This is an attempt to create a complete Shrimper Records discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

SHR 001 VARIOUS ARTISTS Winky Dog A Shrimper Compilation K7* BUZZSAW Die Rote Luft/THE BUX Dumb Holiday/SATNAM PUPPETS 2/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Caprice Cadillac/PASTE Exercise 21/SHOEFACE Rollin' In The Dough/WCKR SPGT A Thousand Hail Marys/FRANKLIN BRUNO Clean Needle/WELFARE Untitled/HALO Around And Around/GIRLHOLE Real Song/FIP PLACARD Song For Farah/JIM BISHOP Part Of, Not All Of 2
SHR 002   THE BUX Sunburned Fat K7 
SHR 003   SATNAM PUPPETS Massacre At The Screaw K7 
SHR 004 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Logorrhea K7Panel/I Didn't Think I'd Drown, But I Did/Unstable Friend/Etiquette Of Turnstiles/Up With Upland/Perish The Thought/Moving Over New Terrain/Heaven Forbid/Mystery Song #1/Mystery Song #2/Avert My Eyes/Promises Breaking/Mystery Song #3/Mystery Song #4/Mystery Song #5/Orange Grove Drive
SHR 005 BUZZSAW Die Rote Luft K7 Untitled/Untitled
SHR 006
  GIRLHOLE Nuclear Valdez K7 (never released according to a shrimper discography published in 1993 on the issue #4 of the Yakuza fanzine)
SHR 007 PASTE Drugstore K7 Train Track Sympathy/July 9/Bathed In Blue/Silver And Sawdust/Bones Of A Cigarette/In A Window/Lupus Pinwheel/Glue/Steel Letter Home/Saving Nickels/Spilling Like A Moth In A Birdcage/Marble Torniquet/Killing/Drugstore Holiday/Crushed Upon/Charm
SHR 008 WCKR SPGT 5 Years (Aloha) K7 (Reissue of an Anthropology Records release) Tri City/Losing Jane/Late For The Plane/I Live With A Girl That's Five Years Old/Irene/What I Could Do To You/Ground Zero/Texas Pipedream/Power Drops/Vietnam/Slime/Trains On My Feet/Evil Phonemen/Monday/She's A Wire/Best Of Tension/Candy Anne/Radio Caroline/The World Belongs To Sol And Hank/In My Wall/Juliana Panics/No Sign Of Danger/Blue Vinyl/Assault TV/Wiggly/The Chain/Feeder Sane
SHR 009
FRANKLIN BRUNO Suggestion Box K7
Invitation (To A Gathering)/Spring's Newest Neutrals/A Wealth Of Reasons/Complications/Potomkin Village/My Ex-Girlfriend Hairdo/Cutthroat Bridge/Bombardiers/See It Now/Crush You If I Could/Newton Told Me/Sit Back And Watch/The Lunch I Never Had/Wiser Heads
SHR 010 THE BUX Hair, Nails, Meat And Blood K7 Black Randy/Cockroach/As Much As I Would/Day Ja Vu/Head Of A Pin/Losing/Again And Again, Again/Drugstore/A Pop Song/Eisner Kline/Little Mrs. Understood/Nathan's Playhouse/Chalks And Sidewalks (A Pop Song 2)/Ringer/Go To Hell/Powder/Non Stop Erotic Bill Chen/Long Lawn Long
SHR 011   FIP PLACARD Skid Child K7 
SHR 012 SENTRIDOH Losers K7Columbus/The Freed Pig/Only Losers/Normal Way/I See You Running/Antheneezal/K-sensa-my II/Coolest Hurt/Growing/Love Up Above/You Fell Down the Stairs - Pink Twinkie/Blonde in the Bleachers/Face Down - High-d/Strange Love/Mellow, Cool and Painfully Aware/Bay City Baby - Blind Dove/I Feel Good Inside About Me Inside Me/Breakdown Day/Afraid of Babies/Old Wife Cried/I Will Be Lonely All My Life/Favorite Letter/Rise Below Slowly/Give Up/Morning Rain/Six Days Without Shaving/Wipe it Out/Fleshy True/Colix Jauntarah/Win Slow/Weed Forestin/Sebadough/Mojain Plane/Try to Get What You Want, Never Get it/I'm So Depressed/Wendin Will/The Free Man
SHR 013 REFRIGERATOR Lonesome Surprize K7Lonesome Surprize/North Caroliner/Bicycle Chain/Bubblegum And Beer/Fun/Freeway/Alligator Skinmace/Cardboard Trucks/Run Along/Scabby Hat/F Word/Class Of Next Year/Problems In The Oven (Job Hunting)/Albert Caboose/Does She?/Anni Xtian (Prince)
SHR 014 WCKR SPGT Drops Of Love K7 (Reissue of an Anthropology Records release)She's A Wire/Box Girl/The Choice Is Mine (Alone)/Don't Let Criminals Destroy Your Life/The Best Of Tension/Books/Assault TV/She's Not Funny (Except To Laugh At)/Benny And The Jets/Gone To Stay (Live)/Winter/South Africa/Gravel/Trains On My Feet/Phonemen/Welcome To The Animal Kingdom/Fleas/Loose Change/Sharp And Yellow
SHR 015 VARIOUS ARTISTS Capgun - A Shrimper Compilation K7WCKR SPGT 3 Ways To Love Me/BUZZSAW Helmet/FRANKLIN BRUNO Love Tap/REFRIGERATOR State Trooper/SENTRIDOH Commercial Losers: Sensitive Dullthump, King Of The Dry Hump I/PASTE Dumb/JIM BISHOP Untitled/JIVE Old Family Box/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE A Lesser Charge/HALO Fever Pitch/SATNAM PUPPETS Plastic Headed Tramp/SHOEFACE Time To Develop/GOOSEWIND Fat Albert's Marshland/WELFARE An Earlier Session/THE JIM BISHOP GUITAR ARMY Untitled
SHR 016 JIVE Buh Buh K7
The Old Family Box/Spit Weeds/Banjo Bears/Dont Look At Me/Get A Piece Of My Rock/Tillenhowser Up/Dead Bird/Chicken Leggs/Glue/The Great Flying Desert Mariachi Man
SHR 017   BUZZSAW Kaiser Guillotine Ouzo Delinum K7 
SHR 018   GOOSEWIND Boogie Wonderland K7 
SHR 019 PASTE Pigeon Skin K7Graft-LV2/Flat Tired/December 14th/(Sp )/Duiseased + In Trouble/Wooden Sky/(D Ash Board)/Kidding Ground/Sp7/Medicine Rope/Skin Shirt/Bubblegum Icecream (And Beer)/We Real Cool/Pennies/The Most Important Day Of My Life/Stucky
SHR 020 VARIOUS ARTISTS Back To The Egg, Asshole (An Anti-Tribute Tape) K7PASTE All My Loving/PUNK ROCK Happiness Is A Warm Gun/FRANKLIN BRUNO + NUB Hey Jude/REFRIGERATOR Revolution/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Within You/WCKR SPGT Nowhere, Man/FIP PLACARD Everybody's Got Something To Hide Except For Me And My Monkey/LOU BARLOW Revolution #37
SHR 021 WCKR SPGT VS. THE BUX Yeast For Veal Volume 1 (The Very Worst Of Wckr Spgt Vs. The Bux) K7WCKR SPGT Girl On The Bench/Girl At The Lunch Table/Slubber Puppy/Girls Part 2/Headfoot/Plants/Mine/Grandma's Kinitting 1/Liars Club/Friend/Bettywheat/Bear/Cat-Grandma 2/Accident/THE BUX  I Need More/Running Man/Grow Away/Morphine/Lady I'm A Bad Man/Mother Don't Know/Yes I've Been In Love/Sugar Plumb/Potty Nuke/Boink!/Park/Redwine/Strangers/Corporation
SHR 022 LIL' JOHNNY H One Man Unauthorized Sting Operation K7 Orange Blossom Special/Troubled Blues/Candyman/Irish Folk Ballas As Adopted By Sonny Boy Williamson/McGhee/Collinda/Sitting On The Top Of The World/Gimme Your Gold/Blood Hounds On My Trail/She's Tough
SHR 023 WCKR SPGT The Charles Mansion - Act Two: The Charles Bronson K7The Backyard/Respect For Lawnmowers/Unfair Prospects/The Big-Faced Girl/History Repents/Because (She'll Do Anything)/Elegant Dirt/Lost In Texas/Intuition And Stupidity/Elegant Dirt Pt. II/Should I Go Inside?
