderella Story/So Fucking Swedish/North Yorkshire Coastline/A Sober Truth/You Assume/Lemon Lime/The Last Word


1992   Naked (7" A Turntable Friend) Naked/No Fuel/New Zealand Song
1992   Railway (7"/K7 Fluff) Railway/Reverse
1992   HULA HOOP/BOYRACER Split (7" Fluff) HULA HOOP Emma Peel, Formula One/BOYRACER One For Sorrow/New Zealand 2
1993   BOYRACER/SABINE Split (7" Wurlitzer Jukebox/Flower Me! Records) BOYRACER Boyracer/SABINE Painting Portraits
1993   285 Clock Cake (7" flexi Hedonist Productions) Reverse (New Version)
1993   Go Flexi Crazy (2x7" Pure Hatred) Tested/Interlude 1/Bitter/I Love You, Shut Up/Speedtrap/Kitten With A Whip/Interlude 2
1993   B Is For Boyracer (7"/CDS Sarah Records) I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having/Jesus Suzanne Christ/Black Fantastic Splitting/Beautiful Lines
1993   From Purity To Purgatory (7" Sarah Records) From Purity To Purgatory/Cog/David Byrne/Distraction/Doorframe/Close
1993   AUL 36X (7" Slumberland) Short Changed/Sex/Spiteful Punk Rock Song No.2/Sunshine And Violence/Stabbed/Short Changed Revisited
1994   Pure Hatred 96 (7" Sarah Records) He Gets Me So Hard/Wanting For All The Wrong Reasons/Denatured/E.J.K./Don't Just Don't
1994   Best Flipstar EP (7" Lo-Fi Recordings) Meadow Hall/Feathers/Hairdryer Song/Spindle/New Jimmy Barrock
1994   BOYRACER/THE ROPERS Split (7" Slumberland Wish) BOYRACER One Step Forward/THE ROPERS Pretty Quiet Song
1995   Electricity (7" flexi A Turntable Friend) (Came free with some copies of We're Made Of The Same Wood) Electricity/Sex (Live)
1995   West Riding House (5" Zero Hour) West Riding House/Boyfriends
1995   Scenesters, Hipsters, Teenstars And Fakers (K7 Self Released) West Riding House/Michael/In These Bright Lights/Aluminium Heart/Working;- A Means To An End
1996   Racer 100 EP (7" A Turntable Friend) Your Unspoken Desires/Boxing Day/Untouched By Conversation/Baleen/Re-Run
1996   Rhythm Of The Chicken Shake (7" Jigsaw) Doorframe/Your Unspoken Desires
1996   One Side Of Boyracer (7" Slumberland) Turquoise Mood/I Am Looking For Somewhere Else
1996   BOYRACER/MY FAVORITE Split (7" A Turntable Friend) BOYRACER False Economy/MY FAVORITE Modulate
1997   A Mistake That Cost You Dearly (7" Honey Bear) Snowly/A Sense Of Purpose/I Can Walk From Here/G-A Minor
1997   Live On WAHM (7" Rocket Racer) Baleen/West Riding House/Small Consolation/Foam
1997   Present Tense (7" 555 Recordings) Present Tense/Doubtful
2002   Don't Want Anything To Change (5" 555 Recordings) Don't Want Anything To Change/Crash
2003   Check Yr F***ing Hi$tory (CD 555 Recordings)You've Squandered Yr Talents/New Plastic/A History Of Snakes/German Boy/When I Was A Blonde And You A Brunette
2004   We Have Such Gifts EP (7" 555 Recordings) It Just Fell Down The Back Of A Fridge/We Have Such Gifts/Yr Static Flame/Concede/You've Squandered Yr Talents (Australian Version)/The Warmest Hours/Temper/Vitamin B/He Gets Me So Hard
2004   Yorkshire Soul EP (7" Yellow Mica) Concede/Heaven Is Not Broken/New Feathers/Broken Ballad/C'mon (History Repeating)/Pop Holiday/Teen Goth/An Empty Threat
2005   It's Not True Grit, It's Real Dirt (K7 Popgun) Careful What You Wish For/9 To 5 Style/Careful What You Wish For (Acoustic)/9 To 5 Style (Acoustic)/It's Love/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me/It's Love (Acoustic)/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me (Acoustic)
