Catsup Plate

This is an attempt to create a complete Catsup Plate discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.

CPR01 YAK & Steadfast, Unalterable, Unyielding K7* Ampersand Theme/Drainage Ditch/Becoming The Floor/Bedraggled/Marching To Pretoria/Thor Heyerdahl/Hayden Fry In Love/Kaw-Liga/Contemplating Nature While Getting Ribs Kicked In/Clay/Tualatin's Ancient Mastodon/Oklahoma/Umbilical Cord Yank/Ukulele/O Tualatin/July 28, 9:00pm
CPR02 VARIOUS ARTISTS Skee Ball - A Catsup Plate/Fornacalia Cassette Compilation K7 (Corelease with Fornacalia)LONG HIND LEGS Gwenny Queen Of The World/MARK A Little While/DRIVER U.F.O. Little Birdie Feet (7 Mph)/FLINGE Your Girlfriend/DIVING BOARD At The Canal/REFRIGERATOR You Can Always Win/BUCKNALLS Terminal Swapout/YAK Milton (2nd Version)/DESTRO Wentworth/BROWN TOWER D.i.s.c.o (Ottowan)/SPEED BUMPS Spurious/TOTFINDER Tomarkin-Big Bucks/YUM-YUM Apiary/BÜGSKÜLL Ode To Your Quivering Flesh/GRAM Independence Mall/PLINY Dry (Now Comes The Time To Renegotiate Success)/JUPITERIA Mediocre Homes And Gardens/ERIC & THE BARBARIAN NORTHMEN Lady At The D.M.V.
CPR03 THE LIBERTINES Love Sarlac Pit K7Floor #2/Flex Solo (Tired)/Explore Monotony/The Grmpy Song/Wayne/Slow Gerken/Mexican Sewer Rat/Flynap/Mind At Ease/Mr. Lizard/Ellipsis/Weeping Silver Linden/Demolish The Truth
CPR04 ERIC & THE BARBARIAN NORTHMEN Forth Clyde K7 Horse Thief/Wisconsin/Mother Says/Younger Than Springtime/Marooh Bassoon/Fixed Upon Thee/Benny's Prize-Winning Pig/Busker's Fugue/Do You Love Me?/Matilda/A Long, Long Day/Mr. Vankoningsveld/Lizard Killer/Tin Can Song/Milk/Lullaby
CPR05 WILSON HALL Keith K7 The Masterpiece/Sisyphus And Letterman/Brian Corn/Milk Drinker/John Candy/The Boy In The Breadbox/Tripper Fell/The Alphabet Song/The Time Lady/Ramona/Herne Hill/Lunch At 10th And Locust/Dream Bike/Summer Porch/Boring And Bored/Milk Drinker (11 p.m. Bag Of Chips Mix)/Brian Corn (Rok Mix)/Autumn 93/Truly/Feeling Sad About Some Things/An English Song
CPR06 BONE CURE Picnic On The Drain Field K7 Marcus's Theme/There's Nothing You Can Do To Stop The Bleeding/Tales Of Elastic Notions
CPR07 CHARLIE MCALISTER Letting Go The Hatchet K7 Rollercoaster/Popcicle Melt/Why Has It Come To This?/The Killer-My Premium Is Due/Two Astronauts/This Halloween/Liquor Store-Long Walk Through Suburbia/Down To Davy Jones/Spirit Of The Dead Indians Entering My Home/The Heavy Rains/Guy Who Committed Suicide/Letting Go The Hatchet/I'll Never Know Who/Suburban Hercules/Oh Would You!/Chineese Pencils/The Way Life Goes
CPR08 YAK & Flavor House K7 Made Out Of Twine/New Theme For Fruitopia/Mildew Have Mercy/---/Make Hay While The Sun Shines/Ida McKinley/It Takes People Like You (To Make People Like Me)/A Hair On My Arm/Love Theme From U-TY/Tualatinland/Like Sound Sounds/Earthworm Liberation Front/Apple Tree/ Sisyphus And Those Darn Monkeys!/My Magical Friend/1994/50 Stars/Cellar Door/Farthest Away/Building A Grotto
CPR09   DIVING BOARD Heavenly Choir At The B-B-Q K7 
CPR10 MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS His Armies Is Humming K7Luke (Fetch Me The Needle Nose Pliers)/That Aquaman/Monster On The Water/You Punched Me In The Belly/42 Empty Scats/Atlanta/A Robot Will Kill You/Splendid Baby (Thwack!)/Your Van/It's Always Dark In My Car/Lost It But Not Going To sweat It/So Cool When Yr Tired/Road-kill/Lint-Trap/Dry/Dreaming Of El Toro/You'll See Little Birdies/When The Rain Comes Down Like Algorhythms