SHR 024 GOOSEWIND Manny Mota K7 Untitled/Untitled
SHR 025 REFRIGERATOR Rael K7Shine/Laughing/Hairport/Dick C/Lines/Love Bean/Real Mean Time/Sandfish/Fuh Buh/Seth/Ruins/Short Chords/Drivin' N Dyin'/Scrathing Silver/For Stu/Coca Cola/Red, Black + Green (At Random)
SHR 026 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Schnapps Hour K7A Warm Up, Brainstorm Of Schnapps/A Remastered Version Of The "Schnapps" Cabaret As It Originally Appeared
SHR 027 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Taboo VI: The Homecoming K7Running Away With What Freud Said/Ice Cream, Cobra Man/Move (Chicago 196?)/This Magic Moment/Don't Take The Dogs Away/One Winter At Point Alpha Privative/Solomon Revisited/Going To Alaska/I'm So Lonesome I Could Cry/Eleven Bands
SHR 028 VARIOUS ARTISTS Pawnshop Reverb K7FRANKLIN BRUNO Rhythm Buddy/WCKR SPGT Making Love Will Cure My Sick Heart/SENTRIDOH Certaindance - Circumstance/GOOSEWIND Manny's Mote/PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND Delerium Insomniacal/PASTE Purple Heart/CARNE A Cankertown/BÜGSKÜLL Welcome Jimmy (Edit)/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Sugarlift/SATNAM PUPPETS Heckle/REFRIGERATOR Judy Blank/AL LARSEN Bottling/OAR Dust About 1:45/HALO The River Runs Back/SHOWBOAT That Damn Thing/INSECT FEELINGS Zisk/ROCK AND ROLL GROMETS The Day The Earth Burned/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Window Song/SHOEFACE Future Shock/JIM BISHOP GUITAR ARMY Untitled/BUZZSAW Untitled/LIL JOHNNY H Incomplete #1
SHR 029 BÜGSKÜLL Subversives In The Midst K7Welcome Jimmy/I've Got The Dope/Radio Seizure/Chains/Death Comes Closer For Us All/Where The Vultures Are Waiting/Sean + Jimmy/Paris 1 + 2
SHR 030 WCKR SPGT Dance Til You Stop K7 (reissue of an Anthropology Records release)Lonesome Lamborn pt. I/In My Wall/All For You/Dance Til You Stop/Face Down Drowning/Juliana Panics/Persymphony/Lonesome Lamborn pt. II/Blue Vinyl/Dreaming of This Kingdom/This Is Heaven/Garden of Delight/Circle K/Jon The Cow/Because I Love You/Meow (Woo-Woo)
SHR 031   CONGRESS(never released according to a shrimper discography published in 1993 on the issue #4 of the Yakuza fanzine)
SHR 033 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Hound Chronicles K7The Garden Song/Going To Winsconsin/Spilling Toward Alpha/Alpha Negative/The Torch Song/Ape: The Cow Song/---/Going To Chino/Standard Bitter Love Song #4/Going To Mexico/Lab Rat Blues/Going To Kansas/The Water Song/Going To Spain/Keep It On Your Mind
SHR 034 ANTHEMS OF CARNEA Hey Nonny K7Sugardaddy/Sugardaddys Rollin Bass Beats/Ass-Crack-House/Smudge The Belly Of Zeus/The Judges/Hey Nonny/Reeling/Paul A A. (Bunny)/Starving/Marching Children Of Nonny/Kiss Me/Lover Boy/Resin (Last Movement)
SHR 035 PASTE Cherry Red Radio K7Cherry Red Radio/Freeze Tag - Firefight/Generic Birds/Popcorn And Paper Pearls/Linoleum/V-3/Bleach/Election Day/Cue Cards/Misery/Memorial Day/Blue Green Eye
SHR 036 SENTRIDOH Most Of The Worst Some Of THe Best Of Sentridoh K7American Morning '91/Monkey Racist/Albuquerqe '89/Ratherdie/I Can't Wait/Suede/Barbed Wire/Nitemare/What Would It Be Like/Run To You/Meaningless Dead End/Cause For Celebration/Jealous Of Jesus/Mary Christ/Puffin On A Pot Pipe/Alone To Decide
SHR 037 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hard Core Acoustic Compilation K7*JOHN DAVIS I Had I Dream I Was Down By The Ocean/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Going To Maine/PASTE Hips/FRANKLIN BRUNO Reddondo Breath/JOEY BURNS Do It All The Time/PARTY OF ONE Thow Away
SHR 038 DISKOTHI-Q Harmless But Ultimately Unloveable/Loveless But Ultimately Unharmable K7Going To Pomona/Discovery/Superchunk/SR 72/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Bitter Muse/Enrico Constantino/She's Bummin Me Out, Man/Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor/Ocean So Lonesome
SHR 039 WCKR SPGT Who Will Die K7Three Ways To Love Me/Making Love Will Cure My Sick Heart/Memories Of Climmer/Women As Bombs/It Takes A Lot/Mean/Stigmata/Tucson Buttercup/As Time Passes By/Heartfelt, True To Life, Real Emotional Love/Line Feed/Women Mechanics In Office/I Remember It Well/It Doesn't Matter
SHR 040 THE BUX Bad Luck Here 86 - 90 K7Dear John/Little Mrs. Understood/Isn't It Pretty/Dream Lorraine/Nathan's Play House(R U Sexy (Or Have U Moved Away?)/I Can Hear You/Polka Dotted Pony/C+J's Antique Shop/Runtley's Moving Away Again Blues/Tie A Dull Knot/Backflips/Feeding The Seagulls/Just Ain't Me/I Don't Fucking Care/Brian Wilson/If Your Gonna Fall/Cigarette Factory/Basement Song/Waiting For Susanna/Black Randy/Head Of A Pin/Long, Lawn, Long
SHR 041 GOOSEWIND Cancerman K7Untitled/Untitled
SHR 042 JOHN DAVIS Stars And Songs K7The Countryside & The Second Sun/I Remember The Angels/You're In My Dream/Baby, Baby/To Do/Open The Canvas/Sun St/Loud Are The Cherry Trees/Not Long For This World/World On Fire/Hot Air/The News/Glass/Saturday Night Fever/Headed Home For A Ride/Leave Home/The Mind Is Filled
SHR 043 PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND And All Tall Monsters Stand K7Rise + Open/Serpentine/Blown/Delerium Insomniacal/Hyeroglyphicks Quiz Dismembered/Ripped Jack/Helen Of Troy/Temporal Landscape/Stainless Conscience/The Ceiling Is Bending/"Not An Atom That I Can't Feel"
SHR 044 FRANKLIN BRUNO Etudes For Voice And Snackmaster K7You've Become Impossible/Don't Tell Mother-Anti-Aphrodesiac/Your Inarticulate Boyfriend/Grasping At Straws/Tableaux Vivant/How Now Is Soon?/Honest Glamour/Chew-Devour/Discount/Anyone Can Refer/Summerweight
SHR 045 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Hot Garden Stomp K7Pure Milk/Ice Blue/Water Song II/Sun Song/Going To Japan/Are You Cleaning Off The Stone?/The Hot Garden Stomp/Love Hymn To Aphrodite/Beach House/Hello There Howard/Going To Norwalk/Fresh Cherries In Trinidad/Feed This End/15-1/Thanks For The Dress/Tell Me On A Sunday
SHR 046 GOD IS MY CO-PILOT What Doctors Don't Tell You K7Heavier Air/Lullaby/Opened Wide/Then/Finnegans Wake/When Do I See The Lightning/Every Night/Close My Eyes/Walk The Cat/To Be Or Have Not/Mechant/Interlocking/Hey Mister/Girls Waiting/Porcupine Homily/Bludgeon/An Irish Airman Foresees His Death/Vanessa/Say The L Word/I Pulled Up To Park