2005   It's Not True Grit, It's Real Dirt (7" 555 Recordings/Parapop/Yellow Mica/Phonostatique/Happy Happy Birthday To Me) Careful What You Wish For/9 To 5 Style/Careful What You Wish For (Acoustic)/9 To 5 Style (Acoustic)/It's Love/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me/It's Love (Acoustic)/Whatever Gets You Thru The Day Is Fine With Me (Acoustic)
2005   BOYRACER/DR. K÷NIG ARTHUS Split (7" Open) DR. K÷NIG ARTHUS Liebeslinsen/BOYRACER Yr Silent Years/The 90s Are Through
2007   BOYRACER/MYTTY ARCHER Split (7" 555 Recordings) BOYRACER Katherine/Provincial (You're So)/MYTTY ARCHER Saturn/Rocco Au Go-Go/Time And Money/Be Brave
2007   BOYRACER/BEATNIK FILMSTARS Split (7" 555 Recordings) BOYRACER A Rockabilly Ruse/Goals/Sentiment/BEATNIK FILMSTARS Ex's And Zeros/Where's Your Horse Gone?/Pig Sick
2007   BOYRACER/FAINTEST IDEAS Split (7" Happy Happy Birthday To Me) BOYRACER Yr Beautiful/Airport Song/Broken Limb 05/FAINTEST IDEAS I Felt My Soul/Serious As A Heart Attack
2008   BOYRACER/QUE POSSUM Split (7" 555 Recordings) QUE POSSUM Listen/Unrested/BOYRACER Faith Seeds/Final Day/Dark Wing
2008   BOYRACER/THE CANNANES/MYTTY ARCHER Split (7" 555 Recordings) THE CANNANES Don't Fear The Reaper/MYTTY ARCHER Too Many Lovers/BOYRACER Supremer Queener
2008   BOYRACER/HUON Bonus Disc! (CDR 555 Recordings) (Limited edition accompanying the release of the LPs by Huon and Boyracer) HUON Town Ride/Early 80s Cars/Getting It Right/BOYRACER See Those Eyes/Christopher (original)/A Chipped Tooth... (live)/Merry Xmas Everybody
2010   THE HOW/BOYRACER Split (7" 555 Recordings) THE HOW Polly/Untitled/BOYRACER Vanity Is Sanity/Use A Bank, I'd Rather Die


1990   Happy Or Sad Wearing Your Anorak (K7 Smile) Dissapointment
1991   Nostalgic Glimpse Of A Victorian Country Childhood (K7 Tangled) Stabbed 5:03
1992   Foreign Intervention (K7 Fluff) Where I Started
1992   Peacock Blue (K7 Bliss) Surround/Trying Too Hard (Original Version)
1992   Deep In Space (K7 Meg) Fall Inside Myself/Sanguine
1992   Air Crash Scene (K7 Fluff) Patric Walker/Man
1993   Turquoise Trees (K7 Bliss) Grip/Black Fantastic Splitting (Live In Bristol)
1993   Polythene Star (K7 Flaming Katy) Dead Meat
1993   I'll Procrastinate Tomorrow (K7 Sticky) This Has Gone On Too Long (4-Track Demo)
1993   La Rue Du Chat Qui Peche (CD Quattro/Sony) I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having/Black Fantastic Splitting
1993 Deliberately Lo-Fi (K7 Kylie) Glamour On A Shoestring
1993   Only Lions Love Martyrs (K7 Tranquil) Right Back Where I Started
1993   Calling At Duke Street (LP A Turntable Friend) Friend
1994   Why Popstars Can't Dance (LP Slumberland) Speedtrap/Right Back Where I Started
1994   Songs About Croaking (CD Frog) Railway (New Version)
1994   Onion Most Dangerous Game (7" Alienor) Railway (New Version)
1994   Bedroom Palace (K7 Lo-Fi Recordings) Glamour On A Shoestring/Totally Confused
1994   Gaol Ferry Bridge (LP/CD Sarah Records) I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having/Cog
1995   Battery Point (LP/CD Sarah Records) He Gets Me So Hard
1995   There And Back Again Lane (CD Sarah Records) He Gets Me So Hard
1995   Meet Disco Girl! (K7 Grapefruit) Bitter (Live)
1995   Mangerman (K7/CD Mobstar) Christmastime In The Mountains
