18 Wheeler

This is an attempt to create a complete 18 Wheeler discography. If you know of any other existing release, please contact me.  

EWR001 DUMP Dump 7"Intro-Nothing Left/Down To The Sea In Ships/Pennies From Heaven/Christmas Card/Snowman
EWR002   PORTASTATIC Starter 7" Starter/Teenage Kicks/Dragging A Cow
EWR003   HYPNOLOVEWHEEL Sybil 2x7" Beside Inside Me/Wah Wah/Down With People/Giant Marble/Sanatarium/Planetarium/Jane Grey/Operation Brainwave/Guarantee/Easy Journey To Other Planets/The Thin Ice
EWR004 DELUXX Eskimo Lover 7" Eskimo Lover/Marshmallow/What For?/6-11
EWR005   KING LOSER Tie Us Down 7" Tie Us Down/Matchstick Men/Never Hear Surf Music Again
EWR006 REFRIGERATOR Long 33 1/3 Play LPSaturday/KD/There She Goes/Hammers And Sand/... $1000.00 Stage/Always A Way/Mountain Ave./Headstands/Tourists/Boyfriend/Fleas/Future Airline/Stay Here/This Will Be Its End/Wrists/Collectors Item/... Class of Next Year
EWR007 UNCONVINCED ... Spaceways 7" ... Spaceways/No Ride Home/Sit At Home/Rash-St. Thomas
EWR009   ALAN LICKED Calvin Johnson Has Ruined Rock For An Entire Generation 7" Tone Poem For The Nikki Sixx Million/Six Million Licks For Tone Loc
EWR011 DUMP You And I 7"You And I/Flames/License To Kill/Living On The Moon
EWR012 GOOD HORSEY The Last Customer 7" (corelease with Baby Huey and Shrimper)The Last Customer/Monkey Steals The Peach/Theme From ''Intrusion''/Eleventy
EWR013   PORTASTATIC Sandals 7" Sandals With White Socks/Guessing/Scrapbook X's
EWR016   THE BARTLEBEES From Path Of Pain To Jewels Of Glory CD You're Still Beautiful/No Stories/Little Queenie/A Taste Of Honey/Someday I'll Send You A Rainbow/No Flowers For Florine/When You're Happy You Won't Understand/Love The Moment/Little Henry/I Laugh Again/You Know When I'm Sad/Down/First Love/Miracles Are Hard To Find/Heaven's Not That Far Away/Why Don't You Tell Me?/Long Voyage Home/Any Secrets/Love Is Like God/Jesus Wants Me For A Sunbeam/You've Taken All My Dreams Away/I Want To Know You're Happy/Eskimos Have 40 Words For Snow/Rock And Roll President/Right Or Wrong/Something Going On