SHR 047 THE AH CLUB Squeeze My Cares Away K7 (also on Toytown)Smell Of Fall/Afraid Of Love/Camelia/In My Pocket/Heres A Toast To What We Call Love/Bonus Boots/Mr. Moon/Pocket Reprise/Shine/Immortal/One For The Barback
SHR 048 LOU BARLOW'S ACOUSTIC SENTRIDOH Wasted Pieces '87 - '93 K7Pooh Piece/Stiff to Rhythm/Broken II/Be Nice Me/Never Tried/My Head Really Hurts (Part 3)/God Won't Let You Die/Saliva Drips/Abandon/No Way at All/I Know Before.../It Might Be/Old Man/Raise Your Head/Brown Confessin'/Raise the Bells/Conspiracy/Funpool/Why We Swing/Nothing Lasts/Heartness Crane/Organ/Cello
SHR 049 SOUL JUNK 1950 Free Shrimp K7The Lords Saxophone/Proverbs 1.20-33/Even The Archangel Michael/Father God/Shine Out Of Darkness/I Turned My Back On You/Heavenly Bodies Will Be Shaken/Hosea 6.1-3/You Who Are Thirsty/Ephesians 2.4-10/A Holy Fast/Matthew 11.28-30
SHR 050 BUZZSAW & THE SHAVINGS The Wine Lover K7First Interlude/Second Interlude/Third Interlude/Fourth Interlude/Fifth Interlude/Sixth Interlude/End Of Operetta
SHR 051 FURNITURE HUSCHLE Her Parents Were There K7Sheets Of Rain/Darby Crash Is Alive/Sad Frog/12x6/Baby Formula/Win A Prize/Wet Rocks Ahead/Her Parents Were There/Essential Kissing/Be A Cop
SHR 052 CREEPER LAGOON Shastacomplex K7Over The Rainbow/Upland Fiesta/Back Down/Atom Smasher/Treason/Blue Sunrise/Distress Traffic/Colorado/You Let Me Down/Secrecy Of Communication/Half As Strong/That's Your Decision
SHR 053 JOHN DAVIS Pure Night LPPure Night/No One Around/You're With Me-Wedding Bell Tunes/Hey, You Don't Say/To Care Today/Where You Shouldn't Be/Don't Let It/Love You I/Hey Cheeky/Like The Water/Our World, Brained/Windy/Angel I Drive-Tongued In The Mouth/Angels Surround/Here The Pretty Things Come/Breathe In You/Blind Love
SHR 053 REFRIGERATOR How You Continue Dreaming K7Colton/Speedway/Orange Blossom/Bicycle/Wish And Need/Insect/Glitter Jazz/Son House/Half Empty Shoes/How You Continue Dreaming/Party Hat/Ghetto Bed/Green And White Meet Blue/Suckdown/Sorry State Line/727/Hydrogen Suitcase/Washout/98 Pounds/Old City Cool 
SHR 054 JOHN HARRELSON Whorehouse Valentines K7Whorehouse Valentines #2/Honeysuckle Rose/You Can't Do That/C.C. Rider/Mercy, Mercy, Mercy/Suicide/Brown Sugar/On The Sunnyside Of The Street/House Of The Rising Sun/Yardbird Suite/Cucamonga Woogie/Winin' Boy/Ain't Misbehavin'/Turpentine Stomp/Whorehouse Valentines #6
SHR 055 DISKOTHI-Q The Wandering Jew CDMost Eligible Bachelor/Tulsa Imperative/Leap Cat Leap/Going To Nick's/Kidney/Other Lover's Waltz/Chandra Mukhi/Loozers/Satch Carlson/Supersqualor/AHS
SHR 056 SOUL JUNK 1951 LPSpirit Of God Descend On Us/Bread Of Life/Turn To Joy/Forever And Ever Amen Alright/Peace Peace Peace/Sovereign Lord Did Say/Away Like A Wild Flower/Soul-Junk Theme/Set You Free/Jesus Not Religion/Struck Down/No Eye Has Seen/God Does Speak/Paralytic Man/The Life Appeared/Where Your Treasure Is/Alpha & Omega/Lifeless Things/Supreamacy/I Worship You
SHR 057 BACUUM CAR Wild Wild Bacuum K7So Go/Nuke/Ta/Half Oza/645/Poshi/4 K-1
SHR 058    (there are two releases numbered 053, maybe one was intended to be 058)
SHR 059 PIE Seein' Eye K7Sink This Ship!/Kill Squad, U.S.A./LP/"Bob Dylan"/Roll The Film/Buy-Seller/Vee Bracey/Jeremy's Growin Tips
SHR 060 THE SECRET STARS The Secret Stars K7Auto Reverse (Arcane 17)/Court/Our Voices Are Getting Higher/Shoe In/Math=Vacuum/Polaroid Prints/Tag Yours/Dating Is Stupid/September
SHR 061 PAUL K & THE WEATHERMEN Corpus K7Disappear/Burn Down The World/Take The K Train/Night In Tunisia/Good Bait/That's Life/A Song For You/Kapital/Oh Good Shepard/Hot Burrito #2/Two Planets
SHR 062 HALO Cassingle K7Star Squared/Honey
SHR 063 BUZZSAW Bankhead And Buzz K7Two In A Boat/The Truth, Miss Angela
SHR 064 VIRGO RISING San Dimas K7Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled /Untitled
SHR 065 BIG BREAKFAST Sin, Limpia K7Sin, Limpia/Primordial Maracas/Valley
SHR 066 WCKR SPGT Crtv K7We're So Ashamed/Honor Farm/Sorrow Cup/Brown Bag Of Dreams/Rock & Rollercoaster/You'll Love This Song/Your Maiden Name/Poochy Woman/Harder Than Love/Yesterday Her Lugs Exploded/Handguns For Teens/CRTV/Bluegrass OmnipotenceIsland With Women On It/Going To Waco/Temporary Insanity/You Never Told Me/Forbidden Valley
SHR 067 SENTRIDOH Original Losing Losers 2xLPCommercial/Columbus/Freed Pig/Brotherly Love/I See You Running/Antheneezal/K-sensa-my II/Cause For Celebration/Afraid of Babies/Old Wife Cried/Growing/The Love Up Above/Blind Dove/I Feel Good Inside About Me/Perfect Excuse/Strange Love/Face Down/Bay City Baby/Pet Your Puppy/King of the Dull Thump/Give Up/Morning Rain/A Completely Gifted Man/Smuxek/Fleshy True/I Will Be Lonely All My Life/Take an Aspirin II + I/Beyond the Barbwire/Purple and Green/Winslow/Try to Get What You Want/Nothing/Wipe it Out/Coolest Hurt/Colix Jauntarah/Weed Forestin/Normal Way/You Fell Down the Stairs - Pink Twinkie/Mojain Plane/Meaningless Dead End/Wond in Will/The Free Man
SHR 068 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Sweden LPThe Recognition Scene/Downtown Seoul/Some Swedish Trees/I Wonder Where Our Love Has Gone/Deianara Crush/Whole Wide World/Flashing Lights/Sept 19 Triple X Love! Love!/Going To Queens/TahitianAmbrosia Maker/Going To Bolivia/Tollund Man/California Song/Snow Crush Killing Song/Send Me An Angel/Neon Orange Glimmer Song/Fm/Prana Ferox/Cold Milk Bottle
SHR 069 BINGO TRAPPERS More Soul K7More/S-o-u-l/Roming Swallows/What Is To Be Given/Keeping Me Up/Cancelled/Goin' Places/Clean/Indian Princess/Thirteen Guilder Trip/Up/A Horse Called Man
SHR 070 PORK QUEEN Recorded Live K7Untitled/Untitled
SHR 071    (there are two releases numbered 072, i suspect one of these was meant to be 071)
SHR 072 EMIL HAGSTROM Show Your Guitar The Contempt It Deserves K7Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled /Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
SHR 072 NEAR CASTLEGAR "In January" CDSweet Kryptonic Blue/Missionaries/Broken Hornet/Young Yarrow/Untitled/Those Wasted Afternoons (Are Gone Forever...)
