This is an attempt to create a complete Diskothi-Q discography.
Diskothi-q are Peter Hughes, Kevin Hughes and Kevin Trapp.
See also Peter Peter Hughes, Party Of One, Furniture One, Nothing Painted Blue.
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1992 Delicious Homemade (K7 Sonic Enemy) I'm Straight/Svatý Vincent/You Can Smoke All You Want/Pork Chop/Diarrhea/Priscilla Loved Him Too/Feet Are Free, Motherfucker!/Rot/Bad Apples/Superamerica/Supersqualo/Gelato Song/Hit The North/Perfect Power/Graceless/Cookie Monster/DiskothiQ Theme/Tougher Than Heather/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Bad Apples
1992   Dummy (K7 Sonic Enemy) 
1993 Harmless But Ultimately Unloveable/Loveless But Ultimately Unharmable (K7 Shrimper)Going To Pomona/Discovery/Superchunk/SR 72/Hit The North 2 (I Take It All Back)/Bitter Muse/Enrico Constantino/She's Bummin Me Out, Man/Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor/Ocean So Lonesome
1993 DISKOTHI-Q/FURTHER The Race For The Brass Thurd (K7 Sonic Enemy)DISKOTHI-Q Theme From The Adventurers/No Joy In Irvine/Dwell On This/You Can Smoke All You Want/Hit The North 3/Bitter Muse/Discretion Is The Better Part Of Valor/Going To Pomona/In Sickness And In College/FURTHER Over And Out/Generic 7/Filling Station/Smudge/Gimmie Indie Fox/Totally Baked/The Daily Planet/Greasy
1995 The Wandering Jew (CD Shrimper) Most Eligible Bachelor/Tulsa Imperative/Leap Cat Leap/Going To Nick's/Kidney/Other Lover's Waltz/Chandra Mukhi/Loozers/Satch Carlson/Supersqualor/AHS.
1997 Waterworld (CD Shrimper) Great Expectations/Imperial Anthem/Pomp & Circumstance/To Face The Truth/Albatros/Witness Protection Program/Leigh Can't Leave/Vacancy/I Hope You Don't/Argentine Drinking Song/Ovelay Ockray
1997 Sad Truths (Unreleased CD/FLAC Self Released) (Available for download on http://www.fivetools.com) Youth Isn’t Wasted On The Young/Dizzy/An Exceedingly Fragile Thing/Airport 97/Highway 71 Revisited/Freedom 97/Linköping Syndrome/Coolio über Alles/Sad Truths
1999 The Football Albums National Conference (CD Sonic Enemy) Saints/Rams/Falcons/Panthers/49ers/Bears/Buccaneers/Lions/Packers/Vikings /Eagles/Cowboys/Redskins/Cardinals/Giants/Los Angeles
1999 The Football Albums American Conference (CD Sonic Enemy)Bills/Jets/Dolphins/Colts/Patriots/Jaguars/Ravens/Titans (Oilers)/Bengals/Steelers/Browns/Raiders/Chargers/Seahawks/Chiefs/Broncos.


1992 DISKOTHI-Q/MASSENGIL Split (7" Sonic Enemy) DISKOTHI-Q Somebody's Somwhere's Got Something Against Me/MASSENGIL Long-Haired Jim/The Swarthy Song
1993 Hit The North 3 (7" Volvolo)Hit The North 3/Dwell On This/Theme From The Adventurers
1994 Rob (7" Wabana) Rob/How I Spent My Summer Vacation
1994 Massapoag (7" Shrimper)Massapoag/Tougher Than Heather
1996 Heartland Feeling (7" X-Mas Records) Heartland Feeling/Lane Discipline/Javelin/(Reprise)


1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS High Fly Graveyard (K7 Shrimper) Pork Chop/Bad Apples
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Hot August Night (K7 Sonic Enemy) Phone Number Theme/I'm Straight/Enrico Constantino/Somebody Somewhere's Got Something Against Me
1992 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Munchies Kinda Christmas (K7 Sonic Enemy)* Perfect Badger
    VARIOUS ARTISTS Over The Wall (7" Over The Wall) The Day That Love Rock Came To Our House
1993 VARIOUS ARTISTS Stars On Ice (K7 Traumatone) Lucky
1994 VARIOUS ARTISTS A Day In The Park - A Compilation Of Now Sounds (LP The Now Sound) (There Ain't No Joy In) Irvine
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Quick Brown Fox (K7 Food Of The Gods) Junk
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS The Yugo Seven Inch (7" Clunker) Finisher Jam
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Green Light Go (CD Bottlecap) World Destruction
1995   VARIOUS ARTISTS KXLU Eighty-Eight Point Nine FM - Los Angeles Live Vol. 1 (CD KXLU) Dwell On This
  VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronica (K7 Catsup Plate) Lucky You, Lucky Me
1995 VARIOUS ARTISTS Abridged Perversion - A Shrimper Compilation Of Shrimper Compilations (CD Shrimper)Pork Chop
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Hide & Go Seek (K7 Cactus Gum) Balls To The Waa
1996 VARIOUS ARTISTS Whiskey, You're The Devil (CD Cactus Gum) Just What I Needed
1999 VARIOUS ARTISTS Living With The Wolf (K7 Bacchanalian Revel) Mer An Sa Kan Ingen Bli
1999   VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs For The Brokenhearted (CD Gluey Factory Records) Bitter Muse

Minor Releases, Promos, Etc.

1996   VARIOUS ARTISTS Midheaven Autumn 1996 (CD Revolver USA) Witness Protection Program