Sing, Eunuchs!

This is an attempt to create a complete Sing, Eunuchs! discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

Eunuch-01 SIMON JOYNER Iffy K7 The Simultaneous Occurence Of True Love And Nausea At A South Omaha Burger King Oct. 12, 1992/Superglue/Match/Hibernation Song/Torpedos And Laserbeams/Jack/Ambulancelot/Defender/Icarus/Homicide Blues/Mr. Teenager NE/With You/Why On Earth Should I Follow You Down?/It Weren't Nothing But My No Good Tongue/Tums/Song For D Boon
Eunuch-02   UPTIGHT CATS If It Wasn't For You, It's All Your Fault K7 
Eunuch-03 THE BRUCES Family Day K7Useless Piano Snake/Club Delmar/Handgun Demonstration/The Lack Of.../Capillary Action/Grocery Store Song/Y iS An X/Melt Away/Family Day/The Lights & The Pipes/Paternal Dirge/Slipknot/Two Feet/Vaporized/Proto-Amphibian/Hotel Song/Opus 0: Diminished Pinpoint
Eunuch-04 GOD'S BLUE EYES Cathedral Of Skin K7God & Country/The Night The Bombs Fell/Death Culture/Song Of A Believer/Emotional Fascism/Message To An Ambiguous Lover/Long, Hot Summer/On Reading Camus' The Stranger/Elissa/Liberated Zone/Across The Ocean/Fire Escape/Ridin' The E Train
Eunuch-05 JOHN KUHLMAN John Kuhlman K7* A New Life/Steps/Emotional Independence/One Month/I Was An Idiot To Believe In You/Crucifixion/Six Outstanding Short Films/Guitar Hell/Ammetures/Indifference
Eunuch-06 WOOF WOOF (THE DOG CLAN) Low Fidelity Science Fiction K7 Skywalker/Sci-Fi Coca Cola/The Coming/Don't Forget To Pack/Tralfamadorian Greeting/Venus/Bubblegum/Spirit Man/Major Tom And Captain Fantastic/Froggy/Frank Miiis (From "Hair")/Herrr Majesty
Eunuch-07 VARIOUS ARTISTS You And What Army? K7BRUCES Killer/REFRIGERATOR There She Goes/SOLID JACKSON Military Compound/ANGIE GRASS King Me/FRONTIER TRST Nashville/PARTY OF ONE Most Eligible Bachelor/JOHN BERLETT Kid/BEAUTY SCHOOL DROPOUTS Art Openings & Japanese Dinners/LONNIE METHE Pressure/RAY T. Fourth Time/FISCHER Let Dying Dogs Sleep/CACTUS NERVE THANG Do I/KARL HENDRICKS The Dress You Bought In Cleveland/MOUSETRAP Flame On/SIMON JOYNER W/ THE BRUCES Jeff Engel Rules!/PASTE Portascrabble/CONOR OBERST Hate Kitty/PAST PUNCHY Poke/THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Going To Bangkor/JOHN KUHLMAN Horizontal Drift/WOOF WOOF (THE DOG CLAN) Dead Man/BRENDEN HAGBERG Shayla Song/CULTURE FIRE Terminating Judgements/BILL HOOVER Stupid Heartbreak Song
Eunuch-08 BILLY HOOVER AND THE DARK TOWN HOUSE BAND Turbo K7 Think Visitor, Act Home/You Better B There/The Yellow Song/Every Day's A Sadder Day (Than The Day Before)/There May Be Snow On My Roof (But There's A Fire In My Furnace)/Transcendental Puppy Love/Haircut Sunday/The Things I Cannot Say To Miss Laura Reel Of Marion/Strike Up The Dark Town House Band/I Am A Pirate/Chair In A Hurricane/I Am A Cowboy/Wrapped In Your Loving Flannel/Paying For The Dents/Twenty Froggies
Eunuch-09 CONOR OBERST Here's To Special Treatment K7Sledge Winston And The Element Of Surprise/Things You Know/Tar/Space Invaders/Lava Monster/Puddle Stomper/The Day Statues Broke/The Bumpercar Blues/Blowtorch/J-Bone/Sundress
Eunuch-10 WOOF WOOF (THE DOG CLAN) Psychotic Queenie Antenna Transmissions K7 Boys (Part One)/Scars And Guitars/Boys (Part Two)/Crushed/Dead Mans Curve/Passenger 14/3rd Dimensional Biz/Sweet/Ambulance/Dolphins And Stuff/Boys (Part Three)
Eunuch-11 SOLID J*CKSON/ENDER Milch The Room K7 SOLID J*ACKSON Military Compound/My First Bells/She Shifts/New Light In The East/One In A Long List Of Thoughts Trying To Get To D. Boon/Chunks/ENDER The Evolution Of Music Begins With Extermination/The Truth In 5 Words/Song For Blank/Skeletons/Beautiful weed/Going To Santiago/My Neighbor Patsy/A Gift For Concealment/Using Ira Gershwin As An Exclamation Mark/St. Ochallo-The Ballad Of Ramon Speed