SHR 073   BUZZSAW The Dr. Pustunich Excursion 2xK7  
SHR 074 JOHN DAVIS & DENNIS CALLACI Room For Space CDTake a Walk/Room for Space/Sea Shore/Unclean/Saddle/Needle Drag/Stand Tall/Sail Away
SHR 075 LARRY CASH JR Cassingle K7Bottomfeeder/Bag Lady's B-Day/The Little Black Egg
SHR 076 THE AH CLUB Kiss The Sky Goodbye LP (corelease with Squealer)Standing On The Street/Now That You're Gone/Turmoil/One Less/You're So Far Away/Sunday Afternoon/Bitter Days/In Heaven's Reach/100 Lives Under The Sun/In This Quiet Place/Longer Than Time/Somewhere To Be/Covered Heart/Toasted/Unbodied/Looking For Daddy/Pillar Of Salt/Isolation/Know My Purpose/Howl
SHR 077 THE AZUSA PLANE Resonating Subtleties K7Hi, How Are You/Ode To The Mountain Goats/Pop World/George Harrison Plays Sitar/Emeralds/Underground Velvet/Cambridge/Pop World II/Khyber/Dream
SHR 078 PATCH Nudeamerica K7What A Fellowship/Silk Jumpsuits/Leaky Tummy/Lowered Ace/All Abs/Outro/Supple Meets Salve/Woo/Packets/Meldeded/Victor French/Casio Fill/Are The Ladies In The House/Outro 2
SHR 079     
SHR 080 THE SECRET STARS The Secret Stars CDVague/Life Of Submission/(Whisper: Eye)/Andy And Girls/Alienation #3/Kids Can't Maintain/Jumpstart #1/Snowday/(Whisper: Heart)/Aufheben/Untitled #2/Sleep, Star./Jumpstart/Your Life to Live/This New Garage/Psychic Intrusion/Darstellung/Moving Song/Zombie Samba/Femmes Damnees
SHR 081 LINDA SMITH I So Liked Spring K7Fin De Fete/Again/The Pedlar/Afternoon Tea/I So Liked Spring/Rooms/From A Window/Absence/A Quoi Bon Dire/In The Fields/May, 1915/Not For That City
SHR 082 AMPS FOR CHRIST The Plains Of Alluvial K7Banwell Land/Healing Feeling/Enid's Jig/River Land/The Hills Of Marshall/Nicks Cafe Trevi/Bonnie Charlie/Moderna/Canyon Of Palmer/Enid's March/Samhrad Samhrad/Sitron/Amazing Grace/Oscillin/Logarhythem/Pulse Hammond/Prepared Hammond I/Comfort Zone/Harmonic Distortion In D Minor/Prepared Hammond II/Olive/Chromium Molybdinum
SHR 083 IRVING KLAW TRIO Live S**t K7911 Leo Express/Earth - Sun/Earn It/Spirits Rejoice/So Italian, So Intense/(*)/Little * Of Bethleham
SHR 084 FURNITURE ONE The Adventures Of Pussyman And Cuntboy K7Meat Bee Cave/Just About Time/Sean Penn/Social Contract/Indians Vs. Mexicans/Cadaver Cake/Celestial Visitor/Foreign Invader/Siamese Twins/Place By The Ocean/Knowing Your Chicken
SHR 085 JOHN DAVIS I'll Burn EP CDEPI'll Burn (Album Version)/Long Range View/Topanga Road/Vivid Life/Automatic As Apples/Circus/Endless Soft Hits/I'll Burn (Home Version)
SHR 086 DISKOTHI-Q Waterworld CDGreat Expectations/Imperial Anthem/Pomp & Circumstance/To Face The Truth/Albatros/Witness Protection Program/Leigh Can't Leave/Vacancy/I Hope You Don't/Argentine Drinking Song/Ovelay Ockray
SHR 087 AMPS FOR CHRIST AND TWO AMBIGUOUS FIGURES The Beggar's Garden CD6sn7 Pipes/Not of the World/Tungsten Aire/Too Different/McFarlands' Lute/Still Dreaming/Three Part Intention/Packing House March/Sink or Swim/Esaus' Mandolin/Nicks' Cafe Treri/Healing Feeling/Enids Jig/Canyon of Palmer/Thatcher Hall Blues/Lamb of God/Laverne Dream/Egg Mountain/Spider on Statue of Budah/Grove House Revisited/Indigo Rain/Banwell Land Revisited/Electron Wind 1/Electron Wind 2/Electric Moderna/Three Guitars/Bakelite Thump/Enids March/Prepared Hammond 5/Montana Storm/Juicer in F Major/Reverse Arpegios in C/Tubes Driven to Cut Off/Glass Man
SHR 088 MONTESSOURI Infinity Land K7The King Of Domestic Fowl/Bright Thought/Enter/Three Days In A Steadily Collapsing Mindshaft/Jamboree/Wednesday/One, Two/Arcadia/The Day We Drove Our Minds Insincere/Two Against The City/Winter/I Was Once That Which You Are, And What I Am You Will Also Be/The Imperfect Rule That Divides The Laws Of Frequent Facetting/Golden Globe
SHR 089 KESLO The Museum Crumbles K7Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
SHR 090 JOHN DAVIS Blue Mountains LPJeep Cherokee/ I Took Flight/I'll Burn/Blue Mountains/Narrow/Knock Out/Face To The Storm/Tethers/Startle/I Freaked Out Like A Big Truck/Zowie Pop/The Way You Touch Me Makes Me Laugh/Ready/Eloped-Elated/We've Got It All
SHR 091 BINGO TRAPPERS Sierra Nevada LP (co-release with Sing, Eunuchs!)King In Exile/Premium Daylight/Pure Intentions/Deerhunter/Bastardizin' The Poet/Joseph/Let's Hit The Road Again/Michael George/Sparky/Specific/Slice Of Time/Walkin' Through The Clouds/Old House/Dream Horse
SHR 092 SIMON JOYNER Songs For The New Year LP (co-release with Sing, Eunuchs!)The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll/Oxygen/Parachute/New Year's Song/Two Friends Take A Bow For The Record/When Will The Sun Rise Again?/Born Of Longing/I Wrote A Song About The Ocean/Disappear From Here
SHR 093 PAUL & LAURA/BLEK INK Six White Ghosts K7PAUL & LAURA He's Not Happy Today/Art Show/Tælandi Vélar/Six White Ghosts/Paper Box/Pjóðarmorð/BLEK INK Envelope/Architect's Plan/Beneath The Sea/Canyon/Sideways Sun Lemon Juice/Crystal Car/Camping Trip/Allan Tyne Of Farrow
SHR 094     
SHR 095 WCKR SPGT Everybody's Dead (Oh, No) CDAn Appointment With Death/The Caring Song/Flinch Mob/Yesterday Her Lugs Exploded/Old Boxing Footage/Freud Was Right/E.E./Poochy Woman/Daphne Stepping Sideways/Brown Bag Of Dreams/Capricorn One/Singles At Church/Marriage At 30,000 Feet/Head Through Iowa Now/How Did You Meet Them?/Everybody's Dead (Oh, No)/Making Love In The Pew
SHR 096 FISHSTICK King On Guitar K7King On Guitar/She Keeps Runnin'/Lakeside/The Nerd Song/Loaded Gun/Did You Mean To Say That?/Sing-A-Song/American Heart
SHR 097 REFRIGERATOR Somehow CDEPSomehow/Everything Old/Home Run Kings/Adelanto, CA/Anti-Nomination
SHR 098 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations CDColonial Awards Of 1984/THE EXTRA GLENNS Badger Song/THE BUX Holiday/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Big Pink Heart/SENTRIDOH Certain Dance - Circumstance/GOOSEWIND Manny's Mote/SHOEFACE Future Shock/WILL SIMMONS 50 Miles/INSECT FEELINGS Zisk/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Window Song/JUNKET Tiresome/MASSENGIL Premature Cheese/JOEY BURNS (CREAMY ORIGINAL) Do It All The Time/WCKR SPGT Fluffy Cat/PUNK ROCK Happiness Is A Warm Gun/DISKOTHI-Q Pork Chop/FRANKLIN BRUNO Clean Needle/HALO Fever Pitch/PASTE Hips/PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND Delerium Insomniacal/GUFFEY Creepy/REFRIGERATOR Map To The Stars/SIMON WICKHAM SMITH WITH BILL AND KARL Finnish But Not Finished/JOHN DAVIS I Had A Dream I Was Down By The Ocean/AH BUS Fisherman's Friend/BUZZSAW Die Rote Luft/BÜGSKÜLL You Don't Know/THE JIM BISHOP GUITAR ARMY Untitled/CARNE-A Canker Town/SATNAM PUPPETS Guitar In Room P.7/JIVE Old Family Box/PARTY OF ONE Throw Away/LIL' JOHNNY H Incomplete #1/LOU BARLOW Revolution #37