CPR11 EDITH PRESLER For The Love Of A Texas Cheerleader K7 New Pacific Host/You're Nuclear/Injury & Insult/Waiting/5˘ Fortune/Register/Rock 'N' Roll Girl/The Zombie Song/Texas Cheerleader/Tiger Lu/Don Vincenzio Gold Miner Blues/Brunswick
CPR12 VARIOUS ARTISTS Drowned In A Torrent Of Golden Grain K7 MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Ballad Of AK♥/EDITH PRESLER Shoebox Full Of Bjorn/DOORMOUSE Tarpools/IRVING KLAW TRIO Brenden Bell The Hero/GRAM Stanford '94/PED. X-ING Selling The Family, Home/MERINGUE Swimming (Live)/DIVING BOARD Will See Cacogens/DRIVER U.F.O. Carpet/SIMON JOYNER Swing/YAK BRIGADE Sound Of The Crowd/WILL SIMMONS On Noncommittal/HONG-AN TRAN Au Lait/ERIC AND BARBARIAN N'MEN Goodbye, Illinois/BUCKNALLS Keep It All In Check/WILSON HALL Sycophant/C. MCALISTER Pastry Eating Drag Queen Of Death/HOWARDIAN Preach The Scandal, Preach From My Stoop
CPR13 NATIONAL HEROES Hardcoremellow K7 (also on Traumatone, reissued later on Theme Park) Country Heroes/The Comedienne/Horses Smile/Lady In The Black Coat/Hardback Author/Time Travelling/Moroccan Drifter/Too Close To The Sun/Rave Shelter/All Things In Between/Dawn Davies Loves You/Year Of The Late Night/All My Circles Are Ovals/The Sea Of Tranquility/The Drum Throne/Pete's Bolero/Umbrella Shop/The Last Nan/The Final Beginning
CPR14 CHARLIE McALISTER Eight Month Tab K7100 Wars/Lucky Song Of Sap/On The Rough Side Of Town/Do Me A Favor/Telephone Finale/My God!/Doughnut Style/Throw Yourself Over The Edge/Highway Host Motel Theme/Almost Went Outside/She Cant Make The Hope Boat Go/Song Of The Floaters/Dog Piano/Pants Falling Down/Cowgirl Claire/Fall-Winter Burnout/The Newest Of Days/The Secret Of The Oven/Whirly Shake/#599-Space/Up In The Attic/Have Fun This Summer Instrumental/Play Me A Dry One/Night Recording
CPR15 BROWN TOWER What's The Name Of That Small Thing? (Best Of Vol. I) K7Down With Country Stocking/Noway, I Ask You/Frank Is A Superhero/Mom And Dad Told Me/You're So Immature (Live)/Make A Sandwich From My Love/Woodchip/We Stayed At Helmut's House/Wig Wam/Sleeping In/It's Not Nutritious/Vitamin C/Freedom To Dance/Green Point/Let's Make Friends/Don't Shave Your Legs/Bird Woman
CPR16 DOORMOUSE Imaginary Girlfriend K7Slip/Jitter/We'll Write/Rays/With My Hands/Tomorrow It Will/Bad Luck, I Guess/Punk As Last Year's Cream/Build A Town/Oo Oo Oo/Just Because/Snap Dragon/God's Ground/As A Friend/A Dead Guy/You Can Call Me Wookie/Lynchburg
CPR17 TOTFINDER The Streetfighting Years K7Plow/Snocones/Koolfrosh/201-C/Locked Inn/Pull The String/Skylab/Tippecanoe/Operator/It's So Easy/New Shoes/Lustre King/Radishes
CPR18 YAK BRIGADE Twerp K7Phil Collins In Mohair/Hanging Container/Fork & Hammer/Have Have Have/Canaan's Bathroom/Holka Polka/South Of Tualatin/Still Still Still/Tornado Warning/Mean Xylophone Theme/Nocturne/Lope With Me/Rock Our Persephone/Vacuum Cleaner Noise/40 Days/Down With Twerp
CPR19 ASTRONOMEUS Astronomeus K7Untitled/Untitled
CPR20 WONDERBOY Senhedro K7Vegas And Stranger/Sound City 200 At Par/Big Ideas Six Spring And Summer/Who's Who In Showbusiness/We Wrote Kansas/Pretty Baby/Your Girlfriends Furniture
CPR21 CHARLIE McALISTER Drama, Music, And Sound K7Journey Through Space/Cold Wave/Arriving/Exploding/Leaving/The Sleep/March-Space Armada/Prayer/Requiem/Re-Emerge/Hungry New Life/Space Dust/The End Of The Earth/Perilous Journey
(listed as CPR22 on some catalogues)
ODESSA STEPS Hold Up For The Aftermath K7 To The Ether!/The Traulsen Counter/Watch Thru Your Eyes (Part 1)/Britta/I Have Never Known Anguish/Watch Thru Your Eyes (Part 2)