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Tribute To Chris Knox... Vol. 1 (7" Acetone Records) Bee To Honey
1995   Going Against Maz's Advice (CD FLW) Meadowhall/Feathers/Fruitless/Chiotte/Spindle (Long Version)
1995   Restaurants, Bars And Pop Stars (K7 Sticky) Untitled
1995   Caught By The Warmth (K7 Meller Welle) Smells Like White Spirit/This Is Easy/Broken Limb
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS Opscene 50 (CD Gap Recordings) Consulting The Dentist
1995   Bristol 2 - Leeds 3 (7" Ti-Moog) Yo Pizza Jump
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS La Blackbean Taqueria Numero Tres (12" Blackbean And Placenta Tape Club) Siana
1995   Around The World With Sticky Records - U.K. (7" Sticky) Too Good To Ignore (Version One)
1995   Christmas Gift For You From Zero Hour (CD Zero Hour) Boxing Day (4-Track Version)
1996   Whirl-Wheels (CD Shelflife) David Byrne (Demo Version)
1996   Spring '96 Full House (CD Zero Hour) Small Consolation/Aluminium Heart
1996   Stress Release (CD Slaphappy) Unlimited Options
1996   Playing Around Sandcastles (K7 Meller Welle) Doorframe (Version)
1996   Great Summer Pop Sampler (CD Pop Culture Press) Snowly (Live On WMFU)
1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Can You Talk To The Dude? A Tribute To Jonathan Richman And The Modern Lovers Vol. 2 (CD Alienor Records) I'm Straight
1996   Certain Damage (CD CMJ) Small Consolation
1996   Acousticky (7" Sticky) This Is All I Know
1997   Zum #10 (CD Zum) Yr Questions Unanswered
1997   Feed Me With Your Kiss (K7 Tacky Tapes) Goblin (Live)/G-A Minor (Live)/Baleen (Live)
2000   Eleven (CD Mobstar ) Patric Walker
2000   What You've Missed So Far (CD Galaxy Train) Yr Unspoken Desires
2001 Knowing We Was Right From Da Start (CD 555 Recordings) Present Tense
2001   Mobstar Pop Fenzy Weekend (CD Mobstar) I've Got It And It's Not Worth Having (Live)/Small Consolation (Live)
2001 Australian Festival Compilation (CD 555 Recordings/Red Square) They're Making Money Off Of You (4-Track Version)
2002   Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 19 (CD Darla) The Warmest Hours
2003   The Way Things Change Volume (7" Red Square) It's A Long Way To Go To Lose More Than Loose Change
2003   First String Teenage High (CD Bumblebear) She's Got The Beat
2003   555CD55 (2CD 555 Recordings) Concede
2004   Little Darla Has A Treat For You Vol. 21 (CD Darla) Where To Place Yr Trust
2004   David Shoe (CD David Shoe) Thru The Flowers
2005   Homemade Hits Vol. 2 (CD Kittridge) Wholly Generic
2005   Our Hearts Beat Out Of Tune (CD Yellow Mica) The 90s Are Thru (Whining Boys With Acoustic Guitars)
2006   Raketetapete (CD Parapop) Contridictions (Version)
2007   Honey The Dogs Home (CD International Lo-Fi Underground) 80s Nottingham Grindcore Scene
2007   Bucket Brigade (K7 Parapop) Up The Junction
2007   Happy Happy Birthday To Me Vol. 4 (CD Happy Happy Birthday To Me) A Man Who Lives His Life Afraid Lives Only Half A Life
2008   Yr Cassette Pet (K7 555 Recordings) Claire Likes Girls
2008   Welcome To The Wetherbeat Scene 1988-1991 (CD 555 Recordings) My Favourite Pastime/Man/My Town
2009   VARIOUS ARTIS Singles Club Special Bag (2xCDR Happy Happy Birthday To Me Records) Yr Beautiful/Airport Song/Broken Limb 05
2014   VARIOUS ARTISTS Puzzle Pieces (2xCD Jigsaw) Already I Don't Want This