SHR 099 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Beautiful Rat Sunset CDEPItzcuintli-Totzli Days/New Star Song/Song For Cleomenes (Sarah Margaret's Addendum)/Sendero Luminoso Verdadero/Song For Mark And Joel/Going To Maryland/Seeing Daylight/Resonant Bell World
SHR 100 BUZZSAW Killer Cassette Vs The Dude K7Untitled/Untitled
SHR 101 REFRIGERATOR Refrigerator CDYoung Confusion/California/In Another Room/As If You Were No One/Instead of Flowers/Somehow/Western Lights/Undue Tragedy/Come Spring/Jokes and Seeds/Motel Arrest/Sea Level/Unrealized/Splitting Atoms/Jive Jive/Sky Swam into View
SHR 102 MOTE Prince Of The Season K7Piangle/Besangere/Radio Box/Colour Blind/Radio Multiplicity/Can U Use It?/Soft Ball/We Hear You
SHR 103 DUMP Women In Rock CDEPHorrible/The Words Get Stuck In My Throat/Lucy Grealy/Loved/A Plea For Dump
SHR 104 CHARLIE PARKER Just Wait 'Til We Get Our 'Hanes On You! K7Lavajet Propulsion Lamp/Intro, Charmed I'm Sure/ETM/Thank You Very Much! What?/ETR/Lowrider '95/The Foreigner's Lawnmower Is Misfiring/Bowl Movement/Walkin' The Dog - Greasin' The Cat/That's Right On The Pier/The Band Next Door/Quit Stepping On My Tail/Ghostly Clothes
SHR 105 THE GOBLINS Ha Ha Hanukah K7THE GOBLINS Ha Ha Hanukah/KONECKY & WILDE Calypso Draydel/NEIL HAMBURGER Hanukah Routine/GOBLINS-ALLEGED Paranoid - Anarchy In The UK/GOBLINS Turtle Soup/CAST Prayer Over The Candles/JOHN DARNIELLE Get Your Mom Some Pie For Hanukah
SHR 106 DUMP That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice? (K7 Shrimper) (Reissued in 2001 on CD with the addition of five bonus tracks)1999/Raspberry Beret/Erotic City/The Beautiful Ones/When U Were Mine/How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?/Pop Life
SHR 106 DUMP That Skinny Motherfucker With The High Voice? K7/CD (Reissue of the 1998 cassette release)1999/Raspberry Beret/Erotic City/The Beautiful Ones/When U Were Mine/How Come U Don't Call Me Anymore?/Pop Life/A Love Bizarre/Girls + Boys/Dirty Mind/An Honest Man/Another Lonely Christmas
SHR 107 THE SECRET STARS Genealogies CDHaphazard Joy/Shoe In/Melt/N29, It's Alright/Can U Feel It?/The Four Senses/SERC/Sister, Brother/Trance Hall Storm/5,000,000,000/Some Sinatra/The Mode-E/The Vitamin-V/We Have Been Schooled By/Release Form/Back In The Car
SHR 108 JAD FAIR AND JASON WILLETT Wonderful World 3xK7I Don't Know/The Mummy's Ghost/The Wasp Woman/Hurray!/Gona Make A Miracle/Stop That Robot/Day Of The Triffids/Bubblegum Cotton Candy/Top Dog/Pretty Eyes/It Ain't Right/Hot As A Match/The Mightiest Monkey/Return Of Count Yorga/Orange Sunset/To A Rebel, Down Is Up/As i/Take It/Love And Desire/Welcome To The New Empire/I'm So Glad We Could/Top 20/I Wanna Tell The World/Open The Door/Walking In The Park/Deadly Mantis/Let's Go To The North Pole/Rise And Shine/Monkey Dance/Better Than Rest/Summer 1974/Frankenstein Conquers/The Snithsonian Institute/Total The Total/It's A Hit/You're Out Of Sight/Katrina Likes To Walk On Sunshine/Pretty Polly Ann/Better Than Rest/I'm In A Trance/I Told Ya/On The Bottom Of The Boat/May/Natty Bo/Step Out In The Night/Yes, You Are/Nena Harker's Been Advised/Mobile/Some Birds/Devil Girl From Mars/Baddup/Welcome To My Nightmare/Let Me Sing You A Little Ballad/Over Our Heads In Love/Get On Your Pony/Tabatha Cash/Action Hero (Pass The Limit)/Pop Stop Drop Flop/Beth/Wonderful World/The Five Stars/Evil Saucermen
SHR 109 AMPS FOR CHRIST Electrosphere 2xCD

Forward Pipes/Blackwaterside/Hammond H.C./Eucalliptus Prayer/Butterfly/Coppertar/Edward/Cold As Stone/Single E-133/Peaceful/King Of Nothing/Isle Of Man/Dirrish/Lakes Of Ponchartrain/Reversed Pipes/Lament For Omri (Ka)/Claen Pipes/Haydn In D/Fuge In D Minor I/Hiz A.F.C. Oscillator Thru A.M./1809/Morning Time/Love Is Teasin'/Omkanda/Fuge In D Minor II/Snap Dragons/Tryin To Escape/Warehouse Blues/Bouzuki For River/Y2k March/Shrimp Noise/Fig Tree/Prepared Conn II/Ebp Low Pipes/Interuptor Beat Song/Double E-133/10. 000 Miles/This Isn't A Rebel Song/Son Of Man

SHR 110 BIG BREAKFAST Why Do You Touch Thins That Aren't Yours? CDBlue Blocker/Primordial Maracas/Googlephonics/Family Death Scrapbook/El Slobbo De Mosso/Blue Lake Swim Club/Continuation High School Love Affair/Bop Snob/J-Curve/Reignbough/Jr. High School Love Affair/Spanksgiving/Whack Henry
SHR 111     
SHR 112     
SHR 113 REFRIGERATOR Glitter Jazz CDTourists/Uncertain Someone/Western Disconnection/Los Angeles/Heart Of Bone/Drowning Out/Sunnyside Over/Wedding Waltz/Left And Gone/Static On Static/Sweet A.M.
SHR 114     
SHR 115     
SHR 116     
SHR 117     
SHR 118     
SHR 119     
SHR 120     
SHR 121 HERMAN DÜNE They Go To The Woods CDThe Right Path Lays Open Before Me/They Go To The Woods/By The Door Of The Temple/Heed The Wrath/From German Streets/I Look At You At Night/Strange Plot/I'll Come Back When I Come Back/Deer Wild Baby/For The Night/Black Dog
SHR 122     
SHR 123     
SHR 124     
SHR 125     
SHR 126     
SHR 127 AMPS FOR CHRIST The Oak In The Ashes CDShe's With Me/Give - Leave/Scotland The Brave - Ditches/Fractured/Cricket/Nese 1/Little Angel/My Blood Has A Name/Serbia/She Saw/Those Thing/Painter/Tongue Is A Verb/Mission Accomplished/Cherry Tree Carol/Mother's Night/Nese 2/Scotland The Brave - Cheeks/Bishop/Race/As I Walked Out/String Theory/Prepared Hammond For 5 Hands
SHR 128 REFRIGERATOR Comedy Minus One CDUses For Good/Scratch 11/Never Nowhere/Freeway Close/Memoirs Of An Opening Act/Twilight Show/Anna Vincent/Open Fan Mail/Little Red Riding Hood/Fingerprints/Retire The Ghost
SHR 129     
SHR 130 JIM SHEPARD & CHARLES CICIRELLA The Dispossessed CD-ROnward Forward/Transgression/Road Journals/V&T/Self Preservation (For Susan)/No Mistaking Beauty/Conversation (Garden)/"When Money And Flesh Are Not Enough"/Conversation (Maynard)/Game Of Sport/Survivor/Joni Soule & Chrales Cicirella Jack Via-Guitar Dowac Hair Salon Cols., Ohio
SHR 131 DAVID-IVAR HERMAN DÜNE + EL BOY DIE Di-Die Live CD-RMy Girl/The Kingdom Is Not Here At All/All The Night/Semi-Automatic Baby/Tell Me Why/I Lost The Control/Blue Train/You're The Winner Tonight/Going Down/Strong As Iron Man
SHR 132     
SHR 133 JOY Joy CDLump Of Eels/Garden State Parkway/Magma Pump/Sex/Little Breaths/Something/Pulverized/The Trouble With Motivation/Untitled/My Favorite Parking Lot/Change And Adaptation
SHR 134     
SHR 135     
SHR 136     
SHR 137     
SHR 138     
SHR 139 DUMP A Grown-Ass Man CDDump on Both Sides/Sisters/I Wish - You Wish/History of Love/Basic Cable/Peggy's Blues/I'm on Your Side/Daily Affirmation/Mr. Too Damn Good/Oh Patty/Once Upon a Time/Silver Lining/Cowboy Song