CPR23 GRAM Songs For The Garden State K7*March 26, 1996/She Was Only Two/Mudville/The Gift from Grandpop/Souvenir/Tank/1060/Beirut Bomber/Interlaken/Bride Of Pinbot/Anti-Solid-State/Rock And Rant/Stanford '94
CPR24 VARIOUS ARTISTS Electronica K7 CYBERBUNNY Blue Monday/GEORGE WILLARD Pale Shelter/CALEB FRAID Pop Goes The World/ENDER Warm Leatherette/LETTUCE PREY Julie With.../YAK BRIGADE Different Comer/CORVALIS And You Tell Me/RESERVE PUPPY TEAM Oh L'Amour/WONDERBOY 6.4 = Make Out/MARK Seconds/DIVING BOARD The Metro/WILL SIMMONS Every Little Counts/BROWN TOWER Da Da Da/GRAM Forever Young/DISKOTHI-Q Lucky You, Lucky Me/EDITH PRESLER Just Can't Get Enough/FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Motherless Child
CPR25   RAUNCHY YOUNG LEPERS We Will Kick Your Ass... K7 
CPR26 BRAIDED Woven Threaded Plaited K7Canon/When I Walk/China White/In My Space/Joanna/Hill Billy Pretty/Space Rexim/Three Things Twice
CPR27 LETTUCE PREY Shattered Vessels And Mended Sherds K7The Cold And Cool Of John Property/White Suits/Sweaty Vinegary Scent/Means A Lot/Salad State/One More/My Suitcase Is My Friend/How Far Away Are we?/All Of This For A Pine Cone
CPR28   EMIL HAGSTROM Isotonal Crashes/Bargain Music K7 Passion/Stopping Short/Mental Problems/Pinch/Great Imbruglia/Particular/Liberal Touch/Passive

Vinyls and CD

WILL SIMMONS In So Many Words LP (co-release with Shrimper Toothpick and Bees Make Honey) Adressing The Envelope/Dave Heller: Grand Canyon Operative/We Will Duel At Dawn/A Broken Skier, Pt. 2 (Version)/Lark's Loop/The Klepto Dance/In Twelve/Smoking With The Nomads
CPR701 VARIOUS ARTISTS Evading The Devil's Darts 7"WILL SIMMONS Hours We Wait/CHARLIE MCALISTER I Thank My Lucky Stars/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS Sessy Lullaby/YAK BRIGADE Encrust Fun/MARK Love Outside Movies/EDITH PRESLER Wicked Trashy Girl/DOORMOUSE Maybe I'm Big In Europe
CPR702 MEAN SPIRIT’D ROBOTS/RAMON SPEED Held Longer Than Haikus But Shorter Than Odes 7" (corelease with Sing, Eunuchs!)RAMON SPEED You've Changed Your Place In This World/Red Beans And Rice/MEAN SPIRIT'D ROBOTS I Fell Down In The Shower This AM/All The Junkys
WILL SIMMONS In So Many Words LP (co-release with Shrimper Toothpick and Bees Make Honey) Adressing The Envelope/Dave Heller: Grand Canyon Operative/We Will Duel At Dawn/A Broken Skier, Pt. 2 (Version)/Lark's Loop/The Klepto Dance/In Twelve/Smoking With The Nomads
CPR704 CHARLIE MCALISTER Mississippi Luau LPMississippi Luau/Paradise/For The Sake Of Words/Neddie Dubois/Island Of The Robot Building Monkey/Darla Come Down From Jackson/Crowbar And Ghost/Death From The Depths/The Glamourpuss Roll/Death In The Spring/Hawaiian Blue - Mississippi Grey/One-Eyed Bird Performance/It Was Over Before I Woke Up
CPR705   VOTE ROBOT R.U.R. LP (corelease with Vegasp)Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/ Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled/Untitled
CPR706 MARK Chocolate Covered Bad Things CDGo For The Thrill/Daytime Emmy/Personnel/Ash/Siachen/Pilots/Power Of Attorney/George Peppard/Cop/By A Nose/I Should B With U/Alibi/Viper/Rome/The Swamp/Tposmocsa/The End Of History
CPR707   LETTUCE PREY Atlatl LPThe Onus Is On You/Jello Mold Bundt Fan Decor/For Your Grist Mill/It Sounds Nice/My Wife, My Dog/Can't Be Blind/Homily On The Anomaly/Julie With .../Bycycle Of Bees
