This is an attempt to create a complete Squealer discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

04 BABY IGOR Never 7" Never/Zero
06 JOE THE FIREMAN Orange Kid 7" Orange Kid/A Smash
07 MILK BADGER Triskelion 7" Move/Hot/Old Byron/Tritone/Zagnut
08 BICYCLE FACE Christafari 7" Oatmeal Truck/Shave The Pick-up/Little House
10 GEEZER LAKE Songs From The Watering Hole 7" Midnight Crackerjack/Sycamore Tree
11 JUNE Genius 7" Genius/All Of Me
12   THE MIND SIRENS Decatur Cherry Smash LP  
13 REFRIGERATOR Louder Than Goodbye 7" Meantime/Thinner Than Skin/Louder Than Goodbye/Housing Fires
14 VARIOUS ARTISTS Industrial Folk Vol. 1 7" PASTE Feeding Up The Heat/GEORGE WILLARD Smog/WILL SIMMONS Most Of The Time/MAG WHEELS Short Wave/LORIS Shiny Black-Eyed Beauty/ALTAMONT Maggot Butch
15 YAK! Exiles On Montgomery St. 7"Rock Star/Stars & Bars/Jacket/Hopscotch Mark
16 STIGMA Texas Hollow Road 7"Texas Hollow Road/The Softest Core
20 THE AH CLUB Kiss The Sky Goodbye LP (corelease with Shrimper)Standing On The Street/Now That You're Gone/Turmoil/One Less/You're So Far Away/Sunday Afternoon/Bitter Days/In Heaven's Reach/100 Lives Under The Sun/In This Quiet Place/Longer Than Time/Somewhere To Be/Covered Heart/Toasted/Unbodied/Looking For Daddy/Pillar Of Salt/Isolation/Know My Purpose/Howl