Eunuch-12 RAMON SPEED My Speed K7In Defense Of Was/Middlesex/Coming From Such A Deficit Wwho In The World Could Rise Above/Witness/The Alcoholic Rears His Ugly Head/Microconfound/Going To Bolivia/Drum/Speed Heels Wanta Cruz/The Ballad Of Ramon Speed/Brand New Love/History Of The New World
Eunuch-13 THE MOUNTAIN GOATS/SIMON JOYNER Why You All So Thief? 7"THE MOUNTAIN GOATS Going To Tennessee/Pure Heat/SIMON JOYNER Burn Rubber/Fluoride
Eunuch-14   SIMON JOYNER The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll LP 747/I Went To Our Lady Of Perpetual Healing/Montgomery/August (Die She Must)/Target/Josephine/Fallen Man/Javelin/Appendix/Cole Porter/Joy Division
Eunuch-16 ENDER Touched By God K7 She Whipped Boethius/Dilating Magnet/Education/It Is Over/Recessitation: A Warning/How Dare You Speak My Name/Positively Gold St./Licensed To Lie/Lincoln Destroyed/Suicide Is Not Alright/Cold Lemonade #2/Song For Erik Moore To Sing
Eunuch-17 RAMON SPEED Edicts And Muskets K7Ricotta And Green Pepper/Drink And Crash My Car/Beloved/Mastodon In C/Your Ears, That Tone/Walk On Water/Future Tense/Burrow/I Received Your Javelin/Twelfnite/Cowardly Speed/O Man... Don't Begrudge Me My Memorial/Dewey Alfred Jensen/The White Haired Lady
Eunuch-18 CHRIS YAMBOR Train/Morning Songs K7 Instrumental #1/College Blues/Standard Blues/Your Blues/Off White Curtains/I'm Here To Entertain You/Fucked Up Fifties Type Love Song/I Know About war/Space Jam/Fifty Dollar Bill/Lonesome Waitress Blues/Song For Jesus/Lonliness/Last Song
Eunuch-19   ASTERISK How Green Is My Alley? K7 
Eunuch-20 RAMON SPEED Goodspeed Tape I/Godspeed Tape II K7The Gentrification Of A 3 -String Guitar/13/Falling Apart/Trident/Gods Work/Intro/The Whip/My First Bells/Unarmed/Gods Sight/Go (Abridged Version)/New Wave On Record/Pale/Rush Hour/The Tallest Tree In The World/Seam record/Gods Light/The Raft/The Power Of.../Gods Breath/The Pepper Song/Malcontent/Comin' Round/Sympathetic Eyes/June/Go (Unabridged Version)/Gods Tough/Easter Morning
Eunuch-21 DARKTOWN HOUSE BAND The Dark Town House Band K7 Rosie's Lament/My Happiness/Eyelash/What We Talk About When We Talk About Joe/There Goes The Real World/What Do You Do In Town?/The Fair Deal/Intro/My Baby Ain't Coming Back/I Got In A Fight With The Bar Floor/Loosen Up Your Grip/Don't Move In With That Girl!/Garlic Sawng/Throw Out Yer Man!/Little Drama Goil
Eunuch-22 THE BRUCES Hialeah Pink LP You Saved Me/Auld Lang Syne/Polarity B/Aspirin/Vacation/Polarity A/Hialeah/Meaningless/Gasoline/Fallen Arches/Earnestine/Sodium Light/Easy/Hialeah (Reprise)
Eunuch-23 VARIOUS ARTISTS Songs From A Room 7"THE BRUCES Sharpening Stone/FRANKLIN BRUNO Winter's Just A Word/VEHICLE FLIPS Lockout Song/RON HOUSE AND MATT WYATT Broken Man/SIMON JOYNER Robin Hood/RAMON SPEED Vassar
Eunuch-24 ENDER We Can't Forget The Snake, Your Tongue 7"We Can't Forget The Snake, Your Tongue/Tennis Lessons/Lead Singer/Exorcism/Everybody's Making Love In Converse Shoes
Eunuch-25 SOLID J*CKSON Record LPIntro/Shut Down/Sebadoh Record/Mexico City/As I Walk The Earth I Can Feel The Grass Growing/California Bend/Oh Man.. Don't Begrudge Me My Memorial/The World Shines On Nicole Kidman/Feeding Off Each Other/Night Funk/Tube Amp/LIve At Carnegie Hall/Magner In A Pigern's Brain/Veto Power/The Loose Fitting Dream/Chris Knocked Down/The Horsey Is As Good As My Sister's Story/Spaceboy
Eunuch-26   FRONTIER TRUST Speed Nebraska LP 
Eunuch-27 SIMON JOYNER Heaven's Gate LP/CDPrometheus/Kerosene/Obituary/The Black Dog/Catherine/Three Well-Aimed Arrows/You Don't Have To Love Me/Alabaster/Hollywood/Farewell To A Percival