CPR708   DESTROYER Thief LPDestroyer's The Temple/To The Heart Of The Sun On The Back Of Vulture, I'll Go/Way Of Perpetual Roads/Canadian Lover-Falcon's Escape/City Of Daughters/Every Christmas/Mercy (We Had The Right)/Queen Of Language/I.H.O.J./In Dreams/Death Of The Festival Circuit/M.E.R.C.I./Thief
CPR709   DYLAN NYOUKIS The Shield That Pierces The Earth LPExcerpt From ‘Dead Pharaoh Vs Smeared On Monkey's Eyeball/Clay’s Festering Lungs/The Lonely Way To Go-Go (Variation On A Theme By Neil Campbell)/Release Me From Your Kung-Fu Grip/Return Of The Javanese Rod Puppet/Mohair Pants/Morgue, Newness/The Chicken Sees/The Snout Of A Zoom Lens
CPR710   AVEY TARE, PANDA BEAR AND GEOLOGIST Danse Manatee LPA Manatee Dance/Penguin Penguin/Another White Singer (Little White Glove)/Essplode/Meet The Light Child/Runnin' The Round Ball/Bad Crumbs/The Living Toys/Throwin' The Round Ball/Ahhh Good Country/Lablakely Dress/In The Singing Box
CPR711   BLACK DICE Cold Hands 12" Cold Hands/Smile Friends/The Raven/Birthstone
CPR712 VOTE ROBOT Five Score Six Bicycle LPKttaptfr/Et_le_u_w/Eiamcgcaa/Nntotek_s/Ag_seteg/N_wtdtdrn/_Sa__i_ao/ Ghsebnfnt/Eo_xugod_
CPR713   FRENCH PADDLEBOAT Rome Loves Tan LPA - Long The Connect It/Venture Forth/A Wait In Shore Inn/Indication Of Motion
CPR714   THE ONE ENSEMBLE OF DANIEL PADDEN The One Ensemble Of Daniel Padden CD The Handmade Sisters Of Devotion/Circus Homunculus/Sleep Between The Brows Of All My Eyes/Remnant Kings/Scratch Apparatus/It's Wonderful To Think About Tigers/The Incomprehensible And The Numinous/Fledgeling/Spiders On Ice/The Tadpole Alphabet/Chasm Dave/Grand As Pipes
CPR715   BLACK DICE Lost Valley 12" Head Like A Door/Lost Valley
CPR716   CAMPFIRE SONGS Campfire Songs CDQueen In My Pictures/Doggy/Two Corvettes/Moo Rah Rah Rain/De Soto De Son
CPR717   ALVARIUS B. & DYLAN NYOUKIS Sugar: The Other White Meat LPALVARIUS B. Always Now, Fuckface!/Eldorado/Cigars And Nails/Palatine Flip/D.J. Sound Bitch/DYLAN NYOUKIS The Galloping Fingers Of Biscuit Meek/ALVARIUS B. & DYLAN NYOUKIS Interested In Fashion, Harmonica?
CPR718 CHARLIE McALISTER Death Water Estates LPFake Fire Alarm/Southern Promenade Porch Party/Fight Song/Textures 3/Neopolitan/Lucky Day/Scraggily Biker-Obituary Collagé/The Day The Strand Burned/Urge To Leave/Suburbian Beachtown/Sleeping Dreams/Sue-Beezer-Outerspace/Robbery Song/The Dead Bird/To Hell With The Monkfish Man/Pappis Dream
CPR719   THE DOUBLE Palm Fronds CD 
CPR720   THE IVYTREE Winged Leaves CDFlood/The Book Of Job/Winged Leaves/Winged Leaves (Reprise)/Emerald Green, Peacock Blue/Longleaf Pines/Churches/Wind-Bent Grass/Think On These Things/She Is The Swallow/Clay Tablets/The Old Kingdom
CPR721 DENNIS CALLACI & SIMON JOYNER Stranger Blues 12"SIMON JOYNER Death Of A Lady/The Only Living Boy In Omaha/Sail Away/DENNIS CALLACI Third Date With Your Fucked-Up Father/A Thousand And One More
CPR722   STEVEN R. SMITH Crown Of Marches CDCrown Of Marches
CPR723   THE SKATERS/AXOLOTL Split LPTHE SKATERS Bodydoor Procession/AXOLOTL Holon pt 1/Holon pt 2/Holon pt 3
CPR724   MOUNTAINS Mountains, Mountains, Mountains LPThe Whale Years/Nest/Millions Of Time/Hive
CPR725 ANIMAL COLLECTIVE Animal Crack Box (3LP)Jimmy Raven/Ahhh Good Country/Iko Ova/Pumpkin Gets A Snakebite/Pumpkin's Hallucination/Pumpkin's Funeral/Jungle Heat/Hey Friend/De Soto De Son/Oh Sweet/Young Prayer #2/Do The Nurse/Ice Cream Factory/Hey Light/Two Sails/Don't Believe The Pilot/Who Could Win A Rabbit/Mouth Wooed Her/Covered In Frogs/We Tigers
CPR726   BLACK DICE Chocolate Cherry 7" 
    WILL SIMMONS There Is Power In An Onion 7" lathe cut