SHR 140 SIMON JOYNER Blue Melody CD-RKerosene/The Rain Asked For A Holiday/Fools Gold On Main Street/I Wrote A Song About The Ocean/The Black Dog/Long Dark Night
SHR 141 LOU BARLOW'S ACOUSTIC SENTRIDOH Wasted Pieces CDPooh Piece/Stiff to Rhythm/Broken II/Nitemare/Be Nice Me/Never Tried/J.O.J. '91/Rather Die/God Won't Let You Die/Saliva Drips/Albequerqe '89/Abandon/No Way at All/I Know Before.../It Might Be/Old Man/I Can't Wait/Suede/Raise Your Head/Raise the Bells/Conspiracy/Funpool/Why We Swing/Nothing Lasts/Heartness Crane/Organ/Cello/End
SHR 142 HERMAN DÜNE Mash Concrete Metal Mushroom CDIntro T-C/New Jersey Cross Concrete/On the Knick/Monkey Song/Let Me Pry/All About You/Not That Big a Story/Futon Song/Metal Mash/Why Would That Hurt? (If You Never Loved Me)/Taking Taxis in Winter Clothes
SHR 143 THE AUM RIFLE A Peal Of Bells CDWilt/A Slight Return/Joseph Tyler/Wrinkled Old Bastard/Kitchen/Why Don't You Come Inside?/My Wife Sings From A Sleep Beyond death/Against The Trees/¡Ahorita!/Iced Cherries/The Pleasant Sound/Lets Get Drunk 24-7 4Ever, Amen!/Overly Complex Directions To Nowhere.../You Say Yes, You Say Please No/The Tapes Will Roll Out In The Ether
SHR 144 REFRIGERATOR Upstairs In Your Room CDJohnny Blaze/Radio Barstow/Upstairs In Your Room/Countryside Falling/A Crown Of Smoke/Here Comes The One/Ok, Not Today/Anyone Elses Arms/Your Sister And Me/Paris/Rudy Valentino
SHR 145 DAVID-IVAR HERMAN DÜNE Ya Ya CDTime Of Glory-NYC/Song For The Family/Take Me To Your Country House/Do The Swimming Dragon/From The Richest Planet/Your Priorities/Coming From The Attic Window/New Jersey Fake Id/My Brand New Bike/These Arms Of Mine
SHR 146 JOY Devil's Blues CDYou Were A Fire - You Were A Flood/Goner's Blues/Tiger's Paws/Love Is Lonesome/Untitled #3/Low/Death Of Doubt/Smoking Sixes/Red As Rust/Sulphur And Smoke/Love's Bones/Strummed On A Bent Harp
SHR 147 NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Taste The Flavor CDOne Who Fell/(Jessica's Got A) Ropeburn/Cornstarch/A Longer Leash/Back In Town/Self-Contained/Take Your Own Advice/Striver/Emphasis/Human Shield/Dry Spell/Swansong/Untitled
SHR 148 REFRIGERATOR Bottles Of Make Up CDLight Reds And Blues/Sara Carter/Comedians/Cigarettes And Perfume/From The End Of The World To Your Town/Bottles Of Make Up/I'm Nothing Without You/Prior To A Trapdoor/Romantic Boredom No. 909/Blank Cassettes/Walking Through Walls/Yer Boombox Blues
SHR 149 ANDRÉ HERMAN DÜNE Täglich Brot, New York - Berlin CDEveryday Bliss/Diamonds In My Hand/How I Feel About You/Best Seller/Harlem Hospital/Crazy While/New York Song/Give Me Some Of Your Love/Berlin Song/Don't Let The Big Men Hurt you/Just Improving Myself/Birthday Song
SHR 150 WOODS At Rear House CD Don't Pass On Me/Hunover/Keep It On/Be Still/Woods Children, Pt. 2/Ring Me To Sleep/Night Creature/Walk The Dogs/Love Song For Pigeons/Bone Tapper/Picking Up The Pieces
SHR 151 JOY Sailing Days CDEPTiger's Paws/Sailing Days/Blue Light/Hammers And Hail/Sex
SHR 152 WOODS How To Survive In/In The Woods CD Holes/Kid's Got Heart/How To Survive In/8-5 5-10/Silence Is Golden/Keep It On/God Hates The Faithless/Angel's Trumpet/Broke/I Get By/In The Woods/Make Time For Kitty/Holier Than No One
SHR 153 JOHN THILL Heart Of Grime CDMulberry St./Cynic's Sin/Violence/You're Dead/I Quit/Destroying Angel/Drugs/Heart Of Grime/Between 2 Hills/L.E. Anthem/Heart Of Grime/Riverside/I Dream Of You/Heaven Under 14th St./Get High/In May/Vengeance Song/Victory
SHR 154 WHITMAN White Sunrise LP (corelease with Folktale) Sweet Nothings/The Oldest Living Confederate Widow Tells All/Chasing Rabbits/Snow Beasts/Bodies/Tanning In The Sunset/Blood In The Fur/Children And Other Garden Creatures/Dead Horse/The Elephant Song/Clipped Wings/Keep Your Chin Up Kid/Claustrophobic In Your Arms
SHR 155 ADAM LIPMAN From Your Mouth To God's Ear CDHer Life Under Our Roof/Some Faces/To Our Loves/Painting On Wood/The Pleasure To Lean/Here, By Love, I Mean Reciprocal Torture/Both Sundays/Leave Me Alone/On Knees In Pairs/A Pleasant Condescending/Love Is Lord
SHR 156 WOODS Songs Of Shame CD To Clean/The Hold/The Number/September With Pete/Down This Road/Military Madness/Born To Lose/Echo Lake/Rain On/Gypsy Hand/Where And What Are You?
SHR 157 DONOVAN QUINN & THE 13TH MONTH Your Wicked Man CDWinter In A Rented Room/Mom's House/Your Wicked Man/April Tenth/Street Fighting Girls/The Door Locks Itself/Leave Like You Came/Silvia And The Gremlins/Red Corona/Open Flame
SHR 158 VARIOUS ARTISTS Smooth Sounds: The Future Hits Of Wckr Spgt - A 20th Anniversary Shrimper Compilation 2CD/K7 PEEPHOLE CIRCUS I'm Dressing Myself/GOLDEN BOOTS She Is Electric/THE PERFECT FAILURES Robot Vampires/TINYFOLK Transitional Objective/FALCON EDDY The Ganzfeld Effect/SENTRIDOH Smooth Sounds For Your Fucking Face/SOUL-JUNK A Better Line/JOY Pullman Heights/PHIL YATES The Gift of Love/ASHLEY REAKS Actor's Raingear/TOBY GOODSHANK No Cheese For Porthos/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Predator Eyes/MINIATURE AND PRESIDENTIAL Fits And Starts/PETER PETER HUGHES Tracking Devices/ALAN SMITHEE Kurt Cobain Will Have His Revenge On The City Of Los Angeles/REFRIGERATOR Boom Boom (Thumb Rights)/DUDE MIRROR Chest Pain/CHARLIE MCALISTER Fruitbat Waltz/UNITARD Fire On The Lemon/THE UNCALLED FOR Really Long Fall/PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND God, Waking Up/JAD FAIR Cigarettes And Sunshine/SO MANY WIZARDS Flag Pin/THE HUMAN HEARTS Terrible Criminal/MARK SZABO More Or Less Alive/SIMON JOYNER AND CHRIS DEDEN Long Beach/THE KURT ROSS BAND Memorandum Of Understanding/THE BINGO TRAPPERS Cause And Effect/AMPS FOR CHRIST Starcrossed Teen/JOHN HARRESLSON Landers/ADAM LIPMAN AND LEON REID My Secret Prison/BABOONZ Okayz Corral/THE AH CLUB We Were Warned About Factionalism/KUKUNUKU Princess Cat/DESPERATION SQUAD Look Forward To Dying (Alone)/BREATHILIZOR Robot Vampires Of Reprise
SHR 159   REFRIGERATOR Dangerous CDBe Positive/The Worthless Rearview/Amaze Me/For Some Dark Song Less Day/Cold Comfort/Knee Play/Lonely & Desperate & Gutless & Blind/The Man With Isaac's Shadow/Quarter Dumpster Spin/Undue Tragedy II/Backlit Leaves/The Dangers That You Are/Dangerous
SHR 160 THE BABIES The Babies LP/CD/K7 Run Me Over/Sunset/All Things Come To Pass/Voice Like Thunder/Meet Me In The City/Personality/Breakin' The Law/Sick Kid/Wild 1/Wild 2/Caroline
SHR 161 AMPS FOR CHRIST/WOODS Amps For Christ/Woods CD/LPAMPS FOR CHRIST When/Native Chantz/Lord Bateman (Child #53)/Roto Koto In C Major/WOODS Sleep/AMPS FOR CHRIST & WOODS From Oatmeal To Buttermilk/WOODS Wind Was The Wine/Brothers/September Saturn