Eunuch-28 CHRIS YAMBOR Tambourine K7Ocean, She/Blues Backwards/Streetlight Explosions/Train Song/Instrumental #2/I'm Walking Kind Of Funny Lord/You Don't Know Me/Rain Sounds/Living Room/13th Blues And Traffic Junk/Drift Me/Kindhearted Woman Blues/Visions Of California
Eunuch-29 CONOR OBERST The Soundtrack To My Movie K7 In My Sights/The Halcyon Days/District 66/Floodlights/Opened And Spent/Oh, To Be Friends/Oh, Tired Eyes/Flying J/Great American Audio/Oh, Sweetest Heart/German Chocolate/Animal Prints/Another Night On Your Tightrope/The Reason I Exist/Show Me How Your Parents Danced
Eunuch-30   BILL HOOVER/CONOR OBERST Kill The Monster Before It Eats Baby 7" BILL HOOVER Ballad Of Willie Shaw/Claire, Ben, And Matthew Play Alligator On Escalator/Tom Swifty/CONOR OBERST North Of The City/Lake Havasu (In Florida)
Eunuch-31 MANCINI'S ANGELS Variations On The Proud Bird Theme K7Sad Guitar/Oh, Catholic Burial/Homage To A Dead Queen/Hymn To An Angel/Untitled/To Chase Some Glory Of God/Fever & Living 1953/If You Love Someone, Cause Them Pain/Christina/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi I/News To Your New Vehicle For Hate!/First Of Many Nights Without Kathi II/Letters From Home/She's Almost In Love/Road To Numbness
Eunuch-32 RAMON SPEED/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Held Longer Than Haikus But Shorter Than Odes 7" (co-release with Catsup Plate) RAMON SPEED You've Changed Your Place In This World/Red Beans And Rice/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS I Fell Down In The Shower This AM/All The Junkys
Eunuch-33 SOLID J*ACKSON Natural K7 Sonny Side Of The Street/World Record (Westerburg Intro)/Gargoyles/The Pink Pillow/Spin Around The Room/Died, She/Do You Feel Special?/Landing-Head In The Sand
Eunuch-37 BINGO TRAPPERS Sierra Nevada LP (co-release with Shrimper)King In Exile/Premium Daylight/Pure Intentions/Deerhunter/Bastardizin' The Poet/Joseph/Let's Hit The Road Again/Michael George/Sparky/Specific/Slice Of Time/Walkin' Through The Clouds/Old House/Dream Horse
Eunuch-38 SIMON JOYNER Songs For The New Year LP (co-release with Shrimper)The Cowardly Traveller Pays His Toll/Oxygen/Parachute/New Year's Song/Two Friends Take A Bow For The Record/When Will The Sun Rise Again?/Born Of Longing/I Wrote A Song About The Ocean/Disappear From Here
Eunuch-39 DARKTOWN HOUSE BAND Boom Chang! LPRomans 6:23/Paul Lanspa/Gonna Quit It/Packaging/Requiem 6:24/Electric Chair Blues/Sawbones/Black Coffee/Bad Way/Food Chain/The Ballad Of Jeanie Shaw/Signed Heartless/A Day In The Life Of Raymond Nothing/One Down Tango/Steal Away
Eunuch-40 SIMON JOYNER Yesterday, Tomorrow And In Between 2LPBring Down Goliath/Cold Outside Your Window, Mama/Eight Verses/Yesterday Tomorrow And In Between/Ballad In The Past/Sinner's Song/Morning Is Weary/That Was You/Christine/Came A Yellow Bird/Amen/Don't Miss Your Lover/Goodbye, So Long, Farewell, Goodbye/The Passenger
    DARKTOWN HOUSE BAND Peanuts K7 (CD on Duke Records) Rosie's Lament/My Happiness/Eyelash/What We Talk About When We Talk About Joe/There Goes The Real World/What Do You Do In Town?/The Fair Deal/Intro/My Baby Ain't Coming Back/I Got In A Fight With The Bar Floor/Loosen Up Your Grip/Don't Move In With That Girl/The Garlic Song/Throw Out Your Man/Little Drama Girl
SE-41 SIMON JOYNER AND THE GHOSTS Red Bandana Blues 7" Red Bandana Blues/My Love Isn't Yours To Give Away
SE-1112 SIMON JOYNER Ghosts 2xLPVertigo/Last Will And Testament/Red Bandana Blues/Sing A Little Lullaby/The Tyrant/Will You Stand Up For Me?/Cotes Du Rhone/If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt. 1/If It's Alright With You (It's Alright With Me) Pt. 2/Answering Machine Blues/Swift River, Run/When The Worst Doesn't Happen/If I Left Tomorrow/The Last Parade/Hard Luck Heart/Please Forgive/Ghost