SHR 162 BUGSKULL Hidden Mountain K7 (LP on Almost Halloween Time Records)Old Town/Hidden Mountain/The Lights/Wolves/Early Winter, Hoping For An Early Spring/Lost Cause/To Be The Head And Not The Tail
SHR 163   THE MOUNTAIN GOATS The Hound Chronicles/Hot Garden Stomp CD The Garden Song/Going To Wisconsin/Spilling Toward Alpha/Alpha Negative/The Torch Song/Ape/The Cow Song/---/Going To Chino/Standard Bitter Love Song #4/Going To Mexico/Lab Rat Blues/Going To Kansas/The Water Song/Going To Spain/Keep It On Your Mind/Pure Milk/Ice Blue/Water Song II/Sun Song/Going To Japan/Are You Cleaning Off The Stone?/The Hot Garden Stomp/Love Hymn To Aphrodite/Beach House/Hello There Howard/Going To Norwalk/Fresh Cherries In Trinidad/Feed This End/15-I/Thanks For The Dress/Tell Me On A Sunday
SHR 164 WCKR SPGT Shitty Lou K7Egg Cream/With You/I Believe In Love/Disco Mystic/Betrayed/Edgar Allan Poe/The Original Wrapper/What Becomes A Legend Most/Animal Language/Standing On Ceremony/Hooky Wooky
SHR 165   THE HUMAN HEARTS Another CDSee Me As A Lover/Times Mirror Square/Soft Gamma Repeater/I Don't Know You Anymore/Perfect Lovers (Summation Gallop)/Cheap Sunglasses/Disaster Area/Not Just When We Kiss/Another/Millionaire On Paper/California Baby/Love-Starved
SHR 166 JOHN THILL Greatest Hits Volume II LP (corelease with Folktale and Your Warmth)Midwest Vacation/Broken Freeways/The Good Men/The Eclipse/Gold Spraypaint/In The Valley/Drugs/I Burned Down Your House/Wiccan Girl/What Is Los Angeles?/We Smoked Speed/Love DUI/The Pill Book/Las Lonely Girls/This Bed Is Not A Bed/Farewell Pomona/Rich Girlfriend/Slow Rapture
SHR 167 SIMON JOYNER & DENNIS CALLACI New Secrets CD/LP/K7 Mary/Old Man In the Rain/Guitar as Guitar/Let's Make History Bleed/The Frayed End of the Rope/San Antonio/Lost Invitations/Beat by Beat/Tender Came By/Blessed Things/There Will be a Time
SHR 168     
SHR 169   ALLEN CALLACI & ADAM LIPMAN Glacial CDSmiling Wildly/Drifting Blue/Absolution & Burial/Vulnerable Sleep/A Calming Wake/Remember Me/Primal Comraderie/Feathered Palm Trees
SHR 170     
SHR 171 JOHN DAVIS Spare Parts CD/2xLPSpin/Silhouette/Southwest/You Won't Cry/Blood Feud/Masoch/Upon A Train/Shine Upon Me Like the Moon/The Wrong Tree/What We Are and What We Seem
SHR 172 REFRIGERATOR Live At The Pomona American Legion Hall Sunday March 10, 2013 K7 Somehow/Bottles Of Make-Up/Been There Done/Tourists/One Of Everything/Class Of Next Year/Sweet A.M./Sandfish
SHR 173   AMPS FOR CHRIST Canyons Cars And Crows LPSailor's Searching/Miss You Mother/Earth Is Spinning/Chieftains I/Hills Of Padua/Chieftains II/Barely Breathe/Everyone Drives/All Messed Up/Scottish Country Dance
SHR 174   ADAM LIPMAN Prove The Beast CDLeaving Virginia/In Our Home/Drifting Blue/The Body Bare/Cool Breeze/Prove the Beast/Only the Hunted/Waiting to Exhale/Remember Me
SHR 175 ALLEN AND DENNIS CALLACI SING AARON ALCALA PLAYS The Smiths Songbook K7Unloveable/Stop Me If You Think That You've Heard This Begfore/This Night Has Opened My Eyes/Big Mouth Strikes Again/I Know It's Over/Golden Lights/London/The Death Of A Disco Dancer/I Won't Share You
SHR 176 REFRIGERATOR Temple City LPYour Hometown/As Advertised Please Don't Touch/The Real Thing/ This Woman Here/Pocket Thousandaire/Cul De Sac/Friendloverwhatever/Secret Knock/Ozu/Thinking Man's Fool/Rest of The Lonesome/Run Down Rings/Percy Sledge/As I Was Before/No Fun/Sophia Loren/Smile Kid
SHR 177 DENNIS CALLACI/THE DEBTS Split LP (Corelease with Unread)DENNIS CALLACI Ring For Help/No Me/Blackened Lagoon/Scraps/Fly Paper Amazing Grace/THE DEBTS Epilogue Opening/Circle Dance/Sheltered - Chapters 1 & 2/For Marge And-Or Heaven Calls
SHR 178 THE UNCALLED FOR Gimme Trouble K7What Is Fire/Motorloader/Spooky Song/The Tease/Go Through The Motions/Bar Bar Drinks/Nothing Can Happen/Ex-Cavegirl/Uncalled For Theme/The Corinthian/Trip Down/That's Flash/I Know It's Good
SHR 179     
SHR 180 WCKR SPGT Dense Pack 10"Realpolitik/Government (Boo!)/Zero World/Welcome To The Club/Home Taping/Tantric Sex/Nature Is Dying/Sellout - Hypocrite/Advanced D&D/Fudge Bomb/Communist/(You've Got) A Lot Of Mirv/Zero World/Home Taping/Voting Is False/Realpolitik/America's Litter (Ecology)/Hey, Death (You Suck)/Binary/Questioning Time
SHR 181   JOY Shallows CDDistortion/Oh, Emily/Big Valley/Three, At Least/Seeing Skulls/The Stars Over Somerville/Defiance/Bold Love/Our Shadows Anchor Us To The Earth/Seawater Kisses/Untitled 4/Reef & Wreck/Swum/Sea Life
SHR 182 SEBADOH KCRtroubleU K7KCRW Session March 31, 1999/(side 1 repeats)
SHR 183 VARIOUS ARTISTS Counterfeit Blanks: A Shrimper Compilation K7 CALEXICO Surprised We Got This Far/LIZ GILBETRT Dear Landlord/THE BABIES My Tears/JOHN DAVIS Electronencephalugraphy (Muted Piano)/REFRIGERATOR 2 Yrs From Your Brother/DUMP Down By The Seaside/FRANKLIN BRUNO I Want Things I Don't Deserve/WCKR SPGT Deep Degrees & Deeper Joys/PASTE Black Lungs/WOODS Wouldn't Waste/SIMON JOYNER Julia's Daughter
SHR 184 DENNIS CALLACI A Bed Of Light LPTheresa Russel/irthday Poems/S.O.S./Keychain Trophy/Unlanding/Arc Of A Diver/Faultline/Houdini/In Wait
SHR 185   SLOPPY HEADS Useless Smile CD/LPU Suck/Always Running/Suddenly Spills/We Are They That Ache With Amorous Love/The Suck/Plane To See/Noland (2 Souls In Confusion)/I'll Take My Chances/Useless Smile
SHR 186 SIMON JOYNER AND REFRIGERATOR Was It Something We Sang? K7What Makes You Think You're The One?/Bad News/To Live Is To Fly/Anymore/British People In Hot Weather/Looking For A Friend/Let's Go To Bed/My Heroes Have Always Been Cowboys/The Cross/Bring It On Home
SHR 187 DUMP Dennis' Picks Volume One K7First Birthday/This World/Butterfly/The Hole/Conclusion/China Doll/Sometimes I Feel Like Going To Sleep
SHR 188 WHITMAN Forgettings K7Shined Brighter/Die Alone/Howl/Before I Met You/Walking Dead/Teeth In/If I Had A Pony/Weary Eyes
SHR 189 FRANKLIN BRUNO Works From Home: 1995 - 2005 K7 Thermoneutral/Free To Organize/Strange Feeling/Sweet The Spring/I Want Things (I Don't Desire)/Dig That Purple Pit/Heartbreaking Business/Chic-A-Mole Reel/Infant Changing Table/Sales Event/The Bridges/Chiliagon/Other Devotions/Flag Pin (Demo)/Last Dance
SHR 190     
SHR 191 DENNIS CALLACI The End Of Night CDThe End Of Night
SHR 192 LLENNOC LEO J. Llennoc Leo J. K7Sun Song/Holie Rollie/Left/Ducks On Lakes/Haunted Jamaica/Tears I'm Drowning/Duty Judy/You
SHR 193 JOHN DAVIS & THE CICADAS El Pulpo K7 (CD Arbouse Recordings)Sugar Daddy Candy Corn/We'll Teach Them How To Privatize/HFCS/King Piggly Wiggly/Vanilla Shake/Coca-Cola/Stock Up All The Prisons/Who Milks The Cow?/Contamination In The Grass/El Pulpo/Soja E O Rei/Bubbles/White Explosions
SHR 194 REFRIGERATOR High Desert Lows LP/CDHigh Desert Lows/Cardboard Death Elevator/Save For Baltimore/World Of Warcraft/Break Up The Band/Twice As Less/Mission & Garey/Only You Will Do/The Maid/Bonnie Pointer/The Shelter Of Your Arms
SHR 195 SIMON JOYNER Step Into The Earthquake 2xLPHail Mary/Annie's Blues/Another Midnight Special/I'm Feeling It Today/Atlanta Bypass/Flash Forward To The Moon/Earthquake/Illuminations/Galveston Blues/Daylight/As Long As We Are In Danger/I'll Fly Away/I Dreamed I Saw Lou Reed Last Night
SHR 196 TRES OUI Poised To Flourish LP/CDLooking For/Red Wine & Dry Ice/Off The Rails/One Track/Song 4 U/Séance/Shy/Alex To The Right/Sunday's Crowd/Wash Away
SHR 197 POST LIFE Nothing/All Is Said K7

Breathe Easy/F.T.S./Brand Damage/Sloane

SHR 198 ADAM LIPMAN The Slouch K7

The Promise/Swalesman/Bedridden/Idle Men/The Slouch/Lamb's Breath/Always Give Themselves Away/Sleeping Deep/Gifted Discipline/Dim Light

SHR 199     
SHR 200     
SHR 201   DENNIS CALLACI The Dead Of The Day CD/LP

All SaintsThe Dead Of The Day/Scoreless/David Lee Roth Jr./On A Line/Broadway Blues Pt. II/Coffin Blues/Halloween/Forecasters Of Hurt/Alchemists/Gold Painted Palm Trees/Penny Whistle/The Day Of The Dead

SHR 202 JOHN DAVIS & DENNIS CALLACI Arches And Pathways LPAn Alley Opens Its Mouth And Roars/My Eyes Were Stars/Director Unknown/The First Move/The Old Casino/Those Who Preach/Light Sleep Ready/Cash Nexus/Weight Of Joy
SHR 203 JOHN DAVIS Pure Night Plus 2xCD (Corelease with Indundation Records) Pure Night/No One Around/You're With Me-Wedding Bell Tunes/Hey, You Don't Say/To Care Today/Where You Shouldn't Be/Don't Let It/Love You I/Hey Cheeky/Like The Water/Our World, Brained/Windy/Angel I Drive-Tongued In The Mouth/Angels Surround/Here The Pretty Things Come/Breathe In You/Blind Love/River Boat/Into The Sunset/Over Nothing/6 Shooters & Canyons/Not Long For This World (Studio Version)/There's No Judgement Day/Yes, You/Blonde Downtown/Slit Lip Glass Lady/The Countryside & The Second Sun/I Remember The Angels/You're In My Dream/Baby, Baby/To Do/Open The Canvas/Sun St./Loud Are The Cherry Trees/Not Long For This World (Bathroom Version)/World On Fire/Hot Air/The News/Glass/Saturday Night Fever/Headed Home For A Ride/Leave Home/The Mind Is Filled/I Had A Dream I Was Down By The Ocean/New York City/Christmas Day/I Hear Bells/Recall/Follow Up, Follow Down/Waiting For My Wife
SHR 204 JEFF FUCCILLO AND ALLEN CALLACI Beyond Thunderdome K7 (A corelease with Union Pole)We Don't Need Another Hero/Every Rose Has Its Thorn/Box Elder/Perfect Circle/I Could Never Take The Place Of Your Man/
Summer Of 69/Better Be Home Soon/Love Vigilantes/Harden My Heart/Atlantic City
SHR 205 REFRIGERATOR So Long To Farewell LP+CDBroken Glass Shore/Drink Ourselves To Death/David Jove The Acid King/Tulsa/Time Well Wasted/Another Ghost Town/Corvette Winter/All The People I Lied To Are Dead Now/Greyhound Sundown/Part Time Lover Part II/From Eternity To 4am/Masks In The Morning/I Could Be Anything/Jealousy Is Gone/Fire On Twelfth Street/Shirley And Jimmy Scott/Eat The River/A Light So Dark/Another Ghost Town (Original Luigi Mix)/Corvette Winter (Run Through)
SHR ??? IRVING KLAW TRIO Billy Ruane EP K7* (There is no info on the cover but the tape label is classic Shrimper style crayon with lines.)Untitled/Untitled
SHR ??? PUFFY December 28th K7Merry Christmas Mr. Fahey/Punch Bowl/Seven Numbers Trail One Another/Motive Candles/Strong Arm The Competition/Buster Bailey/Barry Manilow/Herbie Mannheim Dreamteam Roller
SHR ???   BUZZSAW The Tragical History Of Dr. Faustus K7 
SHR ??? WILL SIMMONS In So Many Words LP (co-release with Catsup Plate, Toothpick and Bees Make Honey)Adressing The Envelope/Dave Heller: Grand Canyon Operative/We Will Duel At Dawn/A Broken Skier, Pt. 2 (Version)/Lark's Loop/The Klepto Dance/In Twelve/Smoking With The Nomads


SHR 701 VARIOUS ARTISTS Ghost Of A Rollercoaster (A Shrimper Compilation 7" HALO L Wheel/REFRIGERATOR Map To The Stars/SHOEFACE I Hate The Government/FRANKLIN BRUNO Lifetime Seance/SATNAM PUPPETS Guitar In Room P.7/WCKR SPGT Fluffy Cat/GUFFEY Creepy/SENTRIDOH Me And My Arrow/JIM BISHOP 0 5
SHR 702 GOOSEWIND Gooseegg 7" (corelease with Baby Huey)Scourge (Soccer Match)/15 Days On A Deadman's Ship/Reprise/Ally/Happy Today (Twister)/Hell Is For Hell
SHR 703 REFRIGERATOR Songs With A Story/Music For Hi-Fi Bugs 7"Sara 99/Anti-Nomination/Sandfish
SHR 704 VARIOUS ARTISTS Swing Set (A Shrimper Compilation) 7"BUZZSAW War Of Poems/BUGSKULL You Don't Know/SIMON WICKHAM SMITH WITH BILL & KARL Finnish But Not Finished/SMOG Your Dress/MINCEMEAT Playing With Fire Music/OAR Ants/NOTHING PAINTED BLUE Big Pink Heart/LIL' JOHNNY H Little Red Rooster/PASTE Tuesday
SHR 705 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Songs For Petronius 7"The Bad Doctor/Alpha Double Negative/Going To Catalina/Pure Intentions/The Lady From Shangai/Pure Love
SHR 706 REFRIGERATOR Car Alarm 7"Been There Done/Here Comes Franklin/Caboose/Resolvingism/Some Times/Title Track/Spare Chain
SHR 707 PASTE Learning From Las Vegas 7" (corelease with Baby Huey)Sodapop/Goforth (Eric)/Dive/6,000 Pounds Of Feed/Joke Strong
SHR 708 WCKR SPGT Cream 7"Built In Texas/Cream/Wait For Me/Slouch Hat/Bastards
SHR 709 JOHN DAVIS R.I.P. D.I.Y. 7"Not Long For This World/There's No Judgement Day/Yes You/Blonde Downtown/Slit Lip Glass Lady
SHR 710 VARIOUS ARTISTS Fantasy Band (A Shrimper Compilation) 7"THE AH CLUB Cool Stone On A Hot Street/WILL SIMMONS I Think It Would Be Incredible/IACOCCA I Asked The Man/PRIMORDIAL UNDERMIND Solvent/CHICKEN DAMAGE Insignificant Other/GOD IS MY CO-PILOT Lead With Your Chin/MASSENGIL Estelle/FURNITURE HUSCHLE Pro-Billy/PARTY OF ONE Keeper/JACK KNIFE Won't Pump Gas/EXTRA GLENNS I Hear The Planets
SHR 711 DISKOTHI-Q Massapoag 7"Massapoag/Tougher Than Heather
SHR 712 GOOD HORSEY The Last Customer 7" (corelease with Baby Huey and 18 Wheeler)The Last Customer/Monkey Steals The Peach/Theme From ''Intrusion''/Eleventy
SHR 713 FRANKLIN BRUNO A Sand Dollar Relief Map 7"News From Cupid/The 101st/No. 119/Pointless Triangle/Coupon

Crump Comics


....Psst Records

01   GIRLHOLE Untitled K7  
02   SATNAM PUPPETS Massacre At The Scream K7 
03   THE BUX Sunburned Fat K7 
07   PUNK ROCK Frog Lip Fruit Chew K7 
09   OSKAR MIRE/BLOATED SOUL The Fifth Force K7 
11 VARIOUS ARTISTS Shrimper - A PSST Compilation - Summer O' 1990 K7 THE BUX Dear John (L.)/BLOATED SOUL/OSKAR MEYER Tin/SATNAM PUPPETS I Am So Happy/JIM BISHOP Part Of, But Not All Of 1/PUNK ROCK I Got A Gun/ASSHOLE MOUTH Duh Da Duh Duh/SUNDAY SUPPER CLUB Motel Sex/WELFARE Untitled/GIRL HOLE 21/THE IDIOT SAVANTS Perfect/MARK Meddle/DELI CREEPS Live At Madame Wongs/PIGSNUFF Lips/UNKNOWN ARTIST The Colonial Awards